Ferrari 296 GTB Is Now Playable in Fortnite, Special Epic Quests This Week


autoevolution 22 July, 2021 - 03:40pm 38 views

Where is the Ferrari 296 GTB?

In Lazy Lake, the car can be found inside the area, next to a garage located close to the northwestern corner. There's another one south of Weeping Woods, just in the road intersection next to the gas station. Eurogamer.netFortnite - Ferrari 296 GTB location: How to complete the Ferrari 296 GTB time trials explained

Is there a Ferrari in fortnite?

Yes, there really is a Ferrari in Fortnite. Fortnite surprised fans Thursday morning by bringing the Ferrari 296 GTB to Battle Royale. In fact, not only is the 2022 hybrid vehicle in the game, but it's also part of three Epic Quests recently added for Week 7. Inverse‘Fortnite’ Ferrari locations: Where to find it and the time trials

Where are the Ferraris?

Ferrari's are produced exclusively in Maranello, Italy, which has been the home of this world-renowned automaker since Enzo Ferrari moved the factory there in 1943, though the first Ferrari-badged car wasn't produced until 1947. continentalautosports.comWhere are Ferraris Made?

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Get a Ferrari in Fortnite | Quick Save

PC Gamer 23 July, 2021 - 01:02pm

Fortnite Rainbow Royale - how to claim your colorful free items

Gamesradar 23 July, 2021 - 11:01am

Fortnite Rainbow Royale features a free emote, wrap, and four sprays to add to your locker

There are a total of six Fortnite Rainbow Royale items you can claim for free as part of this event, which are as follows:

In addition to this, a Rainbow Flag prop has been added to Fortnite Creative, and if you tune in to the following radio stations while driving around the island then you'll hear specially curated tracks from these LGBTQIA+ artists:

To claim the free Fortnite Rainbow Royale items, visit the Item Shop tab from the main menu then scroll down to the Rainbow Royale section. You'll see the six items listed, all with a price of 0 V-Bucks, so go through and 'purchase' each one in turn to add them to your locker – you can also gift them to friends.

Remember, they're only available until Tuesday July 27 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET / 1am (July 28) GMT, so don't leave it too late to claim them.

The best Fortnite merchandise in 2021 - get a real-life Victory Royale with these t-shirts and toys

Best gaming chairs 2021: tested for play and work

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Popular Fortnite mapper suspended then reinstated over homophobic comments

PC Gamer 23 July, 2021 - 09:18am

But fellow featured creators feel Epic was too lenient on them.

The popular creator, who is a minor, was responsible for many of the Fortnite community's favourite maps—including the Pro 100 competitive arena, which was featured as a Summer Challenge LTM this year.

Sadly, the creator was spotted spouting homophobic comments on social media (thanks Kotaku). In a response to the Rainbow Royale announcement, the creator replied with (now-deleted) comments bemoaning the event, saying "I'm not a fanatic, but this is against nature". Top5Gaming writer Ben Walker also spotted the creator liking violently homophobic tweets, one captioning an image of people burning a rainbow flag.

Simply disappointed that a company during its own “LGBTQ celebration event” let off a featured and highly-affiliated Fortnite Creator - who tweeted anti-gay rhetoric and liked slur-filled tweets - with a slap on the wrist for a few hours.Just disappointed.Final tweet on this.July 21, 2021

On discovery, Epic disabled the mapper's Support-a-creator code (which gives them a cut of any sale on the Epic store when said code is used), and removed their Pro 100 map. This ban only lasted a few hours, however, with Epic lifting the restrictions after the creator posted a Twitlonger apology.

It's likely the creator's youth and willingness to apologize spurred Epic to be a little more lenient, but the decision hasn't sat well with fellow Fortnite creators—particularly given the timing during Fortnite's big pride event.

"If a smaller creator had done the same they would’ve got their code removed without getting it back, it seems Epic cares too much about the plays his map receives than doing what is right, disappointing stuff," tweeted featured creator Echo.

Others, like creator Tiny feel "laughed at" by Fortnite for getting excited over a supposedly queer-friendly event. Rainbow Royale may be happy to plaster Fortnite in rainbows and promote queer musicians on the in-game radio. But if the game's own LGBTQ+ players don't feel safe, then all that work is nothing but noise.

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Fortnite Adds Ferrari 296 GTB For Players To Find

Car Throttle 23 July, 2021 - 06:07am

Newest Ferrari becomes Fortnite’s first licensed car, which can be used to complete challenges

You won’t need us to tell you that the Fortnite game is massive, both in terms of its popularity and the money it brings in for Epic Games. It’s become a real heavy-hitter in the games industry, and that’s led to a number of product and celebrity collabs. Many weapons are licensed, while superheroes, musicians and sports stars have all appeared in the battle royale title.

Cars were added to Fortnite in August 2020, but up until now all have been unlicensed. Like Grand Theft Auto, they’re meant to look like real cars. Now, though, the game has welcomed its first licensed car, and it’s a Ferrari of all things.

That’s not actually too surprising, given that Ferrari will stick its branding on anything from garish trainers to whole theme parks. Ferrari’s configurator also runs on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

The Ferrari 296 GTB was only revealed last month (June 2021), and it’s the brand’s second hybrid car after the visually similar SF90. It’s a rival to the McLaren Artura, although we get that that might not be too helpful as both companies have confusing model ranges. In real life it costs around £250,000.

When you take the 296 GTB for a spin, you’ll be able to complete various challenges like time trials, top speed runs and driving through the storm. If you just want to cruise around the island, you can do that too.

There are three time trials across the southern half of the Fortnite map, but there are spawn points for the Ferrari all over the island. You can find a 296 GTB parked next to garages and buildings, while at some places there’ll be multiple ones. Near Lazy Lake, for example, you might find up to eight Ferraris.

As it’s Ferrari, there’s also a clothing bundle to ‘buy’, which includes the Modena Icon and Maranello Racer outfits and a Turbo Back Bling backpack.

It’s not known how long you’ll be able to drive the Ferrari for, but it’s unlikely to be forever so get behind the virtual wheel while you can.

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Epic Games Briefly Suspends Fortnite Personality Over Homophobic Comments

Kotaku 22 July, 2021 - 04:00pm

Rainbow Royale introduces a bunch of free, rainbow-themed items to both the Battle Royale and Creative modes. Several tracks by LGBTQ+ musicians, including Lil Nas X and Big Freedia, have also been added to the in-game radio.

The well-known Fortnite player involved in this situation (who Kotaku will not name due to their young age) is known for creating one of the game’s most popular user maps. They first landed in hot water with a since-deleted comment lamenting the Rainbow Royale event on Twitter. When pushed on the matter, they doubled down, saying, “I’m not a fanatic, but this is against nature,” seemingly in reference to the event’s LGBTQ+ theme.

The influencer did not respond to a request for comment.

Although Epic made no public statement on the situation, Twitter chatter indicated that the creator’s map—a popular battleground highlighted by Epic just last month during its Cosmic Summer event—was eventually disabled. The creator also had their Support-A-Creator membership suspended, meaning they could no longer earn a percentage of a given sale when fans used a unique referral code in the item shop

This prompted two apologies from the creator, one contained to a single tweet and a slightly meatier mea culpa uploaded to Twitlonger. It seems that the Twitlonger is a response to criticism of the first, the latter of which we’ve included in full below:

“I am sorry for everyone I have said about the Rainbow Royale event and the Lgbtq community. I was not trying to hurt anyone but express my opinion about the event. I understand it is hurtful to the community and deeply sorry to everyone I have hurted. The reason behind it was because it is against my religion and I was grown up that way. I will try better in the future and try to continue to strive as a creator. I have much to learn and correct. I hope you guys give me a second chance as everyone should have.”

A little over an hour later, the creator claimed that Epic had reinstated both their map and Support-A-Creator code (which Kotaku has confirmed), eliciting a harsh outcry from those who considered his apology unsatisfactory and the punishment too lax.

“Simply disappointed that a company during its own ‘LGBTQ celebration event’ let off a featured and highly-affiliated Fortnite creator—who tweeted anti-gay rhetoric and liked slur-filled tweets—with a slap on the wrist for a few hours,” Ben Walker wrote on Twitter. “Just disappointed.”

“Disappointed in Epic Games right now,” Tiny, another featured Fortnite creator, added. “It has touched my heart to see the Rainbow Royale event live. But now I feel laughed at. Do better.”

“[I]t seems Epic cares too much about the plays his map receives than doing what is right,” wrote Echo, a third creator. “Disappointing stuff.”

A rep for Epic declined to comment.

Where to find a Ferrari in Fortnite

PC Gamer 22 July, 2021 - 12:26pm

How to complete the new Ferrari challenges.

Fortnite has introduced the Ferrari 296 GTB as a new drivable vehicle, and you know a brand crossover like that is going to come with some new challenges to get players into the driver's seat. As you might imagine, Ferraris have become a hot commodity during battle royale matches, making it pretty tough to complete those challenges, much less get your hands on a car.

So we've done the research and found the locations you can find a Ferrari car with some relative consistency. Just keep in mind that you won't be the only one gunning for it.

We also recommend grabbing a pair of offroad tires if you plan on taking your Ferrari across the map to get to other challenges.

Also make sure you're keeping an eye on that gas gauge. Using boost will cause your Ferrari to quickly drain fuel, and anything less than a full tank will likely run out faster than you'd think.

You'll find Ferrari cars in Fortnite at both Believer Beach and Lazy Lakes. At Believer Beach, I've found a Ferrari parked in the lot outside of the hotel building on the east side of town. There also appears to be an IO chest nearby, so it's not a terrible start to a match. Another Ferrari may spawn at the gas station on the west side of town.

At Lazy Lakes, a Ferrari may spawn at the gas station or car dealership.

One of the main Ferrari challenges is to complete a time trial race at one of several locations on the map. If you check your map/challenge menu, you'll see the locations of each time trial pretty clearly marked. When you get to a location, look for the white light symbol floating above the road. Driving through that will start the time trials.

To complete the time trials, you'll need to hit each checkpoint and reach the final checkpoint before the timer runs out, as indicated by the shrinking circle above each checkpoint.

I wouldn't recommend using the Ferrari's boost ability. Even though it gives you a great burst of speed, it burns through gas incredibly fast. If you start a time trial at anything other than a full tank, you'll probably run out before reaching the end.

Also make sure to stick to paved roads where possible. There will probably be a few shortcuts you can exploit by cutting across grass and dirt, but the Ferrari handles pretty much exactly like Fortnite's previous generic sports car: Smooth on paved roads and garbage on anything else. With a low ground clearance, you're also liable to snag a rock or something and go flying, ruining a time trial run.

Don't forget to check out our Fortnite hub for more challenge guides and the latest Fortnite news.

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