Five-Time Emmy Nominated Actress Marla Gibbs' Nearly 50-Year Career In Photos


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How old is Marla Gibbs?

The 90-year-old actress appeared to faint while giving a speech during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony Tuesday due to the scorching Los Angeles heat. USA TODAYMarla Gibbs, 90, is 'doing well' after nearly fainting at Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Gibbs is most well-known for her role as George Jefferson’s maid, Florence Johnston, on the CBS sitcom The Jeffersons, which she played from 1975-1985, but the Chicago native began her acting career in film two years prior. Since 1973, Gibbs has starred in a number of movies (Lost & Found, The Brothers), been cast as a serious regular in various TV shows (The Hughleys, Station 19), and made countless guest appearances on sitcoms and TV dramas up through 2021 (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, A Black Lady Sketch Show).

While it’s hard to capture a 48-year career in one article, click below to see some of Gibbs most memorable performances and appearances over the years.

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Marla Gibbs, 90, is 'doing well' after nearly fainting at Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Yahoo Entertainment 21 July, 2021 - 07:38pm

The 90-year-old actress appeared to faint while giving a speech during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony Tuesday due to the scorching Los Angeles heat.

"Marla was overwhelmed with all the love and support she received and got overheated," her agent Garry Purdy said in a statement to USA TODAY Wednesday. "She just needed a few minutes to cool down."

Purdy added, "She is so full of gratitude and doing well now."

Livestream footage from the ceremony shows Gibbs abruptly pause mid-speech while looking faint. Several people nearby rushed to Gibbs' aid to help the star keep her footing and helped her take a seat.

Gibbs' daughter Angela helped the star drink water and then spoke directly to the concerned crowd, saying, "If you don't mind, she just needs a moment, she said, to cool down and then we are going to do the unveiling."

The actress rejoined the ceremony shortly after and was seated while the 2,6978th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled in her honor. Gibbs' star was awarded in the television category and installed partially by her "great-great grandchildren," Angela revealed on Instagram.

Gibbs is best known for playing maid Florence Johnston on "The Jeffersons" from 1975-1985, which aired on CBS. The role earned her five Emmy nominations for supporting actress in a comedy.

Her other acting credits include the TV series' "227," "Martin" and the 2000 film "The Visit."

Hollywood heat overwhelmed Marla Gibbs on Tuesday as she appeared to pass out during her Hollywood Walk of Fame speech. Her agent, Garry Purdy, did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment, but a rep for the actress told Entertainment Weekly she was “doing great” after becoming overheated. The temperature in Hollywood reached 88 on Tuesday. After the “227” star thanked “The Jeffersons” creator Norman Lear, as well as the shows’ fans, Gibbs stopped speaking and closed her eyes. He

Marla Gibbs is "doing great" after she appeared to pass out mid-speech during her ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Marla Gibbs 'Doing Well' After She Got Overheated at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony 

PEOPLE 21 July, 2021 - 02:30pm

The legendary actress, known for her roles in The Jeffersons and 227, received her Walk of Fame star on Tuesday. However, a few minutes into the speech, Gibbs, 90, closed her eyes and stopped talking, per a livestream of the event. 

Her son quickly rushed to her side and helped her sit down, at which point the crowd erupted in supportive cheers for Gibbs. 

"She loves you all and thank you all very much," her son said into the microphone. "God bless you." 

Her daughter later went up to the podium to let viewers and attendees know that Gibbs needed a moment "to cool down" in the nearly 90-degree heat. 

On Wednesday, a rep for Gibbs told PEOPLE that Gibbs is now "doing well."

"Marla was overwhelmed with all the love and support she received and got overheated," his statement said. "She just needed a few minutes to cool down. She is so full of gratitude and doing well now."

Her rep added to Entertainment Weekly that the actress had a "great time at the after-party."

Gibbs also spoke out herself following the incident, telling ABC 7 that she was simply "overwhelmed" by the day.

"I never thought it would happen, but here it is," she said. "I just got overwhelmed for a minute. I haven't been excited until this moment!"

Before it got cut short, Gibbs' speech included a special shout-out to Norman Lear, who created The Jeffersons

"It's only because of you that they know me," Gibbs said to Lear, 98. "Thank you so much." 

She continued, "And thank you to all of you who have been fans of The Jeffersons and 227. We love you and it's because you watched us that we were able to excel, and I'm able to be here today. Thank you. And I want to give special thanks to my daughter and my grandson for all the hard work that went into putting this event together."

Legendary actress Marla Gibbs OK after appearing to faint during Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony

KTLA Los Angeles 20 July, 2021 - 05:50pm

Legendary actress and comedian Marla Gibbs is in good spirts after she appeared to faint while accepting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Tuesday, a representative says.

The Emmy-nominated performer’s career has spanned five decades, including roles in classic sitcoms “The Jeffersons” and “227.” She was introduced Tuesday by famed producer Norman Lear.

The 90-year-old guest of honor was delivering her acceptance speech when she began slumping over.

Gibbs’ son stepped in, helping his mother to a chair with some water. The actress moved inside briefly, apparently suffering from heat exhaustion in the 88-degree heat.

Paramedics responded to the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard around noon for a medical emergency. But after treatment, Gibbs declined transport, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Margaret Stewart.

The ceremony picked back up about a half an hour later, when Gibbs was formally presented her star.

“Thank you to all of you who have been fans of ‘The Jeffersons’ and ‘227,’” she said in her acceptance speech. “We love you, and this is because you watched us that we were able to excel, and I’m able to be here today.”

“Marla got overwhelmed with all the excitement and heat but doing very well,” the actress’ agent, Garry Purdy, said in an email. “She’s enjoying the after party now!”

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