Jaguars HC Urban Meyer convinced by 'competitive maniac' Tim Tebow's workouts to give 'it a shot'

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Is Tim Tebow back in the NFL?

Tim Tebow is coming back to the NFL. After a six-year hiatus, the Jaguars plan to sign the former NFL quarterback to a one-year deal, CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones confirmed. As previously reported, Tebow will play tight end for the Jaguars. CBSSports.comJaguars to sign former NFL QB Tim Tebow to a one-year deal to play tight end in Jacksonville

Did Urban Meyer coach Tim Tebow?

The signing formally would reunite Tebow — the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner — with his college coach, Urban Meyer. The two helped lead Florida to national titles in 2006 and 2008, with Tebow serving as a frequently employed backup to Chris Leak for the first one. Tampa Bay TimesTim Tebow to sign one-year deal with Urban Meyer and Jaguars, reports say

Who did Tim Tebow sign with?

"Tebow Time" is back in the Sunshine State. CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones confirmed on Monday that the Jaguars plan to sign 33-year-old Tim Tebow, who last played in an NFL regular-season game in 2012. CBSSports.comTim Tebow to sign with Jaguars as tight end: A look at the former QB's top five moments in the NFL

When was the last time Tim Tebow played football?

Tebow last played in the NFL in 2015 with the Eagles. Following that preseason, the Eagles released Tebow and he signed with the New York Mets in order to pursue a baseball career. CBSSports.comWhat is Tim Tebow really doing back in the NFL? Plus, a night to remember for Russell Westbrook

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, Pete Thamel

The veteran receiver spent his first eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys as one of the best at his position, earning three Pro Bowl berths and an All-Pro nod. Then, at 29 years old, he lost his job. 

The Cowboys released Bryant in April 2018, a month into a dried-up free agency market. He didn't find work again until November with the New Orleans Saints, halfway through the 2018 season. That job ended before his first game thanks to a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered in practice

He didn't play again until week nine of the 2020 season with the Baltimore Ravens after more than two full seasons away from the league. Now he's a free agent, looking again for work as a 32-year-old ex-Pro Bowler.

So when Tim Tebow reportedly agreed to a deal with his old friend and new Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyers nine years removed from an utter failure of an NFL career, Bryant was, well ... perplexed.

The coach and mentor he won two college championships and a Heisman Trophy alongside is in the NFL and providing him with another shot in a brutally competitive league playing a position he's never played — at 33 years old. 

And Bryant — still looking for work — finds it hard to believe.

Tim Tebow is back in the National Football League, signing a one-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Tebow — who will be 34 years old when the season begins — is getting a second chance at the NFL thanks in part to his former college head coach, Urban Meyer, taking over in Jacksonville. With the Jaguars spending the No. 1 overall pick on Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Tebow won't be back in the league throwing passes, rather he'll be looking to catch them as a tight end.

Mayne thrived at ESPN thanks to his creativity and unique brand of humor.

The tennis star can now add swimwear designer to her resume.

Tebow will be reuniting with his old college coach Urban Meyer.

A Texas man free on bond from a murder charge was returned to custody Monday after neighbors found a pet tiger wandering around a Houston neighborhood.

A video of the woman's confrontation has been making the rounds on Reddit.

The comedian and Tendler married in 2014.

With free agency looming, supporting Aaron Rodgers' return is a no-brainer for Davante Adams.

A couple was arrested for the Yakima shooting after stealing the TV from a party.

The future of the Golden Globes is in doubt as Hollywood revolts against the telecast's voting body.

Republican rage directed at Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser on the coronavirus pandemic to Presidents Trump and Biden, seemed to reach new heights over the weekend, with former Trump administration trade adviser Peter Navarro claiming Fauci has likely "killed millions of Americans."

Arkansas is the latest state planning to stop some of its federally-funded unemployment benefits at the end of June.

A glass-bottomed bridge in China shattered and warped in 93-mph gusts, leaving one tourist clinging 330 feet in the air before he was rescued.

It’s incredibly frustrating seeing white people spin a statement as innocuous as “Black Lives Matter” as politics. It’s not political; it’s literally just a more concise way of saying “the color of our skin shouldn’t dictate the way we’re treated.” Of course, facts have never gotten in the way of white feelings, and as a result, two Black boys were pulled out of class at their Oklahoma elementary schools for wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

If Medina Spirit is stripped of the 2021 Kentucky Derby victory, second-place Mandaloun would be deemed the winner but bettors on Mandaloun would still be out of luck.

The Packers have said they won't trade QB Aaron Rodgers, but the Broncos still believe there is a "real possibility" of getting something done for the MVP.

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -The ransomware gang accused of crippling the leading U.S. fuel pipeline operator said on Monday that it never meant to create havoc, an unusual statement that experts saw as a sign the cybercriminals' scheme had gone awry. The FBI accused the group that calls itself DarkSide of a digital extortion attempt that prompted Colonial Pipeline to shut down its network, threatening extraordinary disruption as Colonial works to get America's biggest gasoline pipeline back online by the end of the week. A terse news release posted to DarkSide's website did not directly mention Colonial Pipeline but, under the heading "About the latest news," it noted that "our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society."

If Eric Trump needs to borrow some sugar from a neighbor, he won’t have to go far to see a familiar face.

The comeback will be a huge storyline. And every day that he's in the spotlight is one less day it is zeroed in on the young QB and the adjusting coach.

"When people can make more staying at home than going to work, they will stay at home," the National Owners Association wrote in a letter.

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Jaguars should have signed Tim Tebow a decade ago, but not NOW!!! | Commentary

South Florida Sun Sentinel 11 May, 2021 - 08:00pm

In fact, when I heard a couple of days ago that the 33-year-old Tebow had tried out as a tight end for his hometown team (the Jags) and his old college coach (Meyer), I went back through the Sentinel archives and dug up a column I wrote before the NFL Draft in 2010. The headline: “Meyer, Tebow would be Jags’ salvation.”

Tebow had just finished his phenomenal college career with the Florida Gators and Meyer, who had suddenly just resigned and unresigned as the head coach of UF, was obviously having second thoughts about remaining in Gainesville.

I wrote then that ex-Jags owner Wayne Weaver had made a monumental mistake by deciding to retain mediocre head coach Jack Del Rio (who was fired the very next season).

Actually, here’s exactly what I wrote back then:

Sigh, if only the Jaguars had listened to me they would have saved themselves a lot of misery and made themselves a lot of money.

Here we are 11 seasons (nine of them losing), four head coaches and nine starting quarterbacks (two of them first-round busts) later, and the Jaguars have finally hired Meyer and are apparently at least considering signing Tebow.

Signing Tebow was a great idea a decade ago, but now it’s an absolutely terrible idea. And it hurts me deeply to say that. Anybody who has read this column for any length of time knows there is no bigger Tebow fan than I am. He is without question my favorite athlete of all time and I truly believe — and I’ve written — that he will someday be president of the United States.

I still believe Tebow got robbed of his chance to be a starting NFL quarterback. I challenge anyone to come up with a quarterback drafted in the first round who has been given less of an opportunity to develop than Tebow. He started for one season with the Denver Broncos, compiled an 8-4 record, took his team to the playoffs and actually won a playoff game. And that was essentially the end of Tebow’s NFL playing career. Tebow is the only quarterback in the modern history of the NFL who compiled a winning record and won a playoff game in his only year as a starter and never again started another game.

You wonder what Tebow would be like in today’s NFL where mobile, athletic quarterbacks are all the rage. What if a young Tebow in his prime were given the same opportunity as, say, running QB extraordinaire Lamar Jackson, whom the Baltimore Ravens drafted, developed and then molded an offense around.

But, alas, Tebow’s NFL ship has sailed, and the idea of him signing with the Jaguars as a tight end is nonsensical. He’s going to be 34 years old in August, he hasn’t played football in six years and he’s NEVER played tight end. Besides, he’s simply not big enough or fast enough to be a modern-day NFL tight end.

A decade ago, the Jaguars were the most irrelevant, uninteresting franchise in the league and signing Tebow as the quarterback would have enlivened the fan base. But today’s Jags, after hiring one of the greatest college coaches of all time in Meyer and drafting one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time in Trevor Lawrence, are suddenly one of the most relevant, intriguing teams in the league.

A new era has begun in Jacksonville.

Time for old dreams to die.

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