DK Metcalf missed qualifying for Olympics. Calvin Johnson might have fared different


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How fast did DK Metcalf run?

The 6'4" 235-pounder put that speed to the test on Sunday, racing track stars in a 100-meter dash during the USA Track and Field Golden Games. Metcalf ultimately finished with a time of 10.36 seconds, good for ninth in his heat. Seahawks.comDK Metcalf Runs 10.36 In 100-Meter Dash At USATF Golden Games

Did DK Metcalf qualify?

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf might not have qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 100 meters Sunday. ... The time placed Metcalf 15th out of 17 overall runners in the two heats of the prelims and he was last in his heat of nine and that did not qualify him for the final heat. Seattle TimesDK Metcalf impresses in 100 with a 10.37 but falls short of Olympic Trials

Seahawks' DK Metcalf earns notice from NFL players for Olympic track pursuit

Sporting News 10 May, 2021 - 12:01pm

Metcalf's bid lasted 10.36 seconds, the time he posted in his 100-meter preliminary race. Metcalf barely finished last in the nine-man field.

"These are world-class athletes," Metcalf told NBC's Lewis Johnson after the race. "They do this for a living and it's very different from football speed for what I just learned."

Still, he was briefly stride for stride with those pros at 6-3 and 230 pounds. And his fellow football professionals noticed.

10.36 is crazy tho at that size!! Mad respect! @dkm14

Anyone talkin bad about DK Metcalf is a hater. Boy lined up against professional track athletes who do this for a living and held his own. Although he finished 9th in his heat, 10.36 is sliding. Respect fam you an alien @dkm14 ✊🏾💯 might of been top 5 if it was 60 meters 🔥🔥🔥

Truthfully I wish we had more DK’s in this world... you know that humble confidence, That God Confidence.... Each of us can be whatever we want, we should not listen to those who do not encourage to inspire us.... More Glory! @dkm14

10.36!! Qualified or not @dkm14 the 🐐

DK Metcalf at 6’3 230 pounds. Held his own and ran a 10.36 off of a couple months of training while running against guys that weigh 50-70 pounds less than him. Wow.

You tough @dkm14

As Metcalf was doing his thing in California, Tyreek Hill's name kept coming up as a player who could follow in Metcalf's footsteps. The response from "Cheetah"?

Train me

DK Metcalf finished last but held his own on the track

New York Daily News 09 May, 2021 - 05:32pm

But at the same time, the 6-4, 230-pound Metcalf very much did not embarrass himself, only falling behind in the last third of the race and running faster than a few finishers in other heats. It was, overall, a thoroughly impressive performance for someone who hasn’t run track since high school, even if he’s clearly not on the same level as the very best sprinters in the country and world.

Sprinters and the people who cover them were — understandably if gratingly — defensive about Metcalf jumping on the track. Ato Boldon, an Olympic medalist and an excellent sprints analyst on NBC, sniffed that Metcalf would run “10.5ish if he has a good race.”

Mike Rodgers, who beat Metcalf by a quarter-second (in other words, he kicked his butt) on Sunday, said “Football players don’t have any clue” before the race. And Metcalf, by far the biggest man in his heat, was big enough to admit he got a little bit of an education. “These are world-class athletes,” he said. “They do this for a living. It’s very different from football speed, from what I just realized.” Because of Seahawks minicamp coming up next month, he said it would be his last race of the year.

DK Metcalf

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