How To Buy A PS5 Or Xbox Series X/S


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When will the Xbox series X be available?

When is Xbox Series X release date? Xbox Series X is launching at participating retailers worldwide on November 10, 2020. xbox.comXbox Series X console

F1 2021 Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Attack of the Fanboy 20 July, 2021 - 09:00am

Update 1.04 has arrived for F1 2021 and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Patch 1.04 was released for the PC version of F1 2021 four days ago, but now the update is available for the console versions of the game from today. The version number is still 1.04 on PS4 and 01.004.000 if you own the game on PS5. The patch numbers may vary for Xbox owners though.

The update is an important one because it will fix the corrupt save issues that the game had been having since launch. This new update should fix that problem. Some other small stability fixes have also been made to the game too.

If you want to check out the full patch notes, you can see the details posted down below.

You can check out more details about the game via the official website. F1 2021 is out now PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2021

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