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How long is the solstice event in Destiny 2?

The much loved online first-person space shooter, Destiny 2 is holding a month-long event called Solstice of Heroes and you can join for free now. The event, running until Aug,. 3, is free to play and allows players to defeat bosses, get rewards and unlock caches. Space.comDestiny 2's month-long Solstice of Heroes event is free to play

Bungie Reveals Bugs in Upcoming Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Event – Twitter Goes Crazy

DualShockers 07 July, 2021 - 05:19pm

For those who are unaware, the Solstice of Heroes event takes place in the game around Solstice, as the name implies. The event will be kicking off on July 6th, and the 3.2.1 Update will be dropping along with it. There will be changes in the event every day throughout the next month. Here is what Bungie says about the event.

The update is all set to go live anytime now, and fans are eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

Amidst all that, Bungie has made an announcement that has had the community in splits, with some even expressing their anger towards it. According to their recent tweet, Bungie has announced beforehand some of the bugs that players might face during the upcoming event. You can find the entire list below.

For an event that has had no changes over the last 3 years you’d think it wouldn’t break anything anymore

The announcement wasn’t taken quite well by a large number of fans, as they were quite surprised how the event still could have bugs, despite being a recurring thing for several years.

Some even accused Bungie of shipping quite a lot of updates with significant bugs, and the fact that they are already aware of the bugs before the update is even live makes things even worse.

I think I speak for alot of people when I say thank you for telling us before we bash our brains in

At the same time, a few fans came forward to acknowledge the fact that Bungie clarified what bugs will be present in the game beforehand. As of now, Bungie hasn’t revealed when these will be fixed, but we can expect a fix pretty soon.

Destiny 2 players can lift a Fallen baby like Simba with a new emote

Polygon 07 July, 2021 - 05:19pm

Eliksni Hatchling lets Guardians live their Destiny Sim dreams

Thanks to Destiny 2’s new Solstice of Heroes update, Guardians can finally get their hands on a Fallen baby of their own. The emote is called Eliksni Hatchling, and it’s exactly what you want. Players manifest a holographic Fallen baby into their hands and lift it into the sky, just like the opening of the Lion King when Rafiki shows Simba off to the Pride Lands.

The emote’s name, Eliksni Hatchling, uses the term “Eliksni” instead of “Fallen.” In the world of Destiny, Eliksni is the proper name for the Fallen race, and what they choose to call themselves. The Eliksni Quarter — where most of the Fallen babies are hanging out during Season of the Splicer — uses the same term. The term Fallen has always been a “nickname” for the “evil” Eliksni, and the Eliksni that are currently in the Last City seem to view it as a pejorative term.

The Eliksni Hatchling emote will run players 1,000 Silver — a common price for an Exotic emote. Players can purchase 1,100 Silver via Steam or other platform stores for $9.99. Today In Destiny — a website that can tell players when Eververse items will go on sale for the earnable Bright Dust currency — doesn’t show the Eliksni Hatchling emote showing up for anything other than Silver for the rest of the season. However, the schedule does have some classified items on it, so the emote could show up for Bright Dust later on in the season.

Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes 2021 armor upgrades and activities guide

Polygon 07 July, 2021 - 05:19pm

How to level your armor up in 2021

Destiny 2’s fourth annual Solstice of Heroes event is here, and it brings a grind similar to the last several years from July 6 – Aug. 3, 2021. Players begin with a “Renewed” armor set and get the task of leveling up to a “Majestic” armor set and eventually a “Magnificent” armor set.

During this Solstice of Heroes, players can make their Magnificent armor glow without purchasing special items from the in-game Eververse store — a white glow, just like last year. However, players who do purchase the Eververse glows will get Universal Ornaments — meaning it’s a look players can apply to any armor piece — that glows depending on their current subclass. This includes the new Stasis subclass from last year’s Beyond Light expansion.

In this Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2021 guide, we’ll show you the available activities and the requirements to upgrade each set of armor.

Solstice of Heroes 2021 sees the return of two Solstice staples: the European Aerial Zone and Elemental Orbs.

The European Aerial Zone is a returning activity for Destiny 2’s 2021 Solstice of Heroes. It takes place in a unique area around the EDZ, but you access it in the Tower.

To succeed in the European Aerial Zone, you need to kill as many minibosses as you can in the time limit the game gives you. When time is up, you’ll face off against the final boss. Kill it, and you’ll return to the European Aerial Zone to hunt for treasure. The more minibosses you kill, the more chests you have to hunt.

To open these chests, you’ll need Solstice Key Fragments. To earn the Key Fragments, you need to complete activities during the Solstice of Heroes event.

Solstice of Heroes has a daily rotating elemental burn, which enhances the powers of Arc, Solar, or Void for the day.

Killing enemies with elemental energy drops an Elemental Orb, which isn’t tied to the burn of the day. But if you collect 30 Elemental Orbs that do match the daily burn, you’ll activate a powerful buff depending on the element.

Here’s what they do in Bungie’s own words:

In the Tower, you can buy new upgrades from Eva Levante: armor accelerators. Eve sells four of these accelerators, and you’ll unlock one at a time.

You’ll unlock the first one when you complete your first Solstice set on your first character. You’ll unlock the next when you complete your second Tier 1 Solstice set. These two initial accelerators increase the rate of rare armor upgrades. It’s not clear how much faster it is, but it’s been 2x and then 3x in previous years.

The second tier works similarly. Once you have a single Tier 2 Solstice set, you’ll unlock the first boost, and the second will come once you have two Tier 2 Solstice sets.

The idea here is that you can upgrade your sets gradually and enjoy an even faster process on your other characters. If you complete the first set on your Titan, your Warlock set would theoretically be twice as fast, with your final set being three times as fast.

The ideal order here is to complete your Renewed armor set on your first character, purchase the upgrade, and then complete your second Renewed on your second character. Once you buy the second upgrade, your third Renewed set should go very quickly. Follow the same process for the Majestic sets and you’ll start moving very quickly through your second and third characters.

Complete the objectives below to upgrade your Renewed set to the Majestic set.

We’ve yet to verify any armor upgrades past the first step. Once we do, we’ll add them to this guide.

After upgrading your set to Majestic, complete these objectives to upgrade to Magnificent.

After upgrading your armor to Magnificent, complete these objectives to activate the glows on your pieces.

Note: We’ve yet to verify the steps for all of these pieces. We’ve used some of the data mine from to fill in our blanks, and we’ll update this post if we find any differences.

How to get Compass Rose, the Solstice Shotgun, in Destiny 2

Dot Esports 07 July, 2021 - 05:19pm

The Solstice of Heroes 2021 event for Destiny 2 recently went live. Like previous events, most players are already preoccupied with collecting all the new items and cosmetics that were also introduced as a part of the event.

The Compass Rose, also known as the Solstice Shotgun, has been under the radar of many Destiny 2 players and pinpointing how to secure a copy for yourself may prove itself to be a challenging task if this is one of your first Destiny 2 events.

To get your hands on the Compass Rose, you’ll need to open Solstice Packages. These packs require Solstice Key Fragments to be unlocked so it may require some grinding. There’ll be RNG involved in this process, though, since these packages also contain armor, material, weapons, and Solstice gear. The drop rate of the shotgun is currently unknown, but you should be able to secure one before the event runs out unless you’re extremely unlucky with the drops.

Though you may have got one or two Solstice Packages without realizing it, the prime way of obtaining them will be through playing the Solstice of Heroes activity, European Aerial Zone. You can access this event from the Tower. Once you’re there, you’ll be put into the matchmaking queue, and the system will appoint you to a team. 

Once you get into a team, you’ll be tasked with eliminating as many bosses as possible within a determined period. The number of Solstice Packages will depend on the number of bosses you defeat inside. After you run out of time, you’ll see chests spawning around the map and you’ll find Solstice Packages inside as you open them. You’ll also get some Solstice Key Fragments that you’ll need to open the Solstice Packages you received.

Each Solstice Package requires 15 Solstice Key Fragments to be opened. You can accumulate more Key Fragments by continuing to play the European Aerial Zone game mode. Alternatively, you can earn Solstice Key Fragments through Eva Levante bounties, Strike playlists, and Crucible matches.

Bungie Confirms Destiny 2 Witch Queen Reveal Date

GameRant 07 July, 2021 - 09:58am

Bungie took to Twitter to announce a special Destiny 2 Showcase event taking place on Tuesday, August 24. Bungie made the announcement with an image that shows The Witch Queen logo along with the phrase "Survive the truth" with no additional context. Bungie didn't even reveal what time the Destiny 2 Showcase event will take place, so it seems fans will need to hang tight to find out exactly when they should be tuning in come August 24.

When the Destiny 2 Showcase does happen, it will be interesting to see just how deep of a dive it is for fans of the game. Presumably, it will at the very least give fans a Destiny 2 Witch Queen trailer to chew over, setting up the story and highlighting the expansion's major players. But if fans are lucky, it may also reveal what they can expect from the expansion gameplay-wise.

As it stands, very little is known about Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion in an official capacity. Bungie did release an image reportedly from Witch Queen that has led fans to believe that the new expansion will be set in Old Chicago, but that has yet to be confirmed. Beyond teasing Old Chicago as a potential setting for the new Destiny 2 expansion, Bungie has also shown off some Witch Queen armor, but otherwise it has remained mostly silent about what exactly it will entail.

One possibility is that Destiny 2 will vault Forsaken content with the arrival of The Witch Queen expansion. Bungie has already said that there will come a point when the Forsaken expansion content is filed away in the game's content vault, and if The Witch Queen is introducing a new location as rumored, it could very well happen with the new expansion. If Bungie does vault Forsaken content, it will be interesting to see if the company brings back any of the older vaulted content; perhaps vaulted locations will play a role in The Witch Queen's story.

In the meantime, Destiny 2 PvP players will no doubt have their fingers crossed that the Destiny 2 Showcase confirms some new PvP content. Destiny 2 has barely added any major new PvP content these last couple of years, so hopefully that changes with The Witch Queen's introduction on August 24.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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