Fortnite's 'Rainbow Royale' Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community With Music And Rainbows


Nintendo Life 20 July, 2021 - 04:30pm 29 views

When is Bughas skin coming out?

As part of its “icon series,” which most recently included LeBron James, Epic is adding a Bugha skin to Fortnite on July 20th. The VergeFortnite champ Bugha is getting his own in-game skin

"Everyone is welcome on the Battle Bus"

Pride Month may have ended, but pride (lowercase) is all year round — and that includes video games. Fortnite has added a new event called Rainbow Royale to the game, celebrating diversity, community, and its many LGBTQ+ players with rainbow items, new songs by LGBTQ+ artists, and massive pride flags.

There is also a new rainbow flag prop in Fortnite Creative.

There will also be new music in the Battle Royale, borrowed from Rocket League's Love ISLV playlist last month, and celebrating specifically LGBTQ+ musicians:

The Rainbow Royale event runs from today, July 20th, through to July 27th at 8pm ET (July 28th, 1am BST).


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I may be the only person who has never played even 1 second of this game.

I like that you said pride is year round. I wish more people approached their lives by taking pride in who they are.

This is pretty cool, but you know, I don't play fotnite anymore so, I still care that this kind of stuff is in games tho.

Removed - trolling; user is banned

I’m glad that EPIC Games is recognizing the LGBTQ community. I’m bisexual myself, but I wonder if this is just a PR ploy to attract even more players. There have been reports of an extreme “bro” culture at EPIC games (which is normally not a very accepting culture), and “bro” culture is extremely apparent in the players. Most Fortnite players I’ve met were extremely homophobic, transphobic, and biphobic. The devs may have added LGBTQ celebrations to Fortnite, but I doubt it will change players for the better and it sure won’t convince me to play the game.

At least the stuff is free! And Kim Petras and Big Freedia in Fortnite is just plain bonkers.

@BloodNinja we need less ‘pride’ and more humility, imho.

Removed - trolling; user is banned

Brilliant! Absolutely no downside to this, 100% positive

I don't think Fortnite even had music last time I played it, lol. There's so much random stuff in the game now I think I'd find it too overwhelming to redownload it at this point (unless they add Samus, then I would) but it's a fun game and I'm glad to see things like this in it.

Good for people who care, I guess. I don't see why being pandered to by corporations is a good thing, but I don't see how celebrating LGBT+ people is a bad thing.

@JSDude1 There is an appropriate level of self pride that is tempered with humility. The sad fact is we live in a world where some people are in desperate need of self pride. I agree that some folks, regardless of background, become boastful. It all needs to balanced with several virtues.

@MrPavoPeacock You know what I hate more then anything, is company's that pay no head to the LGBTQ, only when they need to suck up to them for some money, Disney Cough.

I always knew fortnite was gay.

@Snatcher You do realise that Disney literally don’t suck up to us, right? The entire problem is that China and the Middle East are a larger market and so they make a lot more money if they do the exact opposite of pandering. You always bring this up, what exactly is your problem?

@JSDude1 Wow. Not many people seem to realise this these days

I come from a religious background with what some might call a "traditional" view on things like marriage and gender. I'm not about forcing my views upon others though and strive to treat everyone equally and pay due respect. There's no place for hateful slurs, violence, or harassment in civilized society, and anyone who does so fails to embody the teachings of Jesus.

I generally don't share my views on social media in fear of being dehumanized as homophobic and subsequently "cancelled." But I'm stepping outside my comfort zone to express where I stand in hopes of being proven wrong. I would love to see a world where we can all happily coexist in spite of differing viewpoints. Much love to everyone, regardless of who you are.

Play fortnite with voice chat and the last thing you will find is respect with homosexual people.

It is awesome initiative, don't get me wrong, but if they really care with the well being of LGBTQ+ players, they need to start to take action against those awful homophobic players.

Raise a flag is cool, but concrete actions is what really protect people.

@BloodNinja definitely, there needs to be a balance - Domo

Removed - offensive remarks; user is banned

Now if what I say is indeed not fact I will take back what I said.

@MrPavoPeacock so they’re dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t….

@MrPavoPeacock definitely a PR move imo. The game is actually dying and they need something to get more players

I don’t care what your sexual orientation is but leave Lil Nas away from children.

As a member of the LGBTQ, I was very excited until I saw it was the generic rainbow flag. No trans flag, no non binary, just the corporate rainbow as per usual. They could also, yknow, donate to LGBTQ charities and groups, but gotta pander for those publicity points I guess

@Snatcher Who cares about a poster? Is that pandering? What money were they making off the back of a poster? Regardless of Disney as a corporation, there will be rather a lot of people working for them that are a part of that community, not just consumers. Pandering makes it sound as if they’re changing artistic visions to suck up to the big bad gays when in fact the absolute opposite is happening and extremely mild ‘representation’ is being cut out of movies to sell them to Russia, China and the Middle East.

@SwankyKong64 or better yet, let kids listen to music while also discussing it with them and taking an active role in what they're exposed to. If you want your kid to be a thoughtful, conscientious person you have to equip them with the tools to be critical minded, not just tell them to avoid things.

There was nothing funnier in the last two years than seeing people get triggered by WAP and Lil Nas' 'Satanism'. The worst thing he's guilty of is co-opting one of the best rapper's stage name.

""Everyone is welcome on the Battle Bus" where they're on their way to start shooting the crap out of one another! \(^o^)// Wait, what?

Not to denounce the thought or the event, but talk about unintentionally surreal contexts.😅

@nhSnork it makes sense when you think about it. What's worse, an equal opportunity serial killer, or a serial killer who is also guilty of hate crimes?

@nessisonett Well It seemed like a lot of people did, They were complaining about it.

@Snatcher As you can see from the removed comments in this comment section here, people complain whenever anything is even slightly related to LGBTQ+.

@nessisonett Ok I agree with all of your points, I still think Disney tries to get in on some of that LGBTQ action only when they need it.

You can only have a positive opinion about this.

I'm sure nobody cares or needs to know what type of girls I like. That being the case it might be easier for some people to understand the fact that I don't give an f who they like, how they like to dress or what they do in their bedrooms. They wanted respect and normalization and they got just that. Can you all now just let us focus on the real problems we face as individuals and as a society? Please?

@Kevember should've just left it at the first sentence tbh

@Darlinfan touché, I guess.😆

@nessisonett That happens in literally every article. But maybe it feels more meaningful when its a social topic? Also important to note that the controversial comments are about whether or not the corporate move or the article is a good idea; no one here ever has an issue with LGBTQIA+ people themselves.

Maybe that doesn't comfort you, but it comforts me so I thought I'd share.

@Chocobo_Shepherd Motives behind people's comments can be difficult to suss out, but me thinks most of the "controversial comments" belie, at best, unrecognized prejudice.

Came here to view the beautiful ban hammer swinging mightily through the peasants. Not disappointed. Kind of wonder if this was just to see who stuck their head up.

@PBandSmelly - It's more likely they made it where they can just call them "rainbows" without backlash in their new owner's home country.

@Chocobo_Shepherd You might have missed the removed comments but I got the emails from them tagging me and their motives were rather plainly laid out 😂

@nessisonett why do you do that to yourself?

It's like getting a reminder in Call of Duty every time someone relates intimate details of their relationship with your mother or partner. I can buy one or two people, my mom is a woman with needs. But the entire internet can't be up to it.

@nessisonett Ah well, different interpretations from different perspectives.

@Nontendo_4DS It definitely can be tough. And then another layer is who gets the benefit of those doubts and who doesn't, ya know? Certainly can be complex.

@Darlinfan I’d kill for a ‘your mum’ counter in Call of Duty. Maybe they can give you a special reward when the counter reaches 69. That would take, what, half a day?

@Restryder Can't even say that I stayed away from Fortnite. I played it for the total of one second, then deleted it. Didn't even get into a match, and only used it to try and communicate with someone I met over Animal Crossing New Leaf.

@nessisonett I realized unfortunately too late that what I described would be so rad.

@BloodNinja wrong, this nation has gotten off track and ‘pride’ is part of our problem all around which leads to narcissism. All the modern social movement sufferer from this. It’s a prime example is the ‘civil rights’ movement in the which starred off under Christian morality and had great success!!..Then modern leftists when racism is actually on the decline in the USA and Western nations, out of decay and disentangled from Christianity without morals in their quest for continued political power latch onto self-centeredness and after a couple of decades we go from “I have a dream that all men are Created equal and should be judged on the ‘content of their character’ to CTR and ‘all white ppl are racists/systematic racism..everywhere’..

@JSDude1 dude what

@somebread You realize you're agreeing with my comment, right?

I knew someone would come here to try to make this article controversial.

@somebread it’s all related to self pride/love or pride in some aspect of who a person is (such as sexuality) in furtherance of a political cause when we really need to humble ourselves and ask ‘what’s wrong with me!?’. Ultimately, imho we need humility before God.

FYI, you guys know this is a UK site, right? So all of my fellow Americans need to simmer it down out there. There is no "this country" when you are trying to refer to the US on a UK site.

@JSDude1 You got an issue.

@Darlinfan kids don’t need to know about tweaking and sex. Don’t even with me as someone who’s been sexually assaulted as a kid I don’t want to hear it

@Snatcher I hate to fan the flames, but Disney are the absolute worst when it comes to inclusivity. Of all the giant corporations no one does hypocrisy like Disney. They will literally do press releases talking up their "representation" in a new Star Wars or Marvel movie and mention that it's a "series first" for Star Wars, and then when the movie comes out you find that the representation is two unnamed characters kissing in the back of a crowd, a two-second snippet of a scene that carefully includes no dialogue so Disney can edit it out for the Chinese market, or another unnamed background character mentioning his boyfriend one time in the middle of a group therapy session which, again, can and will be deleted from the Chinese version of the movie.

They have erased canonical bisexuals and lesbians in Avengers and Black Panther - after intentionally including a hint about the latter case in one of the first teasers for the movie. So they don't just ignore LGBTQ+ fans like some companies do, they go out of their way to pretend they are going to be supportive until you buy the tickets to the movie, see it and find out you've been swindled by a corporation that absolutely does not give a **** about LGBTQ+ people.

But yeah, come Pride month they're all too happy to put up some rainbow banners on social media and talk about how supportive they are, until July 1st rolls around and they go back to pretending queer people don't exist.

I'm sorry, I'm actually a pretty big Marvel fan from back in the days when that meant you read comic books, and yes I have seen almost all of the MCU movies. But there's no way around it, Disney is an awful corporation and they are the absolute worst at representation and inclusivity.

@JasmineDragon Ya man its ok I respect you.

@JSDude1 You should stop digging.

@Snatcher I could care less if you think so.

@Nontendo_4DS nah, I’m fine.

@JSDude1 I don't agree. As an atheist myself, I think we need a lot less "god". It's coming though. Atheism and the irreligious are almost 30% of the population here in the United States at present. I have no problem with people having their own beliefs, but to say everybody needs more "god" is like pushing your beliefs onto others. Try to respect the fact that not everyone believes what you believe. It'll do you some good.

@SwankyKong64 I'm sorry you were sexually assaulted, but I don't defer to people on the basis of their trauma, I defer to them on the strength of their argument.

I was molested by a baby sitter who is also a relative, and because we were both around the same age and I'm a guy and she's a girl it's downplayed. I don't need you or anyone to tell me there's only one way to feel about something or that you're an authority on something that only you understand. No one said anything about exposing kids to sex, the argument I presented was that it's better to arm your kids with critical thinking skills in conjuction with monitoring what they're exposed to.

Last time I checked I don't think either one of us had our reading comprehension molested, so you can miss me with that garbage. What a disgusting response.

@PoliticallyIncorrect I do believe that all need Christ, but you’re right I can’t force Him onto you, and I never tried to either. Having an opinion on a website-one in which we’re both able to freely state and discuss out opinions even talk of God (or not) isn’t doing that at all. Just because you dislike my opinion isn’t a reason which I can’t say it nor hold certain beliefs.

Well, I’ve never like Fortnite in the first place, but pushing the lgbt agenda, and pride in general, is the final nail in the coffin. Keep your politics out of video games, developers and we all can live happier lives.

@JSDude1 Once again, I never said you weren't allowed to hold certain beliefs. I said "I have no problems with people holding different beliefs". Get the story straight.

@PoliticallyIncorrect but I’m not forcing (which I interpret you saying I’m “pushing”) God onto everyone else by saying all need Him. That’s factually incorrect.

@JSDude1 Saying "all need him" is also factually incorrect.

@PoliticallyIncorrect it's also a subjective opinion, from someone who has already explained themself to you when pressed. I think it's an obnoxious statement too, but he's not pushing anything on you.

What did the “trolls” say to get banned? Heteropride? Is that a thing?

@PoliticallyIncorrect in your opinion, which obviously I disagree with.

@JSDude1 As a believer myself I still can't agree with you, you just get so much wrong, You can still care about gay people, and should care, even if you agree or don't.

@Darlinfan I'll certainly take that into consideration. I do agree with the "obnoxious" part though! LOL! Have a great night man!

@PoliticallyIncorrect yes them saying all need him, and an opinion of there's. and its not forcing it on you.

@Snatcher Yes, he should care about gay people. Good call! Peace!

@PoliticallyIncorrect Have a good night man.

@PoliticallyIncorrect I definitely see where you're coming from, it's people who think they're offering you compassion when you really don't want to hear about it, and actually find it condescending.

@Masterchicken I'm pretty sure they actually said some messed up stuff.

@Darlinfan They tend to tell you you're going to burn in hell, and then end it with "god bless you"! I'm not saying this person is doing that, but I've seen a lot of it in my 52 years.

@JSDude1 I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. That's how conversations are built. You have a good night.

This is great and all … but it stinks of the usual disingenuous corporate PR and marketing when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ+ community or most causes. Lip service for a feel good photo-op with little substance.

As a community member, first, we don’t all like rainbows. In fact, they are missing several color combinations if they really were supportive of the community….just saying. Don’t think they did their homework.

And instead of just providing us rainbows and music by LGBTQ+ artists, they could have made a better contribution by donating Fortnite profits during this time to worthy LGBTQ+ community organizations or causes.

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Bugha Arrives To The Fortnite Icon Series

Fortnite 20 July, 2021 - 08:10pm

Fortnite Chapter 3 Map Change, Ariana Grande Concert, DC Crossovers Leak

Screen Rant 20 July, 2021 - 02:10pm

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 has been in full swing for a while, with aliens taking over the island and slowly terraforming areas into environments suitable for alien life. Developer Epic Games have introduced the biggest threat to the battle royale, which has attracted the likes of Superman and Rick Sanchez in order to stop it. While the crossover chaos that is Fortnite Season 7 has received a lot of buzz for its fun additions to the game,  players are always looking to the future. Right now, they’re wondering what the next stages of Fortnite are going to look like.

According to r/FortniteLeaks moderator SmugMrMime on Fortnite, a trustworthy leaker has claimed to bring news detailing what’s coming next in Fortnite's near future. The leaker states that an Ariana Grande concert is "coming soon." Supposedly, a test launch of the concert has already been run by Epic Games, which could mean Ariana Grande will make a Travis Scott-like Fortnite appearance as soon as they claim. The leaker also said that more DC character skins from the Justice League and Suicide Squad will be added to the game, but wasn’t able to confirm which characters would make their debut due to alleged legal details still being hashed out behind the scenes.

The Fortnite leaker also says that The Cube will return at the end of Season 7, which will be controlled by an "unknown Queen character" that will play a bigger role in Chapter 3. Finally, the last and biggest claim of all is that Fortnite's map will be completely scrapped at the end of Chapter 2 and replaced again at the start of Chapter 3, during which time the location of The Seven will allegedly be revealed.

It's worth noting these Fortnite leaks have not been confirmed by Epic or corroborated elsewhere yet. However, the leaker has been known to give out insider information with specificity, having previously leaked the theme and content of Chapter 2, Season 7. If the leak is true, map changes in Chapter 3 will mean that even avid battle royale players will have to once again readjust their strategies.

Ariana Grande in Fortnite would be a major victory for both the battle royale and the singer, as virtual concerts have proven extremely successful in an era of COVID-19 health restrictions. If reports of her in-game concert are true, players will likely flock to the island to catch a glimpse at a virtual Ariana Grande. A DC crossover at this point also just makes sense, given that Epic very evidently has an existing working relationship with WarnerMedia and The Suicide Squad premieres in theaters and on-demand on August 6.

Source: SmugMrMime/Reddit

New Fortnite Update Adds Rainbow Royale Event, Preferred Item Slots, and More

GameRant 20 July, 2021 - 11:27am

One of the things added in today's update is the long-awaited preferred item slot preferences feature. Found in the Game Tab of the Settings menu, players can now choose which inventory space they want a picked-up weapon or item to be dropped into.

Also added in the latest Fortnite update is Bugha's Late Game Arena mode. It'll be available soon for plyer in the playlist selection screen and is meant to celebrate the addition of Bugha in Fortnite's Icon Series. The game mode drops teams of three on the map with the Storm already closing in. Each player will receive one of nine loadouts at random, and players will earn Hype for completing certain tasks, such as eliminating opponents. Players who get at least 1500 Hype before July 28 will be eligible to compete in a tournament with a cash prize of $100,000.

There will also be a playlist available on the car radio stations that feature LGBTQIA+ music artists such as Lil Nas X, Troye Sivan, Kim Petras, Hayley Kiyoko, and more to celebrate the occasion.

And of course, like any major patch for a video game, there are several bug fixes that Fortnite players should be aware of:

Fortnite is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite: All Alien Artifact Locations (Week 7)

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For Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, Week 7, Epic Games is adding five more Alien Artifacts into the mix. This guide will go over all of the locations for these items, however, players should know that these Alien Artifacts have yet to go live as of the time of writing. They will go live once the Epic quests release later this week, so make sure that the Artifacts have spawned before going out and hinting them down and wasting precious time.

Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: YouTube

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