Fear Street Cast REACTS to Twist Ending


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Where did they film Fear Street?

In March 2019, filming began in Atlanta and East Point, Georgia. Several vacant storefronts in the North DeKalb Mall in Georgia were renovated so that they could be used for filming. wikipedia.orgFear Street Part One: 1994

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Will there be another Fear Street movie?

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It’s officially the weekend, which means we have another new Fear Street movie to watch tonight! There’s nothing better than a new horror movie to check out on a Saturday night, and that’s exactly what many Netflix users will be doing this evening.

In case you’re not caught up with this trilogy, the films — Fear Street Part 1: 1994, Fear Street Part 2: 1978, and Fear Street Part 3: 1666 — are based on R.L. Stine’s book series of the same name. However, these Netflix movies are not for children. Each installment has an R rating and for good reason.

Each film features a ton of blood, multiple kills, and frightening images. The trilogy follows protagonist Deena (Kiana Madeira), an outcast living in the cursed town of Shadyside who desperately wants to get back together with her girlfriend Sam (Olivia Welch). As if high school drama wasn’t enough, Deena and her friends also have to battle the town legend, Sarah Fier, who people say was hanged for being a witch and now haunts Shadyside. Casual!

Deena then learns the history behind Sarah Fier and figures out the horrifying truth about her town. The movies are super fun, twisted, and all-around entertaining. I would definitely recommend them to any horror lovers out there or fans of the teen drama genre.

So now that all three movies of the Fear Street trilogy are out, will there be any more?

As much as we enjoyed all three movies in this series, it unfortunately has come to an end. There are no plans for a Fear Street Part 4 at this time, and that makes sense. Fear Street Part 3: 1666 ended on a high note, and there is no cliffhanger in the final movie.

With that said, it would be fun to see another Fear Street trilogy or another movie series from the R.L. Stine world. We haven’t heard anything about that happening, but I’m sure fans of this trilogy would love that.

As we previously reported, the director of the films, Leigh Janiak, along with the cast, has shown interest in making more spin-offs. While speaking to ComicBook.com, here’s what Janiak had to say about other potential films in the Fear Street universe:

“I’d really like to explore the Milk Man, ’50s-era slasher that feels a little bit like Night of the Hunter. That, to me, would be a fun, cool thing. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a real ’50s slasher movie, so I’d definitely be really interested in that.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated if we hear anything about a potential fourth movie, and in the meantime, be sure to marathon all three Fear Street films on Netflix right now.

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Fear Street Part 3's Villain Was Always Destined to Fail

CBR - Comic Book Resources 18 July, 2021 - 06:45pm

In Fear Street Part 3: 1666, we discover the Goode clan has driven a conspiracy for centuries, getting Shadyside to believe that Sarah Fier was the witch behind the curse and subsequent massacres. Solomon started it at the Union settlement when the town was a Puritan village, and now, Sheriff Nick has continued the charade so he can summon killers to get blood sacrifices for Sunnyvale's prosperity. However, after seeing how Solomon started the spell and covered it up, it's clear that his plan was always destined to fail.

His incompetence is first seen when Sarah visits him after escaping the mob at Union. Rumors are flying that she's a lesbian, which is heresy and a gateway to Satan, per the bigots' thoughts who live there on the estate. The fact that Pastor Cyrus Miller murdered kids, and now, his daughter, Hannah, is the lover Sarah's been spotted with, Sarah has a red flag on her back that makes her guilty before trial.

After all, her brother, Josh, was killed by a possessed Cyrus, so if the town wants to lynch Hannah and Sarah, Solomon will get off free and be able to summon killers whenever he needs to enrich the lands. But as he harbors her, she slips under his home, finds the witch's lair and summoning circle, and realizes that he's the villain.

This leads to her escaping topside, only for Solomon to arrest her after cutting off her hand. But seeing as he came up from the back, he could have just stabbed and killed her. That would have made sense because she could have told her friends, her dad or the mob at the hanging where Solomon's supernatural lair was.

This allows Deena to kill Nick and end the curse, but it can all be blamed on the man who almost ruined the alibi. Had Solomon just let the mob grab Sarah, she wouldn't have figured out what he did, thus, her spirit wouldn't have endured to break Nick's mind. Ultimately, Solomon's stupidity does allow Sarah to become a curse; one that marked the Goodes and waited for the right chance to screw them over.

Netflix's Fear Street trilogy -- Part 1: 1994, Part 2: 1978 and Part 3: 1666 -- based on the works of renowned author R.L. Stine, is available on Netflix. The series stars Sadie Sink, Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zukerman and Gillian Jacobs.

Fear Street Director Wants To Create A Horror MCU

Screen Rant 18 July, 2021 - 04:36pm

The Fear Street trilogy was released over the course of three weeks on Netflix, starting with Fear Street Part One: 1994, followed by Fear Street Part Two: 1978, and concluding with Fear Street Part Three: 1666. Part Three sees Deena and her group of friends learn the truth of their town's curse before they dispatch the person responsible and free the town from its oppression. While the film ends on a generally upbeat note, it gives a simple nod to the fact that things may not be over. As the credits roll, audiences watch as an unidentified pair of hands snag the evil book from which the town's curse originated. Horror movies have the unique ability to deliver final moments that tease the fact that things may not be as resolved as the protagonists may have hoped, and Fear Street is no different.

Speaking with IndieWire, Janiak discussed her plans to hopefully continue with other installments of the Fear Street series. Janiak said she had plans for an interconnected universe of films, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even before she was hired for the trilogy. With the films already working as a small series of interconnected stories, Janiak called them "a new hybrid thing" before discussing her excitement about what else could happen within the universe. Check out what Janiak had to say below:

Given that such a high-profile horror universe has already failed, Netflix may be wary of such an endeavor. At this juncture, Netflix has not yet announced any plans for the future of Fear Street. However, if it pulls in good streaming numbers, Netflix would likely want the series to continue with a Fear Street Part Four or even several more films that were connected like the current trilogy, which is what Janiak would love to see. All three installments of the Fear Street trilogy are currently streaming on Netflix, and news of more may be forthcoming.

Source: IndieWire

Fear Street Director Wants Netflix Franchise to Become MCU of Horror

ComicBook.com 16 July, 2021 - 02:00am

This month featured a fun and unique release schedule from Netflix, which gave us one Fear Street movie a week until the trilogy inspired by R. L. Stine's beloved book series came to an end. The final installment, Fear Street: 1666, hit the streaming service this weekend and was well received, earning a 94% critics score and 84% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. ComicBook.com gave the third movie a 4 out of 5 and called it "an earned and inventive conclusion" to the story that began with Fear Street: 1994 and Fear Street: 1978. The new trilogy may be over, but director Leigh Janiak hopes to continue the story in a way that would mirror the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"One of the exciting things about 'Fear Street' is the fact that the universe is big and allows for a lot of space,” Janiak told IndieWire. "One of the things that I talked about before I was hired was that we have a potential here to create a horror Marvel [Cinematic Universe], where you can have slasher killers from lots of different eras. You have the canon of our main mythology that’s built around the fact that the devil lives in Shadyside, so there’s also room for everything else."

"I think that my hope is that audiences like it enough that we can start building out [more], we can think about what another trilogy would be, what stand-alones would be, what TV would be," Janiak continued. "I don’t even think about it like TV or movies exactly anymore. That’s the great thing about Netflix and about what 'Fear Street' is, which is kind of a hybrid new thing. I’m excited about the possibility of what else can happen." She added, "I really started getting excited about a ’50s slasher movie, which I haven’t really seen and what that means ... It’s just cool to think about the different eras and what’s possible as a horror fan."

"I had done horror movies but none quite like this," Gillian Jacobs (Adult C. Berman) recently shared with ComicBook.com when asked about her interest in the project. "I also grew up reading R.L. Stine and Fear Street so I had that excitement and nostalgia for it and I also loved the idea that she was going to make all three of them at the same time, so she was going to be able to weave all the different kinds of stories in separate R.L. Stine books all in this one trilogy, which I thought was really smart and captured the essence of what I loved about the books as a kid."

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 is now streaming on Netflix.

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