Forensic nurse who examined woman accusing Trevor Bauer of sexual assault: 'I had never seen that before'


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Kelly Valencia, a forensic nurse examiner who had been called by the woman's legal team to testify about her injuries, said she administered a Sexual Assault Response Team exam, or SART exam, to the woman in May.

"I had never seen that before," Valencia told the court, describing "red and purple" bruising around the woman's genitals.

"It was frankly alarming," she said.

On June 29, the woman filed an ex parte restraining order against Bauer accusing the MLB pitcher of assaulting her during two sexual encounters in April and May. She is seeking a five-year extension to the restraining order.

Bauer has denied all wrongdoing. His lawyer, Jon Fetterolf, denied allegations of sexual abuse and said the encounters between Bauer and the woman were consensual.

Bauer is on leave from the Dodgers, and the Pasadena Police Department has said it's investigating the allegations, CBS Los Angeles reported.

In the restraining order and during sworn testimony in court this week, the woman alleged that during the second encounter, Bauer strangled her with her own hair until she lost consciousness and repeatedly punched her in the face, buttocks, and genitals, which she said led her to seek medical treatment.

Valencia testified that she treated the woman at Palomar Health on May 16 after the San Diego Police Department referred her. The SART exam is an evidentiary medical assessment for people alleging sexual assault conducted in coordination with medical professionals, law enforcement, and advocates.

"When she walked in, I noticed visible facial injuries," Valencia told the court, adding that during the exam she noted that the woman also had injuries to her genitals and buttocks. She said the woman also described being choked by her own hair.

Valencia said the woman appeared to have "raccoon eyes" and explained that it's a common bruising reaction to strangulation. Valencia declined to connect the observation with the woman's testimony about being choked, saying it was "beyond my scope."

Valencia testified that she did not believe the woman needed further treatment but that the woman did have a follow-up appointment scheduled with a nurse.

During cross-examination, the defense focused on the nature of the woman's injuries.

Fetterolf asked if ibuprofen, which the woman had taken, could "exacerbate bruising." Valencia agreed that it could but said she could not testify that the photos of bruising may look worse.

Fetterolf also asked about the possibility of "intentional self-harm." Valencia said the woman did not self-harm.

Valencia told the court that during her SART exam she recalled the woman saying Bauer sexually assaulted her in their first encounter. Valencia said the woman told her during the exam that "it was like the first time but with marks."

In the initial restraining order and in her testimony, the woman said she connected with Bauer after tagging him in an Instagram Story. She testified that after they talked, he invited her to his home in Pasadena. She told the judge that there they talked for hours and began kissing but that he soon strangled her to the point that she lost consciousness. She said that she woke up to Bauer anally penetrating her and that she did not consent.

She also testified that the second time they met, Bauer again strangled her to the point of unconsciousness and then punched her all over her body. She told the court that it made her feel "like a rag doll" and "like my soul left my body."

Bauer's attorneys have argued that the encounters were wholly consensual, citing text messages sent by the woman, and claimed that she had previous sexual encounters with other baseball players.

The hearing is set to resume on Wednesday with additional witnesses.

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Accuser Confronts Trevor Bauer In Court

CBS Los Angeles 18 August, 2021 - 10:20am

Dodgers Rumors: Stan Kasten Addressed Trevor Bauer Investigation In Email 18 August, 2021 - 09:20am

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When the Los Angeles Dodgers held an introductory press conference at Dodger Stadium after signing Trevor Bauer to a record-setting contract, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman assured he and team president Stan Kasten spoke with the volatile pitcher about his past transgressions.

“Hopefully, over the last six-plus years, some trust and credibility has been built up in terms of the research that we do on players and the vetting process that we go through in terms of talking to teammates, talking to clubhouse guys, talking to trainers,” Friedman said at the time.

“We get as much information as we can on players.

The Dodgers’ vetting process has since come into question with Bauer facing allegations of sexual assault. The Pasadena Police Department and Major League Baseball are conducting separate investigations into Bauer, who remains on paid administrative leave.

With his court hearing now underway, Kasten reportedly sent an email to Dodgers employees to address the topic of Bauer, per ESPN’s Tisha Thompson and Alden Gonzalez:

But in an internal e-mail sent to hundreds of team employees on Monday afternoon, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN, Dodgers president Stan Kasten began by writing: “During the past couple of months, we have all been deeply troubled by the allegations that have been made against Trevor Bauer.”

Kasten added that the organization has chosen not to comment “in order to allow the legal process and MLB’s investigation to proceed without interference,” later adding that the organization “takes all allegations of this nature very seriously and does not condone or excuse any acts of domestic violence or sexual assault.”

Kasten also said in the e-mail that the team “had no knowledge of the temporary restraining order that was issued against Bauer and placed under seal in Ohio, or of the allegations made in connection with that order, until recent reports.”

From the time it was reported that a temporary restraining order was in place, the Dodgers have deferred to MLB in the handling of Bauer. Manager Dave Roberts initially said the team was planning on having the right-hander still start against the Washington Nationals at the beginning of July, because it was what the league had instructed.

The Dodgers have largely remained mum on the situation since Bauer has been on administrative leave. That was extended for a fifth time last week and now runs through Friday, when it presumably will be pushed back once again.

Bauer’s administrative leave began while the Dodgers were in Washington D.C. for not only the start of a road trip but visit to the White House as well. Because of that, Kasten was among the team’s executives who were on hand.

Some of his first remarks made light of the situation and that led to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred expressing his frustration and disappointment with Kasten during the All-Star Game festivities.

Trevor Bauer's attorney cross-examines accuser on second day of restraining order hearing

KABC-TV 18 August, 2021 - 01:03am

Bauer's attorney cross-examines accuser on 2nd day of hearing

The woman who says Trevor Bauer violently attacked her during two sexual encounters wants a five-year restraining order against the Dodger pitcher.

Trevor Bauer's attorney cross-examines accuser on second day of restraining order hearing

Fox News 18 August, 2021 - 01:03am

Bauer's attorney cross-examines accuser on 2nd day of hearing

The woman who says Trevor Bauer violently attacked her during two sexual encounters wants a five-year restraining order against the Dodger pitcher.

Bauer attorney keys on woman's texts on Day 2

ESPN 17 August, 2021 - 07:28pm

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LOS ANGELES -- The woman requesting a permanent restraining order against Trevor Bauer explained on Tuesday why she waited six weeks to file her request following a violent encounter with the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher.

The woman, whom ESPN is not naming because she says she is a victim of sexual assault, last saw Bauer on May 17 and didn't obtain the temporary restraining order against him until June 29, a 43-day gap that Bauer's attorneys have highlighted in their attempts to prove she didn't require a restraining order in the first place. As part of her testimony on Tuesday, however, the woman told her attorney that she waited because a detective from Pasadena, California, told her on two separate occasions that Bauer would be arrested.

"I waited as long as I could," the woman said from the witness stand in L.A. County Superior Court. "And when I hit the point of realizing they were gonna take a while for this investigation, I had to protect myself in the meantime."

Bauer has yet to be arrested or charged; the Pasadena Police Department's criminal investigation has been ongoing for about three months. Major League Baseball is conducting a separate investigation that has kept Bauer on administrative leave and away from the Dodgers since July 2.

Bauer's attorneys have strongly denied the sexual assault allegations made by the woman in her protective-order declaration and were given their first opportunity to cross-examine her on Tuesday. One of Bauer's attorneys, Shawn Holley, questioned the woman for what amounted to about two and a half hours on Day 2 of a hearing that will determine whether the restraining order against Bauer will become permanent, which in California can last up to five years.

Holley's cross-examination, on the heels of an emotional first day highlighted by the woman's graphic portrayals of Bauer's alleged assault, focused largely on the woman's text messages with Bauer and members of her inner circle, some of which were not part of her initial declaration. Those messages, Bauer's attorneys allege, depict the woman either making fun of Bauer; expressing an ulterior motive, most notably when she tells a colleague she has her "hooks in" and "can get in his head"; and having no illusions of an "intimate relationship" with Bauer, one of the state's prerequisites for a domestic violence restraining order.

The woman began to cry when Holley said, "I have a couple of questions that I think are relevant. I'm not asking this question because I am slut-shaming you, not at all."

The woman continued to cry as Holley questioned her about a text message exchange she had with someone the woman described as a former friend. In the texts, she referenced San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., whom the woman said she had a sexual relationship with in 2019. When Holley asked to identify the subject of another text message that read, "Trevor is a wackadoodle like Clev," the woman cried harder and responded, "I don't need to answer that."

"He doesn't need to be brought into this," the woman said.

The judge told her she did need to answer the question, to which she said she had a sexual relationship with Padres pitcher Mike Clevinger in October 2020. A representative for Clevinger declined ESPN's request for comment; a representative for Tatis had not responded by the time of publication.

Kelly Valencia, the forensic nurse examiner who performed the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) exam on the woman after midnight on May 17, also testified on Tuesday. Valencia, a nurse with more than 40 years of experience, said the injuries she documented were consistent with the woman's description of what happened to her during sex with Bauer, including being strangled with her own hair and being punched in her face, on her buttocks and in her genitals.

"I had never seen that before," Valencia said of the bruising she documented on the area outside the woman's vagina. "It was frankly alarming."

The day began with the woman continuing to answer questions from one of her attorneys, Lisa Helfend-Meyer, in which she detailed how poorly she felt after the second sexual encounter with Bauer. She was asked by Meyer about a text message she sent to her cousin following the second encounter, in which she stated that it was "consensual" while showing a picture of her facial injuries. The woman testified she didn't truly believe the encounter was consensual, saying: "I lost any chance of giving consent after the first time he choked me out."

The woman said she told one of her best friends, who is expected to testify on Wednesday, about the details of what took place with Bauer during the second sexual encounter but said she tried to keep most of what occurred hidden from almost everybody else. She testified that she was hesitant to visit an emergency room "because I knew how it was gonna go."

"I knew how it worked," she said. "Publicity, the situation. Immediately it paints me as a slut. And I didn't want this story anywhere. I didn't. I was so embarrassed about all of it."

The woman described her interaction with the Pasadena police officers who questioned her on May 18 as "very degrading" because a detective working on the case "slut-shamed me." She called the process of speaking with the Pasadena detective "one of the most traumatic parts of this whole scenario," saying the officer lied to her twice.

"I was told by the Pasadena Police two different times that they were going to arrest [Bauer]," the woman said. A representative from the Pasadena Police Department declined to comment, adding that doing so "would compromise the integrity of the investigation."

Near the end of the day, Holley introduced a text message exchange between Bauer and the woman that took place between the first and second sexual encounter. Holley said the exchange shows the woman never expressed displeasure to Bauer about their first encounter and indicated she wanted rough sex, including being choked and hit.

In the texts, the woman says, "Gimme all the pain. Rawr." Holley asked the woman why that message, and others in that exchange, were not included in the original declaration.

"In light of the fact that you were providing to the court a narrative about rough sex performed on you by Trevor, did you not think it was of critical importance to tell the judge that you asked for it?" Holley went on to ask.

The woman started to answer that she never asked to be "punched all over my body to the point where I had to be hospitalized" before her attorney objected to the question.

The judge allowed Holley to proceed with her question. Holley asked: "Did you not think that it was of critical importance to let the court know that you asked for sex to be rougher and harder and that you had never been more turned on? Did you not think it was important to let the court know that?"

It was then, at 4:15 p.m. PT, that the judge ordered court to adjourn for the day.

Judge DENIES Trevor Bauer's bid to have restraining order lifted

Daily Mail 16 August, 2021 - 12:36pm

By Neil Blincow For

The woman who has accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault claimed she didn't mean what she said when she told the Dodgers pitcher to 'choke her out' and 'slap' her in explicit text messages, a Los Angeles courtroom heard. 

The alleged victim, identified only as Ms. Hill, broke down in tears on Monday as she testified in a court hearing seeking continuation of her restraining order against the baseball star. 

Hill detailed how Bauer allegedly choked her unconscious and had anal sex with her without her consent after he became violent over the course of two sexual encounters in April and May. 

'It was horrifying,' she told the court. 'It was very forceful and very painful…… There was blood everywhere.' 

During their first encounter on April 21, Bauer, she claimed, 'put me on my stomach and grabbed my hair which was 22 inches long at the time, and he wrapped it round my neck and applied pressure.

'When I woke up, I was very confused - he was having anal sex with me,' she added. 

Trevor Bauer is seen Monday outside a Downtown Los Angeles hotel after his court hearing, where a judge denied his bid to have a restraining order against him lifted 

A woman believed to be Trevor Bauer's alleged victim, Ms. Hill, is seen arriving at a hotel in Downtown, Los Angeles after her court hearing

Bauer appeared in court on Monday dressed in a blue suit with cream shirt and maroon tie, and sat at opposite his accuser

Asked if Bauer had asked her permission to have anal sex, she responded 'No.'

'Every time I moved I felt shooting pains in my anus,' she went on. 'And there was blood. Everything was torn.'

When she asked how long she had been unconscious, he allegedly said three or four seconds.

Despite the pain of her first sexual experience with Bauer, Ms. Hill showed up at his house again around midnight on May 15.

Bauer's lawyers maintain that he was encouraged to believe that she had enjoyed her earlier sex session because of messages she sent him saying 'Choke me out…..Never been more turned on in my life…Give me all the pain.' 

She even responded, 'Yes, yes, yes,' when Bauer asked her, 'Slaps in the face?' the court heard.

When her attorney Lisa Helfend-Meyer asked her if she had meant those messages, Hill said: 'No.'

And when she was asked why she sent them - and why she went back to visit Bauer after her first traumatic encounter with him - she said that she was anxious to see him again and 'I was just telling him what he wanted to hear.'

The court hearing began with defeat for Bauer after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman denied his request for the  restraining order against him to be lifted

Helfend-Meyer described her client (pictured taking the stand Monday) as 'vulnerable' and the 'perfect victim for Trevor Bauer'

Ms. Hill broke down in tears as she detailed how Bauer allegedly choked her unconscious and had anal sex with her without her consent 

Bauer insists that their sex sessions were consensual. Pictured: Bauer after the hearing

Hill and Bauer came face to face for the first time on Monday -  six weeks after she claimed was granted a restraining order against him.   

Bauer, who earns $34million a year, dressed in a blue suit with cream shirt and maroon tie as he sat before Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman, opposite from his 27-year-old alleged victim, who was in a black pantsuit. 

The hearing started with a defeat for 30-year-old athlete when the judge denied his lawyers' motion for the restraining order to be dismissed. Bauer insists that their sex sessions were consensual.  

Helfend-Meyer started the hearing by telling the court: 'Trevor Bauer committed domestic violence, abuse and sexual abuse on Ms. Hill. 

'She had learned to trust Trevor, and it led to serious harm to her.

'A normal person does not freely consent to abuse of himself, likely to produce great bodily harm.'

Helfend-Meyer described Hill - the daughter of a baseball coach and herself a lifelong baseball fan - as a recovering alcoholic who is 'vulnerable, scared and fragile.'

'She was the perfect victim for Trevor Bauer,' she added. 

Hill was watching Bauer pitch in his game against the Padres on TV at her home in San Diego when she tagged him in a post, not expecting him to respond, the court heard. 

Attorney Lisa Helfend-Meyer told the court Bauer had treated her client 'like a rag doll' and used 'her for his own sexual deviant pleasure'. Hill released photos of her injuries (right) she claims she sustained after Bauer became violent with her during sex 

Hill claims she consented to having sex with Bauer on two occasions but, during the encounters, he allegedly punched her repeatedly, choked her unconscious and sodomized her without her consent

One text message exchange shows Hill told Bauer her socks must come off when it's time 'to choke me out' and asked him to give her 'all the pain'. Hill told the court Monday that she did not mean what she said and was just telling Bauer what 'he wanted to hear' 

The conversation becomes increasingly sexual as Bauer asks her to describe what she wants him to do

But he replied shortly after the game ended and the two began communicating on social media.

Hill then drove the 130 miles to visit Bauer at his Pasadena home on April 21 this year and the two chatted for several hours, during which Bauer told her his three rules of dating: You can't have feelings for the other; you can't post on social media when together; you can still sleep with others, Helfend-Meyer told the court.

They ended up in bed where Bauer became 'aggressive' she said. 

'Trevor asked if she had ever been choked during sex before. She said yes, even though she hadn't…..

'He put his fingers down her throat. She asked him to stop and he did.

He wrapped her hair around her neck and choked her out. She became unconscious.'

And when Hill came to: 'Bauer was having anal sex with her,' said Helfend-Meyer. 

'The anal sex was very painful. She asked him to stop and he did…….She was bleeding from her anus - she was barely able to walk.'

At their next sexual encounter, again at his Pasadena home, on May 15. 

Bauer choked her out, the court heard. 'She was having a hard time breathing…she was disoriented,' said the attorney.

'He began hitting her in the face repeatedly. He punched her on the side of the face with his closed fist.

Bauer's attorneys accuse the woman of pursuing the athlete for financial gain in the hopes of reaching a settlement. In a message included in their court filing, the woman allegedly wrote: 'Ill have my NDA signed and sealed, and my feelings button switched off, dont worry' (above)

Previous messages released in court filings reveal Hill telling her cousin that her face was 'f***ed up'

'She was terrified. She was like rag doll. She could not move. She could taste blood in her mouth.

'Then he spread her legs to expose her vagina and began punching her in the vagina. She felt more pain than she had never felt before.

'He then flipped her over on her stomach and started scratching her back. She was scared that he was going to hit her again.

'He asked her if she had ever been hit before and she said she hadn't. Then, very matter-of-factly, he took a shower.'

When she returned home, Hill 'threw up violently and had severe headaches', and friends convinced her to go to a hospital for treatment, the court was told.

Hill subsequently drove to Pasadena to report the incidents and police there are still investigating, along with Major League Baseball.  

After Hill arrived at his house for a second time May 15, she told the court they first talked for a while.

'He was amped up about pitching that night,' she said. 

Hill told how Bauer made several personal revelations to her - including how his girlfriend when he was at UCLA left him for another woman, and how he had once accidentally broken the nose of a former girlfriend.

They ended up in bed again, and this time, Bauer asked her to come up with a 'safe word' to call out if she was uncomfortable with anything he was doing, she said. 

She had never been asked that before so she gave him the words "Daddy Issues", 'as a joke' which they both laughed at.

After sex started, 'He slapped me in the face,' said Hill - who admitted the slapping was 'consensual.' But she added, what came after, was not.

'He flipped me over on my stomach and he took my hair and wrapped it around my neck. It was very tight - I couldn't breathe.'

Hill shared pictures of her injuries with her cousin over text messages 

Hill described their encounters as 'consensual' but said Bauer 'took it too far' by leaving her with black eyes, according to text messages released by his attorneys on Tuesday

Bauer, she said, was still having vaginal sex with her from behind and she passed out for a few seconds.

When she regained consciousness: 'He flipped me back over on my back. she resumed having sex with me vaginally - that's when he started closed-fist punching me in my face.

'He hit me first on the left side of my jaw. And he punched me ln both cheek bones and the left side of my head.

'I had never been punched in the face before - I went into shock and I felt like my soul left my body.

'It was so startling. He is very strong. My lip split open and I could taste the blood.'

Hill, dabbing away tears, said that Bauer - who sat in court today showing no reaction to her testimony and occasionally taking notes - flipped her on her stomach, started having sex with her again and wrapped her hair around her neck to choke her out once more.'

'I was like a rag doll,' she said.

When asked why she didn't call out her safe word, she said: 'I couldn't get a word out. I froze. It was like I wasn't a human being.'

Bauer's attorneys claim in a court filing last week that the photos 'appear to be edited or filtered in a manner to give a misleading or false impression of her injuries' (above)

Hill - who told the court that she had never agreed to - or even agreed to being punched in the face - went on to recount how Bauer rolled her on to her back and spread her legs, exposing her vagina.

'He started punching my vagina closed fist. The pain was excruciating. I tried to say the safe word and all I could get out was "Daddy."'

It was enough to make Bauer stop. He then lay on top of her and asked if she was okay, she recalled. 

She was not okay, she told the court. 'Every part of my body was shaking. I could feel every inch of my face burning.'

Bauer's reaction she said, was to tell her, 'You have a couple of welts - I need to be more careful when I hit you.'

Hill added that the ball player - for whom she used the nickname Poppy - 'made me feel like it was my fault, that I was asking for it by saying things to me like, 'I would never do this to you if it wasn't sexual.'

While Bauer was in the shower, she took cell phone pictures of her face, showing her injuries. 

She claimed she didn't want him to see her looking in the mirror because she was 'scared' of his reaction.

Earlier in today's hearing, Bauer's legal team suggested that those photos - circulated by Hill's attorneys - have been doctored and made to look like Hill's injuries are worse than they are.

But Helfend-Meyer denied the claim, insisting that the photos have 'not been altered in any way.'

The hearing comes after Bauer pushed back against Hill last week, claiming that photos of her bruised and injured face had been 'edited.'

Bauer, 30, won the National League Cy Young Award as a member of the Cincinnati Reds last April. He is now on paid leave following the allegations  

Bauer's attorneys claimed in a court filing last Tuesday that the alleged victim is only pursuing the allegations against the 30-year-old sports star 'to generate publicity, try to end [his] baseball career, and gain a monetary settlement.' 

The attorneys vowed that 'no settlements or cash offers have or will ever be made' and said these motivations show the restraining order against Bauer should be dismissed.  

Hill claims she consented to having sex with Bauer on two occasions but, during the encounters, he allegedly punched her repeatedly, choked her unconscious and sodomized her without her consent.

The alleged victim filed and was granted a temporary restraining order against Bauer in late June and he was placed on paid leave from the Dodgers. 

Bauer denies the allegations, claiming the woman willingly participated in rough sex which was 'wholly consensual.'  

The Pasadena Police Department has launched a criminal investigation into the allegations. Bauer has not been arrested or charged with any crime in the case.   

In the court filing, seen by, Bauer's attorneys Shawn Holley and Kate Mangels argue that the restraining order should be dismissed, claiming there is no legitimate reason for it. 

They accuse the woman of pursuing Bauer for financial gain in the hopes of reaching a settlement - something they say the sports star is not open to.   

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