Is Washington interested in veteran linebacker Benardrick McKinney?


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Who does Cam Newton play for?

Quarterback Cam Newton has officially been released from the New England Patriots. Newton played as a Patriots player in 15 games, after a nine-season run with the Carolina Panthers. Tuesday, ESPN confirmed that the Patriots plan to name rookie Mac Jones as the new starter. WXII The TriadFormer Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton dropped from New England Patriots

Did Cam Newton get released?

The Patriots released quarterback Cam Newton on Tuesday, according to The MMQB's Albert Breer. The news was first reported by The Boston Globe's Jim McBride. ... As a result of the release, Mac Jones, New England's No. 15 pick in the 2021 NFL draft, will be the team's Week 1 starter, per Breer. Sports IllustratedSource: Patriots Release QB Cam Newton; Mac Jones to Start Week 1

Why was Cam Newton cut by the Patriots?

The New England Patriots have cut Cam Newton and named rookie Mac Jones as their starting quarterback, according to multiple reports. ... However, Newton missed a number of practices last week due to what he said was a misunderstanding of Covid-19 protocols. The GuardianPatriots cut former NFL MVP Cam Newton and name Mac Jones as starter

Former Bishop Sycamore coach talks with ABC 6 Investigates about team

Argus Press 01 September, 2021 - 02:02pm

The fallout continues for Columbus football team Bishop Sycamore.

The team lost big on ESPN over the weekend, and it's lead to even bigger doubts about the legitimacy of the program.

Roy Johnson, who was coaching the team during the game, tells ABC6/FOX28 he still supports the team, but has had to take a step back to deal with some personal matters.

Team founder Andre Peterson has not agreed to an interview, but Johnson did, taking on more of a tone of accountability.

While facing non-stop questions and scrutiny, Johnson agreed to take questions one-on-one over the phone.

We've uncovered complaints from parents against Bishop Sycamore, plus an open warrant for Johson.

"I just found out about it, so those are some of the things that I need to care of because I just found out about it. I didn't even know about it, you know, it is not like the police came to my house or anything like that. Any issues that I have, I have to follow up and check up and be better about that. I have to take accountability for that," he said.

ABC6/FOX28 has been digging into the school's records, going to different addresses that pop up when you Google Bishop Sycamore.

"You have to take accountability for things that I've done, and you know things I should have been better about and things that I will be better about moving forward," Johnson said.

Johnson argued most players already have their needed education credits when they start with the team and says the state can take a look at the process.

ABC6/FOX28 asked him what he wants the Department of Education to look into and why he felt so compelled to make a public statement.

"I think like every other Ohioan who heard the news or anybody who, I was not watching, but saw it on ESPN. What in the world is going on? And so, what I hope comes out of the investigation is the truth. There is a story here and it doesn't sound like a very pretty story. We worry about these kids playing football, but we also worry about them. Are they getting the education they should be getting? Is this a real school?" DeWine said.

The Ohio Department of Education team said they share the governor's concerns and are "committed to looking into this matter further."

Does the state need to regulate groups like this further?

"Look I think that this is, whenever you have something like this, it is important for all of us, General Assembly, Governor's office, the public, news media, obviously to take a hard look at this and say, 'How did this happen?' And see what lessons are there to be learned from what has happened and so I am going to withhold judgment until we get all the facts," he said.

You can see the governor's full comments on the Bishop Sycamore situation here:

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said an investigation is moving forward but isn't sharing much else.

We are also learning about more problems for Bishop Sycamore.

Canton Police confirm they are investigating reports of bad checks passed over the weekend while the team played there.

Police said checks totaled almost $3,600 plus $250 for cleaning fees.

We are told the account on the checks was "Education Resources Group of New York".

As of Wednesday, no one has been charged.

As fans freak out over him, Troy Apke just wants to help Washington win

Yahoo Sports 01 September, 2021 - 11:40am

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, Pete Thamel

Andy Behrens, Dalton Del Don, Matt Harmon, Liz Loza, Scott Pianowski

You Pod to Win the Game

Troy Apke the person and the discussion about Troy Apke the football player literally couldn't be more opposite.

Apke the person? He's calm, pleasant to talk to and largely focused on contributing to the only NFL franchise he's ever known.

The discussion about Apke the player, though? It's fiery, sometimes unpleasant and once again in the forefront now that the 26-year-old is returning for another season with the Washington Football Team.

Apke, of course, has his flaws (as folks on Twitter will happily point to). His turn as starting safety for the defense in 2020 was often a disaster, and eventually, he was benched because of his poor performance. Now, he's attempting to transition to cornerback, a role where he's shown both a bit of growth as well as how much more room there is for that growth.

However, the 2018 fourth-round selection's primary reason for remaining employed by Washington isn't because of his work on defense.

In fact, coach Ron Rivera succinctly summed up why he opted to keep Apke in a post-cuts press conference on Tuesday.

"'Trap' is one of the best special teams players in the league," Rivera said. "I mean, people have to game plan for him as a gunner, as a kickoff coverage guy because of his speed. He's a good vice guy on punt return team and on a kickoff return he plays in the front line."

One day later — as Burgundy and Gold fans argued about the decision to retain Apke over the likes of Jimmy Moreland, Jeremy Reaves and Danny Johnson — he was asked for his reaction to Rivera's serious praise. He politely agreed with it.

"I think I am one of the best," he said. "I just go out there and try to do the best I can every day, get better every day. What I put on the field is from all that."

The defensive back did admit that Monday and Tuesday, when Rivera and his staff were shrinking their depth chart down to 53 names, was a stressful stretch. Yet he was also confident in what he displayed during the last couple of months of the offseason.

"Obviously, you've got a couple nerves," Apke said. "But I think what I put out in preseason and everything, I did my best. I put everything out there that I could've. So it was really up to them whether they wanted me or not and they did, so I'm happy about that."

In addition to identifying Apke as one of the sport's top specialists, Rivera called him a "luxury" because Washington included 11 total defensive backs on its initial 53-man haul. Ideally, Apke wouldn't be needed against an opposing offense and would merely be asked solely to tear it up in football's third facet. 

There may come a time, though, where he's required to step into the defensive huddle, and that might immediately lead to issues and regret over sticking with him as opposed to, say, Moreland, who's more reliable versus the pass.

When the topic of his development at corner came up, Apke explained that more reps are leading to more understanding of the position.

"I've just got more comfortable out there," he said. "At first, it's different. You're out there on an island, it's a lot of one-on-ones, things like that. I think I just got more comfortable, a lot more patient at it. I'm still working on it."

"We saw some flashes," Rivera commented.

As he looked back on his climb from Penn State to his current standing as a fourth-year pro, Apke recalled going out for a couple of job interviews following his junior campaign in school. He didn't know what his future held, so he just wanted to be sure to prepare for an alternate career.

Fortunately for him, his present gig is set to continue, so he won't have to hurry to find a copy of his résumé. Instead, he's going to hunt for opportunities to make Washington better while his detractors hunt for chances to highlight his shortcomings.

"I think I can help this team win games," Apke said. "Wherever they want me, I think I can play multiple positions and obviously help on special teams. I'm happy I'm here, I'm happy with this group of coaches, it's all good."

The Bengals made their first notable cut.

Will Grier (7) spent two full seasons in Carolina after the team drafted him in 2019. Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports Former West Virginia quarterback Will Grier is in search of a new home. The 2019 Carolina Panthers' third-round choice was released by the team Tuesday as part of final roster cuts.

After being waived by the Panthers, QB Will Grier landed on his feet with the Cowboys.

Just released former Raiders S Karl Joseph signs onto Steelers practice squad

Washington how has five linebackers on the active roster.

One observation from the Steelers first official depth chart post-cuts is that their rookie center was relegated to reserves.

When Landon Collins joined Washington in 2019, he told friends something needed to change. Since Ron Rivera took over as coach and head of football operations on New Year's Day 2020, he has entirely remade the team in his image. Just 18 players brought in by the previous regime led by former president Bruce Allen and coach Jay Gruden are part of Washington’s initial 53-man roster — a quick and substantial overhaul even in a league full of turnover.

The Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot has been available to pros for years, providing a low flight with less full-swing spin favored by some players.

The Sunday Night Football analyst thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick is absolutely good enough to lead Washington to an NFC East title, mainly because of the weapons they've got around him.

President Joe Biden made dubious assertions that the U.S. was well-prepared for the sudden collapse of Afghanistan’s government during the U.S. drawdown and glossed over his broken promise to keep U.S. troops there until the last Americans are out. In his remarks Tuesday declaring an end to America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, Biden claimed “extraordinary success” in the mission. Biden offered the faint assurance — even with the last U.S. planes gone — that it’s never too late for U.S. citizens to leave.

CBS analyst Tony Romo gave high praise to Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson on Wednesday during a video call with reporters.

A symbolic attempt by House Republicans to bring forward a bill to demand answers of President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was blocked in the House on Tuesday.

The Patriots are reportedly moving forward without Cam Newton.

Thomas emerged as a standout tight end last year, and could improve upon that with better QB play in 2021.

The Ravens lost two promising players to other teams on waivers while not being awarded anyone themselves

Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton is headed for the injured reserve list. That word came from Colts General Manager Chris Ballard on Wednesday and it didn’t come as a great surprise since we already knew that Hilton is set to miss multiple weeks with a neck injury. Ballard did have some new information to share [more]

Bishop Sycamore was scheduled to play in the Macon County (Tennessee) football jamboree before coach Kyle Shoulders says the school ghosted him.

From Jaret Patterson to Adam Humphries, get a look at what digits the new arrivals will sport in Burgundy and Gold.

Bill Belichick fielded questions about Cam Newton's decision not to get vaccinated.

There are still options out there if Washington wants to address the position.

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