Here's what Mel's big reveal on 'Virgin River' means for her future with Jack


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Where is the show Virgin River filmed?

All the episodes of Virgin River were filmed in Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia, in locations such as Snug Cove in Bowen Island, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam. MarieClaire.comWhere Is 'Virgin River' Filmed? | Real-Life Filming Locations

Will Virgin River have a Season 3?

When will “Virgin River” season 3 come out? Netflix recently announced that season 3 of Virgin River will premiere on July 9, 2021. Given that last season was released right around Thanksgiving, this is so much earlier than fans had hoped. The show's biggest stars announced the news with a fun video on Instagram. thepioneerwoman.comEverything to Know About 'Virgin River' Season 3 on Netflix

Who is Brie on Virgin River?

Brie Sheridan—Jack's youngest sister whose police detective husband left her for Brie's best friend. A 30-year-old county district attorney, Brie comes to Virgin River to recover after losing a big trial. In Virgin River, a romance blossoms between Brie and Mike Valenzuela. robyncarr.comVirgin River Character Sketches – RobynCarr

Virgin River sure knows how to leave us hanging.

While season 2 ended with Jack's unknown fate after being shot (which was quickly resolved), season 3 — out on Netflix now — concluded on the mother of all revelations — with Mel (Alexandra Breckinridge) telling an about-to-propose Jack (Martin Henderson) that she's pregnant. And the baby might not be his.

Because just a few weeks prior, while she and Jack were split, Mel used some of her remaining embryos from late husband Mark (Daniel Gillies) to attempt to get pregnant via IVF. This is all after Mel blurted out to Jack that she wanted to have a baby, causing the temporary split with Jack out of his misguided sense of self-sacrifice.

Breckenridge admits she was surprised the first time she read Mel's confession to Jack about wanting a baby. "When I initially read that scene I thought, 'Wow, that is a big thing to jump into,'" she tells EW. "But when I look at her journey and how much she's wanted to become a mother for so long...that is a driving force with her. She gets to this place where she feels that she has to be open and honest with him at this point in their relationship, because it is something that she really wants. She wants that intimacy, she wants that honesty, and she is willing to dive in."

Thought out or not, it potentially led to a pregnancy, which could present yet another roadblock to Mel and Jack's happy ending, after already wrestling with the prospect of Charmaine's twins by Jack. "Jack is very much a man of his word, and very much, very much in love with her," teases showrunner Sue Tenney. "Jack and Mel, their love and their commitment to each other, that doesn't change. How he feels about her does not change. There's circumstances that happen around them — and the reactions and how they deal with those things."

Breckenridge says she thinks Mel would have waited longer (and perhaps even got some clarification on paternity) to tell Jack if he hadn't essentially backed her into a corner by getting down on one knee. "She wasn't really sure how she was going to tell him, and definitely was not expecting to do it in that way," she elaborates. "I think she was going to wait and see if it stuck for her. She's had such a bad history of infertility. Also, Hope's in the hospital and everything is really emotionally charged. She was going to wait. And then, she was like, 'Oh my gosh, he's proposing, I cannot let him propose and not tell him the truth.' Because she's a very honest person."

But what will this big reveal mean for Mel and Jack going forward if the show gets renewed for season 4? Is Jack up for potentially watching his biological children get raised by another man and concurrently raising a child that he potentially didn't father?

Breckenridge says that will be up to Jack. Mel is, and has been, all in on this relationship. "He was the last one to back out," she notes. "It's a dance, it's the drama dance, the TV dance. But , ultimately, of course she wants to still be with him regardless of who the father is. It's really going to be a question of whether or not Jack is going to be able to handle that."

"The idea that he is going to be having three children with two different women so close together is going to be very interesting," she adds. "If we do go forward, I'm very interested as to how Jack is going to handle all of that, and how Mel is going to handle all of that if they do stay together. If it turns out that Mark is the father, how is Jack going to react? That's going to be hard."

But another question remains — will Jack or Mel even want to know who the baby's biological father is? Or will they decide to forgo a paternity test and raise the child as their own regardless?

Breckenridge says if it were her, she'd want to know as soon as possible. "Being a person that got the gender of my children at like nine weeks pregnant because I cannot not know things, I absolutely understand needing to know right now," she quips. "Mel wants it to be Jack, and I think she's hoping that it is, given her fertility issues with Mark."

But Tenney teases that the paternity question would be the basis of a major arc in a potential season 4. "Do you go down that road [of finding out]?" she hints. "And if you do, why do you? There's a lot of complications."

And Virgin River has as many complications as it does friendly neighbors.

Virgin River season 3 is on Netflix now.

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[SPOILER] Confirms Her Pregnancy On 'Virgin River' — But Is She Pregnant in Real Life?

Distractify 09 July, 2021 - 07:01pm

Jul. 9 2021, Published 8:01 p.m. ET

After a brief hiatus, Virgin River returned to Netflix for Season 3, and quite a few bombs were dropped ahead of the season finale. Last season, Jack was shot by an unknown assailant in his bar and left for dead, and Episode 1 of the third season picks up right where Season 2 left off.

Although Jack is left with a debilitating gunshot wound, he ultimately survives the attack, but he still has problems on the horizon. Along with learning that he may not be the father of Charmaine’s twins, viewers discovered that Jack may have child on the way, as Mel is pregnant. So, is Mel (Alexandria Breckenridge) pregnant on Season 3 of Virgin River?

In the Season 3 finale of Virgin River, Mel reveals her pregnancy to Jack. The problem is, he may not be the father. After toying with the idea of using IVF to carry her late husband’s child, the paternity of Mel’s unborn child is up in the air. 

Although the father of Mel’s baby will not be confirmed until Season 4, Alexandra Breckenridge expressed her concerns about Mel’s newly announced pregnancy in an interview with Us Weekly, “With her history, her fertility issues and having a stillborn baby at such a late stage in pregnancy, you don’t know if she’s going to be able to.”

Despite the possible issues that could arise in Season 4 of Virgin River, Alexandra is excited to explore Mel’s journey to motherhood in the upcoming season. She added, “I would like to watch her journey of becoming a mother.”

In real life, Alexandra is a mother to two children whom she shares with her husband, Casey Hooper. But after her recent announcement on Virgin River, fans wonder if Alexandra Breckenridge is pregnant in real life.

In the past, Alexandra opened up about hiding her pregnancy on the set of This Is Us (in which she plays Kevin Pearson’s longtime love interest, Sophie, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the actress was secretly expecting. According to the Virgin River actress, she didn’t divulge her pregnancy to producers out of fear that she would be fired.

"I called (show creator Dan Fogelman) and said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m pregnant,'" Alexandra told Us Weekly, “He was just like, 'Oh, that’s amazing! Congratulations!' He’s so nice."

Along with wardrobe tricks and post-production editing, This Is Us showrunners were able to conceal Alexandra’s pregnancy with no problem. Today, Alexandra and her husband share two children, and there is no indication that they’re expecting a bundle of joy anytime soon. Alexandra and Casey's daughter Billie is 3, and their son, Jack, is 4 years old.

Season 3 of Virgin River is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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