Italian meat recall: 862,000 pounds of salami, prosciutto recalled for possible salmonella


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What started the milk crate challenge?

On Aug. 1, a Chicago resident posted videos to Facebook of two men walking on milk crates — allegedly the first videos of what would later be known as the Milk Crate Challenge. The Washington PostMilk Crate Challenge: Why are millions watching people injure themselves on TikTok, Twitter?

How many people have died from the milk crate challenge?

Three people shot dead doing controversial 'milk crate challenge' The Independent. The IndependentThree people shot dead doing controversial ‘milk crate challenge’

Why are people walking on milk crates?

There's no doubt that one milk crate is sturdy enough to stand on. ... When someone attempts to walk across the highest milk crates in the stack, they're applying weight and a directional vector to only the topmost part of the stack, which easily causes the entire row to fall over like a Jenga tower. Yahoo FinanceSocial Media’s New Viral Trend Involves People Walking on Top of Stacked Milk Crates

How tall is a milk crate?

This crate measures 13"x13"x11" and also known as 4 Gallon / 16 Quart Square Plastic Dairy or Milk Crate. amazon.comAuthentic 13x13x11 4 Gallon 16 Quart Square Dairy Milk Crate (Blue)

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