Hamilton doesn't feel he needs to apologise for Verstappen F1 clash


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Why did Lewis get a penalty?

Race stewards at the British Grand Prix have given Lewis Hamilton two penalty points on his superlicence after finding the Mercedes driver guilty of taking Max Verstappen out of the race at Silverstone. Hamilton and Verstappen collided at Copse while battling over the lead. racingnews365.comStewards give Hamilton penalty points for Verstappen clash

Did Lewis Hamilton get a penalty?

Hamilton was given a 10 second penalty but took it during a pit stop when running second and came back on to the track in fourth place. "Regardless of whether I agree with the penalty I just take it on the chin," he said. FirstpostFormula 1 2021: Lewis Hamilton wins British GP despite 10-second penalty for colliding with Max Verstappen

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Verstappen: Hamilton ‘disrespectful’ for celebrating victory while I’m in hospital

Motorsport Week 18 July, 2021 - 06:57pm

Race winner Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 celebrates in parc ferme. British Grand Prix, Sunday 18th July 2021. Silverstone, England.

Max Verstappen has branded his Formula 1 title rival Lewis Hamilton “disrespectful” for celebrating victory at the British Grand Prix, while he lay in hospital following a heavy impact on the opening lap of the grand prix.

Verstappen and Hamilton clashed at the Copse corner as they battled over the lead of the race. Verstappen ended up in the wall and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure, having recorded a 51G impact, which resulted in a red flag.

Although Verstappen has been given the all clear, he has branded his title rival “disrespectful” and says his celebrations were “unsportsmanlike”.

“Glad I’m OK,” the Red Bull driver wrote on social media. “Very disappointed with being taken out like this. The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track.

“Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behaviour, but we move on.”

Immediately after the incident, Hamilton radioed his team to ask about Verstappen’s condition, to which he was told “he’s OK and out of the car.”

Verstappen was taken to the circuit medical centre for checks before being taken to a local hospital for further checks, but hasn’t suffered any injuries.

As a result of his DNF, Hamilton is just eight points adrift in the championship standings, having overcome a ten-second time penalty for the clash to win his eighth British GP.

Glad I’m ok. Very disappointed with being taken out like this. The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track. Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on pic.twitter.com/iCrgyYWYkm

What does Verstappen expect from a man who kneels for a thug like George Floyd, and campaigns to have the rest of us do the same.

Better man than you, Gunga Din.

The reality is Hamilton was close to half way inside Max. It is Max who should be suspended for dangerous driving. F1 leader ship is full of S**t.

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‘It was a desperate move’ – Furious Horner hits out at Hamilton after Verstappen crash

Formula 1 RSS UK 18 July, 2021 - 05:01pm

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Verstappen started from pole position, but Hamilton was all over the Red Bull throughout the first half of the lap as he tried in vain to find a way past. The two were then side by side coming down the old pit straight, before they touched going into Copse Corner, with Verstappen spinning off the track at 180mph before hitting the barriers with a huge impact.

The championship leader climbed out of his car, but was winded and was taken to the medical centre for checks, as is standard practice following a high speed crash. Hamilton was able to continue, but the race was red flagged moments later, before it was restarted with Hamilton ultimately taking victory after a late overtake on Charles Leclerc.

And Red Bull boss Horner was furious in the immediate aftermath, accusing Hamilton of “dirty driving”.

Speaking to Formula1.com he said: "For me, it’s very clear: Lewis has stuck a wheel up the inside of one of the fastest corners on this world championship. He’s driven this circuit for years; you know you don’t do that here. The result – thank God we haven’t had a driver that’s been seriously injured or worse today."

Speaking to Channel 4 he added: "I think it was a desperate move. He failed to make the move in the first part of the lap, which he was obviously geared to do, and then it was just a desperate move sticking a wheel up the inside which you just don't do. Copse is one of the fastest corners in the world. You don't stick a wheel up the inside. That's just dirty driving."

Horner said he was hugely relieved to see his driver climb out of the car, given the speed of the crash.

"He had a 51G accident. Thank God he walked away. That’s the biggest positive that we’ve have today. So yes, just relieved to see him, he’s in the medical centre, but he’s walked in there on his own doing a 30-minute precautionary check but hopefully, so far so good.

"He was massively winded," he added. "That's a hell of relief to see him get out because that corner is one of the fastest on the calendar. It was completely out of order to stick a wheel up the inside there."

It was later confirmed that Verstappen had been taken to hospital for "further precautionary tests".

Horner had earlier told Race Director Michael Masi that he held Hamilton fully responsible for the incident – with the stewards later handing the reigning champion a 10 second time penalty for causing a collision.

"It was 100% Max's corner. So, you know, as far as I'm concerned, full blame lays on Hamilton who should never have been in that position.

"You could have had a massive accident. Thank God he's walked away unscathed. So, I hope you're going to deal with it appropriately."

With Hamilton going on to win the race, Verstappen's championship lead now stands at just 8 points having been 33 points going into the race.

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Horner hits out at "amateur" Hamilton

pitpass.com 18 July, 2021 - 05:01pm

His comments follow today's controversial first lap clash which saw Max Verstappen hospitalised after a collision with the world champion just nine corners into the race.

While many see the incident as a racing incident, the stewards penalised the British driver claiming that he failed to avoid contact with the Dutchman, subsequently handing him a 10s penalty, though he went on to win the race.

Naturally, the clash has resulted in a war of words.

"Max has incurred a 51g accident," Horner told Sky Sports. "Lewis Hamilton is an eight-time world champion, he shouldn't be making manoeuvres like that. It's unacceptable.

"Thank goodness, the biggest result for us today is that he's uninjured," he added, though he's having to go to hospital.

"I hope Lewis is very happy with himself, he stuck a wheel up the inside in a corner you just know you don't do that. You just don't stick a wheel up the inside at Copse, in that corner, in those circumstances.

"He was nowhere near ahead," he insisted, "it was contact, left front to right rear, and the speed they're travelling, it's one of the fastest corners in the championship.

"Lewis has got more than enough experience to know that's unacceptable and, as I say, I'm just very disappointed that a driver of his calibre should make such a move. It's dangerous, he's put a competitor at risk, it looked desperate and thank goodness he was uninjured. Max is in hospital getting himself checked out.

"I don't care what Lewis has to say, have a look on your own analysis, draw your own comparisons, for me, that's a hollow victory."

In a subsequent Zoom press conference, when it was suggested that Hamilton was alongside Verstappen, Horner was quick to respond.

"He didn't," he snapped, "he ran wide. If you look at the overhead, he's run wide into the corner. He's carried too much speed.

"That move was never on," he continued. "Lewis is a world champion of seven titles. That was an amateur's mistake and a desperate mistake. I don't care what Lewis says. Have a look at your own analysis, draw your own comparisons. For me, that's a hollow victory.

"Putting a fellow driver in hospital, writing off the car, and receiving a menial penalty and winning the grand prix doesn't feel like much of a penalty," said the Briton. "I think it just felt like a desperate move from Lewis. He lost the start, went down the straight, wheel banging with Max down there, then to stick a wheel up the inside of Copse corner, one of the fastest corners in the championship, pretty much flat out, 180 mph, there's only ever going to be one consequence like that.

"It's just disappointing from a seven-time world champion that he makes such a desperate move and puts a fellow driver in hospital."

Indeed, Horner believes that after claiming pole for Saturday's Sprint, but subsequently losing out to his title rival, Hamilton was left frustrated.

"I think he was wound up by yesterday's result," he said, "you could see that yesterday. And I think, the atmosphere, the crowd and everything, he was obviously pretty motivated and made a massive misjudgement. Yes, he got a penalty for it, but it's fairly meaningless.

"That was his only opportunity... he knew had Max come through that corner, he might not have seen him again for the afternoon. For me, it was a desperate move that thankfully didn't have worse consequences than a written-off car and a bruised and battered driver."

However, Red Bull's Lord High Executioner, Helmut Marko went further, suggesting that the seven-time world champion deserved a race ban.

"You can't do that with the normal sporting code," he told Sky Germany. "I don't know what the maximum penalty would be, but such dangerous and reckless behaviour should be punished with a suspension or something.

"If a competitor massively touches your rear wheel with his front wheel, in the fastest corner of the course, then that's no longer a racing accident. That is negligent to dangerous behaviour.

"The replays showed that quite clearly, he went into our right rear wheel with his left front wheel and sent Verstappen into the barrier."

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1. Posted by BruceBoy, 45 minutes ago

2. Posted by Redphyve, 2 hours ago

3. Posted by Batman, 2 hours ago

4. Posted by nmw01223, 2 hours ago

"Racing incident, really. Hamilton was 2/3 alongside as they approached Copse, then he tried to back out and understeered too wide. If he had backed out earlier, wouldn't have happened. If Verstappen had given more room, wouldn't have happened. As neither did, it did happen. That's racing "

5. Posted by Roli, 2 hours ago

"Oh stop it ! Dont start chucking all your toys out of your pram. Its called racing. Get over it."

6. Posted by GreenFlag, 3 hours ago

"Silly, aggressive mistake by Verstappen. Had he backed off slightly he would still have a had a chance of winning the race, or only losing 7 points. Instead he put himself in hospital."

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Hamilton feels no need to 'apologise' for Verstappen crash

F1i.com 18 July, 2021 - 02:23pm

Lewis Hamilton says his run-in with Max Verstappen on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix was "racing", and feels no need to apologise for the incident.

Hamilton was handed an in-race 10-second penalty by the stewards for "causing a collision" but survived the set back to snatch the win from Ferrari's Charles Leclerc just two laps from the end of the eventful race.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko - Red Bull's top brass – came down hard on the Briton for what Horner called an "amateur and desperate mistake" when he attempted to overtake Verstappen on the inside of the high-speed Copse corner.

Marko urged the FIA to suspend Hamilton whose maneuver he called "reckless and dangerous".

The subsequent contact pitched Verstappen into a spin and sent the Red Bull into a 51G impact with the outside barrier.

The current championship leader was taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up, and from where he later blasted Hamilton on social media, calling the Briton's post-race celebrations "disrespectful and unsportsmanlike".

Speaking in the post-race press conference, and before Verstappen's comments, Hamilton offered his view of the incident.

"I've not really seen the footage, I saw a quick clip of it when I went back to the garage but I will go back and have time to reflect on it," he said.

"I don't think, from my current understanding, that I am in a position to have to apologise for anything. We were out there racing."

"I heard that Max is in hospital and that definitely concerns me," he added. "None of us ever want any of us to ever get injured, that is never my intention, so I really hope that he is OK.

"I'll hit him up after this just to check that he is OK. We live to fight another day, there will be a lot of tough races coming up and we have to learn to strike a decent balance.

"I don't agree with the stewards but I take my penalty on the chin and get on with my job. I am not going to whine about it.

"Everyone is going to have a different opinion and I don't particularly care what people think. I just do what I do and I am just really grateful for today."

Confronted with Horner's strong words and the Red Bull team boss' claim that Hamilton's win was "hollow", Hamilton suggested the reaction was perhaps the result of emotions "running high".

"I don't really have anything to say to Christian other than it [the win] doesn't feel hollow," he said. "There are 2,000 people in my team who work incredibly hard and it is not just about me.

"I have already said this is not the way or anything I want to happen in the race.

"It is important for all of us to take a step back as emotions are running high and I know what it is like to lose points within the team and be in that position, so I don't generally worry about it."

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Verstappen: Very disappointed with being taken out like this

Grand Prix 247 18 July, 2021 - 01:53pm

The championship rivals collided at Copse corner on the opening lap, with Verstappen sent into the barriers as a result.

The Dutchman suffered a severe impact and was taken to hospital as a “precaution”, according to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

Thankfully, Verstappen has now confirmed he is ok, but remains unhappy with Hamilton for his role in the incident and said that the 10-second penalty he received was insufficient.

“Glad I’m ok,” he wrote on Twitter. “Very disappointed with being taken out like this.

“The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track.”

Hamilton went on to win the race and Verstappen took issue with his celebrations afterwards.

“Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on,” he added.

Glad I’m ok. Very disappointed with being taken out like this. The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track. Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on pic.twitter.com/iCrgyYWYkm

— Max Verstappen (@Max33Verstappen) July 18, 2021

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