Kris Bryant on Mets' radar as trade deadline approaches


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When is the MLB trade deadline?

Major League Baseball's trade deadline is approaching more quickly than usual. This year's deadline is set for 4 p.m. ET on Friday, July 30, or a day earlier than the traditional date. cbssports.comMLB trade deadline 2021: Kris Bryant, Max Scherzer, Trevor Story among 21 top trade candidates

By Neil Paine

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Back on June 13, around when I wrote about the MLB contenders that should consider adding players for the stretch run and playoffs, the Chicago Cubs appeared to be positioned very well within that category. They were 38-27 on the year, tied for the third-best record in the National League and boasted a 63 percent playoff probability. That made their Doyle Number — a measure of how much a team should consider buying extra talent for a World Series run — the eighth-highest in baseball, at 1.16. (Meaning wins added in pursuit of a title this year were worth giving up a little extra in the future.) With a handful of star players still around from the core that won the 2016 championship, there remained a feeling that the Cubs could compete for another ring in 2021, if not beyond.

But all of that has changed in a hurry. Since that day in mid-June, Chicago has gone into a full tailspin, losing 19 of its past 25 games. Its record has dipped below .500, into a tie for ninth in the NL, and its playoff odds are down to just 9 percent. As a result, the Cubs’ Doyle Number is now 0.11, meaning any talent they add this year at the expense of the future would almost certainly be wasted in a futile bid at the postseason.

And the team seems to know it, too. "When you're in this moment and your playoff odds get into single digits, at this time of the year, you have to keep one eye on the future," team president Jed Hoyer said last week. "You would be irresponsible not to take [trade offer] phone calls and think through them.”

Current salary and future contract status for Chicago Cubs players with at least 0.5 wins above replacement in the 2021 season

Players without a salary listed at were assigned the 2021 MLB minimum of $570,500.

Losing any or all of those three players could be seen as a distinct turning point for the Cubs’ post-World Series era -- a period that had started with the promise of potentially building into a dynasty, given how much talent Chicago had on hand. The fact that it never happened is one of the big head-scratchers of the past decade: How was a team with baseball’s top rotation and one of its best and youngest collections of position-player talent, plus an all-star brain trust and a consistently top-10 payroll, able to win only four total postseason games and one series in the half-decade that followed?

In truth, the 2016 core wasn’t together and playing at the height of its powers for very long. Most of the same roster returned -- but regressed -- in 2017, and then a slightly overhauled Cubs team showcased the cruel abruptness of the wild-card game in 2018. After missing the playoffs in a disappointing 2019 campaign, Chicago had a resurgent regular season in 2020 but quickly crashed out of the postseason. Along the way, the team said goodbye to manager Joe Maddon and team architect Theo Epstein, to go with an ever-growing list of players from 2016 who have departed in the intervening years.

While there remains some chance that the group of former Cubs won’t expand to include Báez, Rizzo and Bryant over the next few weeks, the team finds itself at a crossroads it wasn’t necessarily expecting to roll up to just a month earlier. "Eleven days ago, we were fully on the buy side of this transaction and everyone was calling about that," Hoyer told reporters last week. "Obviously, people are now calling to see which players are available, so it's a very different scenario than we expected.”

The Cubs have a club option on Kimbrel, so they could bring him back if they wanted. But he’s also one of the more attractive relief options on the deadline trade market, so it would probably be wise to deal him while his value is high.

Jake Arrieta is also a member of both the 2016 and 2021 Cubs, but he played three seasons in Philadelphia in the intervening years.

Neil Paine is a senior writer for FiveThirtyEight.

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Mets Interested In Kris Bryant

MLB Trade Rumors 16 July, 2021 - 09:10pm

Kris Bryant is drawing interest from multiple teams as the trade deadline approaches, with MLB Network’s Jon Heyman (Twitter link) reporting that the Mets are one of the clubs considering the former NL MVP.  There isn’t any indication that the Cubs are close to a deal with the Mets or any other team about Bryant, though tonight’s trade of Joc Pederson indicates that the Cubs are indeed open for business with more than two weeks to go before the trade deadline.

This isn’t the first time that Bryant has been linked to the Mets, as Chicago and New York reportedly had discussions involving Bryant during the offseason (though Cubs president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer said reports of those talks were inaccurate).  Speculatively, if J.D. Davis was indeed discussed as part of a potential trade return and if he is still on the Cubs’ radar, it could be that nothing might get done between the Mets and Cubs about Bryant until Davis makes his expected return from the injured list Friday and shows that he is healthy.  A pair of injuries to Davis’ left hand has limited him to only 14 games this season.

It isn’t a surprise that the Mets (or any contender) would be checking in on Bryant, considering his potential value as a difference-maker for a team in October.  Bryant has rebounded from an injury-plagued 2020 to hit .271/.353/.502 with 16 homers over 329 plate appearances this season, with the caveat that most of that production came within the first two months.  Since June 1, Bryant has only a .568 OPS and four home runs in 117 PA, and his Statcast numbers are solid overall but middling when it comes to hard contact numbers.

With free agency looming this winter, Bryant has plenty of incentive to step up big over the remainder of the season and put himself in good position for a big free agent contract.  Given the trade speculation that has swirled around Bryant for over two years now, it wouldn’t really be surprising to see him take off at the plate if/when he finally did get dealt.

The Mets’ projected luxury tax number is roughly $13.5MM under the $210MM threshold.  Bryant’s remaining salary (he is owed $19.5MM in 2021) would eat up a big chunk of that remaining space and leave the Mets with little wiggle room to make further additions while staying under the threshold, unless some other contracts were moved to the Cubs or in other trades.  That said, Mets owner Steve Cohen has expressed an openness for crossing the tax threshold in the right circumstances, and would seemingly rather blow by the $210MM figure than only exceed it by a small amount.  If Cohen did authorize such a big go-for-it push, the financial aspect of a Bryant trade might not be an issue for the Mets.

On the field, Bryant obviously brings plenty of value to the NL East leaders.  As Heyman notes, Bryant’s ability to play multiple positions (both corner infield spots and all three outfield spots) adds to his value, particularly for a New York team that hasn’t gotten much production and has been looking to solidify third base.

Bag of balls and some bubble gum should get the deal done

So original. You should consider a job in journalism.

Isn’t that the same thing these days?

Wow how insightful. Too bad the White Sox didn’t realize they could have offered that same exact thing to get the pile of crap that was James Shields instead of dealing Tatis Jr for him. Oops.

or the fact they traded Marcus Semien for Jeff Samardija hahahahaha

Semien doesn’t count anymore. Anyone could have picked him up last year. But Bassitt does.

Semien was a MVP candidate in Oakland, so he he does

If you think Sox fans are salty, check out the swarm of cubs fan comments on articles about the Sox…

White Sox fans do realize they had an 88 year drought, right?

weird, that’s exactly what the White Sox got in exchange for Fernando tatis.

Let go Mets.go get Kris Bryant now

As a Cubs fan im all for it just pay up and hes yours

Time to fire up MLB Trade Values and put together some trades that will never happen.

Lindor an 200 Million for KB Hendricks and Kimbrel

No. Cubs need pitching. Trading their ace is dumb. It’s a hard no. The Ricketts would never do that. They wouldn’t even lett Jed offer Rizzo what he’s worth. Roughly 17-19mm aav over 5 years.

Trading Kyle would make sense as they won’t be competing for a NL Central title until at least 2023 if not 2024. Kyle is an FA after 2024.

Already traded one ace for peanuts, trading another doesn’t sound ridiculous

The Cubs can get 3rd or 4th place with or without Hendricks. The longer they keep him, the less value he has to other teams.

It makes zero sense to trade your ace and most consistent pitcher. Hard pass to trade Hendricks, Contreras and Rizzo. Baez is 60/40 towards yes.

If Hendricks is an ace pitcher your team is under .500 and out of contention. Oops, that’s where the Cubs are. DeGrom is an ace, Scherzer is an ace, not a guy throwing 86 with a good change up.

Who has won more games this season? Sure pay 30 million a season for 7 years for a guy that throws 98 to watch him implode The pitcher you’re referring to has an 11-4 record on a losing team and has not had a serious injury since he entered the league. The others you mentioned are great no doubt. However value wise and risk wise few are as good as Hendricks.

To be fair, Hendricks is tied for overall wins and on a team that consistently does not win.

I dunno, the Cubs will likely try to retool for next season. The roster isn’t far off, just needs a couple moderate off-season additions to the rotation and plug a couple holes on offense. It’s not like there are any long-term juggernauts in the central.

3.18 ERA since 2nd half of 2014. 5th in baseball with over 1000 innings pitched. Try again, you sound stupid.

He can locate like Greg Maddux used to do. Anyone who can pitch 81 pitches for a complete game shutout is a great pitcher. He gets a bad rep because he’s been terrible in the 1st inning and the long ball has plaqued him all year. The 1st inning and homeruns are his kryptonite.

Get that “tied for overall wins” out of here dnr7! Pitcher wins are IRRELEVANT!

You’re gonna be really disappointed with how the cubs look in 2022. They are absolutely starting a rebuild/retool phase…and it’s much needed.

Soxrewl – I’m gonna disagree that the roster isn’t far off. They are showing just how far off they are this year and you can add to that the loss of Baez, Bryant and Rizzo with no one ready to replace them.

@dnr7 – if wins were an indication of a good pitcher, DeGrom would be like 15-0. With that said, he’s a good pitcher under control at an affordable rate. He honestly would be the Cubs’ best trade chip…

lol sorry you are stuck with Lindor and that contract YIKES

Well, considering the multi-billionaire who owns the team can afford whatever he wants and that Lindor totally changed the culture of the team and plays amazing defense… don’t feel too sorry for Mets fans.

it would have to be like 300MM at this point

Time to come home and play, KB! Bring Hendricks with you, please!

Is there a team in Vegas?

That’s an interesting point could the As go in the off-season for him…

Bryant for Puk and a sweetner

Wasn’t he born in San Diego played in Vegas? Or the other way around

He played for the University of San Diego.

The irony of someone calling someone else on here unintelligent while spelling genius wrong…. and not even the way most people misspell it. Jenius? Really?

Hendricks isn’t going anywhere unless its a massive overpay

Born and raised in Vegas. Played Little League with Bryce Harper and Joey Gallo. Went to college at the University of San Diego.

Sounds like breaking news from last winter. Waste of a few megabits.

2 good prospects, with 1 being a pitcher and Mets take the salary should do it.

Mets Phillies and at least another contender or two involved for Bryant would be doing the Cubs a huge service where no one team has leverage over them

The Cubs should find out if JD Davis is healthy first, and if he’s proves to be back to his old self, then acquire him along with one of the Mets top 5 pitching prospects, and add one more prospect in the 10-15 range, and that should get the deal done..

Cubs would have probably already have done that already if it was there ! They will do well but not great if they can get multiple teams bidding ! Like 1 young cost controlled mlb player like Davis or bohm for example , one prospect from a teams 5 to 10 range and a flyer or two ‘ should do slightly better then the rangers dodgers darvish deal but not like the 2016 Chapman to Cubs trade

That is actually reasonable, especially since the Mets front office wanted him last year and during the off-season. I expect them to go hard for him this off-season. It will likely depend on how many teams want him though bc while he is a great player, he is pricy for some and still a rental.

I’d prefer that the Mets keep JD bc of his control and cheap deal. He has been great at the plate and he is working on his D. I have no illusions that his glove will be anything but below avg or worse, but he’d be a solid DH option for the Mets next year. Bryant will be $$$ and the Mets have bigger needs in regard to extending guys and reworking their roster.

Jd davis has a floor that’s higher then the worse versions of kris Bryant where Mets might still trade him with some other sweetners with Davis , Bryant has a level he’s been at times that Davis would never come close to approaching,

That’s way to much. He is a rental.

Eh, what’s wrong with KB though? Has he declined or is he in a slump? I get Conforto vibes

As a long time Mets fan I pray we don’t get Kris Bryant; of course a braves fan would love to see the Mets saddled with another player in his decline

If we do only a cheap rental of a minor leager

To be honest, I would like the Mets to get Bryant, but I’d prefer to keep JD Davis. If they can get him without giving up Davis (or anyone from the Major League roster) I’d be all for it, but giving up up 3 years of Davis for 2 months of Bryant doesn’t seem worth it. Especially considering Bryant’s ice cold bat.

Even though it is not a large sample size but nobody seems to be talking about Bryants 10-27 in July!!!

JD Davis carries some health and injury concerns, so his value is slightly pointing downward at the moment. Even still, I think the Mets would likely think they could resign Bryant, so I feel they’d be more comfortable trading away JD Davis, and his remaining years of control..

The trade I proposed above earlier, I feel is most certainly an excellent deal for the Cubs, as it would help them re-tool instead of having to go through a full rebuild..

If they pay what it cost to get bryant they will be doing it with intention of signing him long term i would doubt he would be a rental

The fact that he’s a rental makes his price cheaper

That’s a good point I hadn’t considered. An extension would change the equation for sure.

“Bryant’s $19.5MM salary counts entirely against the tax bill for average annual value purposes even if more than half the actual money has already been paid to the slugger, so acquiring Bryant alone would put New York over the tax line, unless some other contracts were moved to the Cubs or in other trades.”

I don’t get this. Isn’t the CBT hit about $8 million to the Mets if the Cubs don’t pay any salary?

I agree, this makes no sense. The Cubs have paid at least 60% of Bryant’s salary so far this year so any team that acquires him should only be on the hook for the remaining 40%, and only that 40% should count against the acquiring team’s CBT. Why would the Mets get charged for the full $19M? It makes no sense.

The system was already set up this way so that cap numbers are set for the season regardless of when a player is traded. For example, if the Cubs were to accept Familia in addition to Davis for Bryant, that would keep the Mets under the threshold, since Familia will still count for $10M against the cap.

Wrong. Only the portion of salary FAMILIA pitched for the Mets would count against the cap, the remainder would be apportioned to the acquiring team.

I meant under the cap for luxury tax purposes. There’s no hard cap. The yearly salary for all players is what is considered re luxury tax regardless of when the move is made during the year.

Cubs are way under the cap, they would gladly pay the remainder of his salary if it improves the return.

Has to be a mistake. He’s right about the Average annual value being the basis for the CBT calculation but that also gets pro-rated for the amount of time the player has been with the team. So if he spends 60% of the year with the Cubs and 40% with the Mets. The CBT cost should be split 60/40 as well.

I was wondering about that myself. I had never heard of it the way the article described.

Do the Mets even have worth while pitching prospects?

Lol Kumar is worth more than Bryant

Doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t worth more than Bryant. They’re not allowed to trade him for Bryant. And no, not even as a PTBNL. It’s not “frowned upon.” There aren’t “cash penalties” for doing it. They simply “can’t” trade Rocker. At least not until the offseason begins.

This might be the first MF22 post I agree with.

Why? They just got everyone back. The lineup is fine. They need to trade for some pitching instead. They don’t have a lot of prospects capital to trade with.

The lineup is not fine, they can’t score with any consistency. Pitching should be the priority only if they can’t land a good deal for a hitter.

How do you know? This is the first time their starting lineup has been healthy this season. Let them play together and see what they can do.

What are the chances their lineup remains healthy the rest of the season?

The Cubs should have traded Bryant the last two seasons. They have very little flexibility at this point. Might as well keep him and let him walk for a comp draft pick in the offseason.

Bryant wasn’t worth anything in 2019 until the service time issue was resolved, and was horrible in 2020. They’ll get more for him now than they would have then.

Cmurphy I understand what you’re saying, but i doubt the package now would be worth more than a comp pick, especially considering the potential size of KB’s next contract…

@Chisoxcity. Your tales are often very bad. That is all.

I bet Larussa would quit drinking for the rest of the year if Hahn promised to get him Bryant.

At least the rest of the day

Cubs made the playoffs last year and came close the year before that.

I would approve IF Cohen is intending on signing Bryant for 2022 and beyond. Boras makes this much more difficult

If they offer a huge over pay like they did with lindor I bet Boras would be fine.

@YourDreamGM that defeats the purpose of trading for him for NY

@bryan c Signing or not signing Bryant has no bearing on what the Mets should give up for him.

There’s no way he doesn’t at least go to free agency anyway.

Well, point is that Vientos could be the third baseman of the future so if you’re gonna give him up you hope it’s for more than a half season of Bryant. I just wouldn’t do it. I don’t think fans realize just how tight signing Bryant is gonna make the budget. They won’t have much left to fill other needs, cuz Cohen, rich as he is, isn’t gonna run a 280 million dollar payroll.

@Cosmo2 if you don’t think 2 months of Bryant is worth Vientos then don’t trade Vientos.

Right that’s sort of my point. I agree with you but just saying that if they COULD guarantee signing Bryant then trading Vientos would be more acceptable. But they can’t guarantee that so it doesn’t matter, so they shouldn’t. (Plus I don’t want them to sign Bryant anyway. I realize I’m being a bit confusing here.)

Why would the Mets trade Davis for Bryant? Davis is already just as good of a hitter, but he’s far cheaper and has 4 more years of control. Makes zero sense to trade Davis for Bryant and go over the luxury tax threshold at the same time.

I do like Davis but his defense has been awful. It’s certain that would probably be the player the Mets would have to give up to get a player of Bryant’s caliber even as a rental. To keep the Mets under the luxury tax, I’m sure they would ask the Cubs to accept Familia back in return in addition to Davis.

Cubs would easily pay the rest of Bryant’s salary. They are comfortably under the threshold. If it improves their return. They could even throw in Zach Davies and eat the rest of his salary for the right pieces.

That would be very ideal for the Cubs ! Some of the laughable rental prices of the years past was bc the bidding among teams for said rentals was so limited often limited to one team

Davis for Bryant seems like a slight over pay for the Mets considering the years of control. Obviously Bryant is the better defender and has more versatility. Is the bat that much better than Davis? I don’t know. If he wasn’t a Boras guy I would like it more. More inclined to do prospects for a rental, outside of the top 8. Quantity over quality like 3 in the 11-20ish range. Bryant surely would add some protection behind Alonso and the lineup shifts to Nimmo, Lindor, Alonso, Bryant which is probably more taxing on a pitcher than Dom Smith in the three. Tough call. If they can do it and still get a Starter I’m in. Prefer a solid rotation piece over any bat, but if they could swing say Gray in addition to Bryant, this would be a power move from Cohen and company

JD DAVIS isn’t going to get it done

Why would it matter if he’s a Boras guy?

Boras plays way too much cat and mouse with his “mystery” teams delaying the signing of some of the bigger names that either A.) hold up other mid tier free agents or B:) make you lose out on other players as you hold back money for your original free agents.

This is why some teams dont even bother dealing for his free agents so they can sign multiple b guys in the time team a waited and probably lost on the a guy to an over pay.

Boras has no say in who Bryant or any other player gets traded to. And signing him or not signing him has no bearing on trading for him.

Completely disagree. If you are only getting a rental and have no plans to sign long term, then you have a max you will give up – it’s not JD Davis or Mark Vientos, and certainly not Mauricio or Baty. If you had a reasonable agent that says they will work with you to sign the player long term should the trade work out, you are more apt to give up a Vientos or Davis knowing you have money and plans to negotiate a fair long term deal. Instead, Boras clouds the vision. He will no doubt ask for a laughable amount – see JT Realmuto – leaving it late in the off season before Bryant commits. As we already saw, the Mets will not wait around for an agent to come back to earth. So in that respect, it makes little sense to hedge here on a bet you can re-sign so the offer ceiling has to be prospects in the 11-20 range. Just my two cents. A couple month rental of a guy that merely saves 4-5 errors and marginally (if that) improves the offense over Davis is not worth anything more.

Everyone relax. It was Jon Heyman reporting. So it was definitely made up. Not saying the Mets dont have interest in KB, but Heyman’s sources live in his basement.

I love when some bonehead with zero facts to back up his dumb opinion pretends that he knows anything about the sources of a respected national journalist that has a long and storied career. What else genius- is the earth flat?

you’re a swell gentleman that must always drink the koolaid.

This dude is a huge clown. Go read up on more COVID crap to spew at everyone. You know, on the baseball website.

All this JD Davis is as good a hitter as Kris Bryant talk is laughable. KB is 1 year older than JD. Look at the stats. Seriously, go compare them. Look at the resumes. 75 points higher on career OPS. More power. Better defensive player, that can play 5 positions. Extremely good base runner. ROY. MVP. Slap yourself if you think JD Davis is as good as Kris Bryant.

3-4(?) yrs of Davis for way less $$ or 1/2 yr of Bryant? I’d rather Davis stay and the Mets go after 1-2 RP arms. The Mets love Bryant, which is what concerns me bc I can see an overpay for him. Nothing in the top 4, but JD + mid-level prospect. The Cubs should love Davis back for the reasons above.

the stats, you are referring to, show Bryant on the decline from his best days while Davis is still improving. He was blocked in Houston and never got a shot until the Mets brought him in and all he has done is hit and with power. Butcher of a glove, but bat very similar to what KB does anymore. We are not talking the 2016 Bryant anymore.

The jays could use KB

Astros get Bryant and Kimbrel for 3 major league ready players (Toro, Chaz, Abreu), a top SP prospect (Whitley or Solomon), and a SS prospect not named León.

That would be one hell of an over pay

I wouldn’t do it unless it was for pennies on the dollar, which it won’t be. Davis has a good bat, he sucks defensively but he’ll be a lot cheaper and is controllable. I like Bryant and his versatility but worry that his bat won’t keep up or he’ll just walk. I don’t think if you’re the Mets that he’s the difference-maker for you and that you should give up too much.

Not sure about that. Right now if you put him in the lineup he’d be the best hitter statistically and the Mets possibly up a couple of more games in the GB column.

Bryant always fought playing multiple positions. He wants to stay at third. He only welcomed multiple positions in his walk year. Once he gets signed he’ll go back to only wanting third.

He’a a prima donna who plays when he wants to. Otherwise he’s “hurt”. I’d much rather have Abreu who connects with his teammates and isn’t soft.

A typical Sox fan trolling job.

The only truth here is “Abreu connects with his teammates and isn’t soft”, but it is off topic.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing him at 3B for the next several years if he continues to produce the way he is this year. Of course signing him will be a task considering Boras is his agent, but I’m sure new ownership would be willing to flex the pen on the checkbook. The infield would be nice.

I really doubt the Mets trade any of their top 100 prospects for Bryant. Maybe vientos, if not you’re looking at Prospects like J.T. Jinn, Carlos Cortes & Jaylen Palmer.

If they won’t someone else will.

Let someone else give up a top prospect for a rental that plays a position they potentially already have covered.

The Mets can move Vientos. He’s expendable between Baty in the syste and McNeil, Lindor in the infield. But they’re not trading Ginn for a few months of Bryant. Maybe Vientos and a lower pitching prospect like Kilome. Though I’d prefer a Kilome/Newton package go the other way. Vientos is too high a prospect for Bryant in 2021 on an expiring contract

Vientos is NOT expendable. He can move to a different position (or be traded for something more permanent). That’s very obtuse, short-sighted thinking on your part. Vientos plus for a rental? That’s just nuts. Way too much.

The cubs shouldnt be touching any Mets top 10 prospects

Matt Allan? That is comical! Not even close. Cortes, sure, along with another middling prospect. Allan is untouchable after stealing him round three because teams were afraid to pay him to keep him away from college.

Giants!! Make a move! Don’t break what’s going on there but add to it.. trade a farm or two propects for a bat and relief. No $$ on books next year… get Bryant and kimbrel and let’s get us a title!! Also get or injured guys back 100% healthy

Even joc would of been an upgrade from tauchman

Bryant and these Cubs seem a lot like the Blackhawks team. Won early, and you could see the fire go out of them.

What do you realistically think the cubs should get from the Mets for a few months of a less than superstar quality play in Bryant? I’d offer a middle prospect, maybe 2. None of the top guys.

Bryant has not performed to the level he will be looking to be paid for. He wants a Lindor,Rendon, Harper deal. Bad left shoulder limits his hitting. Coupled with his agent very possibly a Keuchel/Kimbrel or even Arrieta situation. The first two held out only to get smaller deals mid season. Arrieta signed with Phillies for 75 after turning down 130. His original price 175. Mets already have one bad contract why make it two.

It’s not about a big contract. Mets will be renting him until the offseason. Then maybe he’ll get signed there if he performs well. I think he will vastly improve the Mets lineup and defense, and his flexibility makes him an even greater asset. Essentially, he has a chance to play for a big deal.

I can see this happening. Bryant is an upgrade defensively in a lot of positions. Mets don’t need 4 players who can hit, but are subpar fielders. Just makes too much sense. Davis or even McNeil could go.

Cubs need to fire sale and grab prospects for everyone from Bryant to Baez and rebuild for the future.

Bryant to either New York team could net something good or send him West and let the Giants have him.

Everyone on the Major League team should be on the block and sold to the highest bidder!

As a long time Mets fan I am hoping the Mets don’t make a trade for Bryant or if they do they only rent him for a few prospects; just get a 4 or 5th starter and be done.

Cubs won’t trade Bryant for peanuts, makes no sense considering all they have to do is give him a QO that he’s unlikely to sign in the off season and they will get a early Comp pick in next yrs draft…

That’s close. I’d say another minor prospect to Cubs for including Chafin..

That is waaaay too much for a rental and a reliever. Way too much. Just say no. The Mets don’t actually HAVE to trade for Bryant. I mean, they’ve got Davis so what’s the big rush to punt the future?

Right now he will bring back a 2nd Rd prospect if the Cubs keep him. There’s no sense in offering much more than that if you’re paying the rest of his salary and he’s a free agent in a couple of months.

I think another team will offer more. The Mets could always overpay, there system just not appealing enough.

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Chicago Cubs: 3 teams that are a perfect fit for Willson Contreras

Cubbies Crib 16 July, 2021 - 09:10pm

Another day, another reminder that the end is near for the current Chicago Cubs core. When speaking to the general consensus of Cubs fans, as much as it hurts to think about, most have been in agreement that in order to have the quickest turnaround we must sell off our key pieces now.

Even if you were to keep all these stars, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez and Willson Contreras, together long-term, the simple truth is this: this team has not performed well enough together for years now. It is time to start answering the phone if you’re Jed Hoyer and look ahead to what your key pieces can get you in  trades. With recent reports of the Cubs core staying intact beyond the deadline, it begs the question. Why?

Does that mean we are looking to stand pat at the deadline? How can we with a below average rotation? Are we looking to now buy at the deadline to fix the rotation and go for it? What do we have to buy with, except for the key pieces on this team we would need to trade to get any return in value anyway?

As for buying, there have been no further reports or rumors as of yet. It has, however, been addressed that the Cubs are looking to sell at the deadline. The ideology of sticking with your current core baffles me if you are not looking to re-sign all off of them in the offseason.

We’ve discussed Bryant, Kimbrel and Baez. Now, with everybody seemingly on the table for the right price, let’s shift our focus to Willson Contreras.

Just before the All-Star Break, Contreras called out his teammates for their poor effort in a loss to the Cardinals, capping off a bitter cold 2-13 run before the break. Whether it was consequence or simply a day off, Contreras was not in the lineup the following afternoon for the final game which was ultimately postponed due to inclement weather.

Contreras is currently batting .236/.344/.457, though his defense is of most value.

The return for Contreras could be well worth it as he is the only member considered to be in the core who still has a full year of team control on his contract. Who doesn’t want a catcher who can strike when you least expect it? No lead from a runner is safe when Willy is behind the plate and for that reason we will take a look at three teams potentially looking to strengthen themselves in the two spot.

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Nationals Have Interest In Kris Bryant

MLB Trade Rumors 16 July, 2021 - 09:10pm

The Nationals are among the teams with interest in Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant, reports MLB Network’s Jon Heyman (Twitter link). There will certainly be plenty of other suitors for the former NL MVP, who might wind up being the top player traded over the next two weeks.

Indeed, the Nats aren’t the only team in the NL East reportedly looking into a Bryant acquisition. The division-leading Mets were linked to the four-time All-Star last night. On the surface, New York looks to be a more obvious deadline buyer than Washington, who enters tonight’s game with a 42-47 record. In fact, Bryant’s current club is actually a game and a half above the Nats in the Wild Card race.

That said, the Nationals haven’t been shy about trying to make a playoff push when the opportunity presents itself under general manager Mike Rizzo. They’re six games back of the Mets (albeit with the Phillies and Braves also ahead of them) in a division where no teams have separated themselves from the pack. Washington has a difficult three-game series against the Padres this weekend, but that’s followed by dates with the Marlins and Orioles next week, which could give them an opportunity to make up some ground in the standings.

If the Nationals do look to add to the big league roster in the coming weeks, third base is an obvious area to upgrade. Washington has gotten below-average production (.280/.333/.369) at the hot corner over the course of the year, where nearly all of the playing time has gone to Starlin Castro. Castro was placed on administrative leave this afternoon as Major League Baseball investigates domestic violence allegations made against him. Jordy Mercer started at third base tonight in Washington’s first game out of the All-Star Break.

Bryant, of course, would be an upgrade over most teams’ third base situations. The 29-year-old has bounced back from a poor 2020 campaign to hit at an excellent .271/.353/.502 level with sixteen home runs over 329 plate appearances. He’s tailed off after a scorching start to the year, but Bryant’s overall body of work is one of the better ones in the sport.

Of the 231 hitters to accrue 200+ plate appearances in 2021, Bryant is tied for 40th with a 132 wRC+. Relative to last season, he’s drawing more walks, striking out less often and making a higher rate of hard contact. Bryant hasn’t regained the MVP-caliber form he showed early in his career, but his All-Star selection in 2021 was certainly deserved.

The general expectation is that Bryant will wind up on the move between now and the July 30 trade deadline. Cubs president Jed Hoyer suggested last week the team would listen to offers for players on their big league roster on the heels of an 11-game losing streak. They traded outfielder Joc Pederson to the Braves — a team with which the Cubs are ostensibly in competition for a Wild Card berth — for first base prospect Bryce Ball last night. And while Chicago’s reportedly planning to engage in extension talks with first baseman Anthony Rizzo and shortstop Javier Báez before the trade deadline, there’s no indication that’s the case with Bryant.

One potential obstacle to a Bryant trade is salary. He signed a $19.5MM deal to avoid arbitration over the winter, approximately $8.3MM of which remains to be paid. The Nationals typically run higher than average payrolls, and their $183MM estimated figure (per Cot’s Baseball Contracts) for this season is about $14MM shy of the franchise’s 2019 outlay. That could suggest there’s room on the books for Bryant, although it remains to be seen if ownership’s keen on making such an investment in a team that entered play tonight with a meager 2.8% chance of making the playoffs, in FanGraphs’ estimation.

The other important potential roadblock to a deal that sends Bryant to the nation’s capital is the Nationals’ thin farm system. Certainly, every team in the league could put together a prospect package sufficient to land Bryant, who’ll be a free agent at season’s end. But Heyman hears that the Nats don’t want to trade their top two prospects, right-handed pitchers Cade Cavalli and Jackson Rutledge.

If that’s the case, it could be difficult for the Nationals to beat the market for Bryant. Infielder Yasel Antuna is the only other player in the system who garners a 45 FV ranking or better from Eric Longenhagen and Kevin Goldstein of FanGraphs, and he’s hitting .191/.269/.347 in High-A this year. First-round pick Brady House will certainly vault near the top of the organizational rankings once he signs a professional contract, but 2021 draftees can’t be traded until next offseason. Perhaps the Cubs would have interest in former top prospect Carter Kieboom, but his stock has dimmed amidst some struggles at the big league level and he’s currently on the minor league injured list with a knee issue.

It stands to reason more teams will join the Nationals and Mets as having reported interest in Bryant in the coming weeks. The Cubs look primed to be one of the deadline’s most active sellers, and Bryant’s production and laundry list of accolades will make him perhaps the highest-profile player on the trade market.

Kris Bryant will be a New York Mets

Not if he’s a Washington Nationals.

Not if he is a Toronto Blue Jay

Dammit CJ you messed it up.

Huh thats a funny way to spell San Francisco Giants

I’m ready for all the talk to turn into action. Bryant is gone. Rizzo isn’t worth a big contract anymore, and Baez won’t be happy losing. If Contreras is good with young pitchers keep him and if you could get value for Hendricks move him but if not keep him. Hoping this rebuild is for real.

For two months. Cohen is smarter than to pay him Lindor money and be stuck with an injured under producing player and not have flexibility financially to fill other needs. The man is having a great season and he is tied for 40th wRC+ The problem is he wants a 10 year contract that’s one of the top 10 in baseball salary wise. JD Davis might end up being the piece sent back. Along with the salary savings being spent on other players coupled with Davis the trade would be a win for the Cubs.

Good job by the Nats to try and drive up the price for the Mets. Won’t matter at the end but as an organization it’s what your supposed to do.

I’m pretty sure at least 12 teams are interested in Kris Bryant. Hell, some KBO teams are interested. My church league softball team is interested too.

The A’s should be in on him too, really lacking OF depth and getting bad production out of DH too. Plus if Chapman gets hurt again Bryant can still play third. Huge match but not many are talking about.

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New York Mets Reportedly Interested In Blockbuster Trade

The Spun 16 July, 2021 - 10:11am

What's trending in the sports world today.

With a sub-500 record and a 3rd place standing in the NL Central, the Cubs are looking to clear house before this year’s July 30 trade deadline. And of the talented trade chips on the Chicago roster, none are more valuable than four-time All Star Kris Bryant.

According to MLB Network insider Jon Heyman, “multiple teams” are interested in acquiring the versatile slugger — including the NL East-leading New York Mets.

Mets are among multiple teams with interest in Kris Bryant, whose versatility makes him a fit for many

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) July 16, 2021

Bryant burst onto the MLB scene back in his first season with the Cubs, claiming the NL Rookie of the Year award in 2015. In his very next season, the talented third baseman earned NL MVP with a league-leading 121 runs.

Now in his seventh year with the Cubs, Bryant is back to performing in All-Star form — logging 16 home runs and 46 RBIs on a .271 batting average this season.

While Bryant is still a valuable asset for Chicago, he’s currently on a one-year contract with the team. After making $19.5 million this year, the MLB veteran will head into unrestricted free agency this coming offseason.

Bryant isn’t the only trade chip on the table for the Cubs, in addition to Joc Pederson, who was traded to the Atlanta Braves on Thursday, Chicago is also considering trades for closer Craig Kimbrel, starter Zach Davies and shortstop Javier Baez.

Gear up for an exciting week as we approach the trade deadline at the end of this month.

Matt is a writer at The Spun.

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Mariners Rumors: Trading with the Cubs for Kris Bryant

SoDo Mojo 16 July, 2021 - 09:01am

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - JULY 07: Taylor Trammell #20 of the Seattle Mariners in action against the New York Yankees at T-Mobile Park on July 07, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – JULY 07: Taylor Trammell #20 of the Seattle Mariners in action against the New York Yankees at T-Mobile Park on July 07, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

I’m going to start off by saying that, personally, I don’t think that the Mariners would trade for Kris Bryant. He’s a Boras client, and is going to want a boatload of money this summer. You could easily argue he deserves it, but you could just as easily sit on the other side of that fence and argue against it.

It would be much better to just wait until the offseason and sign him them if that was your plan. Trading for him now, where you would still have to give up legitimate pieces, would be awful if he ended up walking after the season. Bryant is an all-star caliber player, a former MVP, has multi-positional flexibility, and is still just 29-years-old.

However, if you could guarantee that he was going to stick around (maybe a wink wink nudge nudge during the trade) then it wouldn’t be an awful idea to go get him. I’m still not a fan, but I can understand the reasoning.

So, I went over to and used their trade simulator to find deals that came out nearly even in value. It can be a fickle tool, as it’s easy to over/under rate players based on your personal opinion, but they do have a good success rate with their values as compared to trades that occur in real life.

Out of all the ones we’ve put together (Frazier, Berrios/Cruzetc.), this is the one that is the hardest to wrap my head around. Let’s dive in and see what it would take for the Mariners to get Kris Bryant away from the Chicago Cubs… gulp.

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Chicago Cubs Rumors: Kris Bryant drawing interest from ‘multiple teams’

Cubbies Crib 16 July, 2021 - 06:00am

(Photo by Matt Dirksen/Colorado Rockies/Getty Images)

With one trade already under their belts after sending Joc Pederson to Atlanta, things may heat up in a hurry for the Chicago Cubs. According to Jon Heyman, multiple teams have expressed interest in four-time All-Star Kris Bryant – including the New York Mets.

Mets are among multiple teams with interest in Kris Bryant, whose versatility makes him a fit for many

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) July 16, 2021

Bryant is, at least in my mind, the most valuable and versatile trade chip out on the market right now. He’d be sought after even if he still primarily played third base. But given the fact he has regularly played five different spots for Chicago this season, it’s safe to say the list of teams he could help exponentially expanded during the first half.

The fact New York’s interest continues, though, is of note given the Cubs and Mets had talks regarding the former National League MVP as recently as this January. Third base has been a black hole for Luis Rojas’ club this year – both defensively and offensively.

New York third basemen rank 29th in UZR, according to Fangraphs, and the loss of JD Davis has really hurt the club. He’ll make his return to the field this weekend and could make sense as a piece coming back to Chicago in any potential Bryant trade. Prior to hitting the shelf for over two months, Davis was on an absolute tear, hitting .390/.479/.610 in his first 14 games of the season.

In his rehab assignment, he didn’t miss a beat, either, slashing a robust .306/.457/.667 in 46 plate appearances. If he carries that production to the Big Apple, it’s worth wondering if the Mets cool their reported pursuit of Bryant given Davis is under team control through 2025. Then again, there’s no mandate he’s included in a trade; Chicago could instead focus on prospects in any deal.

For months now, three National League East teams have looked like potential matches in a Kris Bryant trade: the aforementioned Mets, Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals. You can’t sleep on a team like the Phillies, either – all four of those teams are separated by just six games.

Like I said, Bryant fits just about everywhere on a roster. We could see the NL East teams be motivated just as much by keeping him from a division rival as they’d be boosting their own club.

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The clock is ticking. Make no mistake, this won’t be the last rumor we hear when it comes to KB. But the continued interest of the Mets should definitely have us all keeping our eye on that team as we hurtle to the July 30 trade deadline.

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