Fashion warriors rise up, Street Fighter: Duel is receiving a worldwide release


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Is Pokemon unite out?

Pokemon Unite mobile release date – iOS & Android Pokemon Unite has a release date of September for mobile devices, this includes iOS and Android platforms. ... Pokemon Unite is scheduled to release on mobile in September. ShacknewsPokemon Unite iOS, Android, and mobile release date

Will Pokemon unite be on PC?

Unfortunately, Pokemon Unite is not releasing on PC. ... Pokemon Unite is not on PC. It is currently only on Nintendo Switch. As of writing, Pokemon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch and is coming to mobile devices (Android and iOS) later on this year. ShacknewsIs Pokemon Unite releasing on PC?

Do you need Nintendo online for Pokemon unite?

All you need to do to play Pokemon Unite is to download it and get started. You don't need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play Pokemon Unite. ... You will, of course, need to have an internet connection, as Pokemon Unite is an online game where you'll fight other players. ShacknewsDo you need Nintendo Switch Online for Pokemon Unite?

How much does Pokemon unite cost?

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play Nintendo Switch game, which means it doesn't cost anything to start playing. Just head to the Nintendo eShop and download it. If you're unfamiliar with free-to-play games, don't worry. iMoreIs Pokémon Unite free to play?

In particular, one Twitch streamer who goes by Moistcr1tikal, or Penguinz0 by his YouTube audience, recently started playing the game and found an interesting way to pay his way into the top of the leaderboards. Just yesterday, Moistcr1tikal was experimenting with the item upgrades in Pokemon Unite and maxed out all three of his held items to give him a massive stat boost increase during matches with real money.

These essentially cut hours of the time he would normally have to take grinding to get to this point just by dropping a ton of money into Pokemon Unite. In the next few matches that he played with these boosts, he was effectively able to take on the entirety of the other team just by himself.

At first, Moistcr1tikal spent a lot of his money buying Item Enhancers to bring the Muscle Band, the Float Stone, and Leftovers all to their maximum level or incredibly close. This gave him an extra 35 attack, 7.5 attack speed, 96 movement speed, and 208 more health. In the next few matches, he found that it did make a noticeable improvement but did not give him the unfair advantage he was looking for. Even then, he was still able to dominate his enemies with two maxed-out passive item boosts.

Moistcr1tikal's next idea was to switch out the Leftovers and Float Stone with a maxed-out Shell Bell and Scope Lens. These next items massively boosted his character's offensive capabilities, giving him huge bonuses with Sp. Atk Cooldown, Critical-Hit rate, and Critical-Hit damage. This gave Moistcr1tikal the advantage over his enemies that he was looking for. While playing as Machamp, he was able to spawn camp the entire opposing team and got a five KO streak before dying.

In total, Moistcr1tikal spent about $100 on upgrades and was getting close to 20 kills per game. Many of his fans were saying that the other players were going to report him or that he would get banned, but Moistcr1tikal defended himself and said he was not breaking any rules. He claimed that he never hacked at any point and only played the game the way that Nintendo allowed for it to be played. Hopefully, Nintendo notices this problem and does something to balance out the items to be fair for everyone.

Pokemon Unite is available now on Switch and later on Mobile.

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Pokemon Unite review – A new perspective the series desperately needed

Dexerto 25 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

When Pokemon Unite was announced in June 2020, the surprise project was initially met with backlash from fans who had expected a Diamond & Pearl remake to be revealed instead. The debut trailer quickly gained over 100k dislikes in just under a day. So the hill for TiMi Studios to climb to get players enthusiastic about the free-to-play title was steep, to say the least.

Despite the rocky start to its unveiling, the Chinese studio has succeeded in making a MOBA title that will please even longtime fans of the Pokemon franchise. Unite is not only incredibly fun and rewarding, but it’s also easily one of Nintendo’s most enjoyable party multiplayers since Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released in 2008.

For years, fans have been begging Game Freak to take larger leaps with the battle mechanics in long-running RPG series. While Legends: Arceus releasing in 2022 looks to do just that, Unite has given us our first glimpse of what is possible with the series’ incredible cast of characters. Iconic moves such as Volt Tackle and Close Combat come to life with unique animations and the ability to be used strategically.

It all comes together when players eventually clash on the map. Trainers are able to work together to use each of their ‘mon’s strengths to try to tip the battle in their favor. And there are losses. While it might seem strange to celebrate losing, it’s actually refreshing to play a Pokemon title where you aren’t guaranteed to win every battle by simply pressing a single button over and over again. When you win against an opponent, it feels earned – and this is where Pokemon’s formula finally gets to shine again. This is the best the series has played in a long time.

Casual players can ease into the experience with a pretty substantial practice mode that lets you play any character in the game – even if you don’t own them. This allows you to learn the ins and outs of the team-based fighter at your own pace without the stress of getting dunked on by more experienced users.

Unlike the Game Freak RPGs, however, Unite can be extremely challenging. Those that really want to dive into the game’s deeper meta can unlock one of the 16 Held Items which boosts characters’ stats in battle. The carried addons can even be upgraded further. Depending on the item, it can drastically change the way you play the game, and there are an incredible amount of combinations for users to try out.

Similar to other games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, Unite has its own version of skins called Holowear. Just like Dynamaxing from Sword & Shield, the digital clothing is a projection on top of the ‘mon. Whether it’s the ridiculous snorkeling vacation Garchomp or the swashbuckling Cinderace Pirate outfit, Pokemon cosplay has never been more ridiculous, which is perfect.

The free-to-play title also has timed, daily, and special events which reward currency that can be spent in the game’s stores. All of this feeds into an addicting loop that is backed by gameplay that is insanely fun. Fans of the series will spend hours alone trying out various strategies from the items they have unlocked simply by just playing.

As if that wasn’t enough, the multiplayer rewards you each time you complete a match (win or lose) with energy, which can eventually be used to spin the lootbox mechanic called Energy Rewards. While the feature can only be used 30 times a day, it’s just another example of all the rewards the game gives out to make you feel like you are always progressing.

While also small, series mascot Pikachu absolutely tears through enemies with its fierce attacks, before zipping away in the blink of the eye. And when a certain ‘mon really clicks with you, it’s truly a rewarding experience. Because the characters are so fundamentally different in how they play, it’s not a bummer when a teammate with a faster internet connection than you picks the Pokemon you wanted. It’s so much fun playing other roles and experiencing the map in a different way.

Like the mainline RPGs, Unite gives players a free Starter Pokemon from a pick of five. While you may want another character, the game gives you a good selection that it’s hard not to be satisfied with. What’s more, those who keep playing will be given another five characters for free which include Slowbro, Cinderace, Snorlax, Venusaur, Alolan Ninetales, Crustle, and Greninja just for leveling up your Trainer level or through daily login rewards. With over 900 Pokemon in the series, we can’t even imagine how epic the game will be once Mewtwo or other favorites (come on, Sylveon) eventually get added to the game.

While I do think the MOBA gives fans a diverse selection of characters out the gate, it’s such a shame that many will miss out on the bulk of the game’s fighters until they eventually unlock them. While it’s true everything can be “earned” by playing the game, realistically it will take an absurd amount of time before you are naturally able to purchase a license for free. It’s also concerning in the long run that Held Items (which can boost stats) can be cheesed by players willing to drop money.

All of that said, this is a free game. And I think all of these flaws have to be looked through that lens. Given how incredible Unite actually plays and just how many systems are actually in place to give users rewards for free, most of the negatives can be overlooked. If anything, it’s just a sign of how good the game is, that the biggest flaw is that people should have access to more of it.

Most important of all, it has breathed new life into a beloved franchise that has desperately needed a new perspective. TiMi Studios has not only exceeded expectations with this project, but they have given fans what they have been wanting for years by bringing the Game Freak series’ battles to life with a fresh new spin.

How to unlock Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE, all Unite License costs

Dot Esports 25 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

Pokémon UNITE launched with a relatively small roster of playable Pokémon, but TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company have already confirmed that the game will be getting multiple new Pokémon in the near future. 

Right from the start, players will get to pick one of several Pokémon to unlock after finishing the tutorial. 

From there, TiMi has also made a handful of Pokémon obtainable through various events and challenges, which players will just need to complete and participate in to obtain. However, the main method for unlocking the Pokémon you want to use is by purchasing their Unite License. 

A Unite License is the item you need to get in order to fully unlock a Pokémon for your roster, which means you can use them at any time in any mode. There is also a rotation of Pokémon that players can use without unlocking in standard mode. 

So if there is a Pokémon you really want to play as in UNITE but you’re not sure what ways you can unlock it, here is every method possible in the game. 

Once you boot up the game, you are thrown right into a tutorial to learn the basics of UNITE’s gameplay. Once completed, you get to pick one of five Pokémon to unlock instantly. 

This will act as your “starter” for this game, which simply means it is the first Pokémon you have access to for online matchmaking. No other aspect of the game is impacted by this decision, other than you will need to obtain the other four options later. 

Here are the five Pokémon you can choose from after the tutorial. 

After unlocking their starter, players will be able to get a few other Pokémon simply by playing the game, completing challenges, and logging in every day. 

Some of these Pokémon will only be available in this way for a limited period of time, so you should pay extra attention to those options and make sure you get them if you don’t want to purchase their Unlock License later. 

It is also important to note that, if you purchase a Pokémon’s Unite License and then later receive it as a reward, you will still get something from the duplicate. Typically it will be the equivalent number of Aeos Coins that you would have spent unlocking them anyway, so you just get that amount back.

Related: All trainer level requirements and rewards in Pokémon UNITE

Here are all of the Pokémon you can currently unlock for free by playing the game. 

If you want to play a Pokémon that isn’t available for free via the starter selection, challenges, or events, you will need to purchase their Unite License from the Unite Battle Commission shop. 

You will have the option of paying in the basic Aeos Coin currency or using premium Aeos Gems. However, once you purchase a Pokémon’s Unite License, you don’t need to buy it again. 

Here are all of the costs in both coins and gems for every Pokémon in the game. 

Fashion warriors rise up, Street Fighter: Duel is receiving a worldwide release

Dot Esports 25 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

Mobile games based on popular fighting game franchises have found some success in recent years with titles like The King of Fighters All-star making the rounds, and there will soon be a new title to check out.

During the North America East event for the Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom announced Street Fighter: Duel will soon see a worldwide release.

Street Fighter: Duel first released last year exclusively in China from Topjoy and Tencent Games though it won't be trapped in the region for much longer.

Players can create teams of three world warriors to take on waves of enemies or other teams with their own special abilities and roles from the Street Fighter series.

Beyond the roster of around 30 Street Fighter staples, there also appears to be some original characters added to the mix, and we've added the profiles of a few in the gallery.

Though Duel gained notoriety for its street fashion designs of the world warriors, the characters themselves use their Street Fighter 4 costumes by default.

No release date for the global version of Street Fighter: Duel was given in the announcement, so we'll need to wait a bit longer to learn when it'll be available outside of China.

Best Crustle build in Pokémon UNITE | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 25 July, 2021 - 03:40pm

Some Pokémon require a lot of practice to master in Pokémon UNITE, and Crustle certainly fits that criteria. Its quirky abilities make Crustle a strange, yet highly effective, hybrid Defender.

Crustle can easily rushdown escaping Pokémon, deal tons of damage, or disrupt teamfights. The lack of ranged options might prove to be an issue, but this build mitigates that shortcoming by focusing on Crustle’s strengths.

Of all the Defender Pokémon in UNITE, Crustle is probably the most suited for going on the offensive and being self sufficient. It can tank hits and provide security for its laning partner, but it works better as roaming support that’s ready to engage at a moment’s notice and end fights quickly.

You can unlock Crustle by purchasing its Unite License for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems, or by completing the seven steps Beginner Challenge that will be live until Aug. 19. 

If you like roaming the map and being able to fend for yourself as a defensive stalwart, here is the best build you can default to for Crustle.

This is one of the rare times players tend to only pick one defensive Held Item on a Defender Pokémon because Crustle plays differently than Snorlax or Slowbro. You can freely use both to make the Rock-type extremely hard to deal with, but that depends on how offensive you want to be in lanes. 

HP recovery is important for Crustle because it doesn’t have a way to heal itself with a move like the other Defenders. Leftovers will help you get back on your feet without the need to rely exclusively on Berries or other items. 

Speed and Attack boosts are imperative for an offensive build. Crustle is naturally pretty slow, but you can change that with the Float Stone and beef up an already impressive Attack stat in the process.

Since Crustle is so slow, you might not be able to get out of sticky situations easily without using Shell Smash, and even then, that would also lower your Defenses. The Eject Button provides great utility if you’re trying to play on the front lines and deal damage. 

Potion follows the same reasoning as the Leftovers pick. Crustle lacks a natural way to heal itself, and having a reusable and reliable healing option on hand might be worth ditching an escape option, especially if you feel comfortable in your skills and want to stay in a fight longer. 

Both of Crustle’s early moves are offensive in nature, but Fury Cutter helps you cut down opposing Pokémon quickly. This will help you level up faster and hopefully get to your better moves fast enough to outpace the enemy team in your lane. 

Rock Tomb is interesting, but unless you are really good at aiming it and are committed to cutting players off, Shell Smash is the way to go. It has more utility, allows you to burst down opponents, and you can even speed past them and use your other moves to push them back towards your team if you catch them by surprise. Just be careful, because the offensive boosts come at the expense of some of your defenses.

Upgrade (Level 11): Increases the move’s conversion rate.

X-Scissor is the main attack option for Crustle. It deals massive damage with multiple hits, stunning opponents if they hit an object while being pushed back. The knockback is also useful in tandem with Shell Smash because you can push up and shove enemies backwards to disrupt escape options. 

Upgrade (Level 13): Reduces the move’s cooldown. 

Crustle’s Unite Move grants it a shield, damages surrounding enemies, and stuns them. And, if you take damage while using Rubble Rouser, the opposing Pokémon will take a portion of it as additional AoE damage.

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