In the UK, 96% of Dark Alliance's Physical Sales Were on PS5, PS4


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What are the PS Plus games for July 2021?

PS Plus Free Games for July 2021 Move Forward No matter how one looks at it though, the PS Plus free game roster addition of A Plague Tale: Innocence, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 all set up what's next for their perspective franchises—A Plague Tale: Requiem, WWE 2K22, and Call of Duty 2021. Game RantThe PS Plus Free Games for July 2021 Are All Set-Up for Something Else

It’s not unusual to see the physical sales of new releases skew heavily in favour of PlayStation in the UK, but the emergence of Xbox Game Pass is making the splits ridiculous. Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, which launched in Britain last week, generated 54 per cent of its boxed copy sales on PS5 and a further 42 per cent on PS4 – that’s 96 per cent in total.

It means that just four per cent of physical copies in the UK were sold on Xbox platforms, an unprecedented split between console families. It is worth reiterating that this reflects boxed sales only – there’s no digital data included here – and the game is included as part of Microsoft’s aforementioned Xbox Game Pass subscription. Reviews, also, have been mixed – although we thought it was pretty good.

Nevertheless, it’s perhaps a sign of things to come as Sony’s primary competitor continues to double down on subscriptions. There’s been some suggestion from the Team of Green that Xbox Game Pass actually increases software sales, and while this isolated example certainly doesn’t contradict that – well, it’s increasingly looking like physical sales may be dominated by PlayStation moving forwards.

[source, via News: UK Sales Charts: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Holds Its Own in a Nintendo-Heavy Top 10]

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It’ll be interesting as the generation goes along, if Sony can command a huge lead like they did with PS4 they can probably get away without a Gamepass alternative. However, I think more and more people are seeing huge value in the subscription.

I’m the target audience for DA, had the original on GameCube and so this was a day 1 buy for me. But if I had both and Xbox and PS, I’d have just used a Gamepass subscription for 1 month because I doubt I’ll play this game longer then a month.

There is no way any company can survive on a platform with this kind of revenue divide. It's really a shame Microsoft has trained there people to not buy games and laugh at everyone else who does. Gamepass/DRM is not the future and I hope it never is. Keep buying games people

Wow the shift in the ways we consume and buy media is changing rapidly, few years back we were restless with the idea of not owning a physical unit of your loved media, then we gradually shifted to digital and now subscription based media are the dominant and most of us prefers experiencing the media and moving on.

@mrtennis1990 I agree it can’t be sustainable for the platform holders or the developers (since many move on from games so quickly and never go back).

However, from a consumer standpoint with limited budget, I gotta see where the best value for my money is and currently there’s a CLEAR winner. I don’t regret my PS5 purchase but once Xcloud is running on mobile or PC, that’s gonna be a go to for me if a game is launched there

Gamepass will be the death of Xbox if games keep not selling on that platform.

PS5. The best place to play.

I think it's too early to conclude much from this, and it is just one game (that didn't really sell that well to begin with) at retail.

However, there's no question that the splits for physical have been shifting heavily in PlayStation's favour (in the UK at least).

It'll be interesting to see if that has any impact on how much shelf space retailers dedicate to each brand, and whether that even matters anymore.

@Stragen8 the idea that it isn't sustainable for the platform holder just doesn't hold water to me.

A simple look at how Sony made a huge proportion of their income from microtransactions in third party games tells you that even if gamepass continued to make a loss, if you attract enough people to your platform who also buy into software on the platform then it still very much makes sense.

What MS need to avoid is too many subscribers like me who after some settling in has basically stopped buying games for the platform and have never bought MT'S and I am super selective with DLC.

MS are definitely looking at the bigger picture here though and while the last set of figures show gamepass at 23m subs that is only the beginning of the story.

It is very telling that MS games are making a significant impact on the Steam charts too.

One of the knock on effects of being in a subscription service has also been to highlight how good an effective digital game library is. MS have this and as of yet I don't think Sony do with a refund policy particularly lacking.

96% probably wishing they could have played it on gamepass first. A broken game is a broken game regardless of playing it digital or physical.

Also there's over 18million gamepass's growing. It's not going anywhere.

I knew it PlayStation is powerful.

@get2sammyb shelf space for games is getting less and less. More places selling top up cards than games. I don't think anyone can deny digital sales are over taking physical. What always tops Amazon's playstation charts? Top up wallets.

Do you think that Gamepass's value for money will work in the longrun for the value to Microsoft that they will not feel the need to make it more expensive to make up for the loss?

@Bleachedsmiles Very true, yes.

@mrtennis1990 I grew up renting games, beating them, and returning them. I also switched from cd’s to digital music when that came along. The subscription model doesn’t bother me. I have no problem buying games on my PS5, but I use Gamepass on my Xbox.

Microsoft dreams about a future where people won't have the ability to own their games. Gamepass wans't made in order to make gaming more affordable. No, it's purpose is to prevent people from having ownership towards their games and to allow Microsoft to become the company that people will depend on in order to play.

I don't know why, but I have a feeling that the Microsoft of E3 2013 isn't dead and that the company will show its true colors once it'll become a leader in the video game industry (Especially if they intend to acquire other major 3th party publishers after Bethesda).

@get2sammyb I've pretty much abandoned physical games for the most part these days on both platforms, as there is no real benefits to them anymore. I mean how many games are you playing actually resemble what's on the disc these days? Wasn't even the recent Ratchet and Clank's 60fps mode a patch and the RT Performance mode on Miles Morales? Let alone something like AC Valhalla and I doubt many want to play whatever is on that Cyberpunk disc. These days a physical game is just inserting a disc into a console just so that you can play the game that is already on its hard drive

@carlos82 I'm kinda the same with physical. I'm still not opposed to buying a Blu-ray if it's a particularly great deal, but I prefer digital in most cases now.

I mean, it makes sense right? Why would you buy it when it's available with Gamepass? They got paid ahead from Microsoft so it's fine for all parts involved

Once again showing that early PS5 owners are big game buyers. The number of PS4s will far outweigh the number of PS5s yet the multigeneration games sell better on the stock limited PS5. PS5 gamers are clearly very hungry for content.

As someone gaming on PS5 and Series X, I haven't bought a game physically since Fallout 4 on my PS4! LOL

@get2sammyb same, I still get the odd deal or if it has nice packaging like the recent Alex Kidd game

@Hypnotoad107 I totally respect that. I'm just worried the future will be 100 percent DRM and less of owning the actual game/software.

Physical games will always have its audience especially older gamers like me, those who likes to own their games not streaming them. Also there is the resell value which is simply just doesn't exist on digital games. Collecting games if you can afford is also an important factor. I rarely buy digital games, it's just not worth it for me. My friends are the same, they all have nice collection too. So i think/hope they won't disappear in the near future

@blinx01 To be fair, digital sales are enormous on PlayStation as well. But yes, we certainly don't get the "full picture" without digital data included.

I prefer physical so will always favor PlayStation. It gets just about all games physically and alot of those same games are digital only on Xbox.

There is one conclusion we can make from all this, D&D:DA is a pretty terrible game in it's current state.

Wow that is a crazy slice of the pie even with factors like game pass to consider. As for the game yeah I can't be bothered to play this one anytime soon. It just looks so dreadfully dull from everything I see of it.

The only real conclusion to be had here is that Game Pass probably has an extremely high attach rate for Xbox Series owners, which makes sense.

As a digital digital gamer I see the advantage of going digital. However, I’d never want to be in a position in which an internet outage leaves me unable to play any games at all. I know GamePass gives limited offline play but it also means you own nothing at all.

Something like GamePass reminds me of Spotify. A platform that caters only to the provider and the creator gets scraps. I really wanna know how much devs make from having their game on GamePass as opposed to selling that games outright. Spotify pays artists 0.001 cent for every play they get. I wonder if MS pays devs similarly.

I’m hoping with this data we can stop blaming the country of origin of the game and that people will finally realize most games are bought digitally on Xbox. Yes I know GP plays a factor, but those not on GP are still more likely to purchase the game digitally for the platform. Again it’s not the game; it’s the gamers.

@AhmadSumadi It’s widely known MS uses multiple different payment choices for devs.

@4kgk2 I guess it depends how much devs get for a game to go straight onto gamepass.

Nowadays physical almost everytime isn`t physical so who really cares ?

Once physical media goes I go I can't stand having to rely on the Internet to get my games(saying that you need to rely on the Internet for the constant game patches and updates we get) :-/ Oh well.

@get2sammyb This is a complex issue with many layers. Here's one angle I find interesting.

I expect that games being on subscriptions services like Game Pass and PS+ (especially Day 1) lead to MORE sales on other platforms due to increased mindshare and word of mouth.

E.g. Would Outriders have sold so well if it wasn't on Game Pass and being talked about by so many more people? What about Fall guys?

There's also plenty of evidence of longer tail sales too from being on sub services like PS+, Game Pass etc.

Ultimately whether this works out in the publisher's favour is beyond my pay grade. Though I suspect for this game, which doesn't seem to have reviewed or sold well, Game pass is/was likely a lifeline for the publisher!

To the people saying they’d prefer to buy their games instead of renting them…you know that option IS still on Xbox and some devs have even said gamepass increased the sale of their games right? Or does that not gel with the ‘gamepass bad’ narrative?

@themightyant could those be the exceptions, though?

The PS5 physical version of Scarlet Nexus, Resident Evil Village (& now this game) have sold better than Xbox One & Xbox Series physical versions combined... (Gap will close when digital is factored in...but not all the way)...

I wonder what'll happen when it's just PS5 version vs Xbox Series version when next gen only games start dropping?

I dont know why people assume no one buys games on xbox i have gamepass and still buy games. I try stuff out on gamepass if i like it i buy it and Gamepass gets me 20% off and i actually buy more dlc because of the discount

Gamepass probably makes me buy more games as im trying games i would have never have thought of buying end up liking them and buying them

@naruball Possibly. But a few indie devs have alluded to this too on various podcasts, videos and forums. (NDA's mean they can't be specific sadly)

Effectively more people playing your game (and talking about it, guides written about it, YouTube videos published), AKA increased mindshare, leads to even more players & sales. It works as a good promotion tool, and the guaranteed subscription payment likely hedges your bets in terms of financial returns.

For many titles I think it's quite a smart move RIGHT NOW. Particularly with Xbox Game Pass having the smaller install base i.e. more potential sales on PS etc. Whether it will still be a smart move in years to come is beyond my ken.

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A less solid month if true

Which shops have PS5 available for July 2021?

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Poll: Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Games for July 2021?

Push Square 05 July, 2021 - 11:21am

After not one, but two different leaks, the PlayStation Plus lineup for July 2021 was confirmed at the usual time earlier this week. It was the second leak that turned out to be legit, with A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS5 joined by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds on PS4.

Right off the bat, we're going to point out that the inclusion of WWE 2K Battlegrounds is questionable. This is a game that was blasted with criticism when it launched in September last year, and given how solid recent PS Plus selections have been, it's no wonder that we're already seen a backlash to July's lineup.

But at least the other two games balance things out to some degree. The PS5 port of A Plague Tale is obviously a new release of a well received title, and Black Ops 4 is a decently rated entry in the Call of Duty franchise.

But as always, we want to know what you think. Are you happy with July 2021's PS Plus selection? Vote in our polls, and then give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

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Very decent, A Plague Tale is a good TLOU style game, Battlegrounds is meh and Black Ops 4 is a big game regardless what others think.

Hell yeah, been waiting a while for A Plague Tale: Innocence and also get thrown in some BOPS4 Which I happened to own the season pass for so well chuffed as sold it traded in towards the PS5 last year think there will be a lot of negative things in the comments below as multiplayer games down tend to go down very well here.

Sure. I said I was mostly happy since getting the PS5 version of A Plague Tale Innocence for free is good enough to make it a solid enough month for me.

Decent month for me and most looking forward to the wwe game, didnt look good enough to buy but more than happy to get it here

I'm happy more people will give A Plague Tale a chance. It's a hidden 💎.

Really looking forward to replaying innocence.

Side note: poll says Black Ops 3

I don't have a PS5, so definitely not happy.

Would have played A Plague Tale if it was on PS4. No interest in the other two. Have already downloaded A Plague Tale on my Series S via Gamepass, so will end up playing it there.

As a ps4 owner, not the best month. Can't wait to get my hands on a PS5 for Plague's Tale though.

Sublime line up. Couldn't be any better.

My Plus ran out and after seeing this month I have no intention of renewing it, at least for now. Rubbish month absolute rubbish even though A Plague Tale I wouldn't mind trying.

I don't have a PS5, so no. Awful month for PS4 users imo...

Plague Tale is amazing, but I already played and own it so it's impact isn't as big for me. The other two though are pretty rough though. Blops 4 has no campaign and I prefer Modern Warfare for MP. WWE Battlegrounds... I'm just not interested 😅.

Im looking forward to Plague. Everything else is just isn't that great tbh (a dead COD, and a PS4 version of mobile game).

No, simply because COD is there. I am sick and tired from seeing that game being given out. If it was Lost Legacy as the rumors mentioned then I would have been happy with it.

Not really. I don’t like stealth games, online repetitive shooters, or crap games.

Horrible😴.worst ps4 month ever.word up son

A Plague Tale: Innocence should have been for PS4 also. Black Ops 4 is one of the worst Call of Duty's ever, due to having no Campaign, and I couldn't care less about WWE rubbish.

Bit of a coincidence that July's lineup is as bad as last years July lineup.

@AdamNovice a big game that’s only MP that everyone has moved on from. You could almost forget it exists. They should have given the new Modern Warfare instead. This feels like a rip off.

Decent month. People focused on the 6th COD game, but plague tale is a gem.

I do miss the time of getting indie games through ps plus. Maybe 1 or 2 super old AAA games and then 4-5 indie games. Those were the glory days of the subscription.

@playstation1995 shut up son.

Ever since it’s announcement I’d forgotten about Plague Tale, I’m only too happy to have it now

Nah, not very happy. A Plague Tale: Innocence is good but not worth replaying just for some fancy PS5 enhancements in my opinion.

It’s so rare that I even play the games that are given monthly but if I don’t like them I just keep playing the games I have that I do like. I don’t sign a stupid useless petition or anything ridiculous like that.

One game I’m interested in is on a console I can’t find so in my opinion it’s a ***** month

Blops 4 is two cods old and the weakest one in years before Cold War. Only gets any clout cause its was competing with Apex for BR

Only interested in A Plague Tale but it’s one of those rare cases when a PS+ game goes on top of my gaming queue instead of the backlog. So still a good month.

Pretty strong month to be fair. Looking forward to all three.

Does seem odd, I can't imagine it would've cost a huge amount more to get PS4 plague tale on there too, would've made sense while it's still nigh on impossible to find a rrp ps5.

I’ll take A Plague Tale and won’t even download the others.

I’m going to have quite a collection of games to play by the time I get a PS5 😬

I think this month is really poor considering the run of games plus has had this year.

Plague is a good game but as a re-release that is a free patch anyway it is a bit rubbish.

As for Blops 4 - an old mp game is never a great get especially when there are two current versions of the series that have superceded it including a free to play entry.

And the less said about the WWE abomination the better.

Weakest month since the PS5 launched.

Although A Plague Tale is good, the other two games drag it down to crap month territory.

No. I've already played through APT: Innocence. The other two are so forgettable, I don't even remember their titles.

I let my psn plus run out last month. My only real concern is losing cloud saves.

Also, everybody picking the 6/10 over the 9/10. It warms my heart.

I'm pretty pleased with plague tail innocence but for ps4 owners it's pretty pants

For me personally it's not a good mo th as Ive already played call of duty and a plague tale. And I'm not into wrestling (worst sport ever)

But in terms of value and the games themselves I'd say its a pretty solid selection especially for those who haven't played theses games yet, also compared to games with gold this is miles ahead

I’m never not happy for a ps plus free game. If it sucks, then I move on. No skin off my back, I didn’t pay for the free game.

As, it seems most people feel… happy with Innocence: A Plagues Tale, even though I’ve already got the PS4 version in my backlog. I’ve heard that it is well worth two playthroughs (spread apart of course), so I will probably play both versions at some point.

Never been a CoD fan though… and haven’t been into WWE since it was called WWF.

Hahahaha this has to be a joke right? 😂😂😂

@Korgon BO4 has a good zombies and Alcatraz is pretty good for a laugh.

@Abeedo simple answer 👍👍👍😃

Plague Tale on PS5 makes it a good month.

wouldn't mind if i had a ps5. can't see anyone who isn't into CoD not already owning that game, and... WWE? didn't that game also get, like, AWFUL reviews for being totally broken or am i confusing this with something else?

Happy to get plague, other two are space fillers. Little needs to be said about COD, especially since it doesn't even have campaign and the WWE mock is just silly. Played it before and deleted 30 mins later.

For those of you who haven't played A Plague's Tale, you won't be disappointed.

As long as there are games I haven't played (and haven't already been on PS Now) I'm happy. Even WWE should be fun for a day of "omg this is so bad".

@colonelkilgore 😂 I just think that’s funny that you called it “Innocence: A Plague’s Tale”. Not sure if that was on purpose to trivialize the name or if you legitimately got confused but either way it underscores one of the things that probably hampered the game’s success — the title is kind of awkward and silly. Games with “Tale” in the title sound like some kind of bedtime story or something. This game would have sold better if it was just called “Plague”, or “Virulence of the Innocent”, or something like that. They should leave these hyphenated titles to the Japanese developers.

On subject, I’m excited to have A Plague’s Tale, as I’m currently enjoying it on PS4 and want the game to get some extra exposure. It’s quite good. The other two are unlikely to ever see the light of my HDD. But I’m happy for COD fans.

@Th3solution an ‘innocent’ mistake 😉 I assure you

CoD:BO4 is a game that anyone who was interested in it already owns. Then there's a cringeworthy wrestling game. The only game here I might play is A Plague's Tale, which I would have skipped for anything over the price of £free, and so it's hardly a stellar month.

already have plague tale, don't care for the rest

Plague Tale is the only one I care for honestly from this month's selection.

Looking forward to a plague tale and a bit of solo black ops. WWE games are the kind of thing to have a bestie over and play drunk for laughs. All good.

Plague Tale and WWE make it a very good month for me.

Wow still no knack two, let down another month.

I havent played COD since MW. WWE can poke it. But the Plague game looks interesting.

Really interested in A Plague’s Tale. Tried to play some Pathless and Returnal after a long duration away from them and then switched to Ghost of Tsushima in celebration for the Director’s Cut for a bit earlier today, but nothing felt like “home,” you know? I’m hoping A Plague’s Tale draws me in. If not, I’m playing old arcade games for most of July, which is ok too!

A plague tale sounds good and I never played Black ops 4 so hopefully there's still a good player base, should be with it on ps plus bow anyway, and WWE I'm probably not even gonna add to my library

I don't like the PS plus lineup for July 2021

Not really happy. I'm a little tired of getting old games that are updated for ps5 and then call it a game. It seems like most releases have been that way. Xbox game pass is much better in this area.

Don't have a ps5 yet, but look forward to getting one and finally playing A Plague Tale: Innocence.

WWE seems pretty fun for a couple of hours

I'll take wwe battle grounds..yeah its not the best game ever but its really good mates young lad has it and its a laugh a minute game playing against him so yeah...i'll have this thanks..

I'm only happy with A Plague Tale: Innocence, plan on skipping the other two titles.

A fairly even split between those who want to plague, and those who don't much care for it

As a PS4 owner, this sucks.

BLOPS4 was free on Game Pass for months before this, pretty sure, and Plague Tale has been on there a couple of months. If you own both Sony and Microsoft machines you must feel pretty duped cos you're not really getting anything you didn't already have.

Let's be honest. It's gonna be hard for Sony to ever top giving away Horizon: Zero Dawn for free. That game is immense, beautiful, not perfect but so fun, really a great gift and you didn't even need PS Minus for that, just a regular PS account. I'm looking forward to dipping back into that when I get a PS5 in a year or two.

The fact they're even offering a CoD game suggests they're kinda lamely trying to respond to GP. Which is interesting.

@AhmadSumadi So when you're disappointed by games, you just don't say anything and keep being disappointed month after month? How is that admirable lol? It's buying a product over and over again that you don't like, except you don't say anything and you keep giving them money anyway, so nothing changes.

Why are you so mad that other people are actually trying to voice their displeasure? Sure, it probably won't amount to anything, but it is 100,000 x better than what you do, which is nothing.

@Mgene15 Yep, you didn't pay for a "free" game, as PS Plus is a "free" service that you don't pay anything for!

The games are part of what you get for the subscription cost. It's part of the service, they're not "free" games, Sony aren't giving them out as a favour.

Indifferent this time. A Plague Tale is awesome and could have ironically been a rarest port I might be caught playing over Switch's (regardless of control scheme pitfalls, 360p/544p remains tangibly more streamable than 720p where I live)... but it's on a console I don't have that's only "portable" on buttonless devices whose creators likely deem even 720p atavistic. Better luck next gen with this game. Elsewhere, I'm lukewarm towards wrestling games (despite fooling around with WWF WrestleMania Challenge quite a bit as a kid, not that I ever figured out how to play efficiently) and to most CoDs that don't at least have "warfare" in the title - but I got one of the latter in the past (could've got two, but the excessively cautious mistake of making a Russian PSN account backfired yet again), so hey.

@guntam sane people either pay when they're interested or don't when they're not. I just expressed my personal "meh" for this month's lineup, but that didn't stop me from extending the sub for another year (a mailed discount code was welcome, too), and I barely even use multiplayer. For me, PS+ is about cloud saves and maintaining access to a massive library of offerings I enjoy AND have the ability to play, including Vita classics like Grand Kingdom and Zero Time Dilemma. When it comes to PS4, the control scheme gambles of the past pretty much discouraged me from buying games for it at all, so PS+ is the bulk of my library over there, including [semi]comfortable experiences like Concrete Genie, Greedfall, Just Cause 4, Uncharted and TLoU... all of which are still in my backlog. I have enough reason to keep subscribing; if I didn't, the rational thing would be to quit, not raise cain about it online. A business offer that doesn't or no longer meet a consumer's demand is nothing extraordinary and nothing apocalyptic.

Yes, purely for A Plague Tale. I started this on PS4 a while ago, so happy to return to it on PS5, once I finally have it set up again. No PS gaming for over three months - sad face.

Been looking at playing Plague Tale for a while, so this was a welcome addition. The rest I'll probably add to my library and never play though. If I get one game I'll enjoy per month then I won't complain too much.

@nhSnork "sane" (smart is really the more appropriate term) people buy a 12-month sub during a sale if they're interested because it's significantly more expensive to pay monthly, nearly 3x as much over the period of a whole year, and smart people don't waste money needlessly. A 12-month sub though, whilst significantly better value for money, makes it much harder to only "pay when they're interested."

As for the rest of your point, most people want PS+ to be a good service, in terms of value and content. They want to subscribe to it. They might have subscribed to it during a period in which it was a good service and the quality has since dropped. The failure is on Sony's part for making poor choices that alienate these people who are happy to give their business in return for a solid service. If you're not invested in the service, yes, the "rational" thing to do is to leave because in that case, the service didn't offer you anything that was worth keeping. For people who are invested and want the service to be better or even as good as it was previously, the "rational" thing to do is to want change.

And how other people choose to go about courting that change is really none of anyone else's business, especially people who have a flaccid philosophy on the matter.

In the internet, everything is everyone's business anyway, and a lot of publicly written opinions fall under the demand of taking the same responsibilities as all other incarnations of publicistic writing. If an opinion reeks of fanship venom and its "desire of change" (often on top of change itself regarding a conspicuously hedonistic first world problem) refuses the other party any room to say no at the legitimate cost of possibly losing the requester's wallet, this opinion will be called out for all the consumerist narcissism it radiates. "Flaccid" or not, there's no overruling the civility of an age-old take-it-or-leave-it approach in the market relationships; the reactive rest is just your tough luck of running into a sociopathic philologist with contempt for all fans and their brands of "wanting change".

Me, I don't want this sub "to be better" - I just want it if, when and as long as it gives me something I want for the price I'm motivated and enabled to pay. End of story. And it's not about jumping back in "when you're interested" - like I said above, I don't pay for what I might get in the future months, I pay for what I already have in the sub's frame. Namely, the save cloud and the amassed subscription library full of things that already appeal to me but await their hour in the backlog. Unless both of these factors undergo significant changes (like, say, everything I have here ending up on Switch for me to double-dip on, but that's unlikely) or the subscription price skyrockets to the point of being beyond my reach or getting overshadowed by other spending priorities at a given time, this state of things will thoroughly explain while I continue "flaccidly" spending money on this stuff. And remain a randomly vocal stain on the fandom's dramatic narrative of how unacceptable it is. ¯(ツ)

Never gonna complain about this. What I pay versus what I get in return, is a pretty good deal.

I'm just happy that both PS4 games have 4-player local/couch play, already own WWE Battlegrounds but will definitely try CoD BO4 with the boys to see the zombies mode and if it's better or worse than BO3!

Now there is NO EXCUSE, anyone who has not played the underrated gem that is A Plague's Tale NEEDS to play it. This is NOT a request, this is an order! A Plague's Tale was hands down the best game of 2019 that deserves way more love and attention than it currently gets.

@AdamNovice TLOU is bad.

Will add A Plague Tale to my library and play at at later date.

@guntam online petitions are worthless and are a huge waste of time. Especially as it pertains to folks complaining about video games. Wanna know why I don’t complain about PS+ games month after month? Because I know that even if I don’t like the games there will be people out there who do. With the thousands of video games released I know that every one of them won’t appeal to me.

When PS+ releases games I don’t like I just don’t download them and continue playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Elder Scrolls Online, The Avengers, Ratchet & Clank, Everybody’s Golf, etc. Y’know the dozens of other games I have that I do like. See, I don’t play COD nor do I like WWE but my son loves COD and he and his friends play WWE. Smoke out there will like what I don’t so I just chalk it up as “not for me” and move on. I don’t complain that everything isn’t to my liking.

I am NEVER happy about ANYTHING Next question...

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A less solid month if true

Which shops have PS5 available for July 2021?

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PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider has helped 55,000 people buy a next-gen console with his tweets. Here's how to find it in stock.

PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider has helped 55,000 people buy a next-gen console in 2021 with his tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts and exclusive restock reporting.

PS5 restock update for Monday: As we reported earlier, there was no restock date in the US for the Sony PlayStation 5 this holiday weekend at Target, Best Buy and GameStop, according to exclusive sources of our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider. Other sites had you thinking it "could" happen.  But Matt will send you an alert when the Sony console is in stock – if you follow his account and turn on notifications. And if you're having trouble buying PS5, Matt will walk you through the process in a PS5 restock live stream YouTube video.

Here are the steps to buy PS5 when there's a restock in the US.

Click on this example of the Best Buy PS5 restock date from this past Tuesday to follow Matt Swider on Twitter and turn on notifications (the little bell icon). 

Update from the weekend: Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, there will be no PS5 restock during 4th of July sales. Our sources at various American retailers indicate that they aren't planning a restock for any next-gen console during the busy holiday. But multiple stores in the US may have PS5 in stock next week, and we're trying to nail down the restock dates today (yes, we're working through the holiday for you).

Last week was light too: the only stores in the US to have an official PS5 restock were Best Buy (on Tuesday) and GameStop (on Thursday). Furthermore, Best Buy was a bunch of leftovers from the Thursday prior. That's a good thing, believe it or not, as retailers are amassing inventory.

The Target PS5 restock date is expected to be this week, a Wednesday or Thursday morning, according to Matt Swider. The retail chain had very low inventory of the PlayStation 5 console, but shipments are arriving at individual stores and, this week, it'll be exactly three weeks since its launch restock. It's time.

We haven't seen Walmart restock the $399 PS5 Digital Edition console in two weeks and the $499 PS5 Disc in about a month.

Other PS5 stores we're tracking include Sony Direct – the Sony Direct virtual queue was limited last time around – Sam's Club, Antonline and Costco.

We're almost three weeks without a Target PS5 restock today, but the good news is that console inventory is slowly starting to trickle in to the backrooms at individual stores, according to our employee and warehouse sources and those of Jake Randall. The PS5 console numbers were much too low for a restock this past week, but Target stores should begin building inventory for this week.

The official restock date is hard to determine outside of these two parameters: it's always been on a Wednesday or Thursday in 2021 (so either July 7 or July 8), and it almost always happens in early morning time: 7:40am EDT / 6:40am CDT / 5:40am MDT / 4:40am PDT.

Yes, that's early if you live on the West coast of the US, but since the PS5 is bought online and picked up at your local Target store, you're competing with a bunch of neighbors – and on the West Coast, much of that competition is usually fast asleep.

Best Buy restock date could be late this week, with Thursday and Friday being the most popular days of the week of the retailer. But that's if it happens at all, as the electronics retailer is known to skip weeks when it's low on inventory. We give this a 50% chance of happening this week. We'll keep this updated when we have news.

You'll probably see a Best Buy GPU in-stock alert from Matt Swider right before the console orders go live – that's how it worked nearly two weeks ago. Consoles also tend to stick to an every-other-week pattern although the Best Buy restock time has been all over the place and is harder to predict today. It's been anywhere from 9:38am to 6:05pm, so our tracking efforts span the entire day at Best Buy.

There was a huge GameStop PS5 restock on Thursday, with Matt Swider coaching as many as 4,000 viewers during a PS5 restock live stream on YouTube (nearly 20,000 people have seen the live video tutorial since then). Just as important as the restock date is teaching you how to check out at stores like GameStop. 

It's much too soon to know the next GameStop restock, but it has a restock every 10 to 15 days, according to our analysis. Recently, it's been limited the first waves of PS5 stock to its PowerUp Pro members, but we'll also teach you how to get around that. So far, though, it's only been two days since the GameStop restock. More time is needed for the retailer to replenish its console inventory.

The Walmart PS5 restock date is always on a Thursday – that's at least the way it's been every time in 2021, and July 8 at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT will be the next time we check and, likely, send out a restock alert. It's been several weeks since the retailer has officially had a $499 PS5 Disc restock, though it did offer some PS5 Digitial buyers a PS5 Disc upgrade for free when it ran out of inventory.

Matt Swider often gets advance notice if there's going to be a Walmart PS5 restock, citing a press release that the retailer issues to TechRadar and other members of the press when there's a massive PS5 restock. That official word comes three hours in advance, so the time to look for the tweet and news is just after 12pm EDT.

We're able to send our timely PS5 restock alerts about the Sony Direct restock date one of two ways: first, it often sends out (random) Sony Direct email invites to PSN users who get into an earlier virtual queue – and often, but not always – it opens up a second queue when this finishes. 

We also get a 15- to 30-minute waiting room for Sony Direct before the virtual queue opens up. That means you don't have to be first in line. And we know that the queue for everyone has been happening at 5pm EDT, and Wednesdays have been popular for Sony Direct. Look for our tweet if you track a queue opening up then.

Costco PS5 restock updates have been few and far between simply because the club store doesn't have as much inventory as Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop. It packs its console inventory into bundles, which are at face value for the games and accessories, yet it still sells out in under three minutes – for a site that requires a membership. That tells you either inventory is always low or demand for PS5 is still that strong – and it may be both at the same time.

Our PS5 restock alerts for Costco, like the one below, is a good reason to tracker the PlayStation 5 with us on Twitter. It can crop up at any moment. 

We'll continue to update this page as more PS5 restock news breaks. Million of you now have the PS5 in hand, but million more are looking to buy the console. Between now and October 2021, it's going to be slightly easier. But when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, expect a whole new audience to suddenly realize they need to buy PS5 and find stock when it's just not available in most US stores.

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PS Plus July 2021: Call of Duty Black Ops 4, A Plague Tale, and more

Tom's Guide 05 July, 2021 - 08:04am

Call of Duty is this month’s biggest name, but PS5 owners also get a day one release

There’s a solid collection of fresh titles coming to the service this month, with each of the three games offering something slightly different. Be sure to add them to your library, even if you don’t plan to download them right away.

Starting Tuesday, July 6, PS4 titles Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be available to download at no additional cost to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. And if you’ve managed to win the PS5 restock game, you’ll also be able to get the refreshed version of A Plague Tale: Innocence this week.

As always, if you add these titles to your library now, they'll be available to download and play at your leisure, so long as your PS Plus subscription is active; you don't need to download them immediately. 

Last month’s PS Plus titles are only available until the end of today (July 5), so be sure to add them to your library before they disappear. 

Released back in 2018, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 blends the series' signature online multiplayer with a frenetic co-op zombies mode. While there’s no single-player campaign in this one, Black Ops 4 does contain this series' first stab at a battle-royale-style mode: Blackout. 

Fans of Warzone will love this very similar mode, plus the gigantic map is stuffed with references to previous games in the Black Ops series. If you’re craving some fast-paced multiplayer action while you wait for the likes of Battlefield 2042 later this year, Black Ops 4 should fit the bill nicely. 

Underrated PS4 title A Plague Tale: Innocence is coming to PS5 this month, and PS Plus subscribers get the next-gen edition of the game from day one. 

This upgraded version of the single-player adventure game sports 4K native resolution, a targeted 60 fps frame rate, plus improved visuals and loading times. This harrowing game follows a pair of siblings as they attempt to survive being hunted by soldiers and mobbed by vicious swarms of disease-carrying rats in 14th century France. 

Only the PS5 edition of the game is included in this month's PS Plus selection, so unfortunately PS4 players won’t have access to the last-gen version. 

This spin-off from the popular WWE 2K series was launched last September and lets you compete in backyard brawls with some of your favorite wrestlers. 

Offering over-the-top arcade-style action, WWE 2K Battlegrounds features a full story mode as well as the chance to duke it out in match types like Steel Cage and Royal Rumble. You can also compete in online tournaments to prove yourself the King of the Battlegrounds.

July’s PS Plus line-up is solid but unspectacular. It’s always nice to get a game on release day, though A Plague Tale is an upscaled port, so some subscribers may have already played it on PS4 back in 2019. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was an unfairly maligned entry in the series, so it’s nice to see it given a second chance here. WWE 2K Battlegrounds was another title that didn’t receive an especially warm reception at launch, largely due to unsavory microtransactions, so its inclusion is a tad puzzling. 

Overall, there’s decent variety in the titles offered this month. You’ve got a game for those who prefer online play, as well as a title for those who opt to play solo. It's not the strongest month ever, but most subscribers should find something to satisfy them in the July PS Plus line-up. 

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PS5 Restock: Target, Best Buy, GameStop – Get Tracker Alerts Now - Texas News Today 04 July, 2021 - 10:05am

PS5 Replenishment Tracker Matt Swider His tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts, and exclusive restocking reports have helped 55,000 people buy next-generation consoles in 2021.

According to our exclusive source, the PS5 restock in the US today is on sale at Target, Best Buy, and GameStop on July 4th (as other sites misreport). Don’t expect during) PS5 replenishes Twitter tracker Matt Swider..Matt sends you a warning when the Sony console is in stock – If you follow his account and turn on notifications.. Instead of today, we expect several American retailers to have PS5 inventories this week. If you’re having trouble buying a PS5, Matt will walk you through the process with a PS5 restock livestream YouTube video.

To purchase a PS5 when it is back in stock in the United States:

Click this example of the Best Buy PS5 restock date last Tuesday to follow Matt Swider on Twitter and turn on notifications (small bell icon).

Contrary to what you might have read, elsewhere in us, there is no PS5 replenishment during the July 4th sale. Sources from various retailers in the United States say they are not planning to restock their next-generation consoles during their busy vacations. However, there may be PS5 in stock at multiple stores in the US next week and today we are trying to confirm the restock date (yes, we are working on vacation for you).

It was light last week as well. Only Best Buy (Tuesday) and GameStop (Thursday) had official PS5 restocks in the United States. In addition, Best Buy was a bunch of leftovers from last Thursday. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing because retailers are accumulating inventories.

According to Matt Swider, the PS5’s target restock date is expected to be this Wednesday or Thursday morning. The retail chain PlayStation 5 consoles were very low in stock, but shipments have arrived at individual stores, and this week is just three weeks after launch. It’s time.

I’ve never seen Wal-Mart refill a $ 399 PS5 Digital Edition console in two weeks and a $ 499 PS5 disc in about a month.

Other PS5 stores we track include Sony Direct – Sony Direct virtual queues were previously restricted – Sam’s Club, Antonline, Costco.

Employees and warehouse sources say that Target PS5s haven’t been restocked for almost three weeks today, but console inventory is slowly starting to flow into the back rooms of individual stores. Jake Randall.. The number of PS5 consoles was too small to replenish last week, but the target store needs to start building inventory this week.

Formal replenishment dates are difficult to determine except for these two parameters. It is Wednesday or Thursday 2021 (that is, July 7th or July 8th) and most often occurs early in the morning at 7:40 am EDT / 6. : 40 am CDT / 5:40 am MDT / 4:40 am PDT.

Yes, it’s early if you live on the west coast of the United States, but the PS5 is bought online and at your local Target store, so you’re competing with many of your neighbors. On the west coast, many are usually soundly asleep.

Best Buy restock dates can be late this week, with Thursday and Friday being the most popular days of the week for retailers. But even if that happens, electronics retailers are known to skip low-stock weeks. This week has a 50% chance of happening. We will keep updating this as we have news.

Just before the console order is published, Matt Swider may display an inventory alert for Best Buy GPUs. This is how it worked nearly two weeks ago. Also, consoles tend to stick to the biweekly pattern, but Best Buy refill times are ubiquitous and difficult to predict today. Tracking is done all day long at Best Buy, as it ranges from 9:38 am to 6:05 pm.

There was a huge GameStop PS5 replenishment on Thursday, and Matt Swider coached as many as 4,000 viewers during the PS5 replenishment live stream on YouTube (about 20,000 people have watched live video tutorials ever since). As important as the restock date is to teach you how to check out at a store like GameStop.

It’s too early to know the next GameStop replenishment, but our analysis shows that it will be replenished every 10 to 15 days. Recently, the first wave of PS5 stock has been limited to PowerUp Pro members, but we’ll also show you how to get around it. However, so far, it’s only been two days since GameStop was back in stock. It will take more time for retailers to restock their consoles.

The Wal-Mart PS5 restock date is always Thursday. This is at least every 2021 method, and will be checked next time by 3:00 pm EDT / 12:00 pm PDT on July 8th and will send a restock alert. It’s been a few weeks since the retailer officially restocked the $ 499 PS5 disc, but when it was out of stock, we offered PS5 Digitial buyers a free PS5 disc upgrade.

If the Wal-Mart PS5 is due for restocking, Matt Swider will quote a press release issued by the retailer to TechRadar and other media outlets in advance when there is a large restocking of the PS5. Often you will be notified. The official word comes three hours ago, so the time to look for tweets and news is just after 12:00 EST.

You can send a timely PS5 replenishment alert about your Sony Direct replenishment date in one of two ways. One is to send a (random) Sony Direct email invitation to a PSN user who was previously in the virtual queue. Not always – when this is done, a second queue will open.

There is also a Sony Direct 15-30 minute waiting room before the virtual queue opens. That is, you don’t have to be in the first column. And we all know that the queue is happening at 5pm EST, and Wednesday was popular with Sony Direct. If you want to keep track of the queues that are open at that time, look for tweets.

Costco PS5 restock updates are rare, just because the club store doesn’t have as much stock as Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop. Bundle console inventory. It’s face value for games and accessories, but it sells out in less than 3 minutes on sites that require membership. This indicates that inventory is always low or demand for PS5 is still very strong. And both can happen at the same time.

Costco’s PS5 replenishment alerts, such as the following, are good reasons to track your PlayStation 5 on Twitter. It can happen at any time.

We will continue to update this page as the news of PS5 restocking increases. Millions of people now have a PS5, but millions more are considering buying a console. It will be a little easier from now to October 2021. But as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday unfold, we expect a whole new audience to suddenly realize that they need to buy a PS5 and find inventory when it’s not available in most US stores.

Source link PS5 Restock: Target, Best Buy, GameStop – Get Tracker Alerts Now

PS5 Restock: Target, Best Buy, Antonline, GameStop & More Expected to Drop This Week – July 5-11

Gaming INTEL 04 July, 2021 - 07:32am

Half of the year has already come and gone, and PS5 hunters are finding themselves well into July already. Now coming up to 8 months following the PS5 release date, it’s still tricky to get your hands on a next-gen console.

Luckily, there are more PS5 restocks to find this week, for those who know where to look! And after some great acquisitions this week, the Sony line-up is looking stronger than ever.

In case you missed it, PlayStation Studios just acquired Returnal developer Housemarque. And another major PlayStation acquisition is leaking in advance!

There’s also a big PlayStation State of Play reportedly just around the corner. This time next week, we could see even more news about the company’s upcoming projects.

Without further delay, here’s where to find a PS5 restock in the week running July 5-11.

Last week, Target insider Jake Randall reported that stores were getting new PS5 stock, ready for an upcoming drop. There were only a small handful of gaming devices ready this time last week, and thankfully Target waited to release their products.

This week, we expect a more significant supply will be ready, so we anticipate the company dropping stock on July 7-8. Don’t forget that PS5 restocks are getting huge changes at Target in recent weeks!

After 2 weeks of Best Buy restocks, we’re hoping that the company keeps up the trend with another drop this week. That said, Best Buy has been known to take a couple of weeks off after a few regular restocks.

Traditionally, Best Buy goes live on Thursdays, however last week’s drop surprised us with a Tuesday release. Keep your eyes on our stock trackers and never miss a drop when it goes live.

Recently, we’ve been seeing regular restocks coming to Antonline, making it one of the most regular PS5 retailers out there. That said, last week was the first time in a month that the store didn’t have a PS5 drop for us.

We’re certain that this was simply a hiccup and Antonline will return to form this week.

Bear in mind, Antonline always sells PS5s in bundles, meaning that you’ll be paying a higher price for the console. However, it’s been known to be one of the easiest stores to buy from – you just have to get there first.

There’s been a fair amount of GameStop restocks lately, as the company begins to get more PS5 consoles in stock. Recently, GameStop has been offering PowerUp Rewards Pro members a chance to purchase a PS5 bundle with priority.

Non-members also get a shot at the next-gen units, and plenty of fans were able to nab a device even without membership this week. PS5 consoles are also coming to GameStop in-store soon, rumors suggest, and they could be dropping this week!

As one final note, LordOfRestocks on Twitter reports that using Apple Pay at GameStop will lead to the easiest possible checkout of a PS5. Be sure to set it up early for the best results!

Although Walmart just had a new PS5 restock, we wouldn’t expect another one anytime soon. After all, Walmart is known for delaying its PS5 shipping, which means that the store can’t sell any more devices for a while.

However, you may not have to wait for another online drop.

After all, it looks as though Walmart has PS5 stock arriving for in-store pickup. We recommend taking care when buying online from this store anyway, as scalpers are currently selling PS5s on Walmart’s website for huge prices!

One of the best places to buy a console is straight from the manufacturer, and PlayStation Direct doesn’t often let us down. Unfortunately, last week was a rare miss for Sony’s online store, but consoles were available in the two weeks prior.

Because of this, we expect stock to return to PlayStation this week, and invites will likely be going out very shortly. Remember, you’re still able to nab a PS5 even without an invite, it’s just notably more difficult.

There’s no way to predict when Amazon will be dropping PS5 consoles, as the online retailer appears to pick dates completely at random. The exception to the rule was last month, where we were able to predict a restock for Amazon Prime Day.

Now that Prime Day is over, we’ve seen the retailer go live with Disc and Digital PS5 stock. But one Amazon employee is leaking thousands of extra PS5 consoles are ready to ship!

That’s all we know about the PS5 restock wave from July 5-11 right now, but be sure to stay tuned for updated information as it arrives.

Don’t forget to claim the new free PS Plus games for July 2021! You can claim this month’s PS5 game whether you have a next-gen device or not, so why not take advantage?

And whether you’re a Ghost of Tsushima fan or not, there’s some exciting news for you this week. Here’s how to upgrade your game to the new Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS4 and PS5!

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