Epic announces Fortnite “Rift Tour” live event: Ariana Grande concert, free cosmetics & more


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What is Rift tour fortnite?

Rift Tour is a three-day concert taking place in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. The festival starring a "record-breaking superstar" as a headliner will be available 6th to 8th August. In preparation, special quests have emerged under the Rift Tour premise. Eurogamer.netFortnite Rift Tour Save the Date times, timer resolution and quests explained

What is the Rift Tour in Fortnite Season 7? Live event timings, free rewards, and more explained

Sportskeeda 31 July, 2021 - 05:32am

Fortnite is back with another live event in-game, and this time, it will be "a record-breaking superstar" who will make their way into Fortnite. While Epic Games has not revealed the identity of this superstar, there is talk that Ariana Grande is coming to the game. If anything, it fits the "record-breaking superstar" bill, as she's a two-time Grammy-winning American pop star.

Fortnite is calling this event the Rift Tour, and it will be held in-game from August 6th to August 8th.

The entire event reveal started with a countdown timer appearing over every player's screen in Fortnite. While they made numerous guesses about what it might lead to, Epic announced on Twitter that the Rift Tour is coming, which will take gamers on a musical journey across realities.

Epic has divided the event into five parts, each corresponding to a different region. Below are all the timings as provided in-game.

Fans are advised to log in to the event 60 minutes before the scheduled time, and the Rift Tour playlist is expected to go live 30 minutes before the start of the show.

There are three new quests in the game, and players can complete these quests ahead of the event to earn free rewards. Below is the list of quests and the rewards unlocked upon completion:

Buffet Event Rift Tour Quests! pic.twitter.com/z10sF9mcmg

Gamers can complete these simple quests and unlock the rewards before the event starts on August 6th. There are also leaks of the Rift Tour exclusive umbrella that might be added to the game in the coming days.

Fortnite Season 7 live event poster leaks ahead of time: Cloud Kitty, Giant Mecha, and more unveiled

Sportskeeda 31 July, 2021 - 04:40am

The Fortnite Season 7 live event, aka The Rift Tour, is just around the corner. Its official description reads:

“A musical journey into magical new realities where Fortnite and a record-breaking superstar collide.”

There have been several leaks that this “record-breaking superstar” will be Ariana Grande. But it remains to be seen who this personality will be. Recently, data miners have leaked some Fortnite Season 7 live event posters ahead of the upcoming show.

Today, a Twitter user named GMatrixGames, in his latest tweet, yielded some valuable information about the upcoming Fortnite live event, as seen below:

Since Fortnite China added a page for the Rift Tour, here's a new Rift Shard that hasn't been used in social posts! pic.twitter.com/nhrZv5LS7c

Per the user, the image or poster was shared by Fortnite China. It was then added to a page for the Rift Tour. According to the user, the photo shows a new Rift Shard, which has not been witnessed before. The poster has an eyeball overlooking what appears to be the Fortnite sky.

There have been multiple rumors that the giant cuddle team will also be part of the Fortnite Season 7 live event. As the concert will be taking place through different dimensions, the giant cuddle dimension might be a part of the concert.

A Twitter user named FNBR Secret Santa shared an image of the giant cuddle team.

giant cuddle team during concert ? matches the free loading screen pic.twitter.com/LxpeC6oNqN

To glorify the live event, Epic Games has issued some limited-time challenges for loopers to earn some bonus XP in Fortnite. Here are all the challenges and rewards:

The Fortnite 17.21 update accompanied a perplexing countdown timer that occasionally glitches into alien glyphs instead of numbers. Now, loopers know that the timer will be counting down to this year’s Fortnite live event.

If the current timer stays unchanged, then the Fortnite Season 7 live event will transpire on August 6th and commence at 6 PM EST, 3 PM PDT, 5 PM CST, and 3:30 AM IST on August 7th.

There are numerous rumors that Kevin the Cube might make a comeback. Will this Fortnite live event in some way connect to the ongoing lore? Only time and Epic have the answer.

Where to interact with Rift Tour posters in Fortnite

CharlieINTEL.com 30 July, 2021 - 12:56pm

How to complete the Rift Tour challenges.

Ahead of the show, Epic's first task for Fortnite players is to find a Rift Tour poster on the island. Thankfully, whoever is in charge of promotions has quite the budget, meaning there's a ton of Rift Tour posters scattered about several locations.

If you just want to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, we've laid out every spot you can find a Rift Tour poster on Believer Beach, one of the easier locations to get to.

You'll find Rift Tour posters mostly in the center of Believer Beach, on the walls on either side of the concert area where the respawn van is located.

There are also posters on the fence in the southwest part of Believer Beach.

Thankfully, that's all you need to do to complete this challenge. For your trouble, you'll get a new spray that puts the Rift Tour poster on any surface. Guerrilla marketing!

Keep an eye out for more Fortnite guides here. You can find more details about the Rift Tour concerts here, and don't forget to check out the new Suicide Squad Bloodsport skin featuring a very exhausted Idris Elba.

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Fortnite Rift Tour Posters locations

CharlieINTEL.com 30 July, 2021 - 12:40pm

Players can earn rewards by completing the new Fortnite Rift Tour challenges with one of them asking you to interact with posters at various locations.

Plenty of excitement got injected into the world of Fortnite with the announcement of the upcoming Rift Tour event, which will see various musical shows taking place between August 6 and 8 that look to star Ariana Grande.

However, players can head into the game now and complete challenges related to the event to earn new cosmetic rewards. One of these challenges asks players to find Fortnite Rift Tour posters locations and interact with them to earn an exciting reward for their cosmetic item inventory.

Fortunately, we have all of the Fortnite Rift Tour posters locations covered for you so that you know exactly where to go to complete this challenge.

Players looking to find all of the posters will need to head to Misty Meadows, as this is where all of these items can be found.

There are a total of 4 posters that players can find and interact with to complete this particular challenge. You can find all of the poster locations in Misty Meadows below:

You only have to interact with one poster to complete this challenge, so it will not take you long to complete this challenge if you know where all of the possible Fortnite Rift Tour posters locations are in Misty Meadows.

Once you have interacted with a poster and completed this challenge, you will be rewarded with a new spray for your cosmetic item collection, so players looking for a new spray to use will be wise to set aside a couple of minutes to complete this particular challenge for the highly-anticipated event.

For more Fortnite, check out how you can get your hands on the new Bloodsport skin from the new Suicide Squad movie, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

The First wave of Fortnite Rift Tour quests have arrived, and here is how you can save the date in the Rift Tour tab to complete one of them.

There is a great deal of excitement in the Fortnite community thanks to the recent announcement of the Rift Tour event, which will be showcasing various musical shows for players to enjoy.

Now, the superstar that will be the focus of these shows has not yet been revealed, but leaks have pointed towards Ariana Grande being the main act in the same way Travis Scott was previously when he had a concert event take place.

Players will also earn some event cosmetic rewards by completing various quests, with one of the first asking players to save the date in the Rift Tour tab, and we have everything you need to know to complete this quest covered for you.

This particular quest does not require a complex process to complete, but you do need to know where to go in the game to complete it successfully.

The Fortnite Rift Tour event has its own tab in the game’s menu, where you will be able to find everything related to this upcoming event.

This tab is where you will find the full schedule for the show, where you will organize which of the shows you and your friends will be attending.

All that you need to do to complete the Fortnite save the date in the Rift Tour tab is click on one of the black boxes that can be found at the bottom of each of the show options.

It is important to note that this is not an RSVP for the show and that it does not guarantee you will get into the event, as there are sure to be server limits when it comes to how many players can be in the game, such as with Fortnite events in the past.

Players are recommended to show up an hour before the show’s start time they would like to attend to make sure they have a place, as the playlists for each show will go live 30 minutes before.

This is one of the easier quests available for the upcoming musical event, so players will be wise to set aside a couple of minutes to complete the Fortnite save the date in the Rift Tour tab challenge.

For more Fortnite, check out how to get the new Bloodspot skin from the new Suicide Squad movie, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

How many people play Fortnite? There are different marks we can look at to give a view of the Fortnite player count in the year of 2021.

When Fortnite Battle Royale launched in September 2018, few could have imagined that it would dominate pop culture in the manner it has since then. From musicians like Marshmello and Ariana Grande, to athletes like LeBron James, Epic Game’s free-to-play title has dominated gaming for almost three years.

Of course, it’s not just the stars that have flocked to Fortnite. The game’s free-to-play status meant that anyone could download, jump in, and play with their friends, and millions of gamers around the world have done just that over the years.

How many people have actually played Fortnite though, and how many are actively playing in 2021. We’ve got all the information you need to appreciate the true smash hit Fortnite is.

Unfortunately, Epic Games don’t keep track of how many players are actively playing the game at any one moment. Thankfully, there are some statistics that we can use to estimate the game’s current player count.

Using PlayerCounter, we can see that there are anywhere from 6 – 12 million people playing Fortnite daily. This number increases on special occasions, like in-game events or new seasons, driving the number closer to 15 million players.

Now, Epic Games does not regularly provide live updates when it comes to how many people have played or are currently playing. Still, there are some benchmarks that the game has reached since 2018 that give the community an idea of how large the Fortnite player count currently is.

August of 2018 saw a Fortnite player count of 78,000,000, which is not surprising, as this was during the height of popularity during the game’s rise into stardom.

2019 saw a concurrent player count of 12,500,000 in the game, and 2020 saw a record-high number of people playing when 15,300,000 came together to experience the Galactus event.

2020 also saw Epic Games report that Fortnite had 350 million registered accounts. However, one player can create multiple accounts, so registered accounts do not exactly mean 350,000,000 players. A year later, it’s likely that number has increased, and could even be close to 400 million total accounts.

The Fortnite Rift Tour event will bring a ton of musical excitement to the popular game, and we have everything you need to know covered.

Events have become one of the main staples of Fortnite, as the fan-favorite game has put on various exciting ones, such as the Rainbow Royale and Cosmic Summer Celebration event.

Now, the Fortnite Rift Tour will put on a selection of musical shows that will potentially bring Ariana Grande into the high-profile game for what are expected to be some very entertaining experiences.

Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Rift Tour.

According to the Fortnite Rift Tour official description, players will “take a musical journey into magical new realities where Fortnite and a record-breaking superstar collide.” The mysterious countdown timer seems to be pointing towards this event.

The community will experience all of the action from this series of events beginning on August 6. The shows will then continue until August 8, meaning that players will have a couple of days to enjoy everything that this event will be offering.

Here’s the complete scheduled concert time:

If you’re unable to watch this in your region or timezone then you can change your Matchmaking Region under Settings.

Now, it has not yet been revealed who this particular superstar will be for this event. However, it has been leaked that popular musical star Ariana Grande will be having a concert event in the same way that Travis Scott previously did.

If you want to catch Fortnite’s new concert event then you’ll need to log into the game ahead of the scheduled event time. You’ll then see the playlist for the Rift Tour about 30 minutes prior to the event.

You have the option to ‘save the date’ by going to the Rift Tour section of the Fortnite lobby. This will inform you of the event’s starting time and will also let you know which of your friends are attending.

If you aren’t able to play during the event, you’ll still be able to catch the concert when different Fortnite players stream it live online. We’ll be sure to update this article with some Twitch and YouTube streams here when the event arrives.

While the event itself is kicking off on August 6, players will earn rewards from the event by completing various in-game quests.

You can find all of the quests and rewards for the event below:

It’s possible that Ariana Grande will get a skin and matching cosmetics in this event, much like previous artists such as Marshmello and Travis Scott who were also in Fortnite.

We will continue to update this hub with all of the latest information about the Rift Tour when it becomes available. Aside from this event, August also has a brand new Fortnite Crew pack for you to unlock.

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How to get the free Rift Tour Umbrella in Fortnite

FortniteINTEL 30 July, 2021 - 11:57am

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Fortnite: How to collect access cards from an IO Guard

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Here is how to get the free Rift Tour Umbrella in Fortnite as well as three other exclusive cosmetic items. Grab them for a limited time.

Epic Games has been teasing an upcoming event called the Rift Tour. This event boasts an in-game musical experience like never before. Taking place from August 6th through the 8th, players will journey into magical new realities alongside a record-breaking superstar.

Not only will players get to enjoy a musical performance from a mysterious artist, but they also have the opportunity to earn a free Rift Tour umbrella as well as other cosmetics. Right now, players can unlock three free cosmetic items, and there are still more to come!

Unlocking the free Rift Tour umbrella is actually pretty simple as long as players are free to hop into Fortnite sometime during August 6-8. The only way to obtain the free umbrella is by attending the actual Rift Tour event. This is similar to the exclusive gliders given to those who attended the Travis Scott and Star Wars events.

There are five different time slots available throughout the weekend. Each time slot is only available for specific servers. These time slots and servers are as follows:

However, players don’t have to wait until then to claim their other free rewards. Until the 8th, players can complete three challenges to unlock three free cosmetics. The challenges are available in regular Fortnite matches and are as follows:

Players who are into collecting rare cosmetics will want to make sure to complete these tasks. Once the event ends, these cosmetics will be gone forever. And make sure to save the date for the Rift Tour so you don’t miss out on a magical musical experience.

Here are all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations from week 1 to week 8. Collect them all to customize the new Kymera skin.

Similar to the Season 3 Brella glider and Season 2 Maya skin, the Season 7 Battle Pass has its own custom skin. Kymera is the first skin players receive after purchasing the Battle Pass, and he’s also seen as the main enemy in the Season 7 story trailer.

However, Kymera’s parts aren’t unlocked by completing different challenges or reaching certain levels. Instead, Season 7 introduces a new form of currency called Alien Artifacts. These are used to purchase different style options from the Kymera Battle Pass menu. This guide will show players all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations.

There are two way to obtain Alien Artifacts: Collecting the weekly canisters and opening Cosmic Chests. Cosmic Chests randomly appear in Squads Mode and drop a random number of Alien Artifacts when opened. If you’re interested in hunting these chests, check out our guide on where to find Cosmic Chests.

Below is a map that shows the locations of the current Alien Artifacts. More Artifacts will be added each week at different locations around the map. Each of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations gives players four artifacts. A gold rarity has yet to be added that will give players seven.

The Alien Artifacts are out in the open and make a faint noise when nearby. This makes them easy to locate and collect. To collect them, players simply need to walk into them. They can even drive through them using a boat, car, or UFO. The artifacts will be given to players when they return to the lobby after the match.

There aren’t any other uses for Alien Artifacts outside of purchasing Kymera parts. Players are encouraged to spend their Alien Artifacts as they get them because the best alien parts are locked behind purchasing all of the parts from that category. While you may only be able to get a limited number of Alien Artifacts easily, Cosmic Chest hunting allows players to obtain an unlimited amount

Here is where players can find and interact with the IO Operative’s computer to complete the Season 7 Week 8 Legendary challenge.

Another week of Legendary Challenges is here, and this time, Dr. Slone has players completing some very secretive quests. Players don’t have to post missing person signs or set up cow decoys. Instead, they are weeding out a mole inside of The IO.

There is a suspected mole inside of The IO that is leaking info to someone. Dr. Slone needs you to collect access cards, plant wiretaps, and talk with various NPC to find the imposter. Here is how and where players can interact with an IO Operative’s computer.

Another fairly simple quest will have players visiting even more IO outposts. Where IO Guards are located, there are surely some computers nearby that players can interact with. However, players only have to interact with one IO Operative’s computer to get the job done.

There are eight different locations around the map that have these computers. The map below shows every location which includes all of the satellite stations and Corny Complex. These locations are patrolled by IO Guards, so players will want to be careful not to draw attention to themselves.

The computers are pretty easy to find since there are multiple at each location. As well, the computer players can interact with are glowing blue. All a player needs to do is approach the IO Operative’s computer and press the action button.

Once done, the challenge will be complete and players will earn a whopping 30k experience points. If a player completes all six weekly challenges, they will earn 165k experience points total. These challenges aren’t very hard making them a quick way to rack up a ton of XP.

Here are the key locations where players will need to plant wiretaps in Fortnite to complete the Season 7 Week 8 Legendary Challenges.

Another week of Legendary Challenges is here, and this time, Dr. Slone has players completing some very secretive quests. Players don’t have to post missing person signs or set up cow decoys. Instead, they are weeding out a mole inside of The IO.

There is a suspected mole inside of The IO that is leaking info to someone. Dr. Slone needs you to collect access cards, plant wiretaps, and talk with various NPC to find the imposter. Here is how players can plant wiretaps in Fortnite at the key locations.

Players will have to plant 3 different wiretaps on Dr. Slone’s behalf, and the difficult part of the challenge is finding these locations. Since Dr. Slone is having players investigate IO Guards, it makes sense that players will need to visit different IO hotspots.

Luckily for players, there are five different locations and three wiretaps can be placed at each one. This means that players will only need to visit one location to finish the challenge. The locations are as follows:

The wiretaps appear in-game as small blue glowing boxes. Players just need to approach said boxes and press the action button to place them. All of the boxes are placed relatively close together, so players shouldn’t have a problem completing this task in one round.

Once placed, the challenge will be complete and players will earn a whopping 30k experience points. If a player completes all six weekly challenges, they will earn 165k experience points total. These challenges aren’t very hard making them a quick way to rack up a ton of XP.

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Where to interact with Fortnite Rift posters for the Rift Tour challenges

Gamesradar 30 July, 2021 - 06:34am

If you want to find a Fortnite Rift poster to interact with, we have all the info

This is the easy part - you'll find Fortnite Rift Tour posters pretty much anywhere that's a named location. They're not on every building though so ignore houses for example. Instead check fences and anywhere with with a retail or commercial vibe. Those ones in the picture up there we found on the store Believer Beach but we also found them on the Auto Shop in Lazy Lake, the store in Retail Row - basically anywhere you might expect to find posters in real life. If you do land in a named area and can't see any immediately, then just keep looking around. Sometimes they're in alleys or around the back of building so just keep looking and poke around. It's only those three posters in the main image there - keep an eye out for that rainbow cloud, pig face or hammer design. 

Being able to interact with a Fortnite Rift poster is as easy as approaching it and hitting Square or X when you see the interaction prompt. When you've done it the poster will change and to color, and you'll see the notification that you've unlocked the Rift-sterpiece Spray reward. 

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