Kansas City Royals add relief pitcher via trade with the Blue Jays. Here are details


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Why was the Blue Jays game Cancelled today?

— The game between the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday was postponed because of thunderstorms. ... Right-hander Tanner Houck (0-2, 3.38) was scheduled to start for the Red Sox on Wednesday against Blue Jays left-hander Robbie Ray (8-4, 2.93). The Washington PostRed Sox-Blue Jays game postponed, will be made up in Toronto

Or just the one: Robbie Ray, having the best season of his career, starts for the Blue Jays tonight in upstate New York.

Last night’s rainout was extremely convenient for the Blue Jays in the short term, as it allowed them to bypass emergency starter Thomas Hatch and get back on schedule with Ray, who’s having the best season of his peripatetic career after his recent discovery of the strike zone. It took him about a decade, but he finally found it, and that works well when you can throw really hard and are a lefty, neither of which much describes Richards any more. It’s not a great matchup for our heroes tonight, I can’t lie—I mean I could, but I won’t—but that’s why they play the games and whatnot, to flip the script and all.

Speaking of flipping the script, Jarren Duran is out of the lineup against the lefty, which stinks a bunch but hey, when you can bat Danny Santana second, you gotta do it! I kid, at least about having to do it, because it’s very really happening, but the new-look lineup survives the switch to a southpaw, with (relatively) struggling J.D. Martinez batting fifth, behind the other two big boys. “Toronto” doesn’t change its lineup at all against the same pitcher they were set to see tomorrow, which makes sense:

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Blue Jays' Stripling: Moving to 3 different cities in a season 'is crazy'

theScore 22 July, 2021 - 04:10am

The Toronto Blue Jays are getting ready to move back to Canada for a July 30 homestand after having temporary homes in two different cities in the United States, and Ross Stripling isn't thrilled about how taxing the year has been.

"Making three moves in a season is crazy, especially any of us that have families, or anyone in general," Stripling said Monday, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. "We don't expect people to blow sunshine up our bums about it. ... We don't need people giving us the benefit of the doubt.

"We accepted that's what it is. We're playing good baseball and now we're going home and expect to play even better baseball there. But it's been very difficult and very challenging. It's something nobody else has had to go through."

Stripling acknowledged the mental toll weighed on him during a poor start against the Boston Red Sox. He gave up six earned runs on four hits and recorded just one out Monday.

"(I was) in a weird mental space," the right-hander said. "On Wednesday, I'm going to have to say bye to my family for two months, which is actually weighing on me much harder than I want it to be."

The Blue Jays will return to Toronto after last playing at the Rogers Centre in September 2019 due to pandemic restrictions and a border closure between Canada and the U.S. The club was forced to play home games in Buffalo and Dunedin, Florida, during the shortened 2020 season and the first four months of the 2021 campaign.

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