Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin crew return as astronauts after historic launch


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Where is the Blue Origin launch site?

If all goes to plan, the company's New Shepard rocket and capsule will take off for an 11-minute journey, launching and landing outside Van Horn, Texas at Blue Origin facilities, dubbed Launch Site One. Space.comBlue Origin to launch its 1st astronaut flight with Jeff Bezos and crew of 3 today

Is Bezos launch on TV?

Here's the information you'll need to watch the Bezos space flight on TV, or online via a free live stream. When is Jeff Bezos space flight? The Jeff Bezos rocket launch will happen around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 20. The exact time that coverage begins on TV will vary based on each network that is covering the flight. nj.comJeff Bezos space flight: How to watch launch, live stream, time, TV, channel

Did Jeff Bezos go to space yet?

Jeff Bezos, the richest human in the world, went to space on Tuesday. ... The flight, even though it did not enter orbit, was a milestone for the company that Mr. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, started more than 20 years ago, the first time a Blue Origin vehicle carried people to space. The New York Times‘Best Day Ever’: Highlights From Bezos and Blue Origin Crew’s Short Flight to Space

Where is New Shepard launching from?

Where was the launch? Blue Origin's New Shepard launched foom West Texas, near Van Horn, Texas, which is about an eight-hour drive from Houston. In 2003, Bezos bought thousands of acres about 25 miles north of town to build Blue Origin's Launch Site One. KHOU.comVIDEO: Blue Origin's New Shepard manned launch is a success — You can re-watch it here

Watch: Jeff Bezos completes spaceflight on Blue Origin

Yahoo News 20 July, 2021 - 10:01am

The 57-year-old Amazon founder, his brother and two others stepped into the New Shepard rocket in West Texas on Tuesday — the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The flight lasted just 11 minutes, with the crew experiencing a few minutes of weightlessness before returning safely to earth.

"Best day ever," Bezos said from the autonomous capsule after it landed.

Bezos was joined by his younger brother, Mark; Mary Wallace "Wally" Funk, an 82-year-old female aviation pioneer; and Oliver Daemen, 18, the son of the chief executive of a private equity investment firm and one of the runners-up in a $28 million charitable auction for the mission’s final seat. (The actual winner, who remains anonymous for now, had a “scheduling conflict” and will go on a later flight.)

The flight included the youngest (Daemen), oldest (Funk) and richest (Bezos) people ever to reach space.

They climbed to an altitude of 351,210 feet, past the so-called Kármán line which is recognized by some international aviation and aerospace experts as the threshold of space. 

Family members greeted the crew on the ground after they stepped out of the capsule for a champagne toast.

It was the first launch with passengers for Blue Origin, which — like Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX — plans to start flying paying customers in the months ahead.

"We are open for ticket sales to send all of you to space," Ariane Cornell, Blue Origin's sales director, told viewers watching the livestream of the company's historic launch.

Space companies Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX are looking to make space exploration more affordable and accessible.

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Blue Origin is set to launch its fully reusable New Shepard spacecraft with humans on board for the first time on Tuesday, and it's sending Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos up along with his brother and two record-setting astronauts. The full flight profile includes a takeoff from Blue Origin's remote West Texas facility, followed by an ascent to a height of roughly 62 miles above the Earth's surface. This is not significantly different in terms of timing or sequence from the 15 prior New Shepard flights that Blue Origin has flown, but this is the first one with humans on board (including the world's richest), so it's obviously the one to watch.

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Bezos and his companions are due to experience a rocket launch, skim the edge of space, then plunge to a parachute landing in just 11 minutes.

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Crew led by Jeff Bezos walks out and heads to the launch pad

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