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When is the fortnite live event season 7?

When is the Fortnite Operation: Sky Fire live event start date and time? The Fortnite Season 7 live event starts Sunday, September 12, at 4 p.m. Eastern. While Epic has yet to reveal precisely how long Operation: Sky Fire will last, almost all past Fortnite live events have taken about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Inverse‘Fortnite’ Operation: Sky Fire live event start time and how to join

When is the sky fire event in fortnite?

When does Fortnite's Operation: Sky Fire event start? Operation: Sky Fire begins at 1 p.m. Pacific Time / 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, Sept. 12. According to Epic, there won't be any replays this time around, so you'll need to be in the game on Sunday if you're interested in watching the event unfold live. CNETFortnite: How to watch 'Operation: Sky Fire' season finale event

What day does fortnite season 8 start?

Season 8 is set to launch on Monday, September 13th but no official time has been announced. Forbes‘Fortnite’ Season 7 ‘Sky Fire’ Live Event Start-Time And What To Expect

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What is Fortnite Operation Skyfire?: How to join, watch detail, leaks, and more

Sportskeeda 13 September, 2021 - 05:31pm

There are already some Season 8 leaks regarding its theme, Battle Pass, map changes, and more. However, even though most of the leaks will most likely turn out to be true, it is important to note that some of them will not. Furthermore, some of the leaked features may not come at the start of the new season.

It will be interesting to see what Epic Games will do after an alien-themed season. Many players are expecting massive destruction of the in-game map during the event and because of that, many new places in Season 8. A pyramid landmark is one of the leaked places for Fortnite’s Season 8, which is something that has been shared by most popular leakers.

In addition to this, a Mummy skin may be released to the game as well. If this turns out to be true, we might get an ancient Egypt theme or something similar to that. Season 6 was about a primal theme followed by a futuristic theme in Season 7. However, Epic may decide to go back to the past again for the upcoming season.

Beside the pyramid, a crash site has also been leaked as a potential landmark. However, it also seems that Kevin the Cube will make its return to Fortnite. This cube played a major part in the Chapter 1 storyline and players are hoping that it will come back at some point.

According to Mang0e, a popular leaker, Kevin the Cube may change all the other landmarks in Season 8. This could be something similar to the cube movement back in Season 5 of Chapter 1.

Season 7 is ending on Sunday, September 12. However, Season 8 may not start immediately after it. While Epic Games has not revealed anything yet, we can expect a longer downtime after the event which will be used as a preparation for the new season.

Considering that the event is on Sunday and that most seasons start on Tuesday, there may be a downtime of at least 30 hours.

Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games Donald Mustard has revealed that the Naruto skin will be added to Fortnite Battle Royale. However, contrary to the popular belief, this character will not be included in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Considering that most Battle Passes have a collaboration skin, however, we can expect another popular character to come in the upcoming Battle Pass.

Many players are hoping that Foundation will return to the game as well. This character would be a perfect addition to the storyline as well as the next Battle Pass.

Fortnite Operation Skyfire, Season 7 Live event timings for US, UK, Australia, India, and other countries

Sportskeeda 13 September, 2021 - 05:31pm

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is all set to conclude in a few hours. However, before the transition to Season 8 can take place, players will be able to participate in a massive live event that has been code named 'Operation Skyfire.'

The live event will see Dr. Slone and the Imagined Order come together to bring down the alien Mothership hovering in the sky. This will bring an end to the alien invasion that started at the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite, once and for all.

The falling debris from the Mothership is expected to cause a lot of destruction on the island, and this will eventually set the stage for Chapter 2 Season 8. Multiple map changes are expected to happen in Season 8, and the community is excited for the new content to reveal itself later today.

Fortnite players will be able to experience the end of Season 7 with this upcoming live event. All players who want to participate in this event are expected to log in 30 minutes before the start of the event. A special playlist will be added to the game mode roster, and players can enter the live event directly from that feature.

No replays for this mode will be available. Fortnite players who wish to re-watch the event or content creators who want to document themselves in this massive live event will have to record it with their equipment.

Below are all the regional timings for the UK, USA, Australia, India and other major regions:

Servers are expected to be down after the live event, and players might have to wait a few hours before they can jump straight into Season 8 of Fortnite.

*LIVE UPDATES* Fortnite Season 8 SPOILERS: Operation Sky Fire Files Decrypted, Leaked, The Cube, Audio Files & More

RealSport101 13 September, 2021 - 05:31pm

Operation Sky Fire is over and the future of Fortnite hangs in the balance.

This article may contain spoilers not only for the event but for Season 8 as well, do not read on if you wish to stay in the dark.

We have teaser three for Fortnite Season 8 which shows off JB Chimpanski as a new character/skin.

On top of this we also have a teaser trailer that appears to confirm that Carnage is on his way to the game, could he be part of the Battle Pass?

The second official Fortnite Season 8 teaser shows an anime-style demon hunter character.

Like the other image, it contains a QR code. It appears that after four teasers we may be able to discover something new about Season 8. Perhaps these are Battle Pass skins?

We have our first official teaser for Fortnite Season 8 and it's... something.

Season 8 will begin in approximately 12 hours (10:00 BST/05:00 EST/02:00 PST). In Operation Sky Fire, Kevin the Cube made its return, but with seemingly THOUSANDS of other Cubes.

The Mothership was destroyed but in the process, the cubes have fallen onto the Island.

We are in the final stages of waiting for Operation Sky Fire and with all matchmaking disabled, you can join a lobby and wait for it to begin.

The event is due to begin at 5 minutes past the hour and last up to 15 minutes.

We may have the first leak of a clip from the Operation Sky Fire event. It shows a player interacting with Doctor Slone as she warns about the mothership. A blinding light then appears to abduct or teleport the player.

It's also possible that this is just a concept of what the event may look like.

It appears that audio files for Kevin the Cube has been found and he'll be 'zapping' the player at some point during the event.

The audio of Doctor Slone hyping up players in the playlist lobby has leaked. She warns that the aliens are preparing for their biggest abduction yet. She also mentions that you've attached explosives to all of the abduction targets!

We know that lobbies will be up to 16 players max. It's expected that the pre-event lobby will have the same limit.

Operation Sky Fire is set to last around 15 minutes in total. It will begin around 5 minutes after the advertised start time and finish up at 21:20 BST / 16:20 EST / 13:20 PST. This is fairly typical and may include a post-event trailer for Fortnite Season 8.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to attend events like these in Fortnite. All matchmaking should be paused around 30 minutes before Operation Sky Fire begins.

On Sunday, 12 September, make sure you're logged into Fortnite with plenty of time to spare before the 21:00 BST / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST start time. This allows you to get through any potential server queues.

Once in the game, only one playlist will be available to play during the event. It's literally unmissable! There may be a pre-event lobby like with the Rift Tour which will act as a social space to relax before Operation Sky Fire begins.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 - When Does the New Season Start and When Does Season 7 End?

Fortnite Insider 13 September, 2021 - 05:31pm

Fortnite Season 8 Start Release Date

Operation: SkyFire, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 ending event takes place today at 4 PM ET (9 PM BST). We’ll likely see the mothership come crashing down during the event as players help Slone in her mission.

There haven’t been any Fortnite season 8 leaks yet and we haven’t had any teasers for the new season as Epic have been posting teaser for the Sky Fire event instead. However, there’s a chance we could see some leaks and teasers once the event is over.

Some players still aren’t sure when Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 ends and when season 8 will start. Here’s the answers to all your questions ahead of the season 7 live event.

There’s no official information on the start date for when Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 starts. However, it seems like season 8 will release tomorrow. Monday 13th September. We don’t have a time that the new season of Fortnite will be available. However, we’d assume the update will be pushed live at around 5 AM ET.

Fortnite season 7 will end today at 4 PM ET. As soon as the Operation SkyFire event begins, Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 will come to an end. In the blog post announcing the event, Epic remind players to complete their challenges before the event takes place.

Similar to the black hole event. The Fortnite servers will remain down until the release of season 8. That means players will be unable to play Fortnite for more than eight hours.

Be sure to check back here for a recap of the live event along with any news ahead of the new season of Fortnite. We’ll be posting all the news and leaks prior to the start of season 8 along with coverage of the new battle pass, map changes, any new features or mechanics that the new season brings and more. Be sure to turn on website notifications to alert you when we post a new article.

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