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When does Fear Street 3 come out on Netflix?

It is scheduled for release on July 16, which is this Friday. More specifically, it is scheduled to hit Netflix accounts at 12:01 PT or 03:01 ET, for those in the United States. For those in the United Kingdom, 03:01 ET is 08:01 BST. MARCA.comFear Street Part 3 1666: Release date, plot and cast on Netflix

Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now!

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To help you get a handle on what’s new and available, here are the movies you can watch with the click of a button this weekend.

Where to watch: In theaters and available to stream on HBO Max

The first Space Jam was born out of an attempt to sell sneakers. In a dizzying display of corporate dominance, the new Space Jam is trying to sell everything Warner Bros. has ever made. Space Jam: A New Legacy isn’t really a movie — it’s a crash course in vertical integration and brand identity, a marketing slideshow with a two-hour running time. Its viewers are taken on a whirlwind tour through every Warner IP geared toward every demographic: Wonder Woman’s Themyscira for girls and women, The Matrix for older men, Harry Potter for Old adults under 40 who haven’t been reading the news much, and so forth. This is how Hollywood works now. This is the future of blockbuster movies.

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Fear Street: 1666 pulls back the veils of time in order to exhume the long-buried truth behind the witch’s curse and the root of Shadyside’s mutual animosity with its sister city Sunnyvale. Sarah, in stark contrast to the malevolent figure the series has made her out to be so far, was not unlike Deena once: a kind-hearted, mild-mannered teenager whose rebellious temperament and repressed sexual identity put her at odds with the prevailing social sentiments of her time. Sarah harbors a love for her childhood friend Hannah Miller (Olivia Scott Welch), parallel to Deena’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend Sam, and when accusations of carnal sin and witchcraft begin to brew in Union following a string of inexplicable and horrifying omens, the closeness between the two naturally makes them targets for suspicion and resentment.

Where to watch: Available to stream on Paramount Plus

Mostly, the sequel takes the highs of the first movie a little higher, while its lows are about the same. A Quiet Place Part II continues to get a lot of mileage out of toying with horror’s deep relationship with sound, using wonderfully mixed audio to reorient the audience’s sense of peril toward everything aural, and using that threat to ratchet up the tension. Through sound, staging, and performance, scares are wrung out of silence, and the smallest bump can shock viewers with the terror of a gunshot. Furthermore, while thrills are the main draw, the movie’s cast does tremendous work with dramatic scenes communicated in ASL. The care taken in these more intimate scenes does a lot to smooth over the ways disability is factored into the genre conceit. Part II, like the film before it, runs the risk of being overbearing in building to a finale where a hearing aid saves the world, but it at least does the work of rooting that moment in Regan’s arc of independence.

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Gunpowder Milkshake, the latest John Wick knockoff, can be described like this: What if that female-superheroes-assemble moment from Avengers: Endgame was expanded into a full two-hour movie, starring one of the actors from that specific scene, and incorporating plenty of bisexual lighting and a cute kid for good measure? The simplicity (and arguably superficiality) of this kind of girl-power-rah-rah energy is the fuel of Netflix’s unnuanced, ungraceful, often uninteresting Gunpowder Milkshake. The film’s intermittent delights are momentarily satisfying, but then numbness sets in, like the brain freeze that blooms after you slurp on the film’s titular ice-cream treat.

Where to watch: Available to rent for $5.99 on Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and Vudu

Where to watch: Available to rent for $6.99 on Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and Vudu

Where to watch: Available to stream on Disney Plus Premier Access

Black Widow mostly feels like an apology. It arrives as the 24th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, two years (one of them a pandemic mulligan) after the 22nd film, Avengers: Endgame, featured an emotional scene that in no uncertain terms killed off Black Widow’s main character, Natasha Romanoff. Black Widow had been a consistent presence in the MCU since 2010’s Iron Man 2, and she was one of the key connective figures that helped all of these movies actually feel like a universe. She also seemed to be one of the only women of consequence in the entire franchise. And after coming and going, she’s only getting her own stand-alone movie now, which makes Black Widow feel like an afterthought. It’s only the second MCU film to star a female character, and that character isn’t even alive to take us somewhere new.

The latest movie from Marvel Studios will stream at home on Disney Plus Premier Access for an extra fee

Where to watch it: Available to stream on Netflix

Like most middle chapters, Fear Street 1978 struggles to stand on its own, rather than functioning primarily as a bridge between the trilogy’s first and final installments. The final 15 minutes of the film are inarguably its strongest, jumping forward back to 1994 as Deena and Josh exhume Sarah Fier’s hand at the tree where she was hanged, now the site of the Shadyside Mall, where Heather Watkins was murdered in the previous film. As Deena attempts to lay Fier’s remains to rest, she’s struck by a vision not unlike what Sam experienced, one that seemingly transports her back in time to 1666, the year when Sunnyvale and Shadyside were founded, and the origin of the witch’s curse.

Where to watch it: Available to rent for $4.99 on Amazon Prime Video; $6.99 on Apple, Vudu

Every quest and map, collectible, and side quest

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Everything Coming to Netflix This Weekend (July 16)

PopCulture.com 16 July, 2021 - 08:11pm

Netflix is kicking off a new weekend with a slate of fresh content. With the streamer well in the midst of its July 2021 content list, and coming on the heels of the more than a dozen titles added this week, a total of 11 new titles will be added to the streaming library this weekend. Subscribers can expect to begin seeing these new additions appearing in the library on Friday, the titles continuing to roll out through Sunday.

This weekend will prove to be a big one for the platform. Along with the return of one docuseries dishing out plenty of answers and the premiere of Netflix's reboot of one beloved animated series, this weekend will also see the streamer taking subscribers into Shadyside one final time in the third and final installment of Fear Street. The trilogy of films is an adaptation of R.L. Stine's book series of the same name and the first two titles in the trilogy have already proven popular among subscribers. This weekend will also bring with it one major franchise, with Netflix stocking all five Twilight films. Fans have eagerly been awaiting the additions ever since Netflix confirmed in June the movies would be headed to the platform.

Netflix offers three subscription plans – the basic plan ($8.99 per month), the standard plan ($13.99 per month), and the premium plan ($17.99 per month). The streamer also recently debuted a "Netflix Free Section," allowing non-subscribers to watch a selection of the streamer's most beloved originals at no cost. Keep scrolling to see everything coming to Netflix this weekend, and don't forget to check out all of the titles that will be leaving before the end of the month.

Chronic insomnia will become a fight for survival when Netflix debuts Deep, the streamer's newest film, on Friday, July 16. The film follows medical students Jane, Win, Cin, and Peach, who are lured into a neuroscience experiment called Deep, which could see them making a fortune if they stay awake, but if they fall asleep for more than 60 seconds, they die. When the experiment takes a horrible turn, the four students find themselves in high-stakes gamble that will ultimately determine their fate.

Netflix is getting ready to illuminate subscribers' world and bestow a little knowledge when its hit docuseries Explained returns for its third outing on Friday. Originally debuting back in May 2018, the series puts the spotlight on topical issues that impact people's lives. Season 3 will tackle topics including monarchies, apologies, man's best friend, plastic surgery, and even more fascinating topics. While the series returns on Friday, Explained releases new episodes on a weekly basis.

Netflix is daring to venture back to Shadyside one final time in the third and final installment of its film adaptation of R.L. Stine's beloved Fear Street book series. Much like the books, the film trilogy takes place in the fictional town of Shadyside, Ohio over the course of three different time periods: 1994, 1978, and 1666. After documenting the terrifying ordeals faced in '94 and then in '78, Netflix is going back to where it all started in Part 3: 1666, which holds the truth behind a powerful curse — and the key to Shadyside's future.

The wild adventures of Johnny, his dog Dukey and his twin sisters, Susan and Mary are starting again! On Friday, Netflix's Johnny Test reboot premieres! The beloved animated series aired for six seasons between 2005 and 2014, with The WB/The CW airing Seasons 1-3 and Cartoon Network airing Season 4-6. In Netflix's revamp of the series, the imaginative boy, his dog, and his two science-loving sisters will find themselves getting into some trouble with their adventures with a device called the GPS-scape that can send the gang around the globe and a robot baby introduced to the Test family.

Subscribers are getting lucky, as this weekend will not see any titles departing the streaming library. That breath of relief will be short-lived, though, as Netflix prepares to say goodbye to several titles before the month of July is over.

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