GTA 6 First Screenshot Possibly Leaked

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When is Los Santos tuners coming out?

WHEN IS THE NEW GTA ONLINE UPDATE COMING OUT? Rockstar Games has confirmed that the GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners DLC has a release date scheduled for Tuesday, July 20. FortniteGTA Online update time: Los Santos Tuners release date LIVE with DLC patch notes

What is GTA tuners?

Los Santos Tuners delivers an action-packed new update for all fans of GTA Online, featuring the LS Car Meet, a brand new club and social space for players to get together and show off their customized personal vehicles, test new cars with friends on a private track, watch others mod their cars in real time, and more ... rockstargames.comGTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Out Now

User Gets Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Running on a Modded Switch

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In a video uploaded to YouTube recently, user grabman shows footage of themselves actually playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the Nintendo hand-held console. The opening parts of the video show him loading the game onto the Switch using a configuration menu. The only downside to this unofficial port is there is no in-game audio, which is perplexing even to the user. However, it could be just a sign that running games unofficially on modded consoles doesn't always work out so well.

This is also not the first Grand Theft Auto game to be reverse-engineered onto a Switch. Last year, another YouTube user by the name of Eradicatinglove was able to upload a guide showing how to install GTA 3 on the hybrid console. This ported version is not too stable, with the game experiencing numerous bugs and glitches, however, the user does manage to get it running smoothly. It's perhaps important to say at this point that unofficially porting a game over to a console that is not supposed to be compatible with it has certain legal ambiguities.

It's also worth noting that things of this nature can attract the wrong kind of attention. Earlier this year, fan projects that looked at reverse-engineering both Vice City and GTA 3 were hit with a DMCA takedown order. This Switch port of Vice City could have the potential to fall under the same infringement strike, so players need to be cautioned about going ahead with hacking their own versions.

However, it's understandable why people would want to play this game on as many systems as they can. There is arguably a case to be made that a return to Vice City makes sense, whether it forms the basis for GTA 6 or it gets a remake in its own right. Either way, the popularity of this entry cannot be overstated.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

GTA Online Adds Next-Gen Exclusive Car Improvements - IGN

IGN 19 July, 2021 - 07:26pm

The Los Santos Tuners update is a multi-pronged update that begins with a new social space in Cypress Flats called the LS Car Meet. There, players can unlock a new Reputation progression with rewards at each level, access to the Test Track for online races, and Test Rides where you can sample high-end cars.

The Prize Ride Challenges will let players compete for Prize Ride and access to special shops like the Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, Modding Area, and Private Takeover which lets you decorate the Car Meet space to your style.

Along with new races including a Street Race series where you’ll compete in the streets against other races and the LSPD, you can earn new upgrades and cars. Rockstar is promising 17 new cars in total over the summer, with 10 coming on July 20 when the update goes live.

Have you played Grand Theft Auto Online?

However, some vehicles will be upgradable with “all-new speed improvements and more,” but these “special upgrades will be available only on PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.”

This upgrade is scheduled to be released in November, but with consoles still hard to find, here’s hoping there are PS5s and Xbox Series X|S to go around by the time the upgrade lands.

Why GTA: San Andreas Let You Complete Countryside Robberies In Any Order

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This level of experimentation extended to certain missions in San Andreas. Most notably was the string of missions CJ receives after he is exiled from Los Santos by Frank Tenpenny and the other cops in the C.R.A.S.H. unit. CJ is then told by his sister Kendl's boyfriend Cesar that he should meet up with his cousin Catalina. CJ and Catalina meet in Dillimore, where they then embark on a Bonnie and Clyde-like escapade across the countryside.

What's unique about this string of missions is that it gives players complete freedom. Catalina asks CJ to help her with four different robberies. Unlike most missions in Grand Theft Auto, these robberies don't have to be completed in sequence. That means players can pick and choose which ones they do at their leisure. The missions that stitch these robberies together always occur in the same order, but players have the option to finish whichever robbery they want once Catalina asks.

This player freedom is a big part of what's made modern Grand Theft Auto so successful. The single-player stories are some of the best-produced in the business, but the ability to roam across the open world and engage with whatever content players find interesting has often been something that set the games apart. This seemingly insignificant quest chain with Catalina is one of the first signs that Rockstar was ready to hand players the reins to see what they might do with them.

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