‘Genshin Impact’ Reveals 9 Inazuma Characters, Update 2.0 Landmarks And Gift Codes


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When is Inazuma coming Genshin?

On behalf of the entire Genshin Impact team, we're very pleased to share with you that Inazuma, the much-anticipated third city of the seven major cities, will finally arrive with the upcoming Version 2.0 The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia on July 21. playstation.comGenshin Impact Version 2.0: All about Inazuma

Inazuma is the centerpiece of the upcoming update—an entire new region similar in size to the game’s previous two main areas, Mondstadt and Liyue. Where the former has a sort of Breath of the Wild-meets-high-fantasy vibe and the latter pays homage to many elements of Chinese culture, Inazuma is the anime-inspired game’s first stab at a region overtly inspired by Japanese traditions.

The trailer is not subtle about this, with architecture and archetypes (shogun, samurai, ninja) that scream Japan about as loudly as possible, as well as a multitude of cherry blossoms. That said, it all looks gorgeous in Genshin Impact’s lush art style, to the point that fans are basically losing their minds right now. The new region’s soundtrack, meanwhile, was recorded in collaboration with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, to give it an authentic flavor.

A new region means plenty of new stuff to do, including a “massive” number of new Archon quests and side quests. There will also be three new playable characters: Ayaka, who wields a katana and ice powers, Yoimiya, who uses a bow and fire (and who will hopefully be better than fellow fire/bow character Amber, notoriously the game’s worst), and Sayu, a wind ninja.

On top of all of that, Genshin Impact is adding cross-progression between the PS5, PS4, PC, Android, and iOS versions of the game. Also: gardening! Once version 2.0 launches, you’ll be able to collect and plant seeds in the fields of the realm located in your Serenitea Pot, which is basically the game’s player housing system.

The update will arrive—alongside new events and a bunch of systemic tweaks—in less than two weeks. I guess this means I should probably start doing my daily quests again, huh.

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Genshin Impact to Add New City, Cross-Save and More This Month - IGN

IGN 09 July, 2021 - 02:35pm

The Version 2.0 update, titled The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, introduces the brand new Inazuma region, ruled by the Electro Archon. Inazuma is across the sea from the main playable regions that have been released so far. According to the press release, the locations found within Inazuma have completely different cultures, creatures, and mysteries.

Inazuma is an island region consisting of six islands, and the Electro Archon has become obsessed with the pursuit of eternal life. Individuals including Kamisato Ayaka will be added as playable five-star characters for the first time, which will be helpful against the new bosses and enemies being added to the game.

Version 2.0 launches on July 21, and brings with it some additional features for players on PlayStation 5, including DualSense haptic feedback support, whilst all versions will benefit from improved character shading, more feature optimisation, and cross-save functionality.

Genshin Impact is currently available across PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile. The game was also originally set to launch on Nintendo Switch, but has since been delayed, and we haven’t heard anything about the Switch version for a while now. Are you interested in what the land of Inazuma offers Genshin Impact players, or are you waiting to hear when the game will come to Switch before jumping in? Let us know in the comments below.

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Genshin Impact 2.0 Brings Inazuma Region, Ayaka, & 2 More Characters

Screen Rant 09 July, 2021 - 02:35pm

In what was previously expected to be a direct follow-up to the current Genshin Impact 1.6 build, the formerly known "1.7" version will actually be the biggest content release for the game since its launch in September 2020. Genshin Impact 2.0 looks to its full new version number with an entire new region, Inazuma, which is inspired by Japanese geography and culture. With its popular gacha game mechanics, new characters are always the pillar of any new content drop, and 2.0 (as well as future Inazuma content) appears like it will be no slouch in that department.

In its Friday "New Version Special Program" stream, miHoYo dropped a new Genshin Impact 2.0 trailer showcasing the colorful, Studio Ghibli-inspired Inazuma region, how it will evolve the game's story, and much-hyped characters like Ayaka and Kokomi. The playable characters coming in 2.0 have been confirmed as Cryo swordswoman Ayaka, Pyro archer Yoimiya, and claymore-wielding Anemo Sayu, who were previously revealed alongside 1.6's Kazuha. Coming in updates sometime after version 2.0's release on July 21, the characters Baal, Thoma, Kujuo Sara, Kokomi, Gorou, and Yae Miko were also teased in the epic cinematic trailer.

Version 2.0 is easily the game's single largest batch of post-launch content to date, and it's especially impressive when considering Genshin Impact hasn't even celebrated its first birthday yet. With Inazuma's Electro bent (considering Baal is the Electro Archon and all) leading to the entire element's combat utility being expanded, there will be significant gameplay changes beyond the addition of the update's new handful of characters. However, the change of scenery and a new region to explore will be the biggest transformation that players will feel on a moment-to-moment basis in version 2.0, and it helps that Inazuma may be Genshin Impact's most visually impressive locale yet.

While the near future holds a lot in store for dedicated, returning, and new Genshin Impact players alike, some are no doubt already looking ahead past version 2.0. A beta for version 2.1 is already available for eligible players selected by miHoYo, and some widely requested quality of life improvements like a Serenitea Pot load limit increase are still pending despite all of 2.0's coming changes and additions. Come July 21, though, there's little doubt that the vast majority of Genshin Impact players will be too busy diving into Inazuma and all it has to offer to care for a little while.

Genshin Impact is available on PS5, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android.

Source: Genshin Impact

'Genshin Impact' Version 2.0 release date, trailer, Inazuma, and characters

Inverse 09 July, 2021 - 02:35pm

Here’s everything we know about Genshin Impact Version 2.0.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 will be available on July 20, 2021.

You better believe there’s a trailer for it. You can watch it right here.

In the trailer, we get a full overview of Inazuma and its narrative themes. The sneak peek opens by providing Inazuma’s nickname: the Nation of Eternity. What this means isn’t expanded upon, but we can assume that it means Inazuma will persist forever, maybe?

We get an overview of Inazuma’s landscape and see the Traveler gain new Electro elemental abilities. We then see more landscapes and characters in Inazuma. The Traveler is also seen drowning, but it’s unclear to what extent this is a legitimate threat to their life.

As the trailer continues, the pace slows. We hear a new character, Yae Miko, speak. It then transitions through a series of character shots for the new Inazuma additions like Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. We get a look at Inazuma’s story, which focuses on the conflict between Raiden Shogun and the Resistance aiming to defeat her. The trailer concludes with a detailed overview of the Traveler’s new abilities.

In case you’re unaware, Inazuma is the third region to be added to Genshin Impact. It’s equal in scale to the others like Mondstadt and Liyue. Version 2.0 houses three islands from Inazuma out of a total of six that are currently planned. It’s a Japanese-inspired nation that will advance the story of Genshin Impact.

Traversal of Inazuma will require the Waverider, the aquatic vehicle first seen in Version 1.6.

Being a new region, it’ll bring additional domains, collectibles, and more. You’ll be able to upgrade your Traveler as well. They’ll get a new Electro element, letting you do damage and solve puzzles in a whole new way.

Without a doubt, Inazuma is the biggest Genshin Impact update ever.

The first banner will feature the Cyro Five-star sword wielder, Ayaka. She’ll be followed by a banner featuring Yoimiya, a five-star Pyro Bow user, and Sayu, a four-star Anemo Claymore user.

It’s currently unknown what other four-star characters will populate these banners.

Cross-Save will allow you to play on the same account and share progression between PlayStation Consoles, PC, and Mobile devices. This means you’ll never be without a device that can play Genshin Impact.

It will be available with the launch of Genshin Impact Version 2.0.

In addition to everything else available in Version 2.0, there will be some changes to the weapon banner. It’s now a little easier to obtain a 5* weapon of your choice.

You will also be able to plant produce needed for increasing ascensions and talent materials. This will let you grow them passively as you play, providing a literal farming system to Genshin Impact.

Everything In Genshin Impact 2.0 - Inazuma, Characters, Quests, Events

Screen Rant 09 July, 2021 - 02:35pm

The biggest reveal from the livestream confirmed that the Inazuma region would be added in 2.0. Although rumored for quite some time, Inazuma will mark the first new nation being added to Genshin Impact since its release. Based around the Electro Element, Inazuma is an island nation with a culture and architectural design inspired by real-world Japan. Previous Inazuma leaks for Genshin Impact were all mostly confirmed during the livestream, including the ability for the Traveler to attune to an Electro Vision.

As expected with such a massive update, Inazuma will bring along plenty of new story content, side quests, events, Domains, world bosses, and characters. Fans had high hopes for Genshin Impact 2.0, but it looks like many of these wishes have been included in the new update. Version 2.0 will also have more collecting and farming simulator-type mechanics in the Serenitea Pot, as players can continue to expand the ways they interact with the housing system. New enemy types can also be encountered in the overworld and when exploring Domains. Additionally, new weapons and Artifacts are arriving as well.

Other character reveals included Yae, Kokomi, and Gorou. Inazuma has a rich history and culture, but a resistance group is threatening to disrupt that. The main story looks to be focused on this conflict, with Inazuma's Archon, Baal, playing a central role. Beyond that, the main narrative is somewhat of a mystery - although players should expect plenty of plot twists and surprises along the way. The stream can be viewed in the video below:

The Inazuma update will be the biggest content drop in Genshin Impact since the game released last year. This means players can likely expect even more events and items to appear than what was shown during the livestream. As the Inazuma storyline continues in future updates like 2.1, even more characters like Gorou and Tohma will likely become playable too. There's a lot to be excited about when Version 2.0 releases later this month.

Source: Genshin Impact/Twitch

Here’s a recap of the Genshin Impact 2.0 stream, including the free item codes

Destructoid 09 July, 2021 - 02:23pm

The Genshin Impact “2.0” stream doesn’t need quotes anymore, as it was fully confirmed this morning on Twitch. After opening up with a lovely piano medley that took place in a live recreation of an area from the game, Dawei opened the stream and teased what it had in store. Inazuma was reconfirmed and the update was titled “2.0,” and we got to see the region in the stream. Here’s a Genshin Impact stream recap.

The update is called “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia,” and will arrive with “Act II: Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow” at the same time on July 21.

We also got a look at the characters of Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. These were teased recently. And we got a look at Yae in-game.

During the stream the miHoYo development team shared why they can work on the game so quickly: with a big focus on the communication process and an open office style concept. A developer explains that the designers researched real fighting styles for Tartaglia’s animations, and were able to quickly solve issues like cape clipping with the animation team.

The Inazuma region was a “challenge” because of the pacing of the release of the old regions; in the sense that the team wanted people to fully explore the old ones first. Then they needed to create a clear theme for Inazuma, which centers around Electro, and has a completely different vibe than the ones before it. Learning from the past, the team comments: “we’ve abandoned some of the challenges that require players to use certain characters.” Yes!

Next in the Genshin Impact 2.0 stream was a reminder that the “Taste of Summer” fan art contest is underway, followed by a segment on the game’s lore from head writer Xiao Luohao in a real tea room inspired by the game.

They tease the Komore Teahouse, an invite-only exclusive location with an alleged curse forcing you to work there forever: highlighting the “urban legends” aspect of the region. Inazuma will feature distinctive Electro-styled collectibles too with its plant life.

Near the end of the stream we got a vague roadmap of events coming to the Inazuma region, as well as the farming/plant system.

There will be a five star weapon banner forgiveness system of sorts: where you can choose your weapon after a specific amount of pulls.

Wrapping up our Genshin Impact stream recap, a full video encore will be provided at 12PM ET on the game’s YouTube channel. Or, you can check out the game’s official Twitter account for a few clips.

Oh, and there’s a “limited time redemption code” that was given out during the stream. Make sure you enter it! In text form, the code is: AS6BQKLY9GLD.

And another one! This one is GBNA9J5H9Y4H.

And another! This one is LS6T4L9ZZ7Th.

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Genshin Impact 2.0 Trailer Showcases the Beautiful Inazuma Region and 3 New Characters

Wccftech 09 July, 2021 - 10:17am

As rumored, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo dropped a new trailer this morning showcasing the game’s upcoming 2.0 update. This is a big one, as after much teasing it introduces the beautiful new Japanese-inspired Inazuma region, three new characters to unlock via the game’s gacha system (two five stars in Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya, and the four-star Sayu), and new features like full cross save functionality between PC, mobile, and consoles. You can check out a new trailer for the update, below.

Here’s a bit more detail on the Inazuma region, courtesy of miHoYo:

Unlike Mondstadt and Liyue, Inazuma is surrounded by the sea on all sides and consists of six main islands, often accompanied by a strong sea breeze and thunderstorms. Although Inazuma is greatly affected by fleeting lightning and the Electro element, the Electro Archon who rules the area has turned to the pursuit of eternity. Throughout the adventure in Inazuma, players will be able to explore the unique cultural landscapes, stories, secrets, and historical connections to Inazuma and the Electro Archon on each of the different islands, as well as the answers to eternity from the Electro Archon herself.

And here’s what you need to know about the new characters:

Kamisato Ayaka, the daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, is often conceived as dignified, elegant, wise, and strong by the locals. She has been familiar to many fans and players since closed beta testing, and will be added as a five-star Cryo sword user. Yoimiya is the other five-star character joining in Version 2.0. She’s a Pyro archer and an expert in fireworks. Known as the "Queen of the Summer Festival," Yoimiya excels in her craft of creating fireworks that symbolize people's hopes and dreams. The last character, Sayu is a new four-star ninja character who wields an Anemo Visionanda giant claymore bigger than herself.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile platforms. Version 2.0 launches on July 21.

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