GTA Online's New Update, Los Santos Tuners, Is Now Available


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When is the GTA Summer Update 2021?

The GTA Online summer update is available right now. Rockstar shared an official blog post on 20th July 2021, in the early afternoon from a UK perspective, declaring that the Los Santos Tuners content is “out now”. You should be able to hop onto your gaming platform of choice and download it whenever you're ready. Radio TimesGTA Online summer update patch notes: Los Santos Tuners release date brings major changes

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One of the biggest additions in this update is the brand-new LS Car Meet, located in a run-down warehouse in Cypress Flats. Players can join the club for a fee of $50,000, which gives access to 100s of unlockable ranks, and access to unlockable clothing, new race modes, wheels, liveries, trade prices, and special contacts for assistance in final contract jobs. The car meet also offers test drives, where you can drive around your own vehicle, or one of the three special vehicles the club offers; Karin Calico GTF, Annis Euros, and Pfister Comet S2.

The LS Car Meet also features a mod shop with full customization options for vehicles. This is also where the 10 new vehicles added in the update can be tuned to your personal liking. You can find the full list of cars on Rockstar's website or below:

When the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 update launches on November 11, new modifications will be added to the game, increasing the top speed of some vehicles exclusively on the new versions of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Players can also get access to new planning works and final jobs once they buy an auto shop. The auto shop allows for new criminal missions in addition to being able to run a legitimate business tuning cars.

The update adds in some new tunes to jam to while cruising around Los Santos. Multiple media sticks have been scattered across Los Santos and collecting them will add some new songs to the radio. Moodymann's media stick contains tracks from Nez, Channel Tres, Gangsta Boo, and more. There are also four EPs from CircoLoco Records and collecting all of them will unlock a special DJ mix containing all of the tracks and the CircoLoco Tee.

In addition to all of the brand-new content in the Los Santos Tuners update, there are still the usual weekly updates. Players can earn double rewards in the San Andreas Super Sport Series and can try to win the Ocelot Lynx on the lucky wheel.

There is also a selection of cars currently discounted in GTA Online:

Recently there were rumors that Grand Theft Auto VI will not release until at least 2025. The rumors also included information about how the online portion of the game will feature an evolving and changing map, similar to Fortnite's map.

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GTA Online Players Celebrate Car Meet Update With Memes

Screen Rant 22 July, 2021 - 12:01am

Los Santos Tuners is a street racing-themed update for GTA Online with a Fast & Furious flavor that adds new cars, races, heists, and more to the game. There is even a new combat-free hub area where players can show off their vehicles to others and modify them in real-time. Los Santos Tuners appears to be one of the more exciting GTA Online updates in recent memory and players are already sharing their enthusiasm online in the form of memes.

As usual, Reddit has become a prime hotspot to find some of the best memes paying homage to Los Santos Tuners. Redditors such as Minute_Resist243DONP4CHEEBabybirkinmonkey, and Papa_Swish have contributed to a steady meme stream and demonstrate just how broad of an appeal this update seems to have. A few even reference other major intellectual properties including the likes of Avengers: Endgame and The Fast & The Furious, the latter of which recently received its own immense amount of memeing.

Most of these memes demonstrate a level of excitement that has surrounded the anticipation for GTA Online updates in past years, but usually, that community feeling dissipates soon after GTA Online's update is revealed. Los Santos Tuners, however, seems to have a bit more promise than those other recent additions though it is still too early to tell just how impactful it will be. Rockstar appears to have bought some goodwill with the fanbase and perhaps even breathed a bit more life back into the title.

While the timing of the Los Santos Tuners release lines up with the one summer and one winter pattern Rockstar has developed over the last few years, it seems planned that this street racing themed update came on the heels of the most recent Fast & Furious movie. That franchise has become one of the top-grossing over the years with the ninth installment recently hitting theaters, which was somewhat of a big deal considering the world is still working its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rockstar had the right content planned for the right time and hopefully, it lives up the hype for the GTA Online player base.

GTA Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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