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Twitch Streamers Plan Boycott in Response to 'Hate Raids'

VICE 24 August, 2021 - 10:22am

On Twitch, "raiding" is often a positive action. Sometimes, when one streamer ends their stream, they encourage their viewers to watch another streamer who's still going. Essentially, you're asking your viewers to "raid" another channel, bombarding them with love.

A "hate raid" is different. It takes what's normally a positive occurrence—an influx of new viewers—and turns it into something terrifying. All of a sudden, a streamer's chat is full of hateful messages, often targeting them because of the ways that they are marginalized. This problem has been increasing in severity on Twitch all summer. 

Raven, who streams on Twitch under the moniker RekItRaven, was hate raided in early August and posted the clip to Twitter. This wasn't the first time it had happened to them; in July, they posted a clip of a stream where their chat was spammed with the phrase, "Hey, are black goths called Giggers?"

During this stream, Raven's chat was spammed with similarly racist messages. When Raven posted this clip to Twitter, it clearly struck a chord. They began hearing about similar stories from other streamers, of coordinated harassment in their chats using specific, hateful language.

"Each account of hate was disgusting and it has become more and more prevalent," Raven told Waypoint, "so I decided to speak up and so many others did as well."

Initially Raven started the hashtag TwitchDoBetter, in response to a tweet from February 2018, where the platform asked its users to hold them accountable. Now Raven and fellow streamers ShineyPen and Lucia Everblack are planning a daylong boycott of the platform on September 1, called A Day Off Twitch. They hope to continue to raise attention to the harassment marginalized people face on Twitch, and Twitch's insufficient response.

"I think [hate raids] are a fairly large issue especially right now," Lucia told Waypoint. "It's a sign that there is a huge uptick in unchecked harassment which is becoming a norm of the platform's culture."

In response to the TwitchDoBetter hashtag, the Twitch twitter account posted a thread regarding the ongoing harassment of marginalized people on their platform.

"No one should have to experience malicious and hateful attacks based on who they are or what they stand for," the thread reads. "Hate spam attacks are the result of highly motivated bad actors, and do not have a simple fix."

Although Twitch outlined a few ways that it's hoping to make the platform safer in this thread, none of the organizers of A Day Off Twitch feel like this is sufficient action.

Raven, Lucia, and Shiney all told Waypoint that the raids seem to be targeting black streamers and streamers who are LGBTQ in particular. To Shiney, getting hate raided is a matter of when, not if.

"I haven't been hate raided, yet. I have gotten a few follow bots and have witnessed hate raids. These hate raids are definitely hitting the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities hardest," Shiney told Waypoint. "I'm a newer creator on the platform and based on people's comments, these issues on Twitch aren't new."

"I understand not wanting to expose the products and tools they're working on because the people committing these hate raids are smart, but saying they'll be out 'eventually' is not enough," Raven said. "I want marginalized groups to not fear pressing the 'go live' button. None of us woke up this morning and thought 'Hey, I really wanna be oppressed today for my skin color, gender identity or sexual preference.' I want Twitch to take us seriously. We're not tokens for Black History Month, Pride Month, AAPI Heritage Month. We are real, living, breathing, hard working people."

Taking the time off the platform means taking a financial hit, especially for smaller streamers. Raven, Lucia and Shiney encourage people who want to support the boycott to donate to their favorite streamer who is participating in the event. They also said that amplifying the voices of marginalized streamers is imperative.

Just lifting the voices of those who are participating or are affected is huge," Raven said. "It costs nothing to retweet something from someone else."

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‘BIP’: Demi Burnett Threatens To Bring The Drama After Brendan Morais Rejects Her

TechSpot 23 August, 2021 - 07:28pm

After night one on Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan Morais formed a connection with Natasha Parker. “I feel really confident about our connection,” Natasha said on the show’s Aug. 23 episode. “I feel the energy. The guys have the roses this week, and I would love to get Brendan’s rose. I’m hoping to see him more today and talk to him more today.” However, the romance was threatened when Demi Burnett made an unexpected arrival on the beach.

Demi came on day two, and she wasn’t shy about the fact that she was ready to “stir some s*** up.” The BIP season six alum was given a date card, and she wasted no time getting to know some of the guys. “If Demi asked Brendan on a date, I would feel like that sucks,” Natasha admitted. “My plans to hang out today would be ruined. Spending a lot of time together during a date is one-on-one time, that’s not great for me.”

After chatting with a few guys, Demi set her sights on Brendan. “The sexual tension between us, I mean….I don’t know. It was so good. I want him!” Demi gushed. To Natasha’s dismay, Demi asked Brendan on the date, and he accepted. “I really could have used today to spend more time with him,” she revealed. You’re in Paradise, you want to spend time with the person you’re forming a connection with.” Natasha even began crying as she watched Brendan and Demi head off together.

“I feel like we were a vibe and I’m going to hope he remembers that,” Natasha added. “But in this current moment, I am very aware of my energy and I don’t want to bring this energy to anyone.” Meanwhile, Brendan and Demi had a blast jet skiing on their date. They even sealed the deal with a steamy kiss. “Today is not real,” Demi gushed. “Brendan is so sexy and I’m crushing so hard. I just want to spend time with him today and continue to explore and grow. Oh my God. My cheeks hurt from smiling too much.”

However, it did not appear that Brendan was on the same page. “I think you’re amazing and beautiful and I had an amazing time with you, but obviously I talked to other girls and formed certain things with other girls,” Brendan told Demi. “So we’re going to talk to other people and go on other dates and really see if our paths cross again on this journey.”

Needless to say, Demi was not pleased. “I feel weird. I feel very uncomfortable. I’m going to go out of my way to take you on a fun date, do all this stuff with you, and then you’re going to say I still want to keep my options open? My ego is very bruised right now.” Brendan assured Demi he had an “amazing” time with her, but just didn’t want any confusion about where he was at. “I”m the cream of the damn crop,” Demi insisted. “I’m the best there is on the beach that we’re at.” After getting “rejected” by Brendan Demi was more ready to “f*** everything up” than ever.

Back on the beach, the talk was all about Brendan, as well. The rumor mill started swirling about his potential relationship with another Bachelor Nation alum, Pieper James. Before Paradise, the two were seen hanging out together in social media posts. “It’s kind of a game of telephone,” Abigail Heringer explained. “Everyone kind of has a different version of how serious they could be or if they’re even together. It’s just messy.” Of course, Natasha was appalled to hear that Brendan may have been dating someone else JUST before coming on the show, as well.

When Demi returned to the beach, some of the other girls made her aware of the Pieper rumor. “That pisses me off because why would he waste my f***ing time,” she ranted. “Why would he go on a date with me if he’s so obsessed with Pieper? I’m not going to be a second choice. I’m not going to be somebody who’s going to sit there.” Demi confronted Brendan with the information, and he immediately went on the defense.

“Pieper and I hung out. We spent some time together, we’ve communicated, and enjoyed each other’s company and that’s that,” he said. “There is no relationship.” Demi scolded Brendan for wasting her time, and let him know that she doesn’t believe anything he says. Afterward, Natasha pulled him aside to also bringup the drama. Once again, he insisted that there’s no “label” on his relationship with Pieper, and he assured Natasha that he has the “strongest connection” with her.

Natasha and Brendan rekindled their relationship, and Demi was beyond pissed. She broke down in tears when she saw Brendan and Natasha walking down the beach together that night.

Twitch Streamers Organise Boycott in Protest at Hate Raids - IGN

IGN 23 August, 2021 - 07:05am

On September 1, a number of streamers are set to go on strike across the platform in a bid to push Twitch to do more about hate raids and hate speech directed towards various marginalized streamers on the platform. The protest is being organized by streamers Rek It Raven, LuciaEverBlack, and Shineypen under the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch.

News of the protest follows the #TwitchDoBetter campaign which was originally set up by Rek It Raven to encourage Twitch to act quickly after a number of marginalized streamers were being targeted by hate raids on the platform. Whilst Twitch did announce a number of measures it is taking to better protect its streamers, including building channel-level ban evasion detection, the problem seems to be persisting on the platform. A number of streamers still seem to be on the receiving end of bots and users who inundate their streams with hateful slurs.

Since initially responding to the #TwitchDoBetter campaign on Twitter in early August, the platform has tried to reassure streamers that it is continuing to work hard to mitigate the issues. The company tweeted on August 20, "No one should have to experience malicious and hateful attacks based on who they are or what they stand for. This is not the community we want on Twitch, and we want you to know we are working hard to make Twitch a safer place for creators."

While Twitch continues to work on its channel-level ban evasion detection and account improvements to combat hate speech and malicious behavior, the company has asked streamers to continue to report incidents the attacks in the meantime. Despite its assurances, many streamers feel that Twitch hasn't acted effectively nor quickly enough to combat the hateful attacks being made on the platform.

A number of streamers have shown solidarity with the #ADayOffTwitch protest. Rek It Raven's Tweet about the protest has gained over 7000 likes on Twitter, and a Discord server acting as a safe space for those hoping to speak out about hate raids has also been set up. Adventure Zone and MBMBaM cohost Travis McElroy is just one of many who have shown their support for the protest. McElroy concluded that he too would not be accessing the streaming platform on September 1.

Twitch has not confirmed a specific date for the release of its latest set of improvements that it hopes will curb hateful content on the platform. Those involved within the protest will be hoping that the increased pressure will encourage Twitch to make releasing its additional tools and providing relief for its creators a top priority.

First Drive: The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Is a Beauty Among Beasts

Kotaku 23 August, 2021 - 04:37am

Specify the latter at ordering time, and you’ll also snag a front-row seat to the LC 500’s more hidden, but equally impressive talent: a large-displacement, naturally-aspirated V8 engine. In a world where every single one of its grand touring rivals has made the move to turbocharging, the Lexus snarls its way to the front of the pack with a visceral experience that’s simply lacking from more complicated (albeit quicker) luxury fare.

With its startling looks and its throwback drivetrain, the LC 500 convertible can feel a little like an outsider even when idling in its own showroom. Out on the open road, however, there’s little doubt that this isn’t just the best car Lexus has built in the past 20 years — it’s also the most compelling drop-top GT anyone with $110,000 burning a hole in their pocket can currently buy.

Not so with the Lexus LC 500. At a time when even the default Porsche 911 has become somewhat less than svelte, the LC 500 slices both the air and your eyeballs with the most fully realized version of the brand’s “L-Finesse” design language. Whereas on other Lexus models it may come across as overwrought, on the LC the combination of hard creases, flat surfacing and gentle curves come together like the brush strokes of a calligraphic masterpiece. It legitimately stops traffic; you’re the star of whatever scene you roll into as the light turns red and passersby turn green with envy.

The LC’s emotional design stands in stark contrast to its peers from BMW (the 8 Series), Mercedes-Benz (the SL-Class), and Jaguar (the F-Type). This cohort may project muscle and menace, but intimidation is rarely a passageway to the heart. The Lexus, however, worms its way directly into your left ventricle after entering through the eye, the ear and the skin. The latter’s injection point is an interior that is the very definition of class, inhabiting an organic warmth that is again missing from most other similarly priced two-doors. It even offers a reasonable top-down conversation at speed thanks to the anti-buffeting effects of its pop-up windscreen, which snaps in place of the rear seat passengers you were never going to torture back there anyway.

To be sure, the 471 horsepower, 5.0-liter V8 that is standard with the open-air LC runs the gamut from purr to projectile depending on whether the car is left in its normal driving mode or bumped up to “Sport+” using the rotary knob to the right of the gauge binnacle. With the latter engaged, the exhaust’s full-throat bellow is a wondrous tumult in a world of baffled turbo whumps-and-dumps, and the car is responsive (but never neck-breaking) to pulls on the paddle shifters. Left to its own devices, the car’s 10-speed automatic is perfectly capable of selecting the right ratio for the task at hand — I really only grabbed a paddle to initiate the corresponding throttle blip that I found so soothing to the soul.

Please don’t mistake the LC 500’s casual attitude towards all-out athleticism for sloth. This is very much a car that wants you to drive, to pick a spot on its nav screen that you’ve never visited and then preferably take the long way there with the top down, sunscreen applied and companion by your side. It simply doesn’t feel the need for either pilot or steed to arrive at your destination covered in sweat and gasping for breath.

Lexus has chosen to walk its own path in creating its most memorable automobile to date, and it’s managed to do so without boasting about lap times and launch-control systems, or mimicking supervillain styling cues. It’s hard to imagine a better beacon of things to come for a car company that has finally followed in its own LFA-sized footsteps and reached out across the interdimensional chaos to converge the best possible timelines into one knock-out punch.

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