Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after successful Blue Origin space flight


ABC News 20 July, 2021 - 10:29am 8 views

Where is Blue Origin landing?

If all goes to plan, the company's New Shepard rocket and capsule will take off for an 11-minute journey, launching and landing outside Van Horn, Texas at Blue Origin facilities, dubbed Launch Site One. Space.comBlue Origin to launch its 1st astronaut flight with Jeff Bezos and crew of 3 today

How long will the Blue Origin flight last?

Blue Origin uses a conventional rocket and space capsule that launches and lands vertically, so it is quicker than Virgin Galactic's vehicle to reach the edge of space, and the entire flight is 11 minutes. The Wall Street JournalWhen Is Jeff Bezos’ Flight to Space and How to Watch the Blue Origin Launch

How high did Branson go into space?

That will give Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin — which he founded in 2000 — bragging rights over Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson, whose flight this month aboard SpaceShipTwo hit a peak altitude of around 282,000 feet, surpassing NASA's designated Earth-space boundary of 50 miles, but falling well short of the Kármán line. NPRJeff Bezos' Completes His Blue Origin Flight To Space

Who is flying on Blue Origin?

Barrier-breaking female aviator Wally Funk has become the oldest-ever person to fly in space. The 82-year-old blasted into space alongside the billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, and an 18-year-old student. BBC NewsWally Funk: The 82-year-old on Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin flight

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