How to Make a 'Squid Game' Costume and Win at Halloween


Lifehacker 12 October, 2021 - 01:00pm

COVID-19 is creating some Halloween scarcities

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Does anyone remember how to do Halloween parties? It’s 2021, we’re more than a year into a pandemic, and many of us are trying to remember how to socialize. Now we’re adding costumes to the mix, a recipe for anxiety—or perhaps some good, old-fashioned nostalgia? Thankfully, even this strange year has delivered a wealth of pop culture memes—all of which are excellent fodder for clever, timely Halloween costumes. Whether you want something easy—like, say, a Squid Game costume—or a little more crafty, we’ve got you covered. (See below for a sketchy DIY guide to turning yourself into a cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal.)

We’ve all been a bit of a mess in 2021, but perhaps none of us as much as the cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week. If you’re crafty (and maybe a little broke) simply follow these instructions:

The costumes here don’t matter so much as the accessories. For Jen: A nude lip, a light brown wig, maybe a teal plaid coat if you have one. For Ben: A beard, a cigarette, and maybe a Dunkin’ Donuts cup. The key ingredient: Make sure you look more conspicuously happy than you ever have in your lives.

If you have somehow escaped the TikTok phenomenon of Emily Mariko’s leftover salmon and ice cube rice recipe, consider yourself lucky. If not, it’s only fitting that you dress up as the app’s health and waste-conscious idol. A simple workout tank will do the trick, along with some biker shorts and a hair clip to keep your locks out of your face as you demonstrate how to construct the bowl. Bonus points if you are brave enough to carry around your salmon topped with avocado all night long. But the best part of the costume is free: a satisfied, soft smile.

Round up some friends and go as Eurovision’s sexiest rock group Måneskin. Shirts are optional, but smudged eyeliner is not. Squeeze into corseted faux leather pants, and perhaps a matching corset top with a loose men’s tie to hammer home the edgy look. But whatever you do, don’t bend over to try to clean up some broken glass at your feet.

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