EA Play Live: Dead Space remake, Battlefield 2042 Portal mode and more


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When is the Battlefield 2042 Beta?

According to the Battlefield Bulletin, the Battlefield 2042 open beta will become available for pre-loading starting on September 3. Early access to the beta, for people who pre-order, will begin on September. Everyone else can then jump in starting on September 6. The beta will then wrap up on September 11. gamespot.comBattlefield 2042 Open Beta Coming In September

How long is EA play live?

EA has confirmed that the show will be hosted by Austin Creed, perhaps better known as the WWE star Xavier Woods, and that the whole stream should last around 40 minutes. techadvisor.comHow to watch EA Play Live 2021

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EA Play Live 2021 under 9 minutes

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Here's everything EA announced at its Play Live 2021 event | Engadget

Engadget 22 July, 2021 - 04:43pm

But EA saved the best news for last. In a short teaser, the publisher confirmed Motive Studios is working on a remake of Dead Space for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. In addition to more modern graphics courtesy of Dice's Frostbite engine, EA promised gameplay improvements, as well as new story and character elements. 

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