Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 NBA Hall of Fame Class


The Ringer 11 May, 2021 - 07:47am 11 views

What is the play in tournament NBA?

The play-in tournament is a new -- and hopefully exciting -- way for the league to determine the eight playoff teams from each conference. CBSSports.comNBA play-in tournament explained: What to know about league's playoff format change, and why it's so important

When is NBA play in tournament?

The second half of the regular season will be followed by the 2021 NBA Play-In Tournament, May 18-21! Boston.comWhat to know about the NBA play-in tournament and how it pertains to the Celtics

The Hall of Fame inductee’s limitless skill set and groundbreaking contract helped shape the modern NBA, but his legacy in Minnesota goes beyond what he did on the court

One year later, the tragic helicopter crash that killed nine people remains a raw and painful memory for the Mambas, the team the Lakers legend coached and his daughter starred on. But the girls’ basketball community in Los Angeles has taken solace in the lessons the two left behind.

The Hall of Famer also talks to Logan and Raja about learning to play basketball in the Virgin Islands, his most impactful teammates and biggest rivals, and much more

Jackie MacMullan joins Bill to talk about why Kevin Garnett’s career should have been even greater than it was

Vince and Annie sit down to reflect on the legendary player and his lasting impact

In December 2012, Kobe Bryant wasn’t even halfway through his last elite Lakers season, but he was putting more thought into the bigger picture than ever before

Plus, Mike Tirico and Bobby Marks join in to further discuss the Lakers legend’s life and legacy

The NBA has never seen a more determined superstar than the late Lakers legend. Through sheer will and incalculable hours on the court, Kobe clawed his way to the top and became one of the greatest forces the league has ever seen.

‘Uncut Gems’ is now on Netflix. Here’s what the stars of the film had to say upon its initial release in December.

Upon his retirement, a look back at the career, and battles, of the greatest power forward ever

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LeBron James' ankle injury not going to get a lot better?

Larry Brown Sports 11 May, 2021 - 02:00pm

The Los Angeles Lakers may have some serious issues this postseason.

LeBron James has missed four straight games due to a right ankle injury that previously caused him to miss 20 games. The playoffs are nearing (May 22), and James probably will not be 100 percent healthy by then.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that James’ injury is “not going to get a lot better.” He added that James will have to “play with discomfort” in the postseason.

“The concern for the Lakers right now, that right ankle of LeBron James that kept him out for six weeks, has put him out again,” Woj reported Saturday. “This is not going to get a lot better. He’s going to have to play with discomfort in the postseason. It’s not going to be until the summer. So there’s an even greater load on Anthony Davis here. But the question still remains of how effective LeBron James can be. When he was back those two games last week, he had difficulty exploding off that ankle and making hard cuts.”

The Lakers still had a nice win over Phoenix on Sunday despite not having James. They beat the Suns 123-110, getting 42 points from Anthony Davis. Davis is going to have to carry the team, which he seems ready to do.

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Stephen Curry is an avid golfer who would probably have had a chance to play professionally if not for the fact that he is even better at basketball. How good is his golf game? So good that Curry’s own son thought hitting the little

Lakers' Alex Caruso: 'Champions Don't Make Excuses' As Rollercoaster Regular Season Comes To A Close

LakersNation.com 11 May, 2021 - 10:10am

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The Los Angeles Lakers are just four games away from the end of a difficult regular season. After winning a championship and then facing the shortest offseason in NBA history, the Lakers could not escape the injury bug or the health and safety protocols put in place by the league amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Alex Caruso is among several players who have had to miss time due to both this season, entering the league’s protocols for the pandemic towards the beginning of the season, and missing sporadic games due to injury since then. Not to mention the fact that LeBron James and Anthony Davis have each missed over 25 games.

When asked if he’s still confident that the Lakers can turn things around despite likely having to play in the dreaded play-in tournament, Caruso put together a brilliant answer about the mindset of him and the team moving forward.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the team but for me I guess it’s just knowing what we’re capable of,” Caruso said. “Having a good core back from last year, obviously when you have AD and Bron you have a chance to win any basketball game against anybody. That gives me confidence but Frank [Vogel] has done a great job of telling us that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Even a couple games ago he told us that two weeks from now we’re gonna look a lot different than we did then.

“It’s such a grind, you got every excuse in the world for us this year, we’ve had injuries, we’ve had COVID sit-outs, we’ve had the short offseason. We’ve been given every excuse, or every opportunity to make an excuse, but champions don’t make excuses, champions find a way to get it done. So that’s something that we’re trying to battle through, we’ve got great leaders on this team, we’ve got great leadership in the front office and the coaching staff who have done a great job of just trying to make it to the next day. Here we are trying to do the same thing with four games left in the regular season.”

Caruso said that another source of confidence is how well they managed to play with James or Dennis Schroder in the lineup at all. “We’re playing against some of the best teams, some of the best players in the West right now these last couple games and we won two of them, had a chance to win the third one without two of our main ball-handlers, two of our main guys that have played really well for us this year.”

“So if anything that should give us confidence moving forward regardless of when they come back, that we can get it done with what we have now. And like I said in previous pressers after games, I’m a little naive in that I’m confident in our team regardless of who’s out there. That might come with some postseason success last year, that might just be me being a little naive to reality. But I truly believe that anybody we put out on the court, if we play how we’re capable of playing, we can win games. So I don’t really have a true answer but we’re just gonna keep working and when those guys come back they’re gonna be ready and we’re gonna be ready as a team.”

The Lakers are seemingly still very positive about their outlook, even if they do wind up with the No. 7 seed and are forced to play in the play-in tournament. In a way, it makes perfect sense, as any team with James and Davis leading the way should be confident.

But wins against the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns without James and Schroder in the past week do inspire even more confidence. If healthy, the Lakers should be able to put up a real fight against any team in the Western Conference.

The Lakers are patiently awaiting James’ return to the lineup, which is currently slated to happen either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Davis said James should be just fine after watching one of his workouts.

“What I’ve seen from LeBron today, he’ll be fine. Trust me. He’ll be fine,” Davis said after the win over the Suns. “He’s been in this game long enough. Obviously, he hasn’t missed a ton of games, but he’s been in this league long enough to be able to come back and lock in and do what he got to do to help the team.”

NBA play-in games: What the matchups would be if the season ended Monday

For The Win 10 May, 2021 - 05:15am

NBA’s play-in games don’t make everyone happy (hi, LeBron James!), but they exist in 2021 whether you like them or not.

So here’s what we’ll do ahead of the final day of the 2020-21 regular season on Sunday: we’ll look every day at what the matchups look like at the moment and the likelihood that some of the teams in the East and West will either avoid the play-ins or will probably need to win a game or two to make it to the true postseason.

Here’s Monday’s update, and let’s just say LeBron probably won’t be happy about his team’s chances to avoid the play-ins (all stats via Basketball-Reference):

These are the East teams who will avoid the play-in at the moment:

Here they are, with the probability for their current seed:

The Chicago Bulls have a 6.5 percent chance at the 10 seed.

These are the West teams who will avoid the play-in at the moment:

Here they are, with the probability for their current seed:

7. Los Angeles Lakers (41.4 percent)

8. Golden State Warriors (27.8 percent)

10. San Antonio Spurs (82.1 percent)

The New Orleans Pelicans have a 14.6 percent chance at the No. 10 seed and the Sacramento Kings have a 1.6 percent chance.

The Celtics would host the Hornets, with the winner getting the No. 7 seed.

The Wizards would host the Pacers, with the winner moving on to play the loser of the Celtics-Hornets matchup for the No. 8 seed.

The Lakers would host the Warriors, with the winner getting the No. 7 seed.

The Grizzlies would host the Spurs, with the winner moving on to play the loser of the Lakers-Warriors matchup for the No. 8 seed.

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