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When does New Rick and Morty come out?

Release. The season premiered on June 20, 2021. Justin Roiland, who voices the two main characters, said that he would like to air one episode a month, so as to lengthen the time that the show is on the air. He reiterated this in March 2021. wikipedia.orgRick and Morty (season 5)

‘Rick and Morty’ Gets Messy With Killer Space Semen in ‘Rickdependence Spray’

Yahoo Entertainment 12 July, 2021 - 01:22pm

Whether intentional or not, it’s an interesting bit of timing that — considering the inspiration for the title — “Rickdependence Spray” is the “Rick and Morty” Season 5 episode that airs the week after Independence Day. That’s not to say that airing this episode on the Fourth of July would have made its existence make much more sense, there’s just a certain synergy that would have come with it. Instead, “Rickdependence Spray” seemingly exists in its own little world, both in terms of scheduling and the very premises and execution.

Sometimes it comes across like Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and the rest of the “Rick and Morty” writers’ room create episodes specifically just to see how inaccessible they can be to outsiders, or to see just how poorly they will land if they were possibly someone’s first episode of the series. “Rickdependence Spray” is one such episode and possibly the epitome of such an episode, going so full tilt into one semen (and sperm) extended joke that it all ends up with “a giant incest baby.” Sure, the Roiland synopsis of “Rickdependence Spray” says “No shame broh. We all do it broh.” But maybe not to this catastrophic of a level.

It all begins at Beth’s, in Morty’s words, “stupid horse hospital,” when Morty learns about the breeding mount used to “collect reproductive material” from the horses. The episode then jumps to one week later, and it’s obvious what Morty’s done: He had sex with the breeding mount. A lot. As much as he possibly could in the span of a week, which was, again, a lot. Of course, that’s not revealed yet. Instead, it’s inferred from the fact that Rick has taken the (supposed) horse semen from the horse hospital to create a weapon to take down the CHUDs (like in the 1984 film “C.H.U.D.”), the underground horse people they’re always fighting (as of this episode). This leads to the creation of killer space sperm… and that’s the episode.

“Rick and Morty” is a smart show that knows how to do dumb humor well. But without intentionally leaning into the bit, “Rickdependence Spray” really feels like an episode that just wanted to throw everything it possibly could at the wall, only to end up a major mess. And the most surprising part of this episode is simply the fact that Rick actually is out of the loop and doesn’t realize what Morty did until he confesses. This isn’t a stubborn lesson that Rick is trying to teach Morty because we all do it bro(h). Morty’s sketchy behavior throughout the episode is never found out — it only comes out because the Sperm Queen says it out loud.

“Rick and Morty” has never shied away from the fact that Morty is a forever 14-year-old boy who just wants to have sex. It really doesn’t matter if the sex is with an inanimate object or not. And because of that, the world almost ends in this episode. Or something like that. The “Independence Day” connection suggests that the fate of the world is in danger in this episode, but the content and context of this episode suggests no sense of urgency whatsoever. In a way, Nick Rutherford’s script just kind of feels like overload of the same jokes that all just kind of happens. The “background marines” bit — complete with the Kathy Ireland “pay-off” — for example, is the type of story “Rick and Morty” beat that would typically hit. But in “Rickdependence Day,” it’s more like an unnecessary detour, another thing just thrown at the wall in hopes that it will stick.

Keith David is always a welcome presence on “Rick and Morty,” but Rick and the President messarounds have never actually been the most interesting or exciting plots of the series. In fact, that’s the reason why the President’s brief appearance in “Mortiplicity” was so good: He got in, made clear he wanted absolutely nothing to do with Rick’s shenanigans, and he got out. But here, the President doesn’t just work with Rick (and Morty), he also works with Summer, Beth, and Jerry. And while there’s plenty of mileage to get out of the whole family being involved in episodes — though to be fair, Jerry’s involvement ends up being nothing more than pouring water for the President — the “plot” Summer and Beth have isn’t all that captivating.

Summer learns a lesson about how men won’t listen to her ideas, yet will listen to other men who say the same idea — something she could’ve easily learned from a former mission with Rick and Morty by this point. As Beth asks her in the climax of this particular thread, “Ugh, ready for all the responsibility with none of the credit,” to which Summer replies, “Let’s Nancy Reagan this bitch.” It’s the type of moment that makes you want to just say no.

While the space semen technically end up losing — thanks to the CHUDs, who Rick was able to broker peace with — that doesn’t stop the “giant incest baby” from being born and launching off into space. If nothing else, it has its own independence day in this episode.

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Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Rickdependence Spray

Collider 12 July, 2021 - 01:22pm

Last week's episode of Rick and Morty may have retreaded some old ground, but it also provided a new side of Morty Smith we hadn't seen before, the vulnerable teenager who can still get his heart broken by a girl despite seeing horrible things on the regular. Well, any emotional growth teased last week was done for and forgotten, because Rickdependence Spray is back to caring only about horny jokes at Morty's expense.

The episode opens at Beth's horse hospital, where Morty discovers a breeding shed used to "collect reproductive material" from the horses. Morty then volunteers to work at the hospital for… reasons, and spends the next week having sex with the machine. Of course, just as Morty is getting comfortable with this new arrangement, Rick uses a vat full of what he thinks is 100% horse semen to creative a bio-weapon against his latest enemy, a race of underground-dwelling cannibal horse people, or CHUDs (the first of many references to the 1984 cult film). Given that the vat also contains Morty's DNA, Rick accidentally creates an army of giant sentient sperm hellbent on destroying everything and everyone.

It feels weird to say that a show with only 45 episodes under its belt is already repeating the same story beats, but that's Rickdependence Spray's biggest issue. We have already seen episode after episode play out Morty's horniness and blowing it out of proportion for comedic purposes before, going all the way back to that time he knocked up a sex robot and became a father in season one, but we haven't seen the show surpass this since then. Episode writer Nick Rutherford does try to provide some commentary about America's weird aversion towards sex and the lengths they'll go to avoid mentioning it — as seen here by the increasingly ridiculous excuses Morty and even Rick go to admit what really created the giant killing sperm. At one point Rick, who believes he's the one responsible for the sperm, tells the president (a returning Keith David) that the sperm came from space, and are simply the real thing behind many myths, monsters and legends like the chupacabra, yeti, Stonehenge and ancient Rome.

The problem is that the attempt at commentary gets buried under a ton of crude and low-hanging jokes that are neither smart nor funny. Not that Rick and Morty was a particularly smart show that required a high IQ to be understood, but this episode, in particular, is full of jokes that you'd expect from a Seth McFarlane cartoon, rather than from the show that has given us bleak and emotional moments like Morty's "come watch TV" speech or the brilliant insanity of the clone episode. Even when Rick and Morty has resorted to gross humor, it's always been for some larger purpose, mostly for an ending joke where Rick reveals it's all been a trick to teach Morty something, but not here. Rick never discovers that it was all Morty's fault until he comes out and says it, and there is no clever comeback, no last hurrah, just a joke about a giant incest baby, that's it.

At least Beth and Summer's subplot has a bit more substance, as they are stuck having to witness the president and his men's stupidity and stubbornness over ignoring any ideas that come from a woman, with the president going as far as wanting to nominate a guy for a Nobel Prize for an idea Summer had said 10 seconds earlier. Sure, this isn't new ground for TV or even for this show, but it's better than the dozens of tired jokes about sentient semen. Plus, this subplot gives us the one good joke of the episode, where the president refuses to kill a giant incest baby because it's an election year.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Review: Having Our Freak Flags Fly Saves Lives

Bleeding Cool News 12 July, 2021 - 01:22pm

Only three episodes in on the fifth season of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty, and the Adult Swim series has already covered thematic stomping grounds like environment & climate change, one's sense of self & personal identity, and… Beth and Jerry developing a pretty decent sex life? And it was sex that was the focus of this week's episode "Rickdependence Spray," directed by Erica Hayes and written by Nick Rutherford– a ten-ton, in-your-face, twisted "Afterschool Special" tour de force that didn't hide which hills it was planting its "sex flags" on (copyrighting and trademarking that for future use- maybe "Sex Flags Great Adventure" or a cool band name?). But then again, when you have giant killer sperm introduced before the end of your cold open, subtlety doesn't seem to be at the top of the menu. Okay, this is the point where we throw on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and meet you after the spoiler image buffer for some thoughts on what went down.

Thanks to Hayes and Rutherford, we have yet another example of why you should never judge a book by its promo or cold open because it would've been easy to write off this episode as an American Pie take twisted up. But this is Rick and Morty. There's a reason the show's won two Emmys for its writing (with a whole slew of other eps that could've also snagged a statuette), and one of those is never doing what's expected. Morty's a 14-year-old-boy looking to get off- and like most 14-year-old boys, they usually find a way to pull it off (so to speak). So yeah, he got away with it for a whole week ("Morty, you dirty dog")- and then it all goes to hell is a wave madness involving killer sperm, the President of the United States, Rick having a new kid, the rise & fall of Blazin', an Incest Baby of epic proportions, tons of mansplaining, and a whole ton more. In fact, the storyline itself would need its own post just to recap. But the message was as crystal clear as a bullhorn blast to the face.

For us to be healthy, we need to be open and honest about sex and our sexuality- and that means understanding that goes for everyone. Let your freak flag fly- and everyone else gets to let their's fly, too. Because once we start judging others for their kinks and turn-ons, start making people feel ashamed for what they like and what pleases them? Well, in the world of Rick and Morty? It's giant killer sperm. In the real world, repressing one's sexuality in the face of what society considers "normal" results in much more personal and painfully tragic results. So when I say that the episode wasn't subtle, it's one of the best compliments we could give it because what should be settled matters are still having to be debated way too often in 2021, with local and state governments still looking to legislate what's in people's pants and what's going on in their bedrooms (or living room, laundry room, garage, Target bathroom, etc.)

So let's take a deep dive into some bullet points from the episode to demonstrate why it worked so well:

Between Jessica, Planetina, and an adventure questioning one's identity and place in the universe, having Morty's sperm be the source for the near-destruction of the planet just feels like they're kicking him down the road to "Evil Morty." That said Morty has really grown over the past two seasons, evolving into something not quite a Morty and not quite a Rick. You know, now that I say that out loud? Uh-oh…

Mansplaining, taking credit for women's ideas, and dudes thinking they know more about women's bodies were on full display- from the government expert stealing Summer's plan before jumping ship permanently when he didn't have a follow-up, to the President of the United States stopping Beth from taking down the Incest Baby egg ("It's an election year"). If some guys still need help knowing which side of the conversation to be on, this episode might be the best way to get that across Afterschool Special-style.

Between the shame that Morty still feels about masturbating (paging Dr. Wong) and Blazin's concerns about his wife Kathy Ireland (yup) learning he was wearing her thing when he died, we see where repressing sexuality can take things. But to add to what we discussed earlier- and another reason why the episode worked for me- was that it also showed the other side of the equation. Being open and honest about who you are doesn't mean everyone's going to approve- and that's okay. That's their issue to deal with- not yours. If there was one common message that rang out by the time the end-credits scene wrapped (wow, that Incest Baby is disturbing), it was that if we were all just honest about who we are and gave everyone else that same respect instead of judging them or hiding them away? Shit might just start getting better- an honest yet hopeful message from a show that continues to surprise us.

Random Thoughts: Were we the only ones sorry to see Sticky leave? It was mind-blowing how quickly Blazin went from a cool "Snake Eyes" vibe to dead with just one bad sword throw. I'm not sure why but the fact that the head of sperm would be a Queen Sperm just feels right in a bee-like way. Dear future alien invaders: do not mess with Las Vegas- especially The Amazing Johnathan and Cirque du Soleil, because they don't play. I've never thought of the Grand Canyon as a vagina so this episode was the first time I learned that was a thing. Still not vibing it.

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'Rick and Morty' Season 5 Episode 4: Morty's Sperm on the Loose

Newsweek 12 July, 2021 - 01:22pm

Season 5 Episode 4 didn't try and find an emotional resolution like previous episodes and in all honesty it would have been pretty difficult given the 22 minutes of insanity that preceded the low-key ending.

Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland shared the voice acting responsibilities with some notable guest stars in this episode, with the likes of Christina Ricci (Black Snake Moan) and Kyle Mooney (Brigsby Bear) voicing colorful characters.

The story moved so fast and the one-liners were non-stop so we'll try our best to explain what the hell happened in "Rickdependence Spray."

There's no delicate way to explain the plot so we'll just dive right in. Shameless teenager Morty spends a week inserting his own seaman into a horse breeding machine at Beth's work.

He's seen congratulating himself as a "dirty little doggy" before noticing that his grandpa Rick is wheeling in a barrel of horse seaman for an experiment but Morty knows his own seed lies in there.

Once Rick and Morty track the giant sperm to the Grand Canyon, who have gathered there for obvious reasons, they're confronted by a talking queen sperm who reveals to Rick that Morty is their father. They pin him down and extract more of his seed using the horse breeding machine from Beth's work.

Meanwhile the president, Summer, Beth and Jerry form their own plan to stop the sperm by creating a giant human egg to attract them in Las Vegas.

Rick and Morty and a friendly sperm called Sticky are captured by a race of cannibalistic horse people known as chuds. The chuds are about to kill and eat the trio before Princess Ponyetta saves them by revealing she's pregnant with Rick's baby.

We told you this episode was hectic.

A truce is formed between humans and chuds and they unite to battle the sperms in the glamorous surroundings of Las Vegas.

In the nick of time, Sticky defeats the queen sperm before she can reach the egg but Sticky heads inside anyway. Luckily the president rigged the egg to shoot off into space, meaning the giant incest baby is space's problem now.

Princess Ponyetta gives birth to her child, which is in fact a Rick-horse hybrid but since they come out fully formed, the baby burrows into the ground and the inter-species lovers part ways.

The episode ends with Rick staring deadpan at the camera, and presses his red button which blankly says "that was easy."

Beth and Summer share a poignant B-plot throughout as Summer learns that women are constantly overlooked and not given credit when it's due. This seems incredibly appropriate in an episode where a potentially world-ending problem all comes from the sperm of a teenage boy.

Ricci lends her voice to two characters during Season 5 Episode 4 of Rick and Morty. She plays the pivotal Princess Ponyetta as well as former Swimsuit Illustrated model Kathy Ireland.

Saturday Night Live actor Mooney plays the seemingly bad-ass fighter Blazen. He's later proven to be a clumsy fraud who wears his wife's underwear.

Keith David was back playing the president once again while comedian Michelle Buteau and Adam Rodriguez also appeared.

Season 5 Episode 5 of Rick and Morty titled "Amortycan Grickfitti" will air next Sunday July 18, at 11pm ET on Adult Swim.

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Rick & Morty: Why Sticky Has 2 Tails (& An Eye)

Screen Rant 12 July, 2021 - 12:28pm

Sticky saved the day in Rick and Morty episode "Rickdependence Spray," but the animated series never explained why the mutated sperm cell had two tails (not to mention an eye). Rick and Morty season 5, episode 4 followed the action-packed repercussions for the titular characters' dishonesty, particularly teenage Morty's reluctance to admit his admittedly gross misuse of his mother's veterinarian equipment. This culminated in an exciting (if absurd) "climax" that resulted in Sticky impregnating a giant egg — but doesn't address the lingering questions about Sticky's unique morphology.

In"Rickdependence Spray," Rick's scientific experiment goes horribly wrong — as it often does — because the genetic material he used was tainted: Morty having experimented with the horse breeding mount earlier in the episode meant that, of course, his own genetic reproductive material was mixed with that of the equestrian sort. Morty comes face-to-face with his own shame when his spermatozoa (singular is "spermatozoon") take on gargantuan form and mutate into vicious, man-eating monsters.

Quickly turning into a pastiche, the Rick and Morty episode parodies action movies as overly masculine, through the satirical lens of semen — literally the essence of man — threatening the planet.  Ironically, Sticky stands out from the rest of his kind because of his abnormality — both in terms of his behavior as well as his form. Less aggressive and fearsome than his peers, Sticky befriends Morty, which allows the abnormal spermatozoon to emerge victorious in the end, sneaking in at the final moments to fulfill his genetic purpose. Physically, Sticky is also obviously different: he has two flagellum, or tails, as well as a big eye, a more pink tone, and a generally less healthy (and less intimidating) appearance.

Narratively, Sticky's design in the Rick and Morty season 5 episode serves a dual purpose: it both makes the "tame" version of Morty's mutated sperm cell instantly identifiable among the others, while also parodying the trope of an abandoned, disfigured or disabled character switching sides because of a kind act (probably best associated with Sloth's arc in The Goonies). It also increases the likelihood of the "giant incest baby" shown in the post-credit scene having birth defects. It's possible that Sticky was the more social and intelligent version of the mutated sperm (apart from the "queen" of course), so him fathering the baby seen in the post-credits scene could prove to be beneficial down the road. One thing is certain: "Rickdependence Spray" will be remembered as one of the strangest Rick and Morty episodes ever made.

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