‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot HBO Max’s Most-Watched Original Series Over Launch Weekend, Streamer Says


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When do new episodes of Gossip Girl reboot come out?

It will premiere July 8, 2021. GlamourThe ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot: Everything We Know So Far

The Gossip Girl reboot made its mark on HBO Max upon its premiere, becoming the steamer’s most-watched original series over the first weekend of availability.

According to HBO Max, the updated Gossip Girl, which premiered Thursday, July 8, saw record viewership over the first four days of availability. The first episode opened to viewers in 555,000 U.S. households, per Samba TV.

Beyond HBO Max stats, the Gossip Girl took over Twitter on its premiere date with the show sliding into the No. 1 trending spot on Twitter. Gossip Girl stayed in the top five trends through mid-day. On TikTok the series gained around 15 billion impressions of content inspired by the series.

Like the original series, the new iteration of Gossip Girl, written by showrunner Joshua Safran, is based on the book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens is introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. The prestige series will address just how much social media — and the landscape of New York itself — has changed in the intervening years.

The series stars Jordan Alexander, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith with Todd Almond, Adam Chanler-Berat, Johnathan Fernandez and Jason Gotay.

Gossip Girl is produced by Fake Empire and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Studios.

Executive producers include Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of Fake Empire and Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo of Alloy Entertainment. Lis Rowinski of Fake Empire serves as co-executive producer. Karena Evans directs two episodes, and original costume designer Eric Daman rejoins the series.

The upcoming five episodes of Part One will drop weekly on HBO Max every Thursday. Part Two’s six episodes will debut in the fall.

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The "Gossip Girl" Reboot's Guide To New York

Guestofaguest.com 12 July, 2021 - 10:30pm

The Wicked Teens of The Upper East are back on our TV screens and, if you were around to witness the drama of their predecessors in real time, chances are you might need a lesson in what the kids of Constance Billard are finding cool these days. Luckily, Gossip Girl's new queen bee - that would be le influencer Julien Calloway - provides a detailed rundown in the reboot's first episode. Let's map it out, shall we?

© 2020 Guest of a Guest, Inc. All Rights Reserved

'Gossip Girl': How Old Is Tavi Gevinson (Kate Keller) Compared to Her Castmates?

Showbiz Cheat Sheet 12 July, 2021 - 10:30pm

You are using an outdated browser. Upgrade your browser today or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site.

Actor Tavi Gevinson surprised many Gossip Girl viewers when her role in the 2021 continuation series was revealed. Many expected her to play a high school student, but instead, she’s a young teacher. As it turns out, she’s not much older than those playing her teenage students on the TV show — and she’s even younger than some of them.

Gevinson portrays Kate Keller in Gossip Girl. Kate is a teacher at Constance Billard, a New York City private school. After one of her friends gets fired due to a student’s influence, she worries she or one of her colleagues could be next. So she comes up with a plan based on the now-defunct blog from the original series.

Breaking the mold by revealing Gevinson (and her fellow teachers) as Gossip Girl right away set the series apart for the 25-year-old actor. “I thought that was so smart,” she told ET Online. “There’s no point in doing it again and having it be the same thing,” she added, referring to the secret identity of the titular character.

Gevinson was announced as a Gossip Girl cast member in March 2020. Along with several others in the main cast, she promoted the series ahead of its HBO Max debut. Gevinson appeared in videos for Cosmopolitan and more, discussing the show, but not giving away what was to come. So no one knew Kate was a teacher.

“She has this thing where I can’t place her temporally,” Gossip Girl creator Joshua Safran told Vanity Fair of Gevinson’s somewhat ambiguous age. “What I mean is, is she 60 and the wisest professor at, you know, Smith, or is she perpetually 15 and asking the questions that you haven’t yet learned you’re not ‘supposed to ask’?”

The youngest of the Gossip Girl cast playing high school students are Whitney Peak and Emily Alyn Lind. The former already has a few notable credits to her name, which is impressive since she’s just 18 years old. Most notably, she recurred in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2.

The other youngest Gossip Girl cast member is Emily Alyn Lind. Lind’s been acting since she was a child, appearing in films like J. Edgar and TV series such as Revenge and All My Children. She recently starred in The Babysitter horror movies and the medical drama Code Black. Lind is 19 years old.

Shockingly, Gevinson is actually younger than a few of the actors playing her students on Gossip Girl. Newcomer Jordan Alexander, who portrays “it girl” Julien Calloway, is 27 — making her a decade older than her character and approximately two years older than Gevinson. She’s the oldest of the young stars.

Additionally, Thomas Doherty (best known for series like The Lodge and Legacies) is exactly one year older than Gevinson — they share their April 21 birthday. Zión Moreno, at 26, is also about a year older. Finally, Eli Brown (Obie) and Evan Mock (Aki) are both in their early 20s, making them a little younger than Gevinson.

Rewatching the Original Gossip Girl Pilot Was Illuminating and Horrifying

The Mary Sue 12 July, 2021 - 10:30pm

Last week, the Gossip Girl reboot/revival finally aired, and I think we are all still waiting to see how this series will develop the new stakes that have been set up for the universe. As one of the screener-less, I decided to finally go back and watch the original Gossip Girl pilot. I never actually got to see it live as it aired ,and man, 2007 was a different time indeed.

The series begins with the return of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) from boarding school following an incident with her younger brother, Eric. She is reunited with her best friend/biggest rival Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). They have tension because Blair worries that her control over their school hierarchy will end if Serena is around. Oh, and she is worried that her longtime boyfriend Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) is in love with Serena. He is, btw.

Gossip Girl is a soap opera and therefore lives beyond the expectations of “realism” when it comes to the lives of its principal cast. Not to mention, it is supposed to highlight that due to their money and power, these teens are more like spoiled adults than academically driven kids. But the thing that I was left with after watching the pilot was the astonishment that in the very first episode, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) tries to rape two women.

Earlier in the episode, Serena is drinking in one of the Bass family hotels, and Chuck plays nice getting her some truffle fries. Then, things turn dark as Chuck taunts Serena about having slept with Nate, and he attempts to assault Serena. She says no and stop over and over again, but eventually has to knee Chuck in the groin to stop him. Later at a party, Chuck attempts to assault Jenny (Taylor Momsen), taking her into more and more secluded places. Jenny begs Chuck to stop, and it takes Serena and Dan physically stopping him to end the assault.

It is horrific to watch with the knowledge that within this same season, the show will begin to try to frame Chuck as a love interest for Blair—that their “love” will be at the core of the show, and that the writers will constantly make excuses for him.

In season four, when Chuck sells Blair for a hotel, the two get into a fight, and Chuck punches a window. Glass falls on Blair’s face, cutting her. For many viewers, myself included, this was the end of having any space for the mess that was “Chair.” Yet, executive producer Josh Safran, who is working on the current show, told E! at the time that this was not abuse:

The way we viewed it, I think it’s very clear that Blair is not afraid in those moments, for herself. They have a volatile relationship, they always have, but I do not believe—or I should say we do not believe—that it is abuse when it’s the two of them. Chuck does not try to hurt Blair. He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair. He knows it and she knows it, and I feel it’s very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck—and what he might do to himself, but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that.

Except, Chuck being abusive was built into the series in the first episode. He is a predator and violent. Yes, he was a spoiled teenage boy, but he was a character written by adults—adults, who should have maybe thought about why their idea of a “bad boy” meant a sexually violent asshole.

Beyond that, the pilot also does a good job of setting up multiple mysteries and side stories that make it really easy to invest in. The world does feel established, and everyone is cast super well, not to mention the character of Gossip Girl, from the very beginning, is an omnipresent figure. Although, it is funny that the first time we hear the “xoxo Gossip Girl” tagline, it is with Dan’s face shown as he’s on the computer.

The New Gossip Girl Has a SHOCKING Identity

CBR - Comic Book Resources 12 July, 2021 - 05:45pm

One of the biggest draws of The CW's Gossip Girl was the mystery behind the blogger causing havoc at Constance Billiard. With accusations and conspiracy theories flying wild, it was only at the end of Season 6 that Dan (Penn Badgley) was revealed to be Gossip Girl, playing everyone to land Serena. However, HBO Max's sequel series takes a different approach when it wastes no time revealing the identity of Gossip Girl 2.0.

Constance Billiard is a different playground in this social media era, and there's more potential for secrets to get out, especially with arrogant students who hate and insult teachers in public. This is why the new Gossip Girl turns out to be the teachers themselves, with Tavi Gevinson's Kate Keller taking charge of the gossip account.

In the staff room, Kate and some other teachers talk about how these entitled, privileged students should be turning into esteemed members of society, but instead, they're just brats. This conversation culminates in Wendy pushing the idea that they find a way to fight back. After they've all done their Gossip Girl homework, they decide to stir discord amongst the students because, if they hate each other, they'll have less time to worry about the teachers.

This leads to Jordan trying to defuse the situation at her art show, but her cohorts, Luna and Monet, hijack the scheme designed to make Jordan still look like the alpha and get Zoya thrown out. This gets the socially conscious Obie to dump Jordan and befriend Zoya, with who he has a strong connection, and turns Jordan's evil eye on her sister. And after successfully taking down the school's biggest target, Kate's DMs fill up with more scandalous details to post.

Jordan Alexander Had an Incredible Interaction With Blake Lively Years Before Gossip Girl

Yahoo Lifestyle 12 July, 2021 - 04:27pm

Alexander knows all about that dynamic—because she watched the OG Gossip Girl to prep for Julien. “It's a really iconic series,” she tells me. “I definitely wanted to infuse as much of that in Julien as possible to give that nostalgic feeling.” Alexander expands on this and more in our conversation, below. You'll never guess what her first interaction with Blake Lively was. (Hint: It had nothing to do with Gossip Girl.)

That Christopher John Rogers gown from the first episode was fantastic. I actually got to wear two Christopher John Rogers gowns. That was a real princess fairytale moment. I live for the drama and the camp, and stuff like that in fashion really excites me.

Originally Appeared on Glamour

The first episode of the continuation series premiered on Thursday and clued in viewers on the identity of the Upper East Side's new instigator.

The 18-year-old opened up to Glamour about feeling like an outsider, reboot critics, and taking on the most high-pressured job of her career.

The HBO Max series referenced Lori's involvement in the college admissions scam.

Everything we know about the rollout of the Gossip Girl reboot

Here's how to watch every episode of the new series.

Safran said that this new perspective helped him feel confident in the project, adding, “To me, that's the only reason to do another version, to come up with something you hadn't seen before.”While the original...

Enjoy the new GG premiere with a throwback or two.

Gossip Girl knows we love her... which is why HBO Max's reboot pays homage to the original GG.

Gone are the headbands and Dior and in their place gender-fluid clothes, Bode and Christopher John Rogers. Eric Daman, costume designer for the original and the reboot, explains the new look of "Gossip Girl."

Are we coming back to Constance Billard for another year?

This is *not* a drill — you can follow the new class of Upper East Siders on Insta.

How many episodes are we getting?

As expected from Manhattan's young elite.

The actor steals every scene of the HBO Max series, though he'd never admit it himself. “It's so weird,” he tells Glamour. “Sometimes people ask me for a picture, and I'm like, ‘Are you sure? I think you might have me confused.’”

Whitney Peak, Jordan Alexander, and Eli Brown weigh in on the similarities and differences between the classic and the reboot.

Olivia Jade Giannulli corrected a mistake in the first episode of the new Gossip Girl reboot While it remains to be seen how many people caught the first episode of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl, we know of at least one person who watched it: celebrity offspring Olivia Jade. The social media mainstay — and daughter []

Safran tells BAZAAR.com about diving into "the one area that was not ever explored" in the original series, taking great lengths to hide that big twist, and the longterm plan he has for the new show.

Test your knowledge on the messy lives of Manhattan's elite.

Ahead of the "Gossip Girl" reboot/revival on HBO Max, we've ranked the 11 biggest stars from the original "Gossip Girl."

It's Gossip Girl's world, and we're just living in it.

Gossip Girl Surpasses Flight Attendant as HBO Max's Biggest Launch to Date

TVLine 12 July, 2021 - 02:32pm

The numbers crunchers over at HBO Max are declaring Gossip Girl 2.0 the outlet’s No. 1 debut of all time, surpassing previous record holder The Flight Attendant.

According to the streamer, the Gossip Girl reboot’s premiere episode — which dropped July 8 and earned an average C+ grade from TVLine readers — drew record viewership during its first four days of availability, becoming the biggest “Max Original” launch to date. HBO Max also notes that a greater proportion of new subscribers chose Gossip Girl as the first thing to watch after signing up for the service than any other Max Original series.

Meanwhile, The CW’s Friday-night encore of Gossip Girl’s premiere episode drew almost 300,000 viewers.

The original Gossip Girl, which aired for six seasons (2007–2012) on The CW, helped launch the careers of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and more. The titular gossip maven was voiced by Kristen Bell, who reprised her role for the HBO Max follow-up.

The new iteration stars Emily Alyn Lind as Audrey Hope, Eli Brown as Otto Bergmann IV, Whitney Peak as Zoya Lott, Thomas Doherty as Max Wolfe, Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway, Evan Mock as Aki Menzies, Zión Moreno as Luna La, Savannah Lee Smith as Monet de Haan, Tavi Gevinson as Kate Keller.

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