Doctor Who’s Noel Clarke Faces New Harassment Allegations From Sci-Fi Set


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Noel Clarke: Entertainment industry pens open letter calling for change following allegations against actor

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An open letter signed by hundreds of members of the entertainment industry has called for a change in culture, in the wake of allegations made against Noel Clarke.

Some 20 women made claims of bullying and sexual harassment against the actor, writer and director in an investigation first published in the Guardian newspaper.

Clarke later had his BAFTA membership suspended, Sky halted any work with him and the season finale of ITV's Viewpoint was not broadcast.

The letter from entertainment industry figures was shared on social media and said it was "time to put an end to this culture that turns a blind eye to predators and harassers operating in plain sight".

Clarke has "vehemently" denied any sexual misconduct or criminal wrongdoing.

The letter was written by freelance producer Meriel Beale, an officer for trade union Bectu, and signed by figures including former Channel 4 commissioner Kelly Webb-Lamb and broadcasters Dermot O'Leary and Joe Lycett.

"After reading the Noel Clarke allegations, many of us within the TV and film industry started sharing our own stories of sexual harassment and sexual abuse," it said.

"His case is not a one-off and, shockingly, is not an extreme example. It has happened to so many of us that it seems normal.

"It has happened to so many of us at the hands of men in positions of power within the industry - whether industry colleagues, presenters or actors. It has happened in plain sight."

A total of 800 people have signed the letter, which is calling on men to point out bad behaviour and for more women to hold senior positions.

It added: "We don't want to be seen as 'killjoys' and we don't want to anger the men into violence.

"It is a constant, terrifying tightrope. We are exhausted and we are angry.

"All of this contributes to us being undervalued in TV.

"Many men won't recognise or notice sexist micro-aggressions - the low-level hum of sexism - and many women will accept it as part of the culture.

"It has been normalised, but it is not normal.

"We need more women in senior positions in TV and film. We need them to be allies and to be empowered to make real change.

"We need older women and women with caring responsibilities so that this filters down throughout the industry.

"We need women to be taken seriously. We need men to call out bad behaviour."

Following the allegations, Clarke said: "I vehemently deny any sexual misconduct or criminal wrongdoing.

"Recent reports however have made it clear to me that some of my actions have affected people in ways I did not intend or realise.

"To those individuals, I am deeply sorry. I will be seeking professional help to educate myself and change for the better."

Ashley Walters, Clarke's co-star in Sky's Bulletproof, said he is "deeply saddened" by the claims and "cannot stand by and ignore allegations".

Clarke's Kidulthood co-star Adam Deacon subsequently alleged that the star sabotaged his career and his "gaslighting" led to a "complete breakdown" of his mental health.

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The British and French standoff on the seas round Jersey is, at first glance, a row over logbooks, lobsters, licences and sea snails. But it is the result of a perfect storm of British, French and European politics and, inevitably, Brexit. The technicalities of fishing licences in the 12 miles around Jersey’s coasts are vitally important for French fishermen. They blockaded Jersey’s main port, after accusing the Channel Island government of not granting enough licences and imposing unfair conditions on them. But such disputes rarely lead to Royal Navy and French navy ships eyeing each other across the waves unless it suits politicians on both sides. So how did it come to this? The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), which came into force on December 31 last year, sets out the new post-Brexit fishing rules. Under the deal struck on Christmas Eve, EU boats can continue to operate in UK territorial waters if they can prove historical fishing activity in the area. Access is granted by the issuing of fishing licences but France is angry about how the new rules are being implemented and has accused Britain of dragging its feet.

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Brussels rallied behind France in its dispute with Jersey on Thursday as the fishermen behind a seven-hour blockade of the Channel island threatened to return and begin a fresh "scallop war" with Britain. Wading into the mounting political row, the European Commission accused Jersey of breaching the terms of Brexit trade deal and demanded the UK intervene to stop it "discriminating" against French vessels. It added that under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, signed last year, EU fishermen could not be subject to additional conditions and Jersey should have notified the bloc of any changes in advance. However, the intervention was dismissed by Downing Street, which insisted on Thursday night that the Crown Dependency had the "right to regulate fisheries in their waters", and commanded the full backing of the Government. In a statement, a spokesman said the UK would continue to work with Jersey to facilitate discussions with the commission, although sources pointed out that French ministers had repeatedly refused to engage with George Eustice, the Environment Secretary.

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