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Is Halo infinite coming to Game Pass?

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In the latest Inside Infinite news post from developer 343, head of design Jerry Hook addressed how the recent technical preview handled its Battle Pass, where players progressed by completing in-game daily challenges. While doing so, Hook said, "Using challenges, our goal is that you will always be earning progress in your Battle Pass through playing and winning matches."

Most other games' Battle Passes use an XP-based system to progress, with everything from wins in Fortnite to sailing nautical miles in Sea of Thieves tied to numerical points, which allow you to level up a Pass. Halo Infinite, it seems, will tie all of its progression to completing challenges instead and, following the post, fans on Twitter sought some clarity.

That choice has some fans worried, as tying progressing to specific actions, rather than general play, could cause multiplayer matches to become unbalanced, with players seeking to complete their specific challenges rather than playing normally. It's a concern expressed elegantly by kami102 on Reddit:

Junyszek did take the time to counter another worry from the community – that daily challenges could feasibly be so limited that progression felt time-gated, forcing you to come back every day to make sure your Battle Pass moved along. While there won't be an endless number of challenges per day, there will seemingly be a lot to get through, and more than enough for most players.

"The Tech Preview had an issue that caused people to run out of challenges", the community manager explained. "Our current plans for launch, while not 'infinite,' mean it's extremely difficult to run out daily challenges. I won't say 'impossible,' cause [sic] there are some grinders out there, but I'd be impressed."

If you're counting down the days until Halo Infinite's release (or just a new technical preview you might get into), why not check out whether your PC can run the game, or our thoughts on the first hands-on. Just don't go dreaming about Forge mode or campaign co-op, as they aren't going to be in the game at launch.

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