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Can I play n64 games on switch?

Nintendo is adding a new membership tier to Nintendo Switch Online that lets you play Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis games. The new tier, called Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, will be officially released in late October. ... Here's the launch lineup of N64 games: Super Mario 64. The VergeNintendo Switch Online is getting an ‘expansion pack’ with N64 and Genesis games

What time does the Nintendo Direct start?

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A new image of the upcoming Switch N64 wireless pad shows that it has some extra buttons on the top.

As spotted by our pals over at VGC, there are ZR, Home and Share buttons on the top of the device, alongside a USB-C charting port and a sync button. There are also four LED lights, as is the norm with Switch controllers.

The Mega Drive / Genesis controller also has extra buttons on the top, as you can see in the tweet below. There's also a 'Mode' button, which is curious, as this was only included on the 6-button Mega Drive controller back in the day, and allowed players to switch between 3 and 6 button modes for those titles which encountered issues with the latter.

It was confirmed this week that N64 games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online, along with Mega Drive / Genesis games. It was also reported that in Europe, some of the N64 games will run at 50Hz rather than 60Hz.


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Comments (32)

Still can't believe they haven't updated the analogue stick. £50...way too much.

Very very good to have the home button and ZR on there to get into the menu. I use my Cube controller almost exclusively on the Switch and keep having to go fetch my crap Joy-Con to get into the menu.

So it has a Rumble Pak slot?

I guess since the ZL button isn't visible on the top, that the N64 controller's iconic Z button at the back might count as ZL?

I hate these clickbait articles. You have our attention already since we are on your site. There are no "hidden" buttons on either of these controllers. Everything is standard for the Switch controllers. Stop with the clickbait.

The N64 controller is a must buy, if I can ever actually buy one that is.

Looks pretty sweet. Why am I now wanting that n64 controller lol


It looks awesome, glad Nintendo do stuff like this.

Day 1 purchase from me

The extra buttons are probably for save states and rewind feature. With save states in Banjo Kazooie I can cheat in the Mr. Vile eating contest and Grunty’s quiz game!

The N64 had first party controllers of various colours. I remember blue, black, yellow, red and green. I don’t suppose they would release this new Switch controller in these colours. Not likely, but would be nice to see.

@johnvboy me too. Admittedly, I didn't buy the nes and snes ones. I think I may get them if they put them on a steep discount. However, 64 is my 2nd favorite console of all time so i may just need a wireless 64 controller to play zelda, MK, mario 64, golf, banjo and whatever else comes. I was going to say, mario party would've been a nice addition, but considering the timing of the expansion pak and the mario party superstars, I get why they didn't add it.

I am curious if this new N64 controller will have the same issues with the analog stick becoming worthless over time.

I'm curious as to how the C buttons are going to be programmed as on the Switch. If they can act as a special replacement for the R control stick, that will make for some potentially interesting controls on Switch games.

I'm also curious to see if the L buttons and D-Pad will be usable in games they previously weren't. It would be quite the nice touch.

Finally, everyone's been asking about the Rumble Pak accessory. Is there built-in rumble for this?

Absolutely stoked about this N64 controller, people that have played N64 games emulated or on VC before know that they are very uncomfortable on anything other than an actual N64 controller. For 40 quid you're basically unlocking the full potential of FUN of this amazing console.

Since this doesn't do games for Switch but only NSO that a easy pass..

@mohr365 If you're worried about wasting your precious time, you didn't have to click on the article, and you certainly didn't have to post an angry comment. What were you expecting, a panel that opens up to reveal a hidden Amazon Alexa button?

@SwitchForce The NSO NES and SNES controllers worked for games that they had enough buttons for, like Mario Kart 8. This probably won’t be any different.

Unreasonable expectation- that the slot works for save cards and rumble packs and whatever extra attachments that worked on the original controllers

@mohr365 I don’t think it is clickbait, but ‘extra buttons’ would be more accurate than hidden buttons.

Did they update the internals? The original N64 sticks were held together by what little faith I have in humanity. Hopefully these are a much more sturdy build.

Ok but can I use my original rumble pack and transfer pack?

@YusseiWarrior3000 The fact that the stick failure rate was high is the reason people dislike it. The shape is ugly and uncomfortable, so that’s another. Now you can understand LOL

I wonder if someone's gonna try making a wavebird 64 dongle for the original system...

@kurtasbestos Sorry, comments are also site feedback, so we can comment on the clickbait as much as they utilize it.

@BongoBongo123 We don't know if the internals of the stick yet is the same as the one in the originals. As far as the stick itself it is meant to invoke the feeling of playing the original hardware which means the classic hard plastic stick. Though it's not that bad (speaking as someone who grew up with it and still used it with my original system till a few years ago when I got the Retro Fighter Brawler 64 pad) and only gets really uncomfy if you're playing old-school Mario Party.

Considering this is an optional controller I'm sure you'll be able to use a Switch Pro Controller or other 3rd Party controllers that are more modern. This one is meant for those seeking a more "authentic experience."

@dustinprewitt Saves will be digital and saved to your Switch so no need for memory cards and I'm sure the rumble will be built in. Have yet to see the back of the controller, but I'd assume the rumble will be built into the old expansion compartment in the back. Though you never know maybe Nintendo will offer a rumble pack... though in my opinion that would be quite not cool of them to charge extra for rumble when that was a selling feature of games like Starfox 64.

@YusseiWarrior3000 Man, I live in Bolivia, but I'll do everything humanly possible to get one by the end of the year hahahah.

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