Internet outage shuts down travel, banking sites and many others, plus online services including PlayStation Network


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Widespread DNS outage takes down websites, 911 services

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A big chunk of the internet went down Thursday afternoon after a DNS outage hit Akamai, an internet security networking firm.

Local government websites, some local 911 services, UPS, FedEx, some banks, the PlayStation network, Steam and several news media sites were among those impacted.

As of 1 p.m., Akamai said it had implemented a fix and sites and services were coming back online.

The issue was first reported about 11 a.m. and the outage appeared to be global.

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Akamai says it has fixed issues that affected many websites

The Detroit News 22 July, 2021 - 12:24pm

Akamai shares dropped less than 1% to about $117. The reported outages, which included airlines, insurance companies and websites for various other industries, began to spike at about 11:30 a.m. and continued surging an hour later, according to Downdetector. Internet users reported widespread issues with prominent sites, including, Home Depot, Airbnb and United Parcel Service according to, which monitors web outages.

Other sites that appear to have been affected include Delta Air Lines, streaming services run by HBO, gaming sites run by Microsoft and financial service companies such as Capital One .

Akamai is known for providing protection against distributed denial of service attacks, otherwise known as DDoS, in which a website is overwhelmed with junk traffic. The product that was affected, Akamai’s Edge DNS, offers cloud-based domain hosting and security services for both on-premises networks and large-scale data centers. According to Akamai’s Twitter page, the bug in the software update was in the DNS system, which translates domain names into IP addresses.

Massive internet outage hits dozens of services on Thursday 22 July, 2021 - 11:19am

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According to DownDetector, the outage is impacting PlayStation, Fidelity, FedEx, UPS, AirBNB, Home Depot, Disney, and more.

In a statement on its website, Oracle acknowledged the Akamai issue is impacting its web services. 

Last month, a major outage hit Fastly and took down some of the world’s top websites. The company blamed the outage on a software bug that was triggered when a customer changed a setting.

The problem at Fastly meant internet users couldn’t connect to a host of popular websites including The New York Times, the Guardian, Twitch, Reddit and the British government’s homepage.

“We experienced a global outage due to an undiscovered software bug that surfaced on June 8 when it was triggered by a valid customer configuration change,” Nick Rockwell, Fastly’s senior vice president of engineering and infrastructure, said in a blog post.

He said the outage was “broad and severe” but the company quickly identified, isolated and disabled the problem and after 49 minutes, most of its network was up and running again. The bug had been included in a software update that was rolled out in May and Rockwell said the company is trying to figure out why it wasn’t detected during testing.

The incident highlighted how much of the global internet is dependent on a handful of behind-the-scenes companies like Fastly that provide vital infrastructure, and it amplified concerns about how vulnerable they are to more serious disruption.

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