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Lavern Spicer, who is running for a House district in southeast Florida, was ridiculed and accused of false equivalency following this exchange on Twitter:

Sweetheart, YOU ARE THE ONE COMPARING IT TO AN AIRBORNE VIRUS…I hope the big letters help because you don’t even understand your own self-owns…

I pray for the people who educated you...I know they embarrassed

Worst take in the entire history of takes...

You might be the one that needs to go back to school then and learn about “false equivalencies”.

Find the smartest person you know. Ask them to explain what you did wrong here. Then ask them to explain it in another way, perhaps with pictures. Then think about it. Keep comping back to it. It’ll click eventually. I believe in you.

Y’all know the saying dumb as bricks.

You clearly missed the sarcasm. The fact that HIV isn’t aerosolized and Covid is was his EXACT POINT. YOU might want to increase your understanding of how that affects disease transmission. Thanks for playing. 😉

Y’all please look at this self own 😂😂

Tell us you don't know what an airborne disease is without telling us you don't know what an airborne disease is.

One of the best self-own I've ever seen lmao

Might be a good idea for you to take that advice. First, to learn about what sarcasm is and how to use it. Second, to take some logic courses. That way you don’t make these illogical comparisons that lead everyone to find out that you have no idea what sarcasm is.

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