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Is Mario Golf Online?

Of course, you're also able to play online with other players in Mario Golf: Super Rush. To do so, select “Play Golf” once again, but this time, you'll have to choose “Network Play” afterward. Inverse'Mario Golf: Super Rush' multiplayer: How to play local, online with friends

Is it a sign? Probably not...

F.L.U.D.D. might not be a household name, but if you're a longtime Mario fan, you've likely heard about this nifty device before.

It first appeared in the 2002 GameCube release Super Mario Sunshine and is an incredibly important tool for Mario throughout his adventure - a bit like the Poltergust 3000 in the Luigi's Mansion series. You might have even gone hands-on with F.L.U.D.D. when Nintendo re-released Sunshine in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars anniversary collection last year.

To get to the point, it seems F.L.U.D.D. has returned, but not in a way everyone might have expected. In Nintendo's latest game Mario Golf: Super Rush it makes a cameo as a corner post, and well, Mario fans online have of course taken notice:

As you can see above, it's got people's hopes up for a sequel of sorts to Mario's 3D adventure on the GameCube. While it's probably best to just treat this as nothing more than a cool easter egg, who knows what could potentially be on the horizon.

Have you spotted F.L.U.D.D. in Mario Golf: Super Rush yet? Do you think this is a sign of things to come? How are you finding Mario's new golf game? Leave your own thoughts down below.

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Comments (17)

FLUDD for Mario Golf, like...a DLC character or something...just imagine FLUDD golfing. lol

Nintendo loves referencing their past content. Doesn't mean new, upcoming entries.

Every one talking about dlc and junk, but is no one talking about how they probably had to behead FLUDD for that thing?

How’s the game for the people who already have it worth it?

I don't really care with Super Mario Sunshine anymore after several minutes playing from 3D All Stars, found the FLUDD control was a mess, i stop playing Mario Sunshine since then. I still thinking Ratchet & Clank games have better weapon control and aiming.

@Nook_Gwala I received it in the mail and couldn't stop playing it for about 4 hours. So I'm loving it so far. Speed golf is something I've wanted for years. Everybody's Golf allowed walking around everywhere, but the whole game is based on a 30fps refresh rate (with 60fps for the swing bar only)(and yes they've updated the framerate to target 60fps, but animations were set at 30fps — it just doesn't come together like Speed Rush does on Switch). Basically, I've enjoyed the motion controls, button controls, speed golf, regular, battle golf, awesome lack of load times, single player gameplay, online multiplayer gameplay, there's not much I don't like about this new Mario Golf game. Some of the music could be better, but I find it pleasant enough.

@Anti-Matter fludd controls were fine and work well... it's not a game that's gonna hold ya hand that's for sure...

I wouldn't be surprised to see FLUDD "playable" again in a new Mario, but never again as a core mechanic, and I certainly don't believe there will be a Sunshine 2 ever. We're more likely to see a Galaxy 3 or Odyssey 2, and that's still a long shot.

FLUDD "dying" at the end of Mario Sunshine was ​honestly one of the saddest moments in a Nintendo game for me! Granted, he came back to life but him being used as a damn post in Mario Golf reminded me of that moment. 😉

Bowser's Fury had lots of Sunshine reference's too... Still think it's a shame we didn't get Pianta's in the Seaside Kingdom in Odyssey!

@KnightsTemplar Any game with thought or budget put into them are probably not going to cut it for him.

@VoidofLight seems like it... anti matter what he thinks anyway. 7 minutes of sunshine ain't enough to make a relevant opinion of a game mechanic

It's just the nozzle, those things also showed up in the galaxy games to shoot the bubbles.

@Anti-Matter Do you even enjoy any games outside of games with muscular chibi dudes?

@MetalToad chill dude - your insecurities are showing

@BobLong-RickTangle sure dude. Advice taken. It’s Saturday

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