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What channel is the Eagles game on?

What TV channel is the Eagles game on? Falcons-Eagles will air on FOX. Start your football Sunday at 9:30 a.m. ET with Eagles Game Day Kickoff on NBC10, followed by Eagles Game Plan at 10 a.m. nbcsports.comHow to watch Falcons vs. Eagles in Week 1

The edge the Birds must take advantage of Sunday

NBC Sports 31 December, 1969 - 06:00pm

All that and a whole lot more in a Week 1 edition of Roob’s Random Eagles Observations! 

1. Matt Ryan has been sacked 131 times over the last three years, or once every 15 dropbacks, and that’s the 7th-highest percentage in the league. You can get to the 36-year-old Ryan, and the Eagles have to pressure him and sack him and hit him and make him move his feet Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. The Eagles will try to generate pressure with their edge rushers, but the biggest mismatch in this game is d-tackles Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave vs. the interior of the Falcons’ offensive line – guards Colby Gossett and Chris Lindstrom and center Matt Hennessy. Gossett has started four games in his career and hasn’t played since 2018 with Arizona, and Hennessy, a one-time Temple Owl, is a second-year pro who started two games as a rookie. Lindstrom is solid, but overall the Eagles have a huge advantage with the interior of their line against the Falcons’ front. They’re going to need to take advantage of it if they’re going to get out of Atlanta with a win.

2. Jalen Hurts already has the 5th-most career games in NFL history with 300 passing yards and 50 rushing yards with two – 338 and 63 at Arizona and 342 and 69 at Dallas. And he’s started four games in his life.

3. Only four Eagles have ever had 50 receiving yards in their first career game. DeSean Jackson was 6-for-106 against the Rams on opening day 2008, Bryce Treggs of all people was 2-for-69 (including a 58-yard catch) against the Giants in his first game midway through 2016 (and had only 90 more yards the rest of his career), Jalen Reagor caught a 55-yard pass in last year’s opener vs. Washington and tight end Jason Dunn caught a 54-yarder in the 1996 opener, also vs. Washington. If DeVonta Smith doesn’t move onto that list Sunday I’ll be shocked.

4. The Eagles are not a young team. They have plenty of young players in key roles, but according to figures on Spotrac, their average age – 26 years, 3 months – puts the Eagles squarely in the middle in the pack, 16th oldest roster in the NFL. What’s really interesting is that among players signed for 2022, they average 27 years, 4 months, which makes them 5th-oldest. That’s because so many of their younger players are on one-year deals or the last year of their deal, while their older veterans are on long-term contracts. That’s not a problem now, but the Eagles really need a high percentage of their 2020 and 2021 draft picks to blossom this year both for financial reasons – rookie contracts are cheap – and for competitive reasons, so the roster doesn’t get too old next year.

5. The one stat that translates the most to winning is turnover margin. The Eagles have been minus-6 or worse 24 times in franchise history and had a winning record in just two of those seasons. They’ve been plus-6 or better 24 times and had a winning record in 18 of those seasons. It's huge. Over the last three years, the Eagles are minus-19 (6th-worst) and last year they were minus-10 (4th-worst). Protect the ball and take away the ball and you’re going to win games. Will be interesting to see if the Eagles can improve in those two areas under a new staff. 

6. It’s remarkable that nine years after Andy Reid last coached a game for the Eagles, half of the team’s six captains – Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Jason Kelce – are Andy Reid draft picks. The biggest thing Big Red brought to this franchise was an emphasis on both lines, and a decade after they were drafted, Cox, Graham and Kelce remain the heart of this football team three coaches later. 

7. Can Miles Sanders rush for 800 yards with at least a 4.5 yards per carry average and 25 receptions? I don’t see why not. If he does, he’ll become the first running back in 60 years to begin his career with three straight seasons of 800 rushing yards, a 4.5 average and at least 25 catches. The only back who’s ever done that is Abner Hayes of the Dallas Texans from 1960 through 1962. 

8. Was wild watching safety Andrew Adams in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform Thursday night just 10 days after he was on the practice field at the NovaCare Complex wearing an Eagles uniform. The Eagles made a curious decision to release Adams last week after a decent training camp, especially with Rodney McLeod out to start the season. The Bucs signed Adams to their practice squad, but he was a game-day elevation and when the Bucs got a double d-backs banged up, he was forced into action and wound up making three tackles, including a huge solo stop for a one-yard loss on Ezekiel Elliott on a 3rd-and-goal from the Bucs’ 2-yard-line in the third quarter, maybe the defensive play of the night for the Bucs. That stuff forced the Cowboys to kick a field goal and was a huge moment in a game the Bucs eventually won. We’ll see how Marcus Epps does starting in place of McLeod Sunday in Atlanta, but I didn't understand the Eagles releasing Adams at the time, and he didn’t do anything Thursday night to change my mind.

9. Adams’ performance when he wasn’t even expected to play is exactly the sort of thing Sirianni had in mind when he emphasized to his players that everybody in uniform Sunday – starter, sub, 53, practice squad elevation – has to be ready to go from the opening kickoff on. Because it’s easy for backups to just assume they’re not going to have a role, but you never know how a game is going to play out, especially early in the season when you see guys cramping up as they play more reps than they have since last season. “You’ve always got to be ready in Game 1,” Sirianni said. “Even if it's five plays, you’ve got a role. If it's five plays, go play those five plays like you need to and be a star in your role.”

10. The greatest opening-day play in Eagles history was the onside kick to open the game in Dallas in 2000. It was 109 degrees at kickoff, and Andy Reid was banking on the Cowboys being so distracted by the extreme heat they wouldn’t be quite ready. He was right. Akers hit a perfect kick, Dameane Douglas recovered, and the Eagles went on to rout the 6-point favored Cowboys 41-14, their worst home loss in 11 years and their 2nd-worst opening-day loss ever. But that onside kick was about more than one game or one season. It was a message from a young, unheralded Eagles team that they had arrived and they were ready to take on the best teams in the league. The Cowboys over the previous eight seasons had won six NFC East titles and three Super Bowls and reached the playoffs all but once, while the Eagles had won just 14 games over the three previous seasons, hadn’t won a playoff game in five years (and just two in the last 20 years) and hadn’t won an NFC East title in 12 years. That game was really a symbolic changing of the guard. The Cowboys didn’t win another playoff game for nine years – and have won just three in the last 20 years. But the Eagles took off from there, going 11-5 that year, reaching the playoffs five straight years (and nine of 11), reaching five NFC Championship Games in eight years and winning the NFC East five of the next six years. And it all began with an improbable onside kick on the hottest day in NFL history.

Poll: Did You Buy Tales of Arise?

FOX 5 Atlanta 11 September, 2021 - 11:21pm

Tales of Arise is here, and we think it's very, very good. The Japanese role-playing game went above and beyond our expectations, and we awarded it a 9/10 in our Tales of Arise PS5 review. Safe to say we recommend it, but as is always the case with a big release, we want to know whether you've actually bought a copy.

Going by the amount of interest that we've seen online, Tales of Arise is probably going to be commercial hit for Bandai Namco. The long-running series has always sold relatively well, but this latest instalment could quickly become a record breaker.

So, did you buy Tales of Arise? Are you familiar with any of the previous Tales games? Let us know in our polls, and then tell us all about your adventures in the comments section below.

About Robert Ramsey

Robert's been a dedicated PlayStation fan since the days of Tekken 2, and he still loves a good dust up. When he's not practising combos, he's usually getting lost in the latest 100-hour RPG, or, y'know, replaying The Witcher 3.

Comments (58)

I plan on it, eventually, but there are just too many games to play right now, that its not a priority.

Tales of hearts R on Vita is the only one i've played - which i loved. So i do plan on this one at some point, but i have too many hundred + hour games in the backlog atm.

I’m interested but it won’t be soon. I don’t think I played another Tales Of game.

I've never really gotten into the Tales series--only beaten Symphonia, I started Vesperia but didn't get hooked--but I am intrigued by Arise. But with Lost Judgment coming so soon, I know I don't have the time a big RPG like this would demand.

I'll buy it eventually. Not for lack of interest, I thought the demo was fantastic and it completely sold me but I just don't buy many games at full price.

I've only played Vesperia previously, which was great, so I'm excited for when I get around to this.

The demo didn't leave me with the best first impression but it seems to be getting great reviews across the board. I'll likely pick it up at some point but I just haven't been in a JRPG mood lately.

Loving it so far, though aside from the combat I think the changes are much more style over substance. Like, one of my least favourite things about how the series developed is that the whole world feels like nothing but a series of themed rooms that are meant to be outdoors but basically feel like the whole world is a roofless dungeon. Arise still has that. It still often has you trapped in a ravine corridor or a fairly small space with cliffs on all sides. Invisible walls aplenty, too. It's beautiful but doesn't feel like an actual world, a believable environment. There are PS2 games that do this better (e.g. DQVIII) so I think it's a shame they still can't get past that.

All that negative stuff aside, I played it for 12 hours straight yesterday so clearly I still like it a lot. 😅

Sure, have been waiting for this game for years

My only favorite Tales game is the original Tales of Phantasia on Snes. This is the first Tales game which convinced me to buy it at full price.

Long time fan that lapsed around Zestiria. Pre-ordered this one, having a great time with it.

Never played a Tales game, and, to be honest, I probably won't any time soon. I have two in my backlog that I bought for cheap in sales. By the time I get around to playing those, Arise will be dramatically cheaper.

I was interested, but I'm glad that I was able to play the demo. The battle system is just too much random chaos for my tastes. Just crazed button mashing, and I never really felt that I was in control of much.

I LOVED the demo so I hope to buy it in a few weeks. Really excited to play it!

Hadn’t played one before so tried out the demo and it didn’t draw me in enough to buy it right now.

Nah, I'd really love to but I want to play it in all it's glory on a PS5 so who knows when that'll be. Might cave in anyway and just play it on PS4 tho cause I love this series lol

I've played many of them and not a single one has disappointed me so far, and I'm positive Zestiria isn't anywhere near as bad as people made it seem which I also plan on playing eventually

I Pre-ordered it and its soo gooood

I'll buy it eventually. It's been really nice to see the overwhelmingly positive reception it's been having, though.

As for the second question, I've played a bunch of Tales games. It's one of the JRPG series I enjoy the most (not to mention Symphonia is my all-time favorite game) and I'd like to eventually play them all.

I did. It's a beautiful looking game and one I can appreciate without it requiring a God damn internet connection too.

Probably going to buy it in a few minutes when I head down to work a bit more on 13 Sentinels. Will be nice to have it loaded for when I beat that game in the next couple of days.

It looks good, but the constant talking during battles has me waiting for a psplus freebie.

No, but I bought Lost in Random, and plan on buying Deathloop and Kena based on reviews.

Pre-ordered the Collectors Edition. Don’t have it yet but it was nice of Bandai Namco to give free digital codes for those who didn’t receive it on time. I never miss the opportunity to pre-order the CE when it comes to Y’s, Trails and Tales series of games. They are easily my favorite games.

@Uromastryx Thank you for that. I do appreciate it. But even playing as the sword weilding character, just trying to whack the enemies, I was pretty confused as to what the overall setup and process were. I liked the graphics and the enviornments, so maybe I'll give the game a try later down the road when it drops to $20-30.

Not yet but i will.the demo wasamazing.probably the best demo i ever play.so im looking forward this this game.tales of arise playa.word up son

Yep. I wasn't planning on buying it at launch, but I got caught up in the launch hype & caved (though I got it on PC).

Just beat the first boss and first impressions so far are great. I thought both Abyss & Vesperia were fantastic, while Zestiria & Berseria felt like they were missing something (though the latter was better), while Arise has been absolutely cracking so far.

It almost feels as if the team lost something in the transition to fully 3D games (Abyss & Vesperia still had a sort of overhead semi-fixed camera in towns & dungeons), and it's been a multi game learning experience until they've finally gotten it with Arise.

Yup. Once I finish up a couple other games I'll start it. Wanted to show support day one as I like the Tales of games that I've played in the past.

Looked interesting but anytime I learn some RPG isn't really open world and you're walking quite a linear path with a lot of voiceless text to read, I lose interest a bit. But who knows, I might just get it one day, after all I enjoyed Psrsona 5.

I've never played a Tales Game, but this looks really appealing to me.

The game is awesome! Slow start, though!

Been waiting years for this! No way I wasn’t going to pre-order it and play it bang on midnight on release day!

Seems to be a bit overrated, this game

No new tale to tell it’s all the same thing.

Only had money for one game this or Demon Souls Remake I decided to buy Demon Souls Remake instead, but I will buy this game in the future has that Dragon Quest 11 look and I loved that game.

Just not my type of game. Cool to see Lindsay Sterling play the theme at the Game Awards though. My kid loves her music.

I haven’t played a Tales of game since Tales of Symphonia - I loved the game to death; but no other Tales of game since have interested me.

Waiting for a sale. Namco games drop fast in price. They've had a good track record for me. Code Vein was great. Loved Scarlet Nexus. Looking forward to playing this.

Hopefully quicker plat than Berseria, that took me 115 hrs.

I'll buy it in the future. Have way too many games on my plate at the moment. But it will be my first Tales game, which is exciting.

I like the look of everything in this game with exception of the combat style which seems to be the typical dated rubbish we see in so many jrpgs, it obviously has it's fans but it's not for me

Going to pick it up after I finish Horizon Zero Dawn and get that Platinum Trophy! I played the Tails demo and just loved the combat and world of Arise.

Currently part way through Persona 5 Royal, which at this point is unquestionably the best JRPG I've ever experienced (leagues ahead of vanilla P5) so I'll need a break from the genre before I play this.

In fact I'd go so far to say that P5R is one of the best games I've ever played full stop, not fair for Tales of Arise to try to compete with it so soon!

A likely half price purchase down the line for me.

Was planning on buying it Day 1, but then was underwhelmed by the demo. I know it's a JRPG, but it was a bit too immature for me and random scenes not having dialogue recorded for them like Yakuza: Like a Dragon hurt it. Really took me out of the game when you have to watch characters lip sync to dialogue going across the screen. Maybe coming from the more mature Final Fantasy 7 Remake to that didn't help with the immaturity.

I still might give it another chance though at some point if I have an opening in my gaming calendar.

Nope, doesn't need an internet connection, so not interested.

Joke Just not my thing.

If it was a 30 hour games I would buy it but it does not grab me enough to invest 100 (+) hours in. I'm at a point where I like my games to finish within 20 hours and stretch to 30 only if I'm really having a blast. To many games, to little time!

Yep, day 1. Love it so far. Great combat and rock solid on PS5

Played all the one of the console generations I have owned - except the Mobile/browser stuff

Bandai Namco games price falls like a rocket but I couldn't help but pick it up day one, they deserve the support and the game so far has been excellent

Though I’ve played many Tales games, Symphonia is the only one I’ve ever completed. Had Vesperia back on the 360 when it came out and put it down just before the final boss. Never finished it. Then got Zestiria, Beseria and Vesperia on the PS4 and finished none of them. Don’t know what it was but they engaged for a while then fell flat. Which is weird because party based jrpgs are my thing. But, 6 hours into Arise and so far… it’s, ok! It’s captured me more than any of the others. The music though, that’s the best thing so far. Wow.

I was underwhelmed by the demo, too, but couldn't put the game down today, it's a lot of fun. I've put my pre-order in after seeing the reviews. Combat makes much more sense when you are not dropped into it like the demo did. Some anime tropes aside, I like the story so far as well but it's early days.

Had it since Thursday. Awesome game. Played them all. Favourite is probably tales of the abyss. Last few haven't been memorable

I'm interested since I enjoy a big JRPG and there are limited options these days, but that backlog... plus, I still haven't played Fire Emblem on Switch, NieR Replicant and Shin Megami V is coming up.

I may loop back to it when it's cheaper.

Had it pre-ordered digitally (after vowing that I'd never pre-order again after the CP2077 fiasco) and downloaded it immediately at 00:01 10/09/21, and I'm absolutely loving it.

The combat system is the best ever for a Tales of game and I love the ripped-off FFXII Gambit System for the AI party members.

This is my 6th Tales of game and already I'm ready to say that Arise has bested both Xilia and Beseria as my favourite.

I wanted it but I couldn’t find the free upgrade path for those of us that played the demo.

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Countdown to Atlanta Falcons season opener

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Battle of the Birds in OUR house | Eagles vs. Falcons

Atlanta Falcons 11 September, 2021 - 11:21pm

Falcons Wire's updated game-by-game predictions for 2021 season

Falcons Wire 11 September, 2021 - 03:30am

Back in May, we published our initial game-by-game predictions for the Atlanta Falcons in 2021. Now, just one day away from the team’s Week 1 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, we’re revisiting those predictions.

Falcons Wire’s Matt Urben and Deen Worley give their updated picks for each of Atlanta’s 17 games this season below.

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The Falcons signed versatile kicker/punter Elliott Fry to the practice squad and placed LB George Obinna on the injured reserve list.

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Fantasy football preview: Week 1

The Falcoholic 10 September, 2021 - 07:00pm

Get prepared for your Week 1 fantasy matchups!

Throughout the season, every Friday, we will be previewing the fantasy matchups and who you may want to consider starting and also benching. Additionally, if you have any fantasy questions you’d like answered, you can submit them every week.

With that, let’s get started.

Starting off, let’s look at the running backs because they probably have the most uncertainty in this game. Mike Davis is the clear starter, but analysts have questioned how much volume he will receive and how much Cordarrelle Patterson and newly signed Wayne Gallman will play into the backfield situation.

Currently, we just don’t know. We have nothing to go off of. With that being said, I like Davis. After he expected to start 2020 as a backup, Davis was quickly thrown into the starting lineup due to a season-long injury by Christian McCaffrey. He went on to finish 12th in fantasy points for running backs and finished with 8 total touchdowns on the season. Although I have questions about how the offensive line will hold up this week against a tough Eagles’ front, if you have Davis you should start him. I’m predicting 95 total yards and a touchdown. Unless you’re in a 16+ team league, Patterson and Gallman should remain benched.

You know to start Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts no matter what, but what about Russell Gage? The Eagles don’t have a great secondary and Gage is the WR2 (or WR3 depending on how Pitts is used) so he should see plenty of volume. If desperate, Gage is a solid flex play considering he will likely occupy the slot often and be a short-yardage passing option for Matt Ryan. I’ll guess 5 catches for 60 yards on Sunday for Gage. Pitts should dominate in his first career NFL game as the Eagles’ linebackers are their weak spot. I’m going to say 7 catches, 80 yards and a touchdown for Pitts.

Speaking of Ryan, who is currently available in 26% of fantasy leagues, I expect more of the same. Ryan probably won’t win you your matchup this week, but also he won’t be the reason you lose. He’s a safe play and should have a solid 200+ yardage and 2-3 passing touchdowns kind of day. Considering his recent ADP, that’s solid.

That about does it for Week 1. Again, if you have any questions heading into next weekends game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, be sure to message me on Twitter (@EvanBirchfield) or by email (TheFalcoholicEvan@yahoo.com) and I’ll be sure to include it in next week’s article.

As I say every year, when it comes to fantasy football – always go with your gut!

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