Full Call of Duty: Vanguard - Warzone Reveal Event Gameplay


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What is Call of Duty Vanguard about?

“Call of Duty Vanguard,” the next mainline entry in the wildly popular Call of Duty franchise, will feature a totally new squad-based multiplayer mode, a campaign that will include major battles across the four main theaters of World War II, and environments that will react and change in response to bullets and ... The Washington Post'Call of Duty Vanguard' reveal: New destructible environments and game mode

When will Call of Duty Vanguard release?

This is Call of Duty®: Vanguard. The award-winning Sledgehammer Games is leading development on Call of Duty: Vanguard. It is scheduled for a worldwide release on Friday, November 5, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Battle.net. callofduty.comAnnouncing Call of Duty®: Vanguard callofduty.com

When is the vanguard event in warzone?

Activision revealed the next mainline Call of Duty game, subtitled Vanguard, during an immersive special event within the battle royale standalone Warzone. The event went live on August 19, offering a hallmark experience for how to reveal a game. InverseWarzone's 'Vanguard' event hints at a more immersive future for game reveals

What is the battle of Verdansk?

The Battle of Verdansk is the title tag for Warzone event where the Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal takes place. Developer Raven first shared a teaser on social media about what to expect: We put together the four images shared on Twitter via @CallofDuty. Eurogamer.netWarzone Vanguard event start time and Battle of Verdansk event explained

Call of Duty: Vanguard - Official Reveal Trailer

IGN 19 August, 2021 - 04:20pm

Warzone streamers react to CoD Vanguard reveal event: NICKMERCS, NoahJ456, more

Dexerto 19 August, 2021 - 03:11pm

Rumors have been flying around for a while that the next Call of Duty title would be revealed through Warzone and that moment finally arrived.

The Warzone: Battle of Verdansk event took place on August 19, 2021. The game received a special playlist update that allowed players to queue into the event.

Players needed to work together to destroy a train, then run to the exfil location. Even though this sounds easy it took over 100,000 damage points to destroy the train. Completing these steps unlocked the Vanguard reveal trailer for everyone in the lobby and the rest will go down in history.

Streamers such as NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and NoahJ456 seemed to be enjoying every moment of the event, from defeating the train, to sprinting for the exfil, we got some priceless reactions.

I’m so ready for Vanguard pic.twitter.com/kuvdSM3nVb

— timthetatman👑 (@timthetatman) August 19, 2021

It wouldn’t be NoahJ456 if something didn’t go terribly wrong. While watching the Vanguard trailer his game decided to tab out, causing the streamer to miss about 10 seconds.

This could only happen to me…

Looking forward to Call of Duty Vanguard! pic.twitter.com/pGRFJ6eSaC

— NoahJ456 (@NoahJ456) August 19, 2021

Although streamers loved the event and the reveal of the next CoD, a post from Call of Duty’s official website following the event caught their attention the most.

After the trailer streamers started to express their hype for Vanguard. Specifically, the official announcement of an anti-cheat, which is scheduled to come to Warzone in November.

Lots of people are insanely excited over this feature that is coming to Warzone. Tommey, CouRageJD, and Swagg were just some of many that were excited with the announcement.

A live reaction of Edy aka Newbz when the announcement of the anti-cheat came out. pic.twitter.com/qgtL4Edj0g

— Tommey (@Tommey) August 19, 2021

New map and anti-cheat confirmed for Warzone.

I’m not going to lie…I’m fucking AMPED.

— Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (@CouRageJD) August 19, 2021


— FaZe Swagg (@Swagg) August 19, 2021

However, even with all the new content players will still need to wait. As for streamers, they all seemed to agree that they want to wait and to see these things implemented before being too satisfied.

Alder Lake's small cores are more exciting for PC gaming than you might think

HYPEBEAST 19 August, 2021 - 08:01am

The smart scheduler silicon in Intel's next-gen CPUs will dedicate the big cores to gaming and the little cores to streaming.

Alder Lake will feature a blend of 'Performance' cores and 'Efficient' cores, and each serves a slightly different purpose in general PC use. 

The former, the Performance core, is what we're used to considering a CPU core on desktop; it's all about high clock speeds and single-threaded performance. These are built on the Golden Cove architecture, which is one step on from the Willow Cove cores currently found in 11th Gen Tiger Lake mobile processors, and two steps on from the Cypress Cove design in Rocket Lake desktop chips.

The latter, the Efficient Core, is all about power efficiency and multithreaded workloads. Up until now, these were known as Gracemont cores, and they're sort of a carry-over from Intel's Atom lineup. Don't be fooled, though—the Efficient core has a higher IPC than Skylake, for a fraction of the power and space demands.

The top Alder Lake desktop chip will come with eight Performance cores and eight Efficient cores. That totals 24 threads in total, as each Performance core also offers Hyper-Threading.

Us gamers probably feel the allure of the high-speed Performance cores all the same, and so we should if Intel's promise of a 19% general performance increase is true. Yet, following on from Intel's Architecture Day, I'm starting to see the light in the small, Efficient cores. 

The best example that we have in the lab is gaming in parallel to whatever other workloads that you're running. Can be streaming, can be web browsing.

It's these smaller cores that could actually shake things up for CPU gaming performance.

The reason being, Intel says, is the small cores could become extremely useful in offloading lower priority tasks from the powerful Performance cores while you're gaming. That includes such things as streaming and recording your gaming sessions, which Intel says is exactly what this hybrid performance architecture does exceptionally well.

That ultimately comes down to the Thread Director, a hardware-based scheduler that aids the OS (in this case Windows 11) in divvying up tasks between cores. 

The Thread Director is located on the Alder Lake chip itself, and it works by exposing more information to the OS for scheduling tasks than it would otherwise have access to. Augmented by the Thread Director, the OS can cleverly shift tasks around as it sees fit, moving high-priority tasks to the top of the Performance core queue while putting low-priority tasks on the Efficient cores.

"The best example that we have in the lab is gaming in parallel to whatever other workloads that you're running. Can be streaming, can be web browsing. They can be like recording the game, this is a great example of the game runs on the Performance core and the side activities run on the Efficient core," Ran Berenson, GM of Core and Client Development Group, says. "And you can run the game in same performance even if you have other tasks running in parallel."

If Intel can get the scheduling right with Alder Lake, it should mean that games get first priority to Performance cores for maximum frame rates, while low-priority software will stick to the more power-savvy cores. 

Alongside new and improved power management, that could help drive higher frequencies, too, although Intel isn't quite ready to talk about final specs just yet.

It all sounds surprisingly beneficial to gaming, and that's coming from someone who was initially sceptical about whether Alder Lake's hybrid architecture would be at all useful for PC gamers, particularly on desktops. 

Intel says Alder Lake is on track for release this year, so we shouldn't have long to wait to put all this to the test.

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