Elon Musk's Tesla Bot is a tease. These other robots are real


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Does Elon Musk make robots?

In addition to all of his responsibilities, the multibillionaire CEO Musk unveiled a humanoid robot on Tesla's AI Day. It's called Tesla Bot. The humanoid robot, internally code-named Optimus, runs on the same artificial intelligence used by Tesla's autonomous vehicles. ... The Tesla Bot is “intended to be friendly.” ForbesElon Musk Is Building A Humanoid Robot So People Won’t Have To Do ‘Boring’ And ‘Repetitive’ Tasks

According to The New York Times, a site manager told workers, "The numbers are going down. This is all about money."

An executive at the company told The Times that the trashed materials were "test cards."

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A manufacturer making one of America's most popular COVID-19 rapid tests dismantled millions of products at a Maine factory earlier this summer because the company thought the pandemic was coming to an end, according to a New York Times report.

Workers at Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer, were told in June and July to put the products in garbage bags after virus test sales dropped in the spring due to diminishing virus cases in the US, The Times reported. The company also ended supplier contracts and "shuttered" another plant in Illinois that makes the test, The Times reported.

According to The Times, a site manager told workers at the Maine facility: "The numbers are going down. This is all about money."

But now, demand for the 15-minute rapid antigen test, BinaxNOW, is surging as the Delta variant spreads across the US, the report said.

In an interview with the New York Times, an Abbott executive said the destroyed materials were "test cards" which had "limited shelf life."

However, The Times claims that a photo shows that an estimated 8.6 million Abbott test cards with expiration dates onward of seven months were shredded.

"Since the onset of this pandemic, no company has made as many tests, as affordably, as Abbott," the company said in a statement to Insider. "We have not destroyed any finished BinaxNOW product, nor have we destroyed any usable test components needed by the market that could have been donated. In fact, because Abbott maintained usable test components, we're now able to scale up."

The company added in their statement that demand for tests diminished in May. "The lots of card components, shown in the photos in The New York Times article (143608R and 143467R), were at seven-month shelf life and were disposed of in accordance with our standard inventory management process," the company statement said.

The company also said that they stored "individual components" of the tests in the event they needed to ramp up test output.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there were 157,810 new cases on August 18. Healthline reports that cases in the past 2 weeks show the highest average since early February.

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General Motors said Friday it is recalling all Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles sold worldwide to fix a battery problem that could cause fires. The recall and others raise questions about lithium ion batteries, which now are used in nearly all electric vehicles. President Joe Biden will need electric vehicles to reach a goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half 2030 as part of a broader effort to fight climate change.

Lydia and Lawrence Rodriguez were both unvaccinated when they tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from a church camp. Both later died.

As Australian health officials encourage eligible high school students to get vaccinated for COVID-19 before upcoming in-person exams, social media users are spreading false claims that their efforts involve forcibly injecting children. The posts have amassed millions of views this week and penetrated every major social media platform. Among them are a video of a police incident misrepresented as the involuntary vaccination of a young child, and a baseless rumor that the government planned to “seize” 24,000 students against their will and immunize them by force in a stadium.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin sued NASA, saying it wanted to "remedy flaws in the acquisition process" for the moon-lander contract, awarded to SpaceX.

Insider spoke to experts in the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, where vaccine rates have been going up.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos GettyThey used to be a safe space for hackers to coordinate attacks, but with online forums worried about unwanted attention from law enforcement, many have banned ransomware posts. And—as is usually the case in the whack-a-mole game of hacking—cybercriminals are finding a way around the new restrictions: a coded language to bypass suspicion.By the end of May, multiple hacking forums announced they were banning ransomware hackers and their advertise

CLEAR BARRIERS HAVE SPRUNG UP AT RESTAURANTS, NAIL SALONS AND SCHOOL CLASSROOMS, BUT MOST OF THE TIME, THEY DO LITTLE TO STOP THE SPREAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS. Covid precautions have turned many parts of our world into a giant salad bar, with plastic barriers separating sales clerks from shoppers, dividing customers at nail salons and shielding students from their classmates. Intuition tells us a plastic shield would be protective against germs. But scientists who study aerosols, air flow and venti

The pandemic forced most of us to adopt new habits in everything from how we shop to how we consume entertainment, exercise, eat out and so much more. Some of the habits we picked up might have seemed...

Target posted extraordinary growth during the pandemic, fueled by digital -- especially same-day -- services. Comps increased 9%, digital sales increased 10%, and same-day services increased 55%. As for the future, Target is expecting high-single-digit comps for the second half of the year as well, the high end of its previous expectations.

In a confluence of events, the rise of the COVID Delta variant is coinciding with back to school time, raising fears of even more cases—especially among unvaccinated children. With ICUs filling up in certain states, including Florida, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the President and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, just spoke to Florida's Fox 13 and gave 7 tips that could save your life. Read on for each of them—and to ensure your health

Healthy and in their 30s, Christina and Josh Tidmore figured they were low-risk for COVID-19. On July 20, Josh came home from work with a slight cough initially thought to be sinus trouble. On Aug. 11, he died of COVID-19 at a north Alabama hospital as Christina Tidmore witnessed a doctor and her team frantically try to resuscitate her husband.

A man took photos of sick COVID-19 Florida patients waiting on the floor for Regeneron therapy. He says the images can't convey the pain they were in.

Pressley Stutts, a Republican leader in South Carolina, shared conspiracy theories from his ICU bed.

After being admitted to the ICU for COVID-19 treatment, Pressley Stutts called the coronavirus "hell on earth."

Insurers stopped covering treatment costs once vaccines became widely available, but hospitalizations are skyrocketing again in the US.

NEW YORK — David Lat, a writer and lawyer, was one of the first New Yorkers to grow critically ill with COVID-19 in March 2020. He was in the hospital for 17 days, including six days on a ventilator. “I was one of 12 people they admitted,” said Lat, now 46. “By the time I left, there were seven or eight floors of people sick with COVID.” Lat’s struggle gripped much of the city, as he and his loved ones updated his condition on Twitter in the early days of the coronavirus, when knowledge was scan

Sweden may have seen fewer people die of COVID-19 had it implemented tighter lockdown rules or mask mandates.

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Elon Musk posts Taliban members' photo without face masks, asks this question

CNBCTV18 31 December, 1969 - 06:00pm

Musk's jibe at the Taliban was in reference to a meme he had posted a few hours earlier which jokingly complained about how its members were not wearing face masks when gathered in a group. This was Elon Musk's first-ever observation on the Taliban since they took over Afghanistan on August 16.

In another tweet, Musk sarcastically enquired about the Islamist fundamentalist group knowing the existence of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. He wrote, "Do they even know about the delta variant!?"

Social media reaction to Elon Musk's tweet

Netizens responded to Musk's tweet saying that the Taliban itself is more dangerous than the Delta variant of the coronavirus. "They themselves are most dangerous than delta or any other variant. We need vaccination for them ASAP, " wrote one Twitter user. One person asked if the Taliban knew about the Lamda variant of the virus.  Here are some interesting reactions to Elon Musk's latest dig at the Taliban.

They themselves are most dangerous then delta or any other variant. We need vaccination for them ASAP

What about the lambda 😩😩😩#daddydoge

May be not, but I am sure Delta varient know about them.

All they know is a latest Taliban variant which has captured the whole Afghanistan. 😊🤣😂

they have strong immune system elon... they're pure bred human beings. They don't eat mcdonalds and kfcs

Elon Musk is known to be extremely active on Twitter where he has over 59 million followers which is more than any other businessman in the world.

Elon Musk dreams of electric robots

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Elon Musk dreams of electric robots

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Elon Musk dreams of electric robots

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