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Is Kanye West changing his name?

Kanye West has formally filed to change his name to Ye. Born Kanye Omari West, he filed the legal paperwork for the mononym on Tuesday (August 24), as TMZ reports. ... Kanye alluded to his plans for a name change in a 2018 tweet: “the being formally known as Kanye West. I am YE.” PitchforkKanye West Files to Change His Name to Ye

Did Kanye post Drakes address?

Kanye West appears to have shared Drake's home address online as their feud escalates. In a since-deleted Instagram post, West shared a picture of a Google Maps screenshot which seemingly showed Drake's home in Toronto, Canada. The image was soon taken down, but not before it was shared across social media. The IndependentKanye West appears to leak Drake’s home address as feud continues

Last night, the much-hyped trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home finally dropped. It's a good trailer, it's an exciting trailer, and there is no discernable difference between this trailer and the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings going buckwild for a basketball game in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Yepp, Alfred Molina reprises his Spider-Man 2 role of Doctor Octopus. We hear Willem Dafoe's trademark Green Goblin laugh from Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man. We, above all else, recognize the thing from before.

I should make it clear: Both Molina's Doc Ock and Dafoe's Green Goblin are firmly chiseled onto the superhero movie villain Mount Rushmore. It's two incredible performers putting on two incredible performances, their ability to blend pathos with comic book-sized cartoonishness setting a benchmark that's still rarely being touched almost two decades later. To be even clearer: It is, in fact, very exciting to see Molina pop up at the end of that trailer and say, "hello, Peter." But, as they say in wrestling, it's a cheap pop. It's empty calories. It's not a great moment, it's a plastic repackaging of a previous great moment. It'll get the Endgame-level reactions in the theater, but what's next? You do a disservice to the stories you're trying to tell in the present by reminding the audience how much better things used to be. (Or, more accurately, how much better they think things used to be.) Iconic performance can't become iconic if they're not allowed to stand alone in their time. Think of all that would have been lost for the brief thrill of Christian Bale's Batman slipping through a time hole to meet Jack Nicholson's Joker.

When you've already gotten down to analyzing arm hairs, at what point do these things stop being movies? We're all just sitting in a theater playing Where's Waldo together. It's the nostalgia before the story, it's reprisal after reprisal—in Star Wars' case, this keeps going beyond death—over something new. It's fun. We're all having fun here. But the biggest movies in the world aren't telling us A-Z stories anymore. They are, incidentally, realistically creating what it feels like to be the lost branch of a multiverse, where the only things worth getting excited for will either happen in the future or already happened years ago.

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Drake Seemingly Responds To Kanye West Leaking His Address Online - Hot97

Hot97 - Hip Hop & R&B News 24 August, 2021 - 02:19pm

Drake seemingly gets a good laugh out of Kanye West allegedly posting and deleting his address online.

The two have been at odds for a few years now, but the beef began to heat up again after Drake threw shots a Kanye in a new verse. Drake dissed Ye’ on Trippie Redd’s new song “Betrayal.”

He raps on the track, “all these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know/ Forty-five, forty-four (burned out), let it go/ Ye ain’t changin’ shit, it’s set in stone,” which was said to be a dig at Kanye.

Kanye clapped back at Drake by sharing a screenshot of a group text message chat which contained Drake, Pusha T and Virgil Abloh. The message read,  “I live for this. I’ve been fucked with by nerd ass jock n****s like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you,” said Kanye in the text.

He then took it a step further by reportedly posting and deleting Drake’s home address online.

Drake was seemingly unbothered by the shade as he posted a video of him laughing hard, as he is riding with the top down. Take a look below.

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