Energy crisis: Help sought from Treasury to support industry


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Rishi Sunak urged to end eco taxes to help Brits over the energy crisis

The Sun 10 October, 2021 - 04:55pm

RISHI Sunak is being urged to slash VAT on gas and ditch green levies to help Brits over the energy crisis.

Suppliers are calling on the Chancellor to end the eco taxes which add £150 a year to bills.

MPs want a temporary cut in VAT as gas prices soar to unprecedented levels.

It comes as the Treasury and the Business department bicker over how to keep factories open.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is at loggerheads with Mr Sunak after suggesting he was involved in talks to help gas-reliant industries.

He told BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show: “I’ve not asked for billions, we’ve got existing schemes.

“I’m working very closely with Rishi Sunak to get us through this situation.”

But the Treasury slapped down Mr Kwarteng, saying: “To be crystal clear the Treasury are not involved in any talks”, adding Mr Kwarteng had “made things up.”

No 10 tried to pour cold water over the row, with an insider saying: “We are all on the same page.”

Meanwhile former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith called for tax cuts, saying: “We should do all we can to help people get through the winter and until we know where the gas price is going.”

Red Wall Tory MP Alex Stafford added: “We know people are going through tough times, and cutting tax, especially VAT, would get more money into pockets.”

Mr Kwarteng also suggested people could wrap up warmer this winter rather than use more energy.

But last night the Cabinet Office denied ministers had been told to launch a public information campaign to urge people to put on a jumper.

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