How Amazon Games’ New World breaks the MMO mould


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Is New World Beta live?

The Closed Beta will be live from July 20 to August 2, 2021. ... If you have been invited to the Closed Beta or pre-ordered New World on Amazon, you will receive a Steam Key that can be redeemed through your Steam Library. newworld.comNew World FAQ

Amazon Games Launches New World Closed Beta Along With Jeff Bezos

Screen Rant 20 July, 2021 - 03:33pm

New World was first announced back in 2016, and Amazon Games has been working on the ambitious title ever since. During June's Summer Game Fest 2021, fans were given a deep dive into New World's Expeditions, weapons and more. The MMORPG was originally scheduled for a May 2020 release before multiple delays, and it appears that the extra time has been spent on filling the game with an abundance of content. The deep dive focused on Expeditions, a five-player multiplayer activity that allows a group of players to battle their way through enemies and bosses to acquire unique loot. The game's open world of Aeternum is also said to be quite an expansion, with multiple large and unique areas for players to explore alone or with a group. More recently, a preview of the upcoming New World beta revealed multiple new game modes which will allow players to enter combat alongside or against other players.

On the same day that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was launched into space, Amazon Games has launched the closed beta for New World. Players have been randomly selected to participate in this exclusive test for the game, with Amazon Game pulling from a pool of volunteers who either pre-ordered the game or signed up on the game's website. The beta will apparently be quite expansive, allowing players to partake in invasions and explore the world of Aeternum. This closed beta test will run from July 20 to August 2.

You can watch the New World closed beta trailer here.

While money played a large part in Jeff Bezos' recent joyride into space, many gamers fear that money will give certain New World players an unfair advantage. The game is confirmed to feature an in-game marketplace, which has led to concerns that items sold in the shop will give paying customers a leg up over other players. However, Amazon Games has specifically stated that New World's microtransactions will not create a pay-to-win scenario. Only cosmetic items will be sold in the market for the foreseeable future, although that fact may change down the road.

Amazon's New World looks to be a very promising MMORPG, featuring a vast world for players to explore and strategic real-time gameplay to create intense encounters. Previous tests have provided Amazon with necessary feedback, and this most recent closed beta will surely result in constructive feedback as well. With founder Bezos briefly entering a new world beyond our planet, Amazon Games is inviting players into their own new world to experience.

New World will release on August 31, 2021.

Source: New World

Here are all the servers in the New World closed beta | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 20 July, 2021 - 02:53pm

The closed beta testing period for Amazon Games Studios’ new MMO, New World, has launched. Over the course of the next two weeks, players will have the opportunity to jump into Aeternum.

And since anyone who pre-orders New World automatically receives an invite to the closed beta, Amazon is expecting a large influx of players to be playing this early version of the game over the next two weeks. As a result, Amazon Games has dedicated a metric ton of servers for players to experience the game on, ensuring low queue times and optimized ping. 

Across the world, there are a total of 67 servers to play the New World closed beta on. There are five regions that support the closed beta for New World: NA East, NA West, EU Central, South America, and Australia.

Here’s a composite list of all of the servers available to play on during the New World closed beta. 

New World goes into closed beta, instantly reaches nearly 200k Steam players

PCGamesN 20 July, 2021 - 02:17pm

The latest project from Amazon Game Studios, New World, has just entered closed beta, and early interest is massive. The beta reached nearly 200,000 concurrent players within hours of going live, and it’s currently the top game on Twitch by an order of magnitude. Time will tell how players ultimately feel about New World, but so far it seems like a massive turnaround from the last AGS project.

New World has reached a peak concurrent player count of 187,786 as I’m writing this, and as SteamDB shows, that number continues to grow. Over on Twitch, it’s got over 721k viewers, buoyed by some big-name streamers and Twitch Drops for some free in-game items. Even with those incentives in mind, the stat’s still impressive – well ahead of Just Chatting, with 369k viewers, and Warzone, with 246k.

For comparison, Amazon’s Crucible reached a peak of 25,145 on release day, which dipped precipitously in the weeks following launch. The game was shelved not long after.

Clearly, between FFXIV and New World, there’s a great deal of hunger for MMORPGs that don’t start with ‘W’.

The proper New World release date is set for August 31. You can follow that link for a whole lot more info on what to expect from the game.

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Are the New World closed beta servers down? How to check server status | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 20 July, 2021 - 12:17pm

The closed beta test for New World, Amazon Studios’ big MMO project, is underway. Like any big beta test, there’s no chance that everything will work right when it’s supposed to, especially if everyone is trying to log in at once.

The closed beta period officially began at 11:30am CT on July 20 and players shouldn’t be surprised to run into issues while trying to connect. During the first few hours or days of the closed beta, you should expect to see various worlds (servers) under maintenance for each region. Less than an hour after the closed beta period officially started, four worlds in the U.S. West region are down for maintenance and few others in different regions are down as well.

There will also be scheduled global maintenance periods throughout the New World closed beta, with a global announcement posted in-game like the one below.

Amazon Studios announced just before the closed beta began that it’ll be adding more worlds to account for the number of closed beta participants.

If you’re having repeated trouble connecting to various worlds, follow the official New World Twitter account for any direct updates from the developers. You can also try the standard fixes for connection issues in other games or platforms as well, including restarting Steam or your router and checking your firewall settings.

How to get New World beta key and Twitch drops - GameRevolution

Game Revolution 20 July, 2021 - 10:18am

Where can you get a New World beta key? Head below to find out how to play the New World beta, which starts today, July 20, on PC. Especially, how to get a New World closed beta key and where and how to claim it. Furthermore, since Amazon is encouraging streaming, there were also some notable New World Twitch drops available — here’s how to get those and where to claim Twitch drops from inside New World’s menu.

Anyone interested in playing the New World beta can get a beta key in one of three ways:

New World Twitch Drops won’t give a beta key, but they will give players access to some exclusive loot items. To claim them:

How to gain access to the New World closed beta | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 20 July, 2021 - 10:00am

The closed beta for Amazon Games Studios’ new MMO, New World, goes live today at 11:30am CT. And players who are looking to join the closed beta for New World will find that the process is relatively straightforward. 

There are two ways to gain access to the New World closed beta, with one method guaranteeing prospective players an access key and another relying on random selection. Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll have to do so soon, considering the New World closed beta will only be live for the next two weeks. 

The first and more reliable method to acquiring a beta key is pre-ordering New World on either Amazon or Steam. Players who pre-order the game will receive a key to the closed beta in their email at some point in the 48-hour window after their purchase is complete. 

The other and more dicey way to acquire a key for the New World closed beta is to sign up through the game’s official website and hope to be randomly selected to gain entry into the closed beta. Keep in mind that the second option does not require you to purchase the game.

The New World closed beta will last for two weeks, closing on Aug. 3 at 1:59am. New World will be released globally on Aug. 31. 

Amazon's MMO New World has as much in common with Valheim as it does World Of Warcraft

Rock Paper Shotgun 19 July, 2021 - 10:03am

New World is Amazon's foray into the MMORPG genre and I got hands-on with an early build of its opening hours, which had me create a character, fight through a tutorial area, and graduate to a neighbouring town filled with vendors and plentiful quest markers. So, only a small portion of what's undoubtedly a game built for hundreds of hours of play, but enough to get a handle on whether I had that itch to get back in there and clock another hour or two towards that first hundred in its world. That's what matters when it comes to MMOs right? And I've got to say yes. Yes, the itch could use a good scratch.

But let's forget my itchy body and look in more detail at New World's, starting with its heart. As you'd expect, it has those familiar MMO beats: an XP bar at the bottom of the screen that fills up as you complete quests and an open world populated by other players. This is conveniently dished up on a clean slate that says you're an adventurer who's shipwrecked on the isle of Aeternum, a place flowing with mysterious magic that does nice magic things and bad magic things. And you, dear explorer, must choose a faction and "get amongst it", as TV chef Jamie Oliver would say if he was making a marinade out of combat.

Hardly any of the faction or fighting over land PVP stuff was available in my preview session, though, which was a disappointment considering it's likely a large part of what separates New World from other MMORPGs. I did get a very small snapshot of how it might work, though, as houses in the first town I visited could actually be bought by players if they had a high enough Standing level - just don't ask me how Standing itself works. But things like smelters and tanning racks in the town centre are shared amongst players, so they'd level and unlock bonuses for everyone. And I noticed that I was taxed a tiny amount when crafting stuff too. Presumably, the faction that controls the territory could be right bastards and set taxes really high to line their pockets. Something I'd never ever do. Not me.

Still, what I experienced of New World's territories was almost non-existent, so while I wish I could tell you more about how fights over land, or player-driven economies will work, I cannot. As someone who traditionally cares only for how good my new pauldrons look and if they match my cloak, I'm curious to see if I'll actually get roped into caring about those aspects. Will climbing tax rates in Scunthorpe make me reach for the nearest pitchfork and rebel? Only time will tell.

That aside, so far I'd say that New World shares just as much of its DNA with survival game Valheim as it does with an MMO. Unlike say, World Of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, crafting isn't something you can just totally bypass if you don't like picking flowers or chopping wood. Right from the start of New World you'll be rustling bushes for sticks and pocketing flint to make yourself a skinning knife. And it won't be long before you're gutting a boar for its meat and watching it crackle over a fire. Health bars don't just top themselves up around here, sonny.

By the end of my brief session with New World I'd gone on to smelt ore, tan some leather, and do a spot of fishing. Good lord, it was a lot of manual labour, but it never felt like it. Mining, for example, sees you press a button and watch a circle gradually fill. But the sounds your tools make when crashing off rock or slamming into wood are so, so satisfying. Fishing was more complex than I was expecting too. You have to reel the fish in carefully, so as not to snap the line, and later I discovered that there's different bait for fresh and saltwater fishing. By no means revolutionary, but these little details added nicely to my immersion.

These skills don't feel compartmentalised like other MMOs I've played, where you might focus solely on one or two trades which totally diverge from one another. Here, all manner of raw materials will flood your bags, just as much as quest items or shiny rewards, so tools feel just as important as the swords you'll swing or the arrows you'll sling.

Combat in New World also feels like it feeds into this loosey goosey, "you can be whatever you put your mind to maaaan!" thing it's got going on. Instead of picking a class which dictates what equipment you can and can't use, here it's pick up and play, baby. Swords, shields, spears, hammers, or even magical gauntlets are yours to wield if you're feeling spicy. And the more you use them, the better you'll get with them, in an Elder Scrolls kind of way. The freedom's liberating, especially coming from other MMOs where I've been desperate to try out gear that's outside of my chosen class.

The actual clashing of steel in New World isn't half-bad either, with a more stripped back feel so I wasn't drowing in hotbars. I know everything is reminiscent of Dark Souls with me, but this time it genuinely is! You have to time your swings and blocks and dodges to survive fights, as opposed to standing still and cycling through a myriad of abilities like you do in a lot of other MMOs.

Each weapon has two skill-trees. For example, with the sword and shield you can focus on damage, or on tanking. The branch you slot the most points into determines your specialisation. I went with the damage one, which boosted my spinny blade attack, one of three abilities to unlock and use in battle. Yep, that's it: three. I enjoyed their weighty feel and simplicity - but I do worry that this might make it harder for your character to truly stand out from the rest.

The same simplicty goes for your character build too, who has five attributes: strength, dexterity, intelligence, focus, and constitution. Every time you level, you bang a point or two into one of these branches and that'll determine what sort of role you'll take on. This is as close as the game gets to set classes, basically. I wouldn't say it felt quite as rewarding as something like FFXIV, where you unlock mad new spells at a fairly frequent rate. Still, I liked that it was easy to see what I'd gain access to every few levels thanks to a dedicated menu screen telling me. This is something other MMOs could learn from, I think, as often I'll miss important milestones like the ability to ride a mount because no-one told me I went past it.

Just don't expect to choose a spindly elf or a hulking great orc to play as in New World. This could change, of course, but for now the only option is to play as a human. Just something to bear in mind if you're a fan of roleplaying as something with an edge, and another potential reason that we might all blend into one once we're playing.

But what about the world of New World itself? Is it, in fact, new? Does it have an edge? From the very small slice of the game I played, I'd say it was quite standard, if pleasant, medieval-ish stuff. Serene music, nice trees, dirt paths. The tutorial area was perhaps a sign of otherworldly things to come, with a dark beach and shipwrecks crawling with blue zombies, so there's potential to surprise, but I'd need to spend more time in the world to see if it'll stick. Others have pointed to its colonial undertones, but having played only a very small slice of the game, I can't make a call either way on that score. Something to keep in mind, that's for sure.

New World's definitely done enough to get me interested, though. I liked its mixture of survival and MMO elements, alongside this concept of a world that's controlled and fought over by players. This in particular I'm eager to explore further, as I get the impression this is where the real meat of the experience lies and what could separate it from other heavy-hitters in the genre. When New World's closed beta arrives on 20th July, I'll be there, hopeful that it delivers on that front. Part of me worries that if it doesn't, then the shores of Aethernum could sink into obscurity very quickly.

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