Hamilton baffled by ‘terrible’ start that saw him lose Sprint lead to Verstappen


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What time is the British sprint race?

The Sprint race will kick off at 09:00 pm IST (4:30 PM local time) on Saturday. News18British Grand Prix 2021: Time, Date, Venue, Telecast, Live-streaming Details - All You Need To Know about F

Who won the f1 race today?

Red Bull's Max Verstappen has won the inaugural F1 Sprint at the iconic Silverstone circuit, earning himself three points and pole position for Sunday's British Grand Prix, as he triumphed over the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Formula 1 RSS UKF1 Sprint report from the 2021 British Grand Prix: Verstappen beats Hamilton in thrilling F1 Sprint at Silverstone to claim pole position for Sunday's Grand Prix | Formula 1®

Second-place Max Verstappen got a much better start than Speed King Lewis Hamilton, who was left to do battle with Valtteri Bottas for that second position. Hamilton quickly chased the rear of Verstappen’s car, attempting to slipstream past the Dutch driver. But his move on Verstappen saw Hamilton lose ground.

On lap five, Red Bull Racing driver spun just before the Hangar Straight, looping the car around before forging back onto the track in 19th place. He epitomizes the stakes at hand: his team will have a hell of a time getting his car repaired ahead of the race, and Perez was cost a better starting position.

There were also plenty of great battles involving Fernando Alonso, battling both McLaren drivers in Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. It made for great watching, which was definitely a high point of the sprint race concept — and it showed the low points of the soft tires, which provided a great hit of speed at the start but quickly fell away by the time the lap count hit double digits.

Aside from that, though, the sprint race was largely just a condensed version of what you’d expect from th

Did the sprint race format work? It was okay. Once the first lap excitement slowed down, it did slide into a bit of a parade, which was the biggest criticism raised about this format prior to the sprint race being implemented.

Much rather watch this than a procession of fast laps.

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'Not good when you lose from P1', admits Hamilton

F1i.com 18 July, 2021 - 06:00am

Lewis Hamilton will start tomorrow's British Grand Prix from second place after losing out to Max Verstappen in Formula 1's first sprint qualifying race at Silverstone.

Hamilton got a sluggish start when the lights went out which allowed the Red Bull driver to take control of the race, and he retained the lead all the way to the finish to earn pole position.

Having been fastest in Friday's qualifying session to start the sprint from P1, Hamilton was lamenting missing out on taking the win.

"I wish we could redo the start again," he admitted. "It's not good when you lose from P1 but we'll try to turn the negative into a positive tomorrow.

"You have a target position that you have to hit with your clutch and that’s what the goal is, to always be on target," he told the media after the end of the 30-minute race. "And I was on target. I did what I was supposed to do, but it didn’t deliver for whatever reason.

“I don’t know why. I had a lot of wheelspin and the rest is history. I was trying everything, obviously, to get by but they just too quick. He was just too fast today.

"He was pulling away, nothing I could do to hold on to him," Hamilton added after finishing 1.4s behind his rival after 30 minutes of hard racing. "I gave it everything today."

"We've really got to try and be in front somehow," he said when asked about his prospects for tomorrow's race. "They've done a great job with their engines, their starts are really great this year.

"We've lost a bit of performance on our starts so we've got to work a bit harder to try and improve that because losing positions is never a great thing."

Todays result means that Verstappen earns three championship points for the win, and Hamilton picking up two for the runners-up spot. It further extends Verstappen's lead in the drivers championship, if only by a single point.

"Every point counts," Hamilton said. "But luckily we have it [a second chance] tomorrow."

Even though the new sprint qualifying format introduced for the first time this weekend hadn't worked in Hamilton's favour today, he was keen to see it go down well with the fans in the grandstands.

"I don't know how it was to watch for the fans, but I think this weekend's been awesome," he said.

"Yesterday was such a fun day to have qualifying on a Friday, way more enjoyable [than free practice]," he added. "It makes the weekend more enjoyable, I think.

"But I need everyone to bring their energy again tomorrow," he said of the support from the fans. "I can't tell you the energy that I'm getting from everyone.

"The support means the world to me so I'm sorry I wasn't able to get the win but tomorrow we fight again," he added. "I'm going to give a lot of love to all these fans."

Hamilton's team mate Valtteri Bottas started and finished in third despite trying a risky strategy with soft tyres while everyone else in the top ten was on mediums.

"We tried to do something different. The target was to get him in the first lap," Bottas said, explaining his ultimately unsuccessful plan to jump Verstappen at the start.

"We didn't succeed. In the first corner, I was blocked so I couldn't get the momentum. Then there was blistering, but it was okay," he continued. "But we tried, and in the end we managed to keep the same position we started from.

"Tomorrow won't be easy," he admitted. "When it gets a bit warmer we might see more problems. At least we are aware of that now, and tomorrow basically anything can happen."

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Has Perez's mistake left Verstappen vulnerable to Mercedes? · RaceFans

RaceFans 18 July, 2021 - 05:45am

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Unusually, we’ve already had a chance to see the drivers racing ahead of today’s British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton took the top grid spot for sprint qualifying but Max Verstappen beat him to turn one. He remained ahead for all 17 laps of the new format, earning pole position for the British Grand Prix.

This was despite Red Bull making a set-up choice which has seen them trade away the straight-line speed advantage they have enjoyed in recent rounds.

“I think what we learnt today is it’s very close again,” said Verstappen yesterday. “It’s a bit different, it seems like we are quite quick through corners, they are quick on the straight this weekend.

“And of course, after only one practice session and then you’re not allowed to make any changes and you don’t hit it right then it’s stuck, so we [are] stuck on the straight. So that’s why we have to make up our time in the corners.”

Mercedes’ efforts to deny Verstappen another win have been boosted by Sergio Perez’s struggles. A spin during sprint qualifying left him at the back of the field and led Red Bull to retire his car during the final lap. The two RB16Bs will therefore bookend the field, and it will take an enormous stroke of fortune for Perez to aid Verstappen in his fight with the Mercedes.

As was also the case yesterday, drivers have a free choice of which tyres to start on. Mercedes chose to split their drivers’ strategies yesterday and could do so again today.

Pirelli predict that starting on a medium tyre, running for between 18 and 25 laps and then transferring to a hard tyre will be the quickest strategy. However by putting one of its cars on mediums and the other on hards, Mercedes could give themselves the opportunity to attack Verstappen two ways, one car running longer and the other pitting earlier.

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Perez’s problems means Charles Leclerc will line up fourth again and will be entertaining the hope of finishing there are a surprisingly competitive run for Ferrari yesterday. The Scuderia have been rapid at street circuits but Silverstone was expected not to suit their cars, being a front-limited circuit similar to Paul Ricard where they were in all kinds of trouble.

“It was quite busy at the beginning, but then it was actually quite lonely for me, but in a positive way,” said Leclerc. “We managed to stay very close to Bottas in front, more or less the same pace, which is something that surprised us a little bit.”

Ferrari’s contest with McLaren over third in the constructors’ championship remains fierce. Both McLaren cars will start the British Grand Prix immediately behind Leclerc, while Carlos Sainz Jnr trailing them after a first-lap incident sent him down the order during sprint qualifying. If the two, starting in fifth and sixth, can pass Leclerc and hold position then they will gain a huge advantage over Ferrari – on the other hand, if Leclerc can keep them behind, with the pace he showed during sprint qualifying, and Sainz can catch up then there will be a truly fierce battle for the ‘best of the rest’ places.

However the assumption that the race will run to a typical one-stop strategy could be disrupted by the weather. Silverstone is experiencing a mini-heatwave this weekend, with the mercury nudging 30C. Fernando Alonso, who attacked yesterday’s sprint qualifying race on a set of soft tyres, predicted tyre management could be a bigger factor than many expect.

“It’s going to be a long race,” he said. “We saw blisters for many people, already, over 17 laps, so [it] is going to be a long race for everybody. Quite warm, as well.”

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Will Hamilton use his home advantage to end Red Bull’s winning run? Who will come out on top between Ferrari and McLaren? And how many points can Perez salvage from the back?

Share your views on the British Grand Prix in the comments.

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How effective is the undercut on silverstone? Because if that has a big effect, merc could put bottas in front using the undercut, slowing Max down, then have hammilton take the lead and they’ll be 1 and 2… provided verstappens start goes well.

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Mercedes holds strategy advantage over Verstappen - Wolff

F1i.com 18 July, 2021 - 02:21am

Toto Wolff says Mercedes is on a par with Red Bull at Silverstone in terms of performance but the Brackley squad will have a strategy advantage over its rival and Max Verstappen in Sunday's race.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will line up behind Verstappen on the British Grand Prix grid, but Sergio Perez's absence from the first half of the field following his retirement from Saturday's sprint race opens up some strategic opportunities for Mercedes.

"I think we have pace, if Lewis would have held his position at the beginning I think we would have pretty much had the same race, just with a Mercedes in front," commented Wolff.

"That means we are equal in performance, and with two cars right there you can split the strategies.

"You can go long, you can try overcutting, you can try undercutting by starting on different tires. That is certainly a big advantage.

"It's set up an interesting Grand Prix. It looks like tyre strategy can play a big part in these temperatures as well. So we will be aiming to fight back strong in the Grand Prix proper."

Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin said the reigning world champions would try and capitalize on the information learned from Saturday's sprint qualifying event, especially where tyres are concerned.

"Having the sprint race today does make it a little easier to plan for tomorrow as you've got a clear idea of everyone's pace and how the tyres are behaving so we have a bit of work this evening to take the maximum learning from that," said Shov.

"Our goal was to come here, to win and to close the gap in the championship and I think from what we've seen over the last two days, that's still an achievable target."

Assessing Formula 1's first ever sprint qualifying, Wolff reckoned it had been a credible maiden trial at Silverstone, although infused with a bit too much "randomness".

"I think it's entertaining for the crowds at the track," he said. "A start is always interesting and good content and obviously Alonso was fun to watch, so I think overall it is a good add on.

"I don't see it for every race, I think there is too much randomness. If you see Checo spinning out and then retiring, last is not the place that Sergio Perez should be.

"It could really work against you if you're one of the front runners, but I think if the next few ones go like this one, I think it has a place in the calendar in a limited form."

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