"Have you ever seen Despicable Me...?” Black Widow's Rachel Weisz on accents, pigs and The Mummy.


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Can I watch black widow on Disney plus?

Black Widow was released on Disney Plus' Premier Access model, and its release should be the same as those of other Premier Access titles that came before. ... Purchasers are able to watch Black Widow for as long as they remain active Disney Plus subscribers. CNETDisney Plus: How to stream Black Widow, movies, shows and everything else

How did Black Widow do at box office?

I cover the film industry. Black Widow and F9 may spend most of the rest of 2021 as the year's biggest Hollywood grossers. Black Widow earned another $5.5 million in North America yesterday, crossing the $100 million mark on day six of theatrical release. ForbesBox Office: ‘Black Widow’ Tops $100M US And $200M Global

Interview: Olga Kurylenko Talks Secret Black Widow Role

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Black Widow's Best Joke Was Improvised by Florence Pugh - IGN

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Black Widow actor Florence Pugh, who plays Natasha Romanoff's sister Yelena, has revealed that the best joke in the movie was improvised.

More specifically, it stemmed from a conversation Pugh had with stunt performers about what her character's superhero pose in Black Widow could be. After mentioning Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow pose, the stunt performers told Pugh that Johansson's pose would actually break every bone in her character's body if it was done in real life.

Pugh asked the stuntees what would be realistic and they told her that none of the superhero poses "are correct for landing," including Black Widow's. Realistically, her landing pose would leave her with "so many broken bones." Pugh, shocked to learn of this, asked if Johansson knew that and it was there that she began to "take the piss out of her."

Have you seen Marvel's Black Widow?

Black Widow writer Eric Pearson was one set and, after hearing this discussion, wrote the joke into the movie — the one that probably made you laugh a lot if you've seen it.

"He was like, 'I'm sorry...I've been listening to this and I love it,'" Johansson said. "And I was like, 'here we go, ten years of work, flush it down the toilet.'"

Johansson joked that when "these kids come in," alluding to Pugh's new placement in the MCU compared to her own 10-plus years in it, things like that joke in Black Widow happen.

"Ten seconds of me prodding you the wrong way and we get juicy material," Pugh said. "I mean, obviously I'd love to have a pose. I think that'd be a nice wink-wink, but I don't know. Honestly, I think I've been now so terrified of it being posey after I've made such a joke about Natasha being posey that now I'm like, 'oh maybe I should just walk into rooms.'"

For more about Black Widow, check out our thoughts on the movie in IGN's Black Widow review and then read about how the movie tackles the MCU's darkest issues yet. Check out this story about how one of the actors in Black Widow says he's the MCU's first mutant after that read about this Fantastic Four easter egg that almost ended up in the movie.

TikTok has found Scarlett Johansson's doppelgänger

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We don't know what to believe anymore

Just days after discovering Taylor Swift's doppelgänger, TikTok has struck again. Except this time, it's Black Widow star, Scarlett Johansson, who now has a lookalike.

Oh and did we mention that Jennifer Aniston has a TikTok doppelgänger too? Seriously, what is happening on this app?

In turns out this lookalike is actually a 24-year-old from Russia. Her name is Kate, or, as she calls herself on TikTok, Kate Johansson. Nice.

She specialises in dressing up as Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow, regularly posting videos of her wearing a red-haired wig and a Black Widow costume.

Judging from the fact she now has over six million followers, TikTok has gone absolutely wild for her.

One person commented below one of her videos, "Is your name Natasha Romanoff because I'm obsessed", while another asked, "Wait, she's not Scarlett's sister is she?", and one recommended, "You should go to the Black Widow movie premiere and just start randomly signing autographs."

Not everyone was convinced though, with one person commenting, "When did they start selling Scarlet(t) on Wish?" Ouch.

Kate obviously didn't take the Wish comment to heart, posting another video of herself (this time wearing angel wings) with the caption, "When they are saying I am the Scarlett from Wish," while she flipped off the camera.

For reference, here's the real Scarlett Johansson. Honestly!

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