Everson Griffen shares why he left the Minnesota Vikings last year


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What did Everson Griffen say about Kirk Cousins?

In January, Griffen tweeted at the Vikings organization and said, “(Starting quarterback) Kirk Cousins is ass. Thank you”. He followed it with a pair of disparaging tweets in which he tried to indicate that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer did not want Cousins on the team (he signed during the offseason in 2018). Sporting NewsEverson Griffen says he will apologize to Kirk Cousins for calling him 'ass'

Griffen was a key member of the Minnesota defense from 2010–19, averaging 7.5 sacks per season and making the Pro Bowl four times. After his most recent Pro Bowl season, in 2019, he signed a one-year deal with the Cowboys. He didn’t make much of an impact in Dallas and got traded to the Lions, where he faced the Vikings in the final game of the season.

A few days after that game, Griffen shared his thoughts on his former teammate Kirk Cousins, saying he was “ass” and asking if anybody thought Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was the one who wanted Cousins in Minnesota.

“You tell them, I said, ‘If you want it, go get it,’ ” Griffen said. “You can put that.”

Two days after that, Griffen sent the tweets about Cousins.

When Griffen was free to sign a new contract in March, the Vikings didn’t come calling, even though Zimmer said the team was looking for pass-rush help after recording a franchise-worst 23 sacks in 2020. Vikings radio play-by-play announcer Paul Allen said in July that Griffen was “desperate” to play for the Vikings and that Griffen texted him to say he “bleeped up” with his tweets. But at the start of training camp, Griffen was still a free agent.

Griffen finally got his wish when the Vikings signed him on Monday. He’s fine with the situational role that the team plans to use him in, and he’s planning to clear the air with Cousins.

“I haven’t really talked to him yet, but I’m going to get around to doing that, apologize to him” Griffen told reporters on Monday. “I apologized to coach [Zimmer] and Rick [Spielman] about what I said. I take full ownership in that. I’ve still got to talk to Kirk and apologize to him about that.”

He better make that apology before they line up across from each other in practice again. 

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