First Marvel Hawkeye trailer promises Die Hard with Christmas joy


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Who is the girl in Hawkeye trailer?

The series brings back Jeremy Renner as arrow-firing Avenger Clint Barton – but this isn't just his series. It's a show that also brings in another Hawkeye in the form of Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, a firm comic book favourite about to hit the bullseye in her MCU debut. Check out the trailer here. EmpireMarvel’s Hawkeye Trailer Brings Kate Bishop To The MCU

When does Hawkeye come out?

You can catch Hawkeye when it releases on November 24, 2021, as well as other Marvel films and series, on Disney+. USA TODAYThe new trailer for 'Hawkeye' just dropped—here’s how to watch the series when it premieres

Is Yelena in Hawkeye?

Yelena Belova It's already been announced Yelena will appear in Hawkeye, so the question remains: why didn't we see her in the trailer? InverseWho is Kate Bishop? Echo, Yelena, and 'Hawkeye’s cast, explained

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Many fans are hyped for Hawkeye and cannot wait to see what unfolds in the MCU. Some of the best moments from the trailer included the thrilling action scenes and Kate and Clint's prowess. Some fans shared their enthusiasm on Twitter, and some of the best tweets included the spectacular depiction of Steinfeld's Kate and the holiday essence.


Fans were excited for Clint Barton's standalone story and the homecoming of Kate Bishop in the MCU. For years, Hailee Steinfeld was the fan-favorite to play the popular character, and those wishes came true.

Twitter users like @wandasolsen highlighted their enthusiasm by formally welcoming Kate Bishop to the MCU. Expectations have already been exceeded as Steinfeld flawlessly embodies the butt-kicking and skilled archer. Now, the trailer proved it even more convincing.

Different characters, same vibes #Hawkeye

Twitter user @BlackxOlsen instantly noticed the parallelism of the car chase scenes between Hawkeye and Black Widow. Both projects focused on two of MCU's newest characters who shine through an energizing and intense car chase scene. Kate and Yelena ease the tension with their humor and charm while fighting the bad guys in the passenger seat.

These moments highlight the charisma of these female characters and explain why fans have fallen in love with their personalities. Furthermore, both characters have so much in common including that they work with former Avengers. As the younger generation soon takes charge of the MCU, their character development focuses on inheriting the mantle of their mentors. With the word that Yelena showing up in Hawkeye to go after Clint, they could meet.

Love the marvel pets cinematic universe #hawkeye

There have been many iconic characters in the MCU, and the most beloved by fans are the pets. As Twitter user @dorksofprey shared, the MCU has a soft spot for pets, and they have been one of the best things in the universe. These pets include Alligator Loki from Loki and Morris from Shang-Chi, who have all been loyal pets to their owners.

Even though it is a trailer, fans instantly fell in love with Lucky, who is already feeling the jolly spirit of Christmas. Of course, it seems that Lucky will be one of the best characters and will continue to steal people's hearts. Furthermore, it leaves some anticipation as to Lucky's role in the series.

Hawkeye is literally Marvel Studios Die Hard and I'm all here for it

Many people, like Twitter user @ThatBmanGuy, found that the energy and holiday theme resemble Die Hard. It has the action, and most importantly, it takes place during Christmas.

The Christmas theme is one of the most notable features from the trailer, which has gotten many people delighted with the timing of the show's release during the holidays. Also, many argue that Die Hard is one of the best Christmas movies, so people love the energy and vibes from the trailer following in the film's footsteps.

kate bishop and yelena belova supremacy

Fans cannot get enough of Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova's eminence as tweeted by Twitter user @archiveshailees. Despite appearing in just one MCU project so far, they became instant favorites due to their likable personality and formidable talents.

As the MCU progresses with Phase Four, it has also brought in refreshing, new characters who are already proving themselves worthy and fan favorites. Furthermore, Yelena and Kate are stunning badasses who deserve all the attention. Of course, Yelena is one of the confirmed characters in the series, so it will be interesting how the two characters meet.

marvel phase 4 said DYNAMIC DUOS fr and im living for it #Hawkeye

So far, about five MCU projects were released in 2021, and all have received praises from fans and critics. Of course, one of the best things coming out of these projects is the dynamic chemistry between characters, as emphasized by Twitter user @sylvieG.

The dynamic duo varies across the projects, such as romantic interests, siblings, or close friends. Nevertheless, the dynamic dyad has been a common theme throughout MCU's Phase Four. It has become one of the best things in many Phase Four projects due to the comedic relief and exuberant chemistry.

i can't explain it but this clint is more accurate to comic clint

Out of all the original Avengers, Clint Barton has always been overshadowed by other prominent characters like Thor and Iron Man. Furthermore, Hawkeye has lived through many sad things in his life, including his whole family being snapped from existence. Therefore, it seems fulfilling that Clint Barton finally has his standalone series as the lead and is back with his revived family.

Furthermore, the best parts of the trailer showcase Clint's talent, and fans are now showing more appreciation for the character. Of course, many fans also liked that the trailers showed a more comic-accurate depiction of Hawkeye as tweeted by Twitter user @danvrsgf. It seems that the series will do Clint Barton justice and show the real Hawkeye that many fans know from the comics.

Need to get tickets for ‘Rogers: The Musical’ 😂 #Hawkeye

One of the best revelations from the trailer is that the universe has a Rogers: The Musical on Broadway. It came as a surprise, but fans are intrigued with the musical aspect. Even one scene from the trailer shows a glimpse of the play with the singing and dancing.

Twitter users like @CultureCrave are insisting that Marvel Studios make the fantasy musical come to life. The concept seems oddly fascinating, and many people believe that the in-universe musical has the execution and style of Hamilton.

Marvel x Christmas is the greatest gift we’ve could’ve ever received. #Hawkeye

Twitter user @therealsupes perfectly sums up the anticipation of the remaining MCU projects releasing in 2021. Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home are two of the most awaited movies releasing during the holiday season. Now that Hawkeye is confirmed to premiere during Thanksgiving week and consists of six episodes, Marvel gave their fans the best holiday gift.

The trailer made sure that the Christmas ambiance was the center of the film's setting. The Christmas décor and the musical background of Andy Williams' "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" are accentuated in the Hawkeye trailer. Of course, Hawkeye is not the only MCU project this year showcasing the Christmas spirit. No Way Home will likely have portions of the film during Christmas, which also fits with the film's release on December 17 and now, it won't be the only MCU film in 2021 to do so. Therefore, this holiday season will be one that Marvel fans will never forget.

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