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Where do I get a bomb bag in Skyward Sword?

There is only one location players can find the base starting bomb bags. Players will need to first get to the Earth Temple, and look in the mini-boss room in Skyward Sword. Players will battle two Lizalfos in this room, and then a treasure chest will appear. Inside will be the base bomb bag. Game RantThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - How to Get Bomb Bag

Switch takes six of top ten

UK physical chart data is now in for the week ending 17th July, revealing that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has gone straight in at number one in its debut week.

Despite being a Switch-only title, the game managed to outsell the multi-platform F1 2021 to achieve that success; the latest F1 game also launched last week and is available across Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 systems. Skyward Sword leads a top ten which includes six Switch exclusives (if you include the Switch version of Minecraft which is considered a standalone edition).

Mario Golf: Super Rush remains one of those top ten titles, despite falling down to ninth this week; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe keeps its spot as the strongest of Nintendo's evergreen giants.

Here's a look at this week's top ten all formats chart:

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Comments (65)

This is why Nintendo keeps pricing 10 year old ports at 60$.

Helps Skyward Sword's a damn good game. Worth the money for me, even though it's a double dip.

It's a shame Monster Hunter Stories 2 didn't show up, really enjoying it and hoping it sells well enough

GTAV? Is it PS5 owners buying this so they've got something to actually play on their very pretty paperweight?

Animal Crossing, a game that released well over a year ago, sits at number 5!

@Lordplops why the playstation hate?

I'm torn, because I want Skyward Sword to do well as I like the game and think it gets too much flack. Not to mention, I would like Nintendo to consider having another look at older style 3D Zeldas. At the same time however, I still can't justify how this is full priced when their really is not a lot of ground-breaking changes just some quality of life adjustments.


Or the fact their games are worth the price, and will retain their value longer than other games.


What Playstation hate?, just a funny observation more than anything else.

@blockfight 'hate'....why do people immediately jump to that? Whatever happened to banter? Sigh...

I wish there would be a Zelda remake of A Link to the Past (SNES)


Banter and nuance are rarely recognized on here.

@darkswabber why tell me that? I don't care about your pitiful, poorly optimised handful of games, i'm a Nintendo Fanboi! Doh!


Sounds like you are protesting far too much, must be a little insecure about the Ps5 and it's very few games.

To be fair, Skyward Sword HD is an excellent port. I gave up on it on the Wii because I just didn't get on with the motion controls and so far, I'm absolutely loving it in handheld mode.

@johnvboy yup, it's straight to the woodshed to grab the pitchforks and assemble the mob.


You will be accused of that on here, a Nintendo site full of discontent about Nintendo, and no positives whatsoever.

Okay but what are the actual numbers?

I mean this wouldn't really be impressive if Skyward Sword only managed 10k sales. With everything else below that.

I'd like to know the actual numbers.

This list means nothing without actual numbers to back it up.


Just had the head of my pitchfork replaced, knew that would be a decision that would pay off.

@johnvboy 😂😂😂

I caved and got Skyward Sword.....it is even better than my time on Wii now it has button options. Stunning game and a lot of fun.


Never played the game, but am very tempted as it looks awesome, may wait until I get the OLED Switch.

Are you both okay? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? I've noticed a lot of Nintendo fans are insecure lately. Whats the matter?

@darkswabber only pointed out that PS5 have games and you two have continously been bashing him for pointing that out.

@Lordplops you in particular sound like a 12 year old kid who needs to get off the computer for a bit.


You are just so cool, not sure I should be able to reply to you.

The bit about getting off the computer was so ironic, well done sir, I wish I could come up with cool comments like that, you must spend a lot of time on the computer posting them, to come up with that much nuance and wit.

@Restryder but bro, what about the actual numbers?

If you include digital sales, Skyward Sword HD should comfortably exceed the launch sales of both Skyward Sword on Wii and Link's Awakening 2019. In fact, it will likely approach the launch sales of the Switch version of Breath of the Wild.

Don't care what others say Skyward Sword is still fun today. Actually, it's even more fun than the original

I'm so torn with this game!

It so clearly has some really cool elements to it but boy does it struggle to get out of its own way. The sword play in both motion controls and the right stick are just awkward and it really is getting in the way of a game I'm otherwise enjoying.

@Lordplops tbf still has more "new" games than xbox series

@blockfight Trolls every where my friend

@Restryder you just found the two local nintnedo trolls of NintendoLife. Just ignore their nonsense

@LillianC14 This year's KS3!

$60 for a 10 year old port, they said.

One of the worst Zelda games, they said.

Not surprised Game Builder Garage has dropped off. Have you seen that garbage?

@Peteykins Game Builder Garbage more like?

I played a lot over the weekend, still love the game, and the improvements really helped the experience. Was glad to buy it again with all of the improvements considered.

I'll still pay for a full priced Zelda remake over Fifa.

Glad it’s done so well it’s a great game so far.

@The_New_Butler not really. It plays pretty well. Although, I never played the original on the Wii. Read some people say this version is a huge improvement over the original. Specifically, the 60FPS and regular controls are getting a lot of positive responses.

Super disappointed in monster hunter stories 2, such a good game but poor sales, even online there's not many people looking for co op quests

@darkswabber 7 games that no one plays. Hence the sales of GTA V hahaha.

If the next gen Switch 2 has back compat, I wonder how Nintendo will try to sell OG Switch ports all over again...or will they only be making new games?

@Lordplops apologies. I didn't read it that way. Sorry!

AMAZING! This probably will sell more than the original.

@blockfight no worries ☺

Such is the Power of Nintendo!

@progx 60fps and the higher resolution are nice but the draw distance is rubbish and some of the assets are still the same as they were done in the N64 days - e.g. trees where there are made of flat shapes criss-crossed over one another.

The right stick thing is irritating because you lose the ability to look around with the right stick so you have to hold L to look around and that feels pretty unnatural to do. It is worse if you are swapping between tv and handheld and want to change play styles.

The motion controls are better than the Wii but only marginally and 2 and half hours in have found myself having to re-centre the pointer every time I change to a new action i.e. aiming, to sword, to flying, to dowsing.

Also it is still too talky and wants to tell you exactly what to do before you have done it. Any attempt to do things in a different order and it stops you. I mean I literally had the shield on my back and several characters still felt the need to tell me to buy a shield.

@UltimateOtaku91 'trolls'. They say something I don't like = trolls. Another overused, knee-jerk word.

@NintendoKnight Nintendo has games that are 30 years old games that are still worth the price.unlike other companies

It's worth noting that they're almost shutting down their PS3 and Xbox 360 servers. Towards the future, the same will likely happen to the PS4 and Xbox One.

@UltimateOtaku91 yeah evidently i have, I'm not bothered too much, they're probably a couple of children, hormones all bent out of shape. This is a Nintendo fan site after all.

@Lordplops @johnvboy and on that subject, shouldn't you two be in school? Or do teachers allow kids to be on their phones all day at school?

@Paranoid_Android TBH, Ratchet is just amazing

@Restryder you seem obsessed with kids. I would seek help if I were you, that kind of behaviour is not healthy.

@Restryder Good game. Great update. Glad it's doing well. Bring on Metroid Prime Trilogy!


As you jumped to the conclusion I was at school, I am guessing that's where you are typing from, on your breaks I guess.

Nintendo fan site, that's a laugh, most hate the big N on here.

@MS7000 good point, because of the lack of Nintendo games at the moment I would buy Skyward Sword, if it was a third less.

If enough of us refused to buy the game them maybe the next 20 plus ports would be priced more reasonable. But on principal I don't want to support scalpers, which Nintendo seem to be at the moment.

@UltimateOtaku91 were you getting poor sales what because it’s dropped out the top 10?? Last I heard it’s selling better then the original which is great it’s never goanna have the staying power of a main line Monster Hunter game.

Fight! Fight! Fight! etc...oh man this place. So much despair and misery. Smile folks - give your faces a treat. 🤣

Good to see it reach number one, had a nice little binge on it last night and will get stuck in again tonight - the original game didn't sell that well but if you were to read the comments in here, you'd assume it sold 101m copies rather than 3.5m. Could this be another title which outsells its original release?

@Darkyoshi98 Facts. Nintendo IP is probably the most valuable Videogame IP collectively...and it's not even close

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Zelda: Skyward Sword is terrible and we should all just admit it

Metro.co.uk 20 July, 2021 - 03:01pm

A reader argues that Zelda: Skyward Sword is not a good game, even with the recent remaster, and that it’s added nothing of value to the franchise.

Nostalgia is one of the great evils of our age, suffocating the prospects of original properties and actively encouraging companies not to do anything new. Skyward Sword though seems to be suffering form what I can only describe as reverse nostalgia, where a game everyone rightly criticised for its flaws is now suddenly being ‘reassessed’ and all those complaints handwaved away so that critics can look superior for claiming that people just didn’t ‘get’ Skyward Sword the first time around.

I got Skyward Sword though. I paid good money for it back in 2011 and it sucked then just as much as it sucks now. I’ll freely admit I haven’t played the new remaster properly though. I knew my brother was getting it, so I waited till it arrived to finish this feature off, as the only thing of importance that’s changed in the remaster is the new non-motion controls. And they’re just as fiddly and awkward as I expected, so I feel fully justified in continuing – especially as the motion controls were nowhere near the biggest problem with the original.

When people complain about Skyward Sword they usually bring up things like Fi’s endless cut scenes or the pop-ups for when you catch a bug that keep telling you the same thing over and over again. They’re annoying, for sure, but a great game could’ve easily overcome that. I mean, the weapon degradation in Breath Of The Wild is almost as bad, but sensible people put up with it because the rest of the game is so good.

Those issues do speak to the game’s fundamental flaw though, which is that it is the slowest most plodding game experience I think I’ve ever endured. Everything happens at such a painfully slow pace you can only imagine the developers must’ve been struggling with narcolepsy when they designed it. The desert time travel puzzles are rightly regarded as the best part of the game but even they take an eternity to play out, as you struggle with fiddly controls, awkward level layouts, and enemies that seem to have been designed purely to get in the way rather than being any fun to fight.

The other big problem is the repetition, the constant endless repetition of everything. The Silent Realms and The Imprisoned are the obvious culprits, and they are awful, but everything seems to require you to do the same thing again and again for no good reason. Need to find a special object to continue? Actually you need to find three of them, or five, or more. It’s as if Nintendo thought they were getting paid by the hour or something, given how padded out and bloated everything is.

I do admire the motion controls in many ways. Nintendo went all in and I think they worked the best that current technology could allow, but that’s still not very good. Sword combat is fine but even just aiming in third person mode is awkward and flying, especially your bird, is just aggravatingly awful. It reminds me of a good touchscreen game, in that everything is made to work the best it can but you still know it’s a massive compromise because that’s the only way the tech works – and clearly everything would be better with proper controls.

As an extra bonus I’ll throw in that the new characters are completely unmemorable, Zelda is a non-entity (as usual), and there’s absolutely no new settings or concepts that any of the other games have used. Skyward Sword is an interesting technical experiment but ultimately it’s added nothing to the series and up till now has been rightly forgotten.

Even the creators realise it was terrible because the very next game they made, Breath Of The Wild, was completely different and abandoned almost everything that Skyward Sword did bar the stamina meter. There is no need to defend Skyward Sword because you’re a Nintendo fan, because even they recognise it’s bad. And there’s certainly no need to defend it because you want to be seen as some enlightened cognoscenti who’s trying to explain to people why they don’t understand anything.

Skyward Sword was rightly rejected when it was first released and while releasing a remaster is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, I can only hope that Nintendo don’t suddenly start using it as inspiration for anything. Skyward Sword has always been a failure and it deserves to be remembered that way.

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Random: That Zelda: Skyward Sword Bamboo-Slicing Minigame Is Easy Now

Nintendo Life 20 July, 2021 - 03:01pm

Many people, ourselves included, thought that Skyward Sword would never come to a non-Wii console because it would mess up the controls. We were wrong, but also, we were a little bit right, too.

The new Switch version of Skyward Sword came out last week (we quite liked it) with some updated controls for players who don't fancy swinging their arms around their living rooms. You can now use the sticks to swing your sword, thank goodness, and that comes with a few minor gameplay changes, the most important of which is 'Clean Cut', the bamboo minigame.

The minigame is located on one of the small islands around Skyloft, and it's an absolute bastard. The idea is that you have to slice this big stalk of bamboo at least 28 times, and if the bamboo hits the ground, it's over — so your slices have to be very perfectly horizontal, which was quite difficult with the Wiimote.

Cutting the bamboo at least 28 times will net you rare materials: a Blue Bird Feather, a Goddess Plume, or a Golden Skull, each of which can be used to upgrade items. It's not super difficult to get 28, but it may or may not have involved accidentally knocking things off shelves and punching your little brother in the face with the controller.

Now that players can use the sticks, though, the bamboo minigame has been declawed. One player on Reddit achieved 46 strokes by flicking the stick back and forth, while being careful not to accidentally trigger a spin attack. With each of the rare materials selling for 100 rupees, it's a neat way to amass a tidy sum in a relatively short time.

Oh, and if you want to know how to beat every dang minigame in Skyward Sword, we've got a guide for that!

[source https]

About Kate Gray

Formerly of Official Nintendo Magazine, GameSpot, and Xbox UK, you can now find Kate's writing all over the internet. She moved to Canada a few years ago, but gets tea imported from England, because she has good priorities.

Comments (64)

It was never hard to begin with…?

I did find this an absolute monster but I guess I was like 12. Probably wouldn’t find it as hard these days.

This game is so much better this time around

Once you get on a roll with the sword via the analog input, it’s good. But there’s a delay to it I wish wasn’t there, also after switching from camera control

The game debuted number one in the uk and is selling great. But some people said no body would buy it because it was an old port. And wait until the Japanese and the rest of the charts come in. I guess there are a lot of nobodies that want a great game. So happy for skyward sword.

That minigame never gave that much trouble. The music one at the Lumpy Pumpkin on the other hand was frustratingly difficult. I'll make sure to change to buttons only when I get to it.

@michellelynn0976 I think people were just mad at Nintendo for making a low effort project. I think everyone knew it will sell well due to Nintendo having the most loyal fans despite never showing the same loyalty back 😂

The music in this area is sublime.

Motion controls are also easy on switch?

I never played this game on Wii (and played relatively few motion controlled games period), but I've settled into playing SSHD with motion controls (after playing with both modes) and I hit 30 strokes on my second try. I don't know if the game has been tuned in some way or the motion controls improved, but I found it pretty simple

@blindsquarel To be fair, Skyward Sword actually is a lazy $60 Wii port. Doesn't mean it's not still a good game, but let's not deny the obvious.

My record on OG was 37, but I played SS for the entire December of 2011. What I think was infuriated on OG was the minigame that you play the instrumental on the pumpkin bar for a piece of heart.

Full 1080p docked, 720p handheld, 60 fps, improved Gyro controls, full button support, free camera added, Fi advice modified, many tutorials no longer mandatory, fast forward dialog, faster text boxes, skippable cutscenes, streamlined item description reminders, reworked higher res and higher detail assets, UI redesigned, color dithering eliminated, shimmering removed, auto saves and 3 save slots and full surround sound.

Compare that to, say... Ni No Kuni on Switch. It added... let's see... absolutely nothing. Not even a res increase (and even that was well worth it imo).

It's an extremely high quality release. If people don't feel it's worth it for them that's totally fine, but lazy this is not. If anything, this is the gold standard by which all other Wii remasters should be judged.

it was already an easy game. So l'm confused

I purchased the original digital version of Skyward Sword on the Wii U eShop a couple of years ago since I skipped out on it when it first came out. my problem is that I’ve yet to play the game. and now that the HD version is on the Switch, I’m almost tempted to buy it impulsively without having played the original.

my question now is if I should purchase the HD remake on the Switch or should I play the standard original on my Wii U?

@blindsquarel Bingo.

@Mountain_Man to be fair, your opinion, doesn't make it a fact.

@SwankyKong64 That is why it has tons of QoL Improvements. None of you all talk about the anti-consumer stuff Sony and Microsoft do. Oh yeah, blind loyalty, that is why the Wii U did so great.....

Does playing the harp work in the remake though, or is it still a case of just waggling and hope for the best?

@michellelynn0976 I never mentioned sony or Microsoft being good either! Lmao keep projecting

@JaxonH best Zelda effort? Wind Waker HD added quality of life features, better graphics and ost and plenty of other features! This is a lazy port that’s over charged

@blindsquarel "It is no lazier than the Wii U ports and the Wii U Zelda games."

Alternatively, it's just as lazy. Look, I'm not bagging on Nintendo since I've bought several of their lazy ports myself, but let's at least tell it like it is.

@JaxonH "To be fair, it's actually not lazy in the slightest."

Look at it this way: Touching up the graphics and implementing new controls is certainly lazier relative to creating a new game from scratch, and it's done for purely economical reasons, because it gets a "new" game on the shelf at minimum expense. And I say that as someone who happily bought Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D All Stars, Super Mario 3D World, and will jump at the Metroid Prime collection (assuming the damn thing is ever released). I may get Skyward Sword at some point. I haven't decided yet.

I played this Minigame so many times just to see how many cuts I could get, when this game originally came out I loved goofing around with the motion controls.

They didn't have to do anything but port it. And yet, they did so much more. There's really nothing else they could have done without getting nitpicky.

Again, you wanna say the price isn't worth it to you, that's fair. But this is easily a top tier remaster. In a world where 90% of remasters are literally just higher res and framerate, Skyward Sword stands tall.

@JaxonH thank you for all the info

and thank you @blindsquarel

@idork99 get the new version. It’s much better and loading times are massively reduced . The motion controls work better. Pressing the Y button to recalibrate saves a lot of time placing the motion controller on a flat surface to recalibrate. It’s the best way to play a brilliant game.

Always bizarre to me when people try to flex on the news scribe/ messenger - I didn't find it difficult - it's like, who gives two shoves of a fresh fruit. If it was hard for one person it likely gave some sweats to others as well. The competitive mindset should be able to yield to the public domain of experience without kvetching over who cuts bamboos more easily.

@SwankyKong64 Good way to avoid that I debunked you. SSHD has a lot of improvements.

@JaxonH BOOM!

I didn't play the original so I can't say how easy it is compared to that, but... I'll say this. I was struggling doing it with the buttons. I tried it three times and couldn't get above 14. My thumb doesn't waggle side to side very well, apparently. But then I put the Switch in tabletop mode and tried it with the motion controls and scored a 38 on the first try. With a number of subsequent goes, I got up to 43 with the motion controls with no problem. I went back to the button controls to try it again and I guess I had a better rhythm then because I got 31 pretty easily. Still, it seems like it's very doable either way.

My main road block in this game was the 3rd appearance of the Imprisoned. Is that fight any easier in the Switch version?

@OptometristLime Flexing on other gamers is probably the only thing these people have, to be fair.

NL you're not complaining at an obvious QoL improvement are you? lol

@OptometristLime thank you! I was beginning to feel like I was the only one in the world who found it hard 😅

I never played the original game and I'm having so much fun playing it with my girlfriend. Bought it for about 47 euros the day after release, and when I'm finished with it I might get 40 for it by selling it second hand. So around 7 euros for a great game.

@michellelynn0976 improvements that are no brainers. Still no new graphics, content, and features.

@JaxonH It definitely was. Improved graphics, swift sail, improved triforce quest, improved animation speeds, improved ost. Now that was an effort. But keep defending Nintendos bad practices. They don't care about you.

I find it hilarious that fans get so angry when anyone complains about genuine problems and bad practices Nintendo does. So much blind faith in this thread.

@JaxonH it still has frame rate drops lol

@JaxonH Crash N Sane Trilogy, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Wind Waker HD, Kingdom Hearts Remixes, Uncharted Trilogy, Demon Souls Remake, and Masterchief Collection EASILY stand taller than this cash grab. Other than Demon Souls, all of these collections were not 60 bucks at launch. Enjoy playing a 10-year-old Wii game that will never drop in price.

I never tried this, although I can imagine finding it difficult - Skyward Sword's motion controls made it practically unplayable.

Honestly I'm finding the diagonal slashing with the stick a bit finnicky at times, but otherwise I'm mostly satisfied with the button controls in the Switch version.

Furthermore, there's a difference between a Remake and a remaster. Of course remakes "do more". That's why they're called remakes.

Price is a completely separate issue and has absolutely no bearing on the quality of a remaster. Your thinking is flawed.

Saying "it still has framerate drops" when the entire game is locked 60 fps on handheld and docked, aside from a momentary 2 second period in one specific section of the game, is utterly ridiculous. If I spend 40 hrs playing a game and 39 hrs, 59 minutes, 58 seconds of it is at a locked 60 fps, any attempt to characterize the game as less than near flawless is futile and frankly, downright silly.

And yes, I am enjoying it. Very much in fact. Excellent game. I don't care whether it "never drops in price".

@JaxonH My analysis is not wrong it's called an opinion! Also I still named remasters that were better haha

@JaxonH As the saying goes, "There are economic decisions, and then there are economic decisions," and this port of Skyward Sword says, "Breath of the Wild 2 won't be out for at least a year, so we need a 'new' Zelda game to maintain consumer interest in the franchise. What can we do that's fast and cheap?" and, well, here's your answer. I have no opinion about whether this was a good decision or a bad one, I'm just telling it like it is.

It's okay to admit it. Nobody will ask you ti turn in your Nintendo fan club card. Trust me, I still have mine.

Has everything to do with the fact it's objectively not lazy by any reasonable comparison to most other remasters, addresses almost every issue that needed it, and goes above and beyond to improve visuals, performance, audio and quality of experience.

There is a clear distinction between games that change nothing, improve nothing and fix nothing... and games that make changes, add improvements, and fix issues. To lump one in with the other is reckless at best... deliberate at worst.

@JaxonH "Has everything to do with the fact it's objectively not lazy by any reasonable comparison..."

That's your opinion.

Its also based on the needs of this particular game and the specific aspects which required improvements. When you go down the laundry list of complaints with the original game, and virtually everything is addressed or improved, it's obvious they went above and beyond to make it the best remaster possible.

@SwankyKong64 Move the goal post. Lol Excuses

@JaxonH please go back to Reddit. If you can’t except an opinion cuz it’s different then yours you can’t lecture anyone on logic lmao

@michellelynn0976 keep gatekeeping poor practices. Sword and Shield must have been a great game for you! But go get mad at Sony and Microsoft some more

@JaxonH lmao I literally gave you a list of other remasters and you ignore them. Guess Saint Nintendo can’t do anything wrong

I can handle any opinion. And I can point out when those opinions are ignorant and baseless too. Don't think for a second you can spout whatever unjustified nonsense you want and then expect nobody to say anything.

@JaxonH lmao I’m 17. You obviously can’t handle my opinions. You are molding hard rn over someone else’s opinions. You always gotta be right in life. WhT u want me to do be born earlier?

@JaxonH you obviously do if it’s been this long hahah

So we all agree, it's a lazy port, but we don't care. Ha ha!

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All the Zelda games ranked, now with Skyward Sword HD!

Come on and slam, and yell at new Space Jam






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My Nintendo Europe Is Giving Away Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Postcards - Just Pay Shipping

Nintendo Life 20 July, 2021 - 03:01pm

Seven postcards and a display stand included

The European My Nintendo website has a brand new freebie up for grabs, this time celebrating the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

By handing over 400 Platinum Points (which can be acquired simply by visiting the site regularly), you can get your hands on "seven extra-large, high-quality postcards" featuring artwork inspired by the game. The bundle also includes an art stand should you wish to display your favourite postcard on your desk.

You can get them here (Europe) or here (UK) by spending your points on a voucher. From there, simply add them to your basket and pay your country's shipping fee (prices can be found below).

Let us know if you'll be treating yourself to these postcards in the comments below.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

[source my.nintendo.com]

About Ryan Craddock

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

Comments (36)

The UK have it in the my Nintendo store, and I use my points on the other one link..

Here is in the UK store: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-hd-xl-postcard-set-art-stand-000000000010008340.html

(hopefully I can send in France so I haven't lost my points)

Australia.... What about me. It isn't fair. I've had enough and I want my share.

This isn't for my region but I wish I could use the gold points to pay for shipping on the physical My Nintendo items.

Yay! Got these plus an age of calamity note pad.

Is it still only possible to pay via Credit Card?

@Azuris you can use PayPal on the Nintendo UK store.

I like those things. I got a calendar and a Animal Crossing grocery bag. Nintendo sends me surveys when I play obscure games, as a result they give me platinum points. Quite funny.

There is also a free HD wallpaper of Skyward Sword available. No platinum points needed at all!

Yeah as @Godzil stated, the my nintendo store uk has all of the physical rewards for UK customers. It still costs platinum coins but all you have to pay with real world money is £1.99 for postage.

Cheaper postage in the UK now. I've finally found an upside to Brexit.

In Ireland. Had to go around the French site to get them, which is weird. Postage €7, hope they are nice.

Lots of Zelda BotW amiibo back in the UK store - including the Champions 4 pack. Dark Samus too.

@readyletsgo Not really that weird. UK store never even shipped MyNintendo rewards themselves (always through the DE store). Standard price for everywhere that isn't Germany is €6.99.

@Gamecuber 50 Platnium Points for the wallpaper

Wow, the stuff they put on there is dull these days.

This happens to be terrible if you have a debit card that will expire before the release date, as they don't change your card until nearer that time, and they do not allow you to amend the payment details on pre-orders.

My Nintendo UK Store's pre-ordering system is awful.

Oh boy, more paper products we could make ourselves if we really wanted to...

Such pointless rewards on this site. I don't recall there ever being anything of worth on there except maybe the animal crossing bag.

Can we have CDs back please?

@DarkTron there’s two: the one with Link on loft wing with the emblem in the bottom right corner was 0 platinum points when I got it within the last hour.

@DarkTron Oh yeah I know, just thought with Ireland listed on the list of countries, thought they would have a checkout setup for each country.

In fairness, I haven't been on mynintendo in years, just find it pointless ever since Club Nintendo shut down. Could never figure out how to order things on it and UK store never let me post to Ireland. Its just a weird setup I guess.

Anyway, I got the cards, hope they are nice

Not worth the £1.99 postage tbh

@CactusMan Owning the games is irrelevant in this scenario, and the comment you made is particularly confusing. No one was saying the items cost money (in fact, being Platnium Points, they were earned through logging in or playing the smartphone games), just that the comment I replied to said they were free (which I was half-wrong on; 2 wallpapers are available, 1 costing 50 PP, the other being free).

£1.99 is fair, especially as it comes with a stand which I'm sure I'll find use for.

Might get these for my cousin, he just bought the game

It still makes me laugh when the UK doesn't get listed in Europe!!

But we are the cheapest postage!!

@CactusMan Same here, two surveys this month I've received from Nintendo. The latest was for Mini Motor Racing X... You don't get many points per survey (30) but I surpose it all adds up.

No Mexico? :☹no postcards no skyward steelbook ☹

@Wolf_Link I think we solved the U.S.A. Mexican border crisis. I´m gonne contact Joe Biden and Yoshihide Suga A.S.A.P. .

Yeah, because the UK regaining the right to originate, amend or revoke its own laws (instead of having said laws dictated by an un-elected European Commission) isn't enough of an upside? But instead cheap Nintendo postage seals the deal?

Think it is because you are part of the EU.

@Mark-number-12 yeah, yeah Keep drinking the Johnson Kool-aid.

@BJQ1972 I well remember when justificationist reactionaries like you and Tony Blair took us into an illegal War in Iraq. You do always end up understanding things, but it is usually twenty years too late. Can't you just better educate yourself? What kind of a person could ignore such a democratic deficit? The most important issue is who gets to make a decision about UK laws. As Karl Popper pointed out in The Open Society and Its Enemies, Chapter 7, that is a question that makes the false assumption that there is a single person or group who has the knowledge required to dictate what everyone should do. A better question to ask is ‘How can we so organize political institutions that bad or incompetent rulers can be prevented from doing too much damage?’ How do the EU and the British parliament compare by that criterion? The short version of how the EU works runs as follows. The heads of EU states form the European Council. The European council picks a group of politicians called the European commission who are responsible for originating and writing EU regulations and that sort of thing. The European parliament is an elected body who can vote up or down legislation written by the European commission, or amend it, but are not allowed to originate legislation. So the people who are legally supposed to originate and write all the laws can’t be voted out of office by the public. The people who are subject to being removed by the public always have the excuse that they aren’t allowed to originate laws, so they can’t deliver any specific policy. By contrast, an MP in the British parliament can originate, amend or revoke laws and can be voted out for failing to deliver on policy promises. The competition for which set of institutions is better isn’t even close.

I hope this comes to North America soon too. I might not put up all of them in my game room, but I would put up a couple of them.

Glad to see they've sorted out delivery in the UK now, rather than having to pay 8 quid for delivery from Germany.

Add the steelbook and keyring for free, I'm not sure if Nintendo will honour all 3 items for £1.99 + 400 points?!? Worth a punt though.

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10 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

GameRant 20 July, 2021 - 09:30am

Fans consider Skyward Sword to be among the easier games in the Zelda franchise, though the game's boss fights require more precision than in any other game. It's a game that's very easy to pick up for first-timers, but getting some of the finer details of sword movement down can take some time.

Finding Batreaux allows the player to collect Gratitude Crystals, which can be exchanged for a larger wallet, Pieces of Heart, and the like. These crystals can be found out and about in the world, but they can also be quickly earned from side quests too.

To explore Skyloft at night simply go to sleep in Link's bed back at his home. There are some quests that require Link to go to bed and trigger the nighttime sequence, too.

Link will return to Skyloft often during his adventures, so don't waste time at the start exploring and just get through the sequence. It's not like you'll be saying goodbye forever!

As soon as you learn how to Skyward Strike, go about looking for these cubes to unlock Gold Rupees, Medals, and even Pieces of Heart back up in The Sky. Once Link has left the surface, Fi will mark the location of the chest on his map.

Use the Bug Net on Tumbleweed, Pink Fairies, Birds for Bird Feathers, and even against Demise, which distracts the boss. It also, perhaps obviously, yields bugs that can be used in other areas of the game.

While it might take a minute to learn, the controller layout is more responsive and can be used no matter your position.

New players won't be able to roll around and wildly swing their sword, like in previous Zelda titles. Instead, it's worth figuring out how the combat system works, because it's one of the most satisfying (especially considering its competition on the Wii).

Nonetheless, being imprecise is the main downfall of players in Skyward Sword. Be sure to regularly reset the gyroscope by going to the Inventory of Map menu and prettying Y. The camera will then center in your right controller's aim.

Games tend to be much more satisfying when the player can figure things out on their own rather than have their handheld throughout the experience. Don't ask Fi for help, try to figure things out the slow (and more rewarding) way.

Unless the player really, really wants to buy a new upgrade or collect the max Rupee count for their wallet, it's mostly a waste of time to dedicate effort for farming items.

Earth Temple walkthrough – Zelda: Skyward Sword HD guide

Polygon 19 July, 2021 - 03:29pm

Find every quest, side quest, and item in Earth Temple

In this Skyward Sword HD Earth Temple walkthrough, we’ll guide you through this dungeon with tips on finding items, rupees, Goddess Cubes, and collectibles and completing every quest and side quest. We’ll walk you through the Earth Temple dungeon, including finding a Bomb Bag and the Dungeon Map. We’ll give you tips on navigating the lava-filled dungeon and fighting your first Lizalfos and Spumes. We’ll help you find the Dragon Statue key item, and then walk you through this area’s boss fight against the Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera.

Open the chest that reveals to pick up a Golden Skull.

Head back out to where Ledd was, and go through the door you unblocked.

They’ll jump around a lot, so try to separate them so you’re only fighting one at a time. You’ll pick up a couple Lizard Tails for your trouble.

When they’re both defeated, a chest will appear with the Bomb Bag inside. Head back out and speak with Ledd. He’ll give you the Bomb Bag and 5 Bombs. Fill the bag the rest of the way — it can hold up to 10 Bombs — from inside the cage.

Ride the stone ball to the center of the room. Hop off and save at the bird statue.

Hop across the floating rocks to get to the far side of the room. Use bombs to deal with any Magma Spumes that you can reach, and take out the Bokoblins as you go.

Continue down the tunnel a little.

Fly your Beetle down the hallway to the left of the door. Loop around at the end and cut the other rope.

Ride the stone ball through the open gate. Hop off onto the platform on your left. Backtrack through the tunnel to visit the bird statue.

Stop at the next platform on your left. Deal with the Spumes and Lizalfos, and then open the chest there for a red rupee.

Hop off onto the central platform (and save at the bird statue if you want). Take the newly raised walkway north and go through the door.

Sprint the rest of the way up.

Wait out the line of boulders, and then sprint the rest of the way up. Cross the room and save at the next bird statue.

The boulder will bounce across the room and dam the flow of lava. Cross over and place the Dragon Sculpture in the lock. The head will be in the bottom right corner looking down.

When it stands back up, it’ll inhale for a few seconds before spitting fireballs at you. Get close enough and toss a bomb while it’s inhaling. When the bomb goes off, some of Scaldera’s rocky armor will blow off. While it’s stunned, get in close and attack the exposed eye.

When you run out of bombs, retreat to the top of the ramp.

There’s an open area there with Bomb Flowers and hearts — and Scaldera can’t reach it. You’ll still have to avoid fireballs, though.

The rest of the fight goes the same as before.

Just keep at it until you defeat Scaldera and earn your Heart Container.

Through the door, you’ll enter the Earth Spring. After watching the cutscene, loop around to the back of the altar.

Return to the front and deliver a Skyward Strike to the altar. You’ll get the Amber Tablet and information about where we’re going next.

Back outside, head all the way back to Skyloft and place the tablet Inside the Statue of the Goddess.

We’ll pick up with some shopping and preparation in the next section.

Skyward Sword is Proof Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Could 'End' The Franchise

GameRant 19 July, 2021 - 03:10pm

Essentially, Skyward Sword, The Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Ocarina of Time are the first four chronological games of the franchise. Ocarina of Time then leads to a three-way split, with the Child Timeline, Adult Timeline, and Fallen Hero Timelines emerging from there. Of course, this begs the natural question about Breath of the Wild, its sequel, and where they fit on the timeline. Interestingly enough, while this is mere speculation, the answer may be in both a franchise book and Skyward Sword itself. Those who have never played Skyward Sword should be aware there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

And so, in turn, most games focus on these events while also often tying in the TriForce, corresponding Power with Ganon, Wisdom with Zelda, and Courage with Link. In most instances, Link is the hero, but in some ways, Breath of the Wild breaks from this tradition established by Skyward Sword. Ultimately, the best way to explain this is how Breath of the Wild wraps up/comes at the end of the timeline.

In turn, this begs an even bigger question: why was there no incarnation of the hero, of the Goddess, and of Demise's Hatred in 10,000 years? Many believe the Breath of the Wild mural of this time period depicts Ganondorf as the hero, sealing away Calamity Ganon for some reason and somehow. That is, until Calamity Ganon returned 100 years prior to Breath of the Wild, and those events, Link's slumber, and all that lead up to the events of the 2017 game. According to Nintendo of Japan, Ganon would never quit reincarnating as his existence will always have the purpose of destroying the Hero and the Princess.

However, while Ganon and Ganondorf are often treated as one and the same, there is a slight difference: Ganondorf is the Gerudo in which bears the reincarnation of hatred time and again, while Ganon is typically his more hatred-consumed Bestial forms. Ganondorf can be the smart and the intellect behind the Power, while Ganon is just an incarnation of overwhelming power deigned to chase Link and Zelda throughout all reincarnations. Bearing this in mind, how the myths have changed, and how Demise's Curse from Skyward Sword is involved, then it's possible that Breath of the Wild 2 will end the timeline of reincarnation, as well as come at the end of the overall timeline.

Having the incarnation of Hatred sealed away explains the lack of reincarnations (or games inbetween this time, so to speak), and that changes the resurrection fans have seen in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer as well. Regardless of their identity, fans know Breath of the Wild 2 has some green magic overtake Link's arm, with many suspicious of why Nintendo was seemingly hiding his face as well. Speculatively speaking, it's possible the Spirit of the Hero incarnation that somehow took the form of Ganondorf was sealed away too, with that binding to Link in Breath of the Wild 2. In Link, there could be two heroic spirits that are bent on defeating Demise's Hatred—which, curse potentially or mostly broken, is returning in a new form since Hyrule Castle launches into the sky.

Speculation aside, it stands to reason that Skyward Sword's HD release is no coincidence, and that the content thereof is important for players to know before Breath of the Wild 2 releases. With the curse more prominent in everyone's mind, as well as myth-ification of past games a la the Champion book, it makes sense that Breath of the Wild 2 is about ending what Skyward Sword started.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available now for Switch.

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