Lakers news: Lance Stephenson's honest review of LeBron James' film


ClutchPoints 19 July, 2021 - 06:03pm 7 views

Who plays lebrons family in Space Jam?

Sonequa Martin-Green as Kamiyah James, LeBron's wife who is a fictionalized version of Savannah James. Khris Davis as Malik, LeBron's childhood friend. wikipedia.orgSpace Jam: A New Legacy

While there have been a lot of negative reviews about LeBron James’ Space Jam: A New  Legacy movie, the Los Angeles Lakers star found one big supporter in his former nemesis and teammate Lance Stephenson.

Stephenson did not only appreciate the message that the film sends, but he also said the Lakers forward did a “good job” in acting considering how hard it is for a basketball player to transition to such a role.

“I think he [LeBron] did a good job. [There’s] very good messages in the movie. I had a good time, my kids definitely had a good time. I think he did a good job. It’s tough for a basketball player to act, but for him to show his personality and get out there and be an actor, playing right. I mean I give it up to him: that’s not easy,” Stephenson explained on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast.

He also noted how hard it is to do so many takes just to fulfill one scene.

LeBron James will certainly appreciate the message from Lance Stephenson, especially the fact that his kids like it. After all, it was made for kids anyway and the purpose of the film is purely to entertain.

It’s also a nice support amid the slew of haters criticizing the film. For what it’s worth, the Lakers leader recently sent a message to his haters after Space Jam: A New Legacy exceeded sales expectations in its opening weekend, even beating Black Widow.

Hi Haters! 😁

— LeBron James (@KingJames) July 17, 2021

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Random: The Internet Is Dunking On Space Jam 2's Game Boy Cameo

Nintendo Life 20 July, 2021 - 08:01am

Come on and slam, and yell at new Space Jam

Pedants and mega-nerds, look away now: Space Jam: A New Legacy had a lovely Game Boy cameo, and in a shocking turn of events, people on the internet are up in arms about it.

In the first five minutes of the movie, amid the usual setup of "young boy has a dream, but also, is sad", a miniature version of LeBron James is given a Game Boy by a friend, who then walks off, apparently not worried about leaving an expensive console in the hands of another child, or hanging out with his friend.

Lebron's friend says, as he hands the original DMG Game Boy over, "my dad got me the new color one," and good lord, is the internet not happy about that. "That is not a f**king Game Boy Color," says Fanbyte; over on Twitter, people are annoyed that Warner Brothers "couldn't even bother actually making it a Game Boy Color".

Now, we're not averse to yelling at the screen when movies and TV get video games all wrong, because they certainly do it a lot, whether it's not plugging the controller in or somehow playing a PS4 game on a NES. Hmm. But in our interpretation of the scene, the kid is saying that his dad got him a Game Boy Color, and therefore LeBron can have his old, crappy, non-color one. That's still rather generous, but not the egregious error that it first seems.

Shortly after receiving the Game Boy gift, young LeBron starts playing the game that's also apparently been gifted to him: The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, which ties nicely back into Space Jam's Looney Tunes-heavy storytelling (LeBron also has a Looney Tunes backpack, because of course he does). As he plays, the game projected behind him slowly turns into full-color detail, which, of course, is way fancier than a Game Boy game would look.

Again, people seemed a little peeved at this, although mostly because the game doesn't exist and they very much wish it did. Developer Kemco still exists, though; maybe this could become reality.

But don't we all remember our childhood games through the hazy lens of nostalgia, just as people who grew up with black-and-white television imagined bright, vivid colours? In our interpretation, which is admittedly to be taken with a few grains of salt, little LeBron is seeing the game come alive in his imagination. We'll give it a pass.

We have to assume that the remaining 110 minutes of the film are dedicated to LeBron atoning for his crimes against video game preservation.

About Kate Gray

Formerly of Official Nintendo Magazine, GameSpot, and Xbox UK, you can now find Kate's writing all over the internet. She moved to Canada a few years ago, but gets tea imported from England, because she has good priorities.

Comments (89)

When i saw Crazy Castle, i immediately just thought of the AVGN episode, and how bad he thought it was.

I honestly don’t think any of these people are angry, and that they are just trolling everyone.

“That’s unrealistic!” they cry as the whole movie is about playing basketball with cartoon characters and a rogue AI that can suck people into the world it has created.

JC….this is absurd, are people running out of stuff to get all bent out of shape about? I wish social media would cease to exist!

I signed up for an account just to say that when I come to Nintendo Life, I don't really want to read another article about this forgettable ad-movie.

None of the cameos in this film are good.

Especially not that one.

I like the east'er eggs in the movie alot, it was fun just to pick them out, But I'm soo sorry, but it feels like a ad a big fat ad, but uh, mad max and road runner was a very fun cemeo in my opinion.

Still I think everyone should try this movie, as its not good, not good at all, but if you love the loony tunes as much as I do, you will find some stuff to laugh at.

(Oh and the "King" as the worst acting I have ever seen" And the fact that people say its a kids movie and they have people from clockwork orange, and they had the nerve to get rid of pepe le pew.

@GoAwaySpaceJam A legend has arisen from our ashes!!!

I expected the low quality bugs costume to appear and beat the daylights out of the kid

The throwing in the bin part is definately a tough one to ignore, but the cartridge color? How do people even notice that? Guess there is a furious nerd for literally anything waiting for his time on twitter.

Haha! I did think it was a bit extreme to throw away a perfectly fine gameboy in 1990…

Overall though, gameboy abuse aside.. I enjoyed the movie

"Are you just upset that the original Space Jam is 25 years old and time is slipping through your fingers?"

Honestly, the only thing that offended me was that they turned what was supposed to a sequel to a classic 90s film into an extended commercial about WB's catalogue of intellectual properties.

I thought I remembered a Crazy Castle game for Game Boy Color. That doesn't account for the original Game Boy and disappearing cartridge though.

No interest in the movie. But I doubt this scene would bother me.

@GoAwaySpaceJam So then don't read them?

Anyways, I thought it was obvious that Bron's friend was saying his dad bought him a Color and that's why he was giving him the old GameBoy. Right before that we see that Bron's single mom has to work during his games, so it stands to reason that they didn't have very much money. Then you see him throw it in the trash, would he really do that to his friend's handheld if he were just letting him borrow it? I doubt it.

I watched this movie Saturday night as it was thunder storming with a server flash flood warning in my area that night so none of my friends were doing anything. I was bored and didn’t feel like playing any games so I spin bikes and watched this… and I actually didn’t hate it like everyone else. I thought is was pretty good for a kids movie. Nothing amazing, but a fun, silly, lighthearted watch.

As for the GameBoy scene, I was a little surprised he just tossed the GameBoy in the trash can. His best friend before the game was like, “yo I just got the new Color version so you can take my original GameBoy for free” then he just tosses it in the trash can after the game LOL.

Wish WB would invest in a fully animated Looney Tunes movie with zero reused footage or live action (and preferably 2D)... instead of another Space Jam.

Yes, the worst thing about Space Jam 2 is that the filmmakers may have misidentified a Game Boy as a Game Boy Color and not the fact that the movie stars a narcistic jackass.

A lot of 90s kids stuff got binned way too early or given away for free. When I went to uni my older brother gave away my gba. I never forgave him but that's how people treated old Nintendo stuff before we knew what it was worth 😄 🎮 🗑

It’s an atrocity. We should be much more concerned about this than the UFOs. Hopefully all the good people on social media will have healthy, good natured debates about this and cancel everything.

Lol crazy castle was the only IP cameo i appreciated. This movie was a late stage capitalism existential nightmare.

@akamu Don't worry, I didn't.

I… honestly don’t get why people care? This comes pretty low on my list of things to care about.

He was filthy rich, that's why he just tossed it in the bin! Us poor kids would've traded it in at CEX or Electronics Boutique!

People not understanding basic English such as the friend is giving him the old game boy since he got the new one. I worry about our future. The real atrocity is throwing away a game boy when the mother couldn’t afford one and it being a gift.

Typical movie directors not actually understanding anything about video games or source material

That boy had better properly apologized to Gunpei Yokoi or else, I too will start rioting!

@GoAwaySpaceJam We all appreciate your comment. Don't listen to the haters.

It's disgusting that they made this movie to begin with. Of all people, to make it with LeBum is awful. There is zero inspiration with this shmuck who keeps changing teams and losing Finals and having cramps, and thinks he is the greatest but all he does is talk divisive politics, complain, whine, look for help, make excuses and be a shadow of either MJ or Kobe or any of the greats. He can't even make his free throws... how pathetic is that for a Space Jam movie. He never even had the guts to do a dunk contest. Would have loved to see a sequel with Kobe like 10 years. But others could have done it, including Iverson and Vince for example.

So rant over, glad there is a Gameboy. And glad the movie is critically panned and ultimately hopefully a flop.

Pretty sure some people's compression of what is being said and shown in those scenes is what makes this random person complaining funny. Not seen the movie and probably won't as from everything I have heard about it is that it is truly awful.

I don’t know. I wish the original gameboy games aged better. I also wish that we could get a console of some type where we can play the very best of the GBC + GBA. I’d like to play some games I never really gotten a chance to play back in the day. Now that would be fun!!

Hollywood is all obsessed about "color". So that's that coming their way. Who cares about any of this anyways?

Surely people should be more angry about Droogs being in a kids film

@GoAwaySpaceJam ad-movie? What's the movie advertising?

Pretty sure there's more happening in the world, to be upset with.

I'm more shocked that people actually wasted their precious time to watch this steaming pile of a movie.

Hey! I enjoyed Crazy Castle 2 on GB! It wasn't great or anything but not as bad as some people make it seem.

I'd rather Twitter focus on this instead of returning to yelling at their screens that Lola Bunny isn't sexy enough.. sighs

@Pally356 I saw Mike Matei (co-writer and believe the actual person who got the game footage for that ep) play through the game and honestly it isn't that bad. It seems pretty fun, and it's sequels as well.

Thought the final AVGN ep of it was hilarious. James beat the crap out of Mike in the bunny suit haha.

What I still find amazing is the variety of properties that got shoehorned into the "Crazy Castle" series for other regions. Here it was all Bugs Bunny, but in Japan the original title was freaking Who Framed Roger Rabbit on the Famicom! I've always wanted to track down a version to play it, but it's so hard to find.

Instead of that version, we got the terrible LJN Roger Rabbit game that is confusing as hell and damn near impossible to beat (the Judge Doom fight is one of the most difficult and tedious boss battles in ALL video game history).

I'm sure the rich people that made this think that it's no big deal to throw a videogame console into the trash. It's only like, a couple hundred dollars in today money, it's fine

I could care less about game boy cameo. My major concern is that the groogs from the movie A clock work orange made a cameo. They are rapists. They raped a girl in clock work orange and these guys make a cameo in a kids movie? I know it was a cameo. But why? Once again big Hollywood doing something like hey these guys look cool. Let's put them in a kids movie. This is what happens when big multi national corporations are in charge of entertainment. Warner bros. Should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. The movie is bad as it is is made worse for having such sick characters in their movie.

@Ralizah That's pretty much what I said when the "classic 90s film" was released.

Don’t care to watch anything starring LeBron but from what I hear this movie is a ad the whole time. It outsold black widow but black widow kinda sucked to

Not surprising, the original Space Jam movie was also just an ad, this one just took it to a new level.

@akamu your right… atleast that’s how I saw the scene as well.

@MarcusIsCool Is it really that hard for you to buy a used GBA and games at a used game store, or failing that just buy them online?

Is the movie being a giant ad really a bad thing? You can say the same thing about "The Wizard," "Wreck-It Ralph," "The Lego Movie" franchise, and even the original "Space Jam" to a degree, yet they're all still great movies despite that, or even partially because of that.

@BulbasaurusRex is it hard for you to recognize that these consoles are poorly lit??

I think people are "dunking" (I see what you did there) on Space Jam 2 in general; because it looks terrible.

@nymbosox I mean, social media and news media have a symbiotic relationship that exists only to upset people and keep them upset, so .... the machine works. It just works really well.

Gotta encourage people to unplug/find different sources of information or else there is no stopping it.

@P3nguinpris0N I don't think they're worried about the lack of realism, they're worried about the lack of effort in a film that otherwise wants to convince people it should be a big deal.

I haven't seen the new one, but as someone that thinks the original is "so bad it's good", would you recommend A New Legacy to me?

@akamu yep same here, that's exactly how I took the scene as.

@HammerGalladeBro I liked it for what it was, it has all the gags you would expect from the Looney Tunes. The first fifteen - twenty minutes aren't that great, but it picks up and I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit (my fiancée and the two kids enjoyed it as well).

What do you expect from a movie with LeBron? That in itself is enough to keep my money in my wallet.

I think the person that wrote that bit for Fanbyte needs to rewatch the scene again, 3 or more times if needed. The friend said that he (himself) have gotten a gameboy color and that Lebron can have his old one (the original green screen brick) lol.

No where it was mentioned that the friend was giving him a GBC. 😑

@P3nguinpris0N Yeah, but there was a whole article on one of these gaming sites about how it's OK to be mad at fictional stories for getting things wrong. I guess to each his own.

@Toy_Link WB has criminally misused its catalog of characters... who were once on par with Mickey Mouse and Mario in terms of public recognition. Between that and all the whiffs on a compelling DC Universe, I really wonder if they could succeed with anything like that now.

@Toy_Link That kind of thing would be more for a Direct-To-Video thing, like Tweety's High-Flying Adventure, based on Looney Tunes and the Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries.

@XenoShaun Wasn't Mike Matei a racist?

I wouldn't have anything to do with him...

@dumedum tell me how you really feel

gosh darn it now i want to see this dumpster fire of a film even more

@Deppasois Wouldn't really say he is a racist rather than he's an A-hole to everyone. It's mainly his persona schtick because all these YouTubers and twitchers need to have their hook.

The new Space Jam movie sucks.

Watched this movie 2 days ago. Dom's friend says his dad got him the new Game Boy Color and therefore he gives Dom his old one (the OG GameBoy in the scene) as a gift. It's not outright spoken but it is extremely inferred that his friend is giving him his old one.

@HammerGalladeBro I thought it was so bad that it was good, up until a point. Then it just sort of goes off the rails and is a mess. There are definitely some cool cameos/crossovers, but it’s also not shy at all about showing every WB property ever made in the “Serververse”. I think LeBron works better in the animated form. I never saw Trainwreck, but people said he was actually pretty good in that, so I’m curious to watch and see how they differ.

One thing I will say is that it’s funny because there’s literally a scene where some bigwigs pitch him on an idea that he isn’t too happy about. It’s like peak irony.

Gamer exploitation. Might as well be a Simpsons or Adult Swim segment.

@DrDaisy Crazy Castle 3 and 4 are in color.

Happy to see lebron get rewarded with a movie and not a book deal.

@nymbosox it's only gonna get worse

Throwing the game console away was ridiculous. Not turning it off first was ridiculous. Not giving it to a friend instead was ridiculous.

Seeing a picture of a grey boy in the trash illicits anger

"But in our interpretation of the scene, the kid is saying that his dad got him a Game Boy Color, and therefore LeBron can have his old, crappy, non-color one. That's still rather generous, but not the egregious error that it first seems."

It's not generous at all, that's literally what happens. The assumption that they mistook a DMG for a colour makes no sense, why would the kid give LeBron his new Game Boy? Why would LeBron throw it in the trash if it literally isn't his? It's so obvious.

@HamatoYoshi Or the nun from 1971's 'The Devils', a film so controversial the uncut version still hasn't been released 50 years on.

I was going to watch Space Jam... not now

People on the internet and poor comprehension go hand in hand lol

Wow, imagine being such a moron that you actually misinterpreted that part of that scene THAT badly.

And then compounded it by displaying your ignorance online for the world to see.

Starting to think we should shut the net down. I swear its making people stupider. Which is disappointing for old farts like me who had such high hopes for it to do the opposite, decades ago...

@MarcusIsCool Ever heard of the backlit GBA SP?

Besides, even a non-backlit original GBA is still a much better option than nothing for what you want. It's not that hard to find lit places to play.

@Orpheus79V exactly! But people see the gameboy and pretend to be upset!

I saw some of the backlash.

I thought the main issue was that he was playing an OG GB and the image projected behind him was in colour.

We are missing the whole point of the scene. Nintendo is about to announce a new Gameboy!

@XenoShaun He IS a racist; He did a 'comic' using the N-word.

@Orpheus79V it's generous to give your friend a Game Boy! Those things are expensive for kids!

Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment...

Nintendo destroyed other 'winning' Kirby promo cards at E3 2002

"Realistically, he’d be on a toilet"




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Skip Bayless Getting Roasted For His Latest LeBron Take

The Spun 19 July, 2021 - 11:02am

What's trending in the sports world today.

It wouldn’t be a proper Monday without FOX Sports pundit Skip Bayless giving at least one take people can roast him for. Naturally, his latest “hot take” involves the man he despises more than anyone else: LeBron James.

On Monday’s edition of Undisputed, Bayless declared that LeBron’s new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy, gets a “C” grade from him. He asserted that the difference between LeBron’s movie and the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan is the same as the difference between LeBron and Jordan as basketball players.

Bayless leveled numerous criticisms of the movie over a nearly four-minute rant. Ultimately he called the movie another bad loss for LeBron against Michael Jordan.

“I’m giving LeBron’s new movie a ‘C,'” Bayless said. “LeBron lost badly once again to Michael Jordan.”

It didn’t take long for fans of LeBron (and haters of Skip) to swarm the comments and retweet their disdain for the FOX Sports pundit.

"I'm giving LeBron's new movie a 'C.' LeBron lost badly once again to Michael Jordan."

@RealSkipBayless reacts to LeBron's Space Jam

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) July 19, 2021

“WOW Skip didn’t like a family movie just because of Lebron,” one fan replied. “He was like seriously comparing the movies like its 1 on 1 Lebron vs Jordan.

“This is a new low, even for for Skip. Michael Jordan’s legacy is safe and secure from assault, there’s no need to hate on EVERYTHING LeBron does just to be THAT guy. I realize that it’s shtick but it’s become clichéd and monotonous at this point. It’s cringe, to say the least,” wrote another.

“Forgot they made the movie for people like skip Bayless in mind,” another fan pointed out.

Space Jam: A New Legacy has received mixed reviews overall. Per Rotten Tomatoes, critics have largely panned the film while general audiences seem to enjoy it a lot.

Skip Bayless seems stuck somewhere in the middle – but purely for basketball reasons, which is weird.

Tzvi is a writer at The Spun.

Copyright © 2021 The Spun · All Rights Reserved · Powered by BizBudding Inc.

Space Jam: A New Legacy - The 10 Best Quotes

Screen Rant 19 July, 2021 - 09:30am

However, this version gets plenty more kicks in by referencing video games and Warner Bros. long, film history, and it uses that wide range of personality to give its characters plenty of material to work their iconic banter on top of giving Space Jam some pop culture references. With the help of the animated, comedy troupe, this movie has plenty of memorable lines coming from the Tunes, Don Cheadle, and the Akron Hammer himself, LeBron James.

A "veteran player" for both animated basketball and Looney Tunes (just check out her Looney Tunes spin-off), Granny is an ace player who could always be counted on for taking on difficult offenses. This turned out to be the case when the Goon Squad began to depend on "Dame Time" Chronos to slow down the other team, and Granny had to step in to show some truly, timeless plays.

This gave way to some classic, visual gags, and after LeBron found himself squished for a second, he gave a quick roast of comedic actor, Kevin Hart. The line is easy to miss though. The joke was almost as short as Hart himself.

As jarring as it should be for cartoons and humans to interact in a strange, sci-fi crossover, it's nice to know that basketball is the great unifier.

When it came to saving his son from a manipulative, computer program, however, LeBron tried to get Bugs Bunny to help enlist the likes of Superman, King Kong, and the Iron Giant. Unfortunately, Bugs had other ideas; and while the final team wasn't exactly the Miami Heat, they still showed some unbelievable moves.

While it would make sense to turn to the person who has access to all the cameras for help, this security guard put it in no uncertain terms that he didn't see LeBron and that he couldn't help. However, he also stated how that shouldn't discredit his credentials as a master of the securial arts.

Much like the film executives that made him, Al is eccentric and vain, and he could barely hold himself at times from accidentally revealing his master plan to Dom. However, Dom himself is not totally absolved of his involvement here, especially given the large amounts of irony being served in this line.

However, despite Anthony Davis' character still being called "The Brow," he plays a flying, harpy-like monster. LeBron, in this instance, gives Davis' famous moniker some relevance with one of the film's sickest burns.

Dunking and making impressive plays that could only otherwise be done in a video game, Dom was a major player in the movie, and Lil Rel Howery was correct to call him "Superman but with a hi-top fade."

There are a lot of great lines that came from Porky's rap; and while it would be easy to appreciate some of his disses, his best line had to be when he paid respect to the Tunes' history.

Realizing that video games and computer science may mean more to Dom than basketball, LeBron encourages his son to pursue his passions, even when they're faced with obstacles and setbacks. As he says, "Adversity is part of the process," and who would know more about the process towards greatness than one of the NBA's greatest?

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