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Is New World Coming To Xbox?

The New World release date is August 31, 2021. This only relates to the PC version, however, as there are no plans for New World Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions. Amazon isn't planning to release a New World Xbox port, as confirmed by the official New World Twitter account (@playnewworld). Game RevolutionWill there be New World Xbox, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions?

Is New World on ps5?

Can the PS4 or PS5 reach the New World? Unfortunately, PlayStation players won't be able to join New World at launch. The game is only available on PC, and Amazon Games has not made any statements about plans to port it to other platforms. Game RantIs New World Coming to PS4/PS5? | Game Rant

If you regret not picking the Airpods Pro up on Amazon Prime Day at 24% off, here's your chance to get it today at the same price. The AirPods Pro is considered one of the best noise-cancelling in-ear headphones you can get, especially for under $200, and it's significantly better than even the vanilla AirPods. Woot is owned by Amazon, and in this particular case you'll have to log in with your Amazon Prime account in order to see the discount.

In my opinion, Roku still offers the cleanest and most intuitive interfaces of any media streamer. The Roku Express+ is very inexpensive, but it still offers smooth 4K HDR playback, dual-band WiFi, compatibility with just about every app out there, and even includes an HDMI cable and a remote that's voice-control capable.

You won't find 100 feet of LED strip lights for a mere $25 at your local brick and mortar electronics store (you'd be lucky to find 1/10 of that length for the same price). These lights do feature some extra functionality, like color changing, music-sync, and bluetooth for smartphone control. If you're in the market for some cheap yet good looking bling, you can't do much better than this. It's probably too long as accent lighting for your gaming monitor, but it's definitely long enough to light up a small room or your entire gaming space.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released last Friday and already we're seeing a $10 (17% off) price drop. Nintendo did a great job of remaking the original 2011 Wii game and you'll enjoy all 50+ hours of it. Check out our review.

The newest Nintendo Switch model, featuring a larger OLED touchscreen display, new dock, and new Joy-Con colors, will be released on October 8 for $349.99. It sold out very quickly when preorders first launched, but here's another chance to grab one at Gamestop.

Gamestop currently has the Xbox Series S back in stock with a small, reasonably priced bundle that includes a 3 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Since we highly recommend you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate anyways (with it you might never need to buy another game again), this is a worthy bundle.

The Dell Black Friday in July Sale ends today, July 21. This is your last chance to score some great deals, specifically on Alienware gaming desktop PCs and gaming laptops. You can get a 2021 Alienware R12 RTX 3080 equipped gaming PC for $2199.99 or an Alienware m15 RTX 3060 equipped gaming laptop for $1299.99.

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Over Half Of US Households Now Have A Gaming Console And A Fourth Own Next-Gen Hardware - Report

GameSpot 22 July, 2021 - 03:11am

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

The report examines a variety of consumer technology trends over the course of a year. This year, the CTA's findings look into stay-at-home tech, health and wellness trends, and the preference of TVs over smartphones. It turns out that households love gaming, with the 53% representing a 10% increase from last year, fueled by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

There are other interesting statics in the CTA's report. While 53% percent of US households own a gaming console, just 26% have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S while 41% have a last-generation console of some kind.

And in terms of the 30% planning to buy a new gaming console in the next 12 months, it turns out that 21% want next-generation hardware. Meanwhile, of this 30% demographic, some 15% are looking to pick up a last-gen system.

No gaming setup would be (truly) complete without a 4K TV, and interestingly, the CTA's report finds that 52% of US households now have one. This represents a 16% increase from last year.

Elsewhere, wireless tech continues to rise, with 47% of US respondents owning a pair of wireless earbuds as compared to the 45% who still use wired ones.

All of this is particularly fascinating as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and even the Nintendo Switch, continue to be difficult to find due to the semiconductor shortage. Last month, the Senate passed legislation to alleviate the supply issues, as it impacts industries outside gaming as well.

Report: Over half of U.S households now own a game console

Gamasutra 22 July, 2021 - 03:11am

Gamasutra is part of the Informa Tech Division of Informa PLC

This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG. Registered in England and Wales. Number 8860726.

Over half of U.S households now own a video game console, and thirty percent of households plan to buy a console in the next 12 months, according to a report from the Consumer Technology Association.

The group’s report covers a large variety of technology goods, including TVs, digital streaming services, and DVD/Blu-ray players, but the report’s data on game console ownership is eye-catching, particularly for the jump in console ownership rates that seem clearly tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s a drill-down into the CTA’s numbers:

According to the CTA report, 53 percent of U.S households now own a video game console—that number ticked up 10 percent year-over-year, a notable increase for this report.

Of those surveyed, 41 percent of those users own prior-generation game consoles (Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3/4, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Switch), while 26 percent of respondents own an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5.

Elsewhere, 30 percent of those surveyed say they want to purchase a game console in the next 12 months. In 2020, that number was 21 percent.

For those looking to purchase new consoles, 21 percent plan to buy a “next-generation console” (Xbox Series X|S, PS5), while 15 percent intend to buy a “recent generation console.” (Those numbers may scrub out differently depending on where you put the Nintendo Switch in the console generation lineup.)

Stepping back from the CTA's numbers, it's interesting to see how this information creates different opportunities for each of the different console makers.

Sony clearly sees some advantage in still shipping next-generation titles like Horizon Forbidden West for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, while Microsoft is eyeing turning Xbox One devices into cloud computing machines by way of its xCloud streaming service.

Copyright © 2021 Informa PLC Informa UK Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 1072954 whose registered office is 5 Howick Place, London, SW1P 1WG.

Over 50% of households in the US own a games console

GamesIndustry.biz 22 July, 2021 - 03:11am

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Making the games industry a better place to work

Over half of all households in the US now own a game console, according to a new report from the Consumer Technology Association.

The report notes that 53% of respondents have at least one console in their home, a 10% increase on last year's report.

While 41% of that total owns an older device (any console dating back to as early as the Xbox 360), 26% of those surveyed have upgraded to a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

Additionally, a further 30% plan to buy a console in the next year, a 9% increase on last year. 21% of those surveyed intend to purchase a current-generation console (PS5, Xbox Series) while 15% plan to pick up a more recent, previous generation console (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).

Hardware sales in the US saw a significant spike last month -- up 112% in June to $401 million. The spike was largely driven by Xbox Series X|S sales, and kept steady by the Nintendo Switch's consistency.

The console market is also set to see two new handheld arrivals in the coming year -- Nintendo's new Switch OLED model, and Steam's brand new foray into the space with Steam Deck, a handheld gaming PC. Switch OLED releases in October, while the first wave of Steam Deck orders is expected to ship in December.

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But PS5 remains king in a bumper week for console and accessories sales

Platform launcher struggled under the weight of demand for the new handheld gaming PC

Square Enix Montreal


Jagex Games Studio




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13th October 2021

Cannes, France

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Analytics firm believes that the Nintendo Switch family of systems will sell over 155 million units by the end of 2025 | My Nintendo News

My Nintendo News 22 July, 2021 - 03:11am

“Improving the flagship version of the Switch will add further momentum to the platform and freshen it up for the next few years of the cycle,” he says. “The small price differential compared to the current flagship means that many later adopters that were eyeing the Switch will now opt for the OLED version. 

“I think these mainstream adopters will be tipped into action by the bigger screen, its improved legibility, and the better audio in the context of in-person social play. It will also prompt some existing Switch users to upgrade, particularly those that use the Switch a lot in handheld mode and that have the original Switch before the battery improvements.”

“He predicts that the OLED Model will sell around five million units by the end of 2021, after which it will “slowly replace the current flagship [model]” over the course of 2022. Ampere Analysis expects this to contribute to an increase in sales for the Switch family of devices, which it expects to sell more than 155 million units by the end of 2025. If Nintendo achieves this, it would make Switch the biggest selling console of all time, just ahead of the PS2’s lifetime sales and a full million ahead of the DS family, Nintendo’s current record holder.”

“Harding-Rolls also believes another Switch is still in the works, but doesn’t expect to see it any time soon: “I don’t see the Switch OLED as a stopgap release before a more powerful version of the Switch is brought to market — I’m not expecting a Switch ‘Pro’ in 2022 and think it’s probably too late in the cycle to introduce that sort of device. I think Nintendo will wait to introduce more power in its next-generation console which I currently expect to launch at the end of 2024.”

Highly, HIGHLY doubt they will wait that long. Aside from the fact that their historical pattern would put a switch 2 at least a couple years earlier than that, they just flatly don’t have the software for it. Nintendo’s bread and butter is remaking their franchises for the new console. They don’t have that many left for the Switch. There are exceptions, like Mario Galaxy 2, but Nintendo really doesn’t like double dipping a franchise on the same console if they can help it.

Yeah they are saving the last surprise for last to welcome us the more powerful platform soon. I mean, Nintendo wouldn’t even bother on bringing the most powerful system to the new Nintendo Switch, it feels like they just want show the new one out of the blue without being totally honest with us about their specs. Correct me if I’m wrong. The truth need to be told.

Yes, there will be most likely a new console coming out from Nintendo next year. And BotW 2 will be a bridge game as it always was.

It’s pretty typical for Nintendo to release a new Zelda Game for the old and new console. So for me it’s highly likely that they announce a Switch2/Nintendos next Console in march/april 2022 for a release in November 2022. Nintendos console cycle always was 5-6 years. And I really hope it has backwards combatibility to the old game cartridges. But every old Switch game has to be bought again on the new system. A nightmare.

More like end of 2023. Trust me.

Nintendo Switch: How to Fix Joy-Con Drift

IGN 22 July, 2021 - 03:11am

UK charts: June 2021 console sales – PlayStation 5 No.1, Xbox Series X|S No.2, Nintendo Switch No.3 | My Nintendo News

My Nintendo News 22 July, 2021 - 03:11am

“PS5 was the best-selling console, although stock levels were ever-so-slightly lower compared with the previous four-week period. Xbox Series S/X was the second-best selling console, followed by Nintendo Switch, and both machines sold better in June compared with May.”

Nintendo Switch OLED under fire as Steam Deck upgrade officially confirmed

T3 21 July, 2021 - 11:58pm

Since the Nintendo Switch OLED was officially announced we've known that, screen aside, the console is basically identical to the original Nintendo Switch. The Switch OLED has the same half-decade-old internal hardware powering it and, as a result, will almost certainly offer little to no performance improvement when released.

We've also known since launch that the Steam Deck delivers orders of magnitude more powerful gaming hardware under the hood than Switch OLED, with a custom built AMD APU delivering a quad-core Zen 2 CPU with eight threads and eight CUs of RDNA2 GPU power. Valve also revealed at launch that this APU would be combined with 16GB of dual-channel LPDDR5 RAM. On paper, it sounded like a great hardware package.

However, that hardware package has just been confirmed as even more impressive than anyone thought.

That's because, as highlighted by a gamer on Twitter, Valve had made a mistake when listing the specs of the Steam Deck, which after being made aware of, has now gone and corrected.

What Valve had done was listed the Steam Deck as coming with dual-channel LPDDR5 RAM, when in fact it came with quad-channel 32-bit LPDDR5 RAM instead. And this, while seeming like a small thing, is actually as big thing in terms of Steam Deck potential performance, as it means it will have a far greater memory bandwidth than first thought, and especially so in light of its estimated GPU performance.

This extra bandwidth is important as the system's APU, which contains both its CPU and GPU, with both chips using the same memory allotment. As such, that memory needs to be able to adequately serve both CPU and GPU at the same time, and that's where the larger bandwidth delivered by the console's quad-channel memory (rather than only dual-channel) can help.

The result of this discovery? The Steam Deck is more powerful than anyone thought, even some people at Valve, clearly. And that's great news for anyone who has locked in a Steam Deck pre-order, as the system they've got on-lock is now officially more powerful in terms of internal hardware than they thought.

It also gives food for thought for gamers who may now be questioning their Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order, as the console they've ordered is, in terms of internal hardware, even weaker than first thought in comparison.

Deputy Editor for T3.com, Rob has been writing about computing, gaming, mobile, home entertainment technology and more for over 15 years. You can find Rob's work in magazines, bookazines and online, as well as on podcasts and videos, too. Outside of his work Rob is passionate about motorbikes, skiing/snowboarding and team sports, with football and cricket two favourites. Feel free to contact him with any related products, events, and announcements.

T3's official PS5 review is here

Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch sales improve in June | UK Monthly Charts

GamesIndustry.biz 20 July, 2021 - 03:13pm

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Making the games industry a better place to work

Over 183,000 consoles were sold in the UK during the four weeks ending July 3rd, according to the latest GfK data.

That is a 6% increase month-on-month.

PS5 was the best-selling console, although stock levels were ever-so-slightly lower compared with the previous four-week period. Xbox Series S/X was the second-best selling set of consoles, followed by Nintendo Switch. Nintendo and Xbox's machines both sold better in June compared with May.

For the first six months of the year, UK game consoles have exceeded 1.1 million sales (upweighted), which is 25% up compared with the same period the year before. PS5 is the best-selling device, followed by Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S/X close behind.

In terms of games, GSD data shows that 2.5 million digital and physical games was sold in the UK during June. That's a drop of 29.7% over the same period the year before. June 2020 was still buoyant due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, but there was also the big release of The Last of Us Part 2 on PlayStation 4.

Digital games accounted for 1.62 million of the games sold last month, which is down 31.4% year-on-year. Physical retail made up 876,000, which is down 26.4%. Nintendo was the most successful publisher of physical retail games in June, while Ubisoft was the biggest digital publisher.

Sony had the biggest new game of the month in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PlayStation 5, followed by Nintendo with Mario Golf: Super Rush on Switch. But June really belonged to FIFA 21, which was the top selling game of the period.

In total, 731,879 accessories were sold in July, according to Gfk. That is 19% up over the month before, but down 19.6% over the same period in 2020. The accessories market enjoyed a late boost last year due to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The DualSense White remains the No.1 best-selling accessory. The official PS5 controller has been joined this month by two new colour variants: The Midnight Black version debuts at No.2, while the Cosmic Red edition comes in at No.4.

GfK shared with us some interesting comparisons about the accessories market for the first half of the year. For the first six months of 2021, controller revenue is up 7% and headsets are up 9%, which is quite modest when you consider new consoles just launched. However, these products performed very strongly during the first lockdown last year.

There are other categories, however, that are still growing strongly. Steering wheel revenue is up 39% in 2021, driven by Logitech's ever popular G29 and G920 Driving Force Wheels. Gaming Chairs are up 64% (X-Rocker is the big driver) and Gaming Mice are up 47% (driven by Logitech's G Pro and G502, plus Razer's Viper and Naga Trinity).

Renewed interest in flight simulators (in particular, Microsoft's new game) saw these controllers rise 74% in revenue during the first half of the year.

Finally, console hard-drives are up 77% year-to-date, with the 2TB versions accounting for around seven out of ten HDDs sold.

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It may well have surpassed sales of the original

Monster Hunter Stories 2 debuts at No.3

Not Doppler






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13th October 2021

Cannes, France

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Over Half of All U.S. Households Own at Least One Game Console

GameRant 20 July, 2021 - 07:34am

By July 2020, Microsoft reported that Xbox Game Pass and Xbox console sales had greatly increased, with CEO Satya Nadella stating that the previous fiscal quarter had been “a breakthrough…for gaming.” And at the beginning of 2021, the Nintendo Switch surpassed the lifetime unit sales of the 3DS, reaching 76 million units sold less than four years after launch.

According to a June report released by the Consumer Technology Association, more than half of U.S. homes now have at least one video game console, a 10% increase from last year. Most of those households own an older generation platform, like an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, or Switch.

Twenty-six percent of people surveyed reported owning an Xbox Series X/S or a PlayStation 5, which might seem a high number considering how difficult it has been for many people to obtain a current-gen console since their launch in November 2020. However, both Microsoft and Sony have experienced record-breaking sales in 2021, with total hardware spending increasing by 112% from just a year ago.

Along with game consoles, smartphones and televisions top the list of technology products purchased by U.S. households, a trend that was spurred by the coronavirus pandemic but which doesn’t seem to be slowing down even as lockdowns are lifted.

Additionally, according to numbers released in a report by Jon Peddie Research, sales of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards have increased by 35% in the first quarter of 2021. As with console sales numbers, these figures seem incongruent with the difficulty many people have had obtaining a new GPU over the last year and a half. Many of these sales have likely occurred in spurts as stock sporadically becomes available, and much of it may be due to the tenacity of cryptominers, who scoop up large quantities of available stock.

Sources: Consumer Technology Association, Gamasutra

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